Murder of Innocence: The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann

Joel Kaplan George Papajohn Eric Zorn

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Murder of Innocence: The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann

Murder of Innocence The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann None

  • Title: Murder of Innocence: The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann
  • Author: Joel Kaplan George Papajohn Eric Zorn
  • ISBN: 9780446360029
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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      121 Joel Kaplan George Papajohn Eric Zorn
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    One thought on “Murder of Innocence: The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann

    1. Lynn on said:

      I loved this book. It details Laurie's life and her descent into mental illness which culminated in a deadly rampage killing a young boy and injuring other young children and an adult. She attempted to cause death and destruction in the town she lived in by planting a bomb in a school and leaving poisoned juice and sweets at addresses all over town. One family were very lucky to escape after she tried to burn them to death in their basement. She managed to fool various psychiatrists that she see [...]

    2. Lady♥Belleza★✰ on said:

      This is an account I am very familiar with, however this book was very enlightening. Laurie Dann's whole life is brought forth, including her history of mental illness. It would be easy to say she slipped through the cracks, except the two people who could have got the ball rolling to help her failed miserably. One because of denial and the other because of disinterest or narcissism.To say Laurie was bat-shit crazy is easy, and also rather dismissive of the very real problem of mental health. Be [...]

    3. Mary Legates on said:

      . Creepy story about how isolating and painful it is to not be like other people. How easy it is to ignore the misery of the mentally ill, and there is absolutely no where to turn for those who do recognise the strange behaviors. I don't remember this incident at the time it happened but it is eerily similar to the recent Las Vegas shooting in the fact that we will never know what happens when someone decides to deliberately plot and execute such an elaborate plan to hurt other people.

    4. Katya on said:

      I feel weird rating this 5 stars, since it covers the horrifying downward spiral of a mentally-ill young woman, but the writing is clear and engaging. The book presents all the details of the case without getting bogged down by extra info. It's one of the saddest "if only someone had done something" stories I've ever read (except that many people tried to do something, only to be ignored by the police and her parents.)

    5. Scott on said:

      “Murder of Innocence: The Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann” is a true crime novel documenting her life, the events that made her infamous, along with her ultimate death. The book is co-authored by Joel Kaplan, George Papajohn, and Eric Zorn. The Audiobook edition is performed by Gary Tiedemann. Laurie Dunn, if you were unaware, was one of the first people to attack an elementary school of children and adults in 1988. It is a powerfully tragic story involving mental illness, psych [...]

    6. Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ on said:

      This was rather shocking in its nature. What made it worse was that most of this could've been prevented. JFC, the two groups of people who should've stepped up to the plate didn't. That kid didn't deserve to die and nether did Laurie Dann.This was a textbook case of someone mentally insane. A lot of people try to pretend to be crazy but this was a very strong case of mental insanity. The police just ignored it. Oh, she's pretty and her family is rich. She can't be crazy! And her families soluti [...]

    7. Heidi on said:

      Very Tragic StoryI remember when this incident happened. I worked with a man who's daughter went to the school, and our frantic attempts to get in touch with him to let him know what was happening. It is a tragic story in two ways: 1) a very disturbed woman was unable to get the help she needed because those in positions to help either didn't want to help (her parents) or were unwilling to help (police and medical professionals); 2) the result of the lack of love and care for this young woman re [...]

    8. Julia Coppage on said:

      Defined, rational and grippingThis is one of the better accounts of a horrible shooting and numerous murder attempts. The story is linear, well presented, rational, and impartial. The three authors seamlessly present Laurie Dann and her life with great clarity and a somber decency that transcends the horror of her actions. Dann's accelerating mental illness and her increasingly irrational and offensive behavior are outlined, and affective relationships are well defined. The authors present all s [...]

    9. Joshua Case on said:

      This book tells the true story of Laurie Dann. She was an American rampage killer who shot and killed one boy and wounded two girls and three boys in Winnetka, Illinois elementary school. She then took a family hostage and shot another man before killing herself. This book describes her life, from childhood to adulthood. It explains the problems she encountered and the events in her life that led her to murder and injure all of those people. The book explains how she went to multiple universitie [...]

    10. Fishface on said:

      Yikes, what a story. This woman is just unravelling in front of your eyes, and nobody can even name the problem, let alone do anything about it. You come away thankful it wasn't much worse, but so frustrated that nobody -- despite any number of warnings -- did anything to interrupt Laurie Dann's collapse. This book does give you the information you need to diagnose her, which her treatment a mile.

    11. Becky on said:

      Read this book many, many years ago. I lived about an hour from where it occurred and recall the day it happened. It was a huge topic of conversation on all media stations in the Chicago area. Very sad that treatment for mental illness is still to this day, not a priority in our country.

    12. Stacey Allen on said:

      Good book, but I wonder how much was fabricated to make a seamless read.

    13. Susan Cochran on said:

      An absolute tragedy of a woman's lifelong descent in to mental illness. It's also a statement about the failure of our mental health system. Extremely well written and compelling!

    14. Barbara Leonard on said:

      Great storySad that it was a true story. So many opportunities for the ending to be different. It is not the guns, it is the mental health system.

    15. Marsmannix on said:

      This book made me want to slap everyone in law enforcement that was involved in this case.

    16. Tammy Begolka on said:

      Long, but well written. The story itself seemed to go on forever. The story was well written and it seems that the authors did their homework.

    17. Clare on said:

      Listened to in audio format.In 1988 Laurie Dann walked into a elementary school with a gun killing a child and injuring his classmates.This was a terribly sad tale for all involved. Laurie's descent from having a 'quirky' personality to developing a full blown mental disorder was difficult to listen to.Laurie married Russell Dann but soon he soon became her carer. Laurie was unable to look after herself, refused to wash and developed OCD and refused to touch anything. Russell urged Laurie to see [...]

    18. Tracy Durkee on said:

      Must read!I vaguely remember the name Laurie Dann, from growing up in the south west suburbs of Chicago, but I couldn’t remember what exactly she had done (being I was about 12 when this tragedy happened) Just the other day when her name came up and I couldn’t remember the exact circumstances, I did what anyone would have done I googled Laurie Dann. I read this book in about a day, because I had so much trouble putting it down. Highly recommended!Very sad and disturbing story about a sad and [...]

    19. Jamie Leighton on said:

      Interesting true tragic storyThe subject is difficult. The author provides a cbronological biography of Laurie Dann. A mentally ill woman with parents in denial, a husband who tried but finally divorced her, police officers who were misled by her or powerless to head off future tragedy and friends who learned to avoid her. I enjoyed the book. The author thoroughly researched Laurie Dann. I rated it a three because the writing was average.

    20. Julie Reathaford on said:

      An excellent read.A sad story of a woman, above all else wanted to be loved. With parents devoid of any true love for their daughter, and depression raging, the help she received was totally inadequate and she became a ticking time bpmb. The story had me devoted from the first page.

    21. Laura Kerce on said:

      Very good bookGreat book. Enjoyed reading it very much.Interesting and full of information.Would recommend this book especially for families to understand mental problems and depression.

    22. Kellie Adams on said:

      I really thought this book was very well written and gave alot of details into the life and crimes of Laurie Dann.I would recommend this to other true crime fans that want to know the background into a killers life and what drove them into madness.

    23. Cheryl A. Breidigan on said:

      Pleasantly surprised.I remember back when this incident happened. Didn't know a book had been written. Very well written and found myself finding it difficult to put down. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys true crime.

    24. Shannon Noonan on said:

      Title is perfectTragedy of the highest form. So many had opportunities to stop this and for some reason none could. Writing is excellent. If you like true crime you will love this.

    25. Joseph Wildeisen on said:

      An excellent readThis is a book that will make you wonder what Lauries really all about. You may find you hate her but feel sorry for her. She will nevertheless definitely affect you. You won't want to put this book down.

    26. Mary Santello on said:

      Engrossing.Hard to put down. Tragic tale of the deadly mix of mental illness and gun violence. Very timely. One. Two.

    27. Jowanza Joseph on said:

      What a sad and chilling tale. I'm not sure how else to describe what I read.

    28. Chris on said:

      This woman could have been stopped, if only someone would have listened. Very Sad!

    29. Lesley on said:

      When I ordered this from library, I didn't realize it was a mass market paperback that must be 20 yrs old. It was such a bad copy of the book with pages literally coming out. They might need to retire this book. As for the story I was disappointed as I get it is a true story and based on facts but it doesn't tell us a clear why? Yes she killed herself so maybe we will never know why she acted that way and committed such crimes. I just think it was written in a boring documentary style.

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