The Lair of Bones

David Farland

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The Lair of Bones

The Lair of Bones In THE LAIR OF BONES the stars fall from heaven and the very earth trembles in pain With Gaborn s kingdom of Mystarria in ruins four powerful kings march to claim its spoils even as a vast army of r

  • Title: The Lair of Bones
  • Author: David Farland
  • ISBN: 9780671029517
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • In THE LAIR OF BONES the stars fall from heaven and the very earth trembles in pain With Gaborn s kingdom of Mystarria in ruins, four powerful kings march to claim its spoils, even as a vast army of reavers from the underworld sallies forth, intending to put an end to mankind In one last ditch effort to heal the earth, Averan leads the Earth King, Gaborn Val Orden, far bIn THE LAIR OF BONES the stars fall from heaven and the very earth trembles in pain With Gaborn s kingdom of Mystarria in ruins, four powerful kings march to claim its spoils, even as a vast army of reavers from the underworld sallies forth, intending to put an end to mankind In one last ditch effort to heal the earth, Averan leads the Earth King, Gaborn Val Orden, far below the surface to the Lair of Bones, to confront the leader of the reaver hordes There Gaborn must confront an ancient evil before the world is torn apart In this fourth volume of THE RUNELORDS series, David Farland continues to rewrite the boundaries of epic fantasy There are only impossible decisions for his protagonists, and the evil of the reavers may simply be a mask for the true horrors to come

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      227 David Farland
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    One thought on “The Lair of Bones

    1. S. James Nelson on said:

      The last few weeks the publishing world has been awash with excitement over the publication of GRRM's latest book. I'm sure it's stupendous fare. I read about 200 pages of the first book--if that much--and put it down. Just wasn't my style. I suppose that I am not in the audience for that particular book, despite the fact that I rather enjoy fantasy.Today I finished a book that was my style. I am in its audience. And I can't help but feel a certain amount of wonder at the fact that others aren't [...]

    2. Jordan on said:

      This review will have spoilers, as with the others. I wrapped up my re-read of the Runelords series with the final book in this series, "The Lair of Bones." I left disappointed. Here's why:1. The moral issue of endowment-slavery is not only unresolved, it is almost totally unexplored in this book, especially compared to the first and second books. Gaborn is only able to defeat the One True Master because of the thousands of endowments given to him by his subjects in Heredon, and he hardly even [...]

    3. Angie on said:

      This book was by far the best of the series. I found myself racing through the pages with Borenson and Myrrim; Gaborn, Iome, Binnesman, and Averan; Erin; and Chemoise. Each of these characters reached his or her element in this novel; each person finally became the person he or she was supposed to be.(view spoiler)[I am quite glad that none of these characters died, but each one of them made huge sacrifices that leaves me grieving still. Gaborn and Iome gave up their lives for the good of mankin [...]

    4. Jenelle on said:

      OH, WOW. Oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow.Ohhhhhh wow. OH WOWWWWYes, it is THAT good. But half the credit goes to Ray Porter's narration in the audiobook. I was shocked to see this book had such low ratings, mainly for length and reader boredom, because I have been glued to my earbud for two days trying to soak it all up! It never once felt long to me, except for the thought that SO MUCH was happening. This book in itself is epic, and as the 4th of a series, its breadth and scope is almost emo [...]

    5. Петър Стойков on said:

      Да завършиш фентъзи поредица в днешно време е такава рядкост, колкото и да завършиш сериал - обикновено авторите продължават да пишат нови и нови томове, защото им плащат на страница, докато качеството постепенно спада, докато накрая не изоставят поредицата недовършена ко [...]

    6. Beth York on said:

      No one writes conflict & myth better than Farland. He creates the races and nations of this world complete with legends, powers and prejudices. The characters are alive, and the reader comes to truly care for these characters as they come to care for each other. Those that relish & delight in losing themselves in long complex tales of epic fantasy will be in their element here, and there's much promise of more to come in future volumes. Off to begin book 5!

    7. Eric on said:

      I left my comments on the series as a whole in my review of the first book, Sum of All Men, but let me say this about this book, because it is a big pet peeve of mine -- It is a different size than the other books. I own all four, in hardcover, and this one is larger than the other three. It drives me crazy and it looks retarded on my shelf. End rant.

    8. Leon Aldrich on said:

      I also picked up books 5 & 6, but the series has lost its luster (halfway through book 5). Solid writing. I'm just not a fan of Gaborn's progeny taking over.

    9. Nate on said:

      I'm very torn on this series. I enjoyed the plot and characters, and overall it was well written. But the endowment system bothered me. It made human life seem more valuable with the ability to give your attributes to others, while simultaneously showing a complete disregard for humanity. Some of the characters just seemed a bit tone deaf to the whole situation. The endowments also made the world feel smaller. Instead of a vast continent with a massive system of caves underneath, it became a lan [...]

    10. Jacob Heiner on said:

      I thought these were really fun. This book really felt like Farland wrapped up a bunch of storylines, so I might take a while to get to the next four. But I'm planning on it. They're very exciting and have great characters.

    11. David Firmage on said:

      I read the first 3 books in the series back to back around 15 years ago and enjoyed them but only picked this 4th instalment up last year. Could not get into the book so here is where the series ends for me. Left in my local book swap.

    12. Andrew Kauffmann on said:

      3.5 stars, really.My rating for this one is really more for the entire first arc of the series (the first four books). When I get that fantasy itch again, there's a chance that I'll return to the latter books.My opinion of the series may have suffered from my binge-reading them one after another, but for some reason I bought the first four books all at once and was determined to finish them before I turned to another writer. It's a completely enjoyable fantasy series, and while it may not be ear [...]

    13. Chip Hunter on said:

      Originally billed as the conclusion to the Runelords saga, THE LAIR OF BONES rather hastily wraps up the major plot lines that were so carefully laid out in the first three novels, while at the same time leaving a couple of (potentially major) side stories open for sequels. Obviously, the saga continues with Sons of the Oak, although I'm not sure if that one is a direct sequel or maybe a separate series, just involving the same world. As a conclusion to the first four books, I thought THE LAIR O [...]

    14. Ronando on said:

      Overall, this series was ok. It wasn't great, but it didn't suck enough for me to give it away to Goodwill or to "drop in between the bleacher seats at a college game, for it to dwell amongst the refuse, garbage, diapers, beer cans and general trash that is only seen by college drug dealers, desperate lovers and the wind." (quote from my good buddy Josh who did that exact thing to the Thomas Covenent White Gold Weilder book where the 'hero' ends up raping his great grand daughter.At that moment [...]

    15. Samuel on said:

      This book brings to a close the Earth King Series storyline of David Farland's The Runelords series. The pacing of this book (and the previous three) is unique and leaves the reader feeling like years have passed when in reality the events take place over a matter of weeks. This is somewhat unsettling and leaves the reader confused about how so much (across so great distances) could happen so quickly. The magic system on which the series is based begins to explain this apparent time discrepancy [...]

    16. Aaron on said:

      I was hoping that the buildup from Books 2 and 3 would make this final book excellent. However, I think that ideas introduced in Book 3 in order to setup a second series made this book's ending fall flat. Also, there were a number of typos that made this book seem sloppy and rushed, rather than a carefully crafted ending to what was an excellent series (again, the planned "sequels" may have contributed to this).Some of the issues included: 1) Raj Ahten succumbed to the Power of Fire in Book 3, b [...]

    17. Alec on said:

      I'm not 100% sure how to rate this book. It is apparently the 4th of many books in this series but it also felt like the end of the series as the book drew to a close. Of the first four books, this was the most difficult to get into, its slow start a bit startling given what I already had invested. However, the story found its footing 20% of the way in and then took off at quite some speed. The culmination of the first week of the battle for humankind, this book really took everything from the f [...]

    18. Chris Pacheco on said:

      DAVID FARLAND, what can i say? hes one of the best writers ive come across, and therefore one my absolute favorite. from the first RUNELORDS book i was tragically addicted to this series and in turn every book ive read (be it farland or wolverton) was a hit, naturally i couldnt wait to get down on the end of the first half of this seriesd once again it earns DADDY's SEAL OF APPROVALwhy well lets get into it. and this time im gonna try a new approach for a review. a new format so to speak.Why is [...]

    19. Vincent Riddle on said:

      I criticized Volume Three, Wizardborn, for turning Gaborn into an angst-ridden bore. Sure, he directed some clever battles against the Reavers, but the side plots followed the interesting characters. Thankfully, Lair of Bones steps it up a notch and our hero returns as the Earth King he was meant to be.That's not to say this novel delivers full redemption. Despite a well-conceived journey into the UnderdarkUnderworld, Bones is something of a repeat of Volume Two, with yet another march of the Re [...]

    20. Paul Schulzetenberg on said:

      Farland picks up the pace in this finale to the series, recovering from the rather weak third book. The plot leads up to Farland's specialty, a gigantic battle at the end which is mirrored from the perspective of several different characters. Several characters finally come into their own, not the least of which is our protagonist Gaborn. It's a genuine page-turner which is both easy to pick up and satisfying when you put it down. Farland writes with an easy-to-follow style that fits very well d [...]

    21. Dark-Draco on said:

      I thought I'd be at a disadvantage reading this, as it is volume 4 and I've never read the previous three instalments - but I got into the story really quickly and loved it.The Earth King, Gaborn, and his chosen, are battling the giant Reavers, huge beasts that come from the underworld. In an attempt to stop them for good, he travels down into their land to kill the all powerful Queen of the Reavers in her lair of bones, but along the way he has some hard lessons to learn and risks losing a lot [...]

    22. Marcelo on said:

      Every epic should end like this. A story of hardship and overcoming unsurmountable odds without cheap deus ex machina solutions. This book ends the first series of the Runelords in a fitting way: with great accomplishments over an undertone of sadness, of works yet incomplete and of more tales to come. The world, after all, moves on.David Farland (a.k.a. Dave Wolverton) is truly the wizard of storytelling. His narrative is almost flawless, his characters, tridimensional and human, and the world [...]

    23. Bryce on said:

      An improvement over the previous installments in the series. Finally details get wrapped up, and it doesn't feel (too much) like events are being dragged on to fill the book so that there's stuff left for the next book. Still, there were a few confounding events, where I couldn't understand why two people had to go to a foreign country, other than that one of them had to develop new powers. And the finale seemed almost deus ex machina, as a saboteur entered from a totally unexpected and not-well [...]

    24. Jennifer on said:

      Overall the story is good, however I really wish they had another set of eyes editing it. 2-3 times a character was mis-named (Instead of Eric they called her Myrrima for example).And the covers the entire series seems to forget that while these people have been granted endowments, they are still starting out MUCH younger than they are portrayed. Ugh.But, the story is worth the time. The idea is fantastic, and while the author got bogged down in the details a bit in book 3, he found his way agai [...]

    25. Llewellyn on said:

      This is book #4 in David Farland's Runelords series (and yes, you should read the first three before reading the fourth). I really enjoy this series. It's an adult series, but it's safe for most teens (no explicit sex scenes, very little bad language, but quite a bit of violence). This book seemed a bit slower than the first three (I gave the first three books 5 stars and am giving this one 4 stars). And my copy could have used some more editing (a few phrases were repeated a bit too much, and t [...]

    26. Garrett on said:

      Good conclusion to the first set of four in the Runelords series. I even got a little teary-eyed near the end as it was being wrapped up. I do hope to meet many of these characters again as the series continues.Averan is probably my favorite. I also like Myrrima. I'm not a big fan of Borenson yet, although he does have his moments of greatness and cool fighting action-ness. I also want more with Erin and her "owl".Dave did a good job of wrapping up many of the plot threads and loose ends here, w [...]

    27. Scott Cook on said:

      This book finishes the story started in book one. The quality of the story/writing never diminishes. I was so impressed with the writer and surprised that I'd never heard of him before that I finally researched him and discovered that he is the real deal. Turns out he has mentored Brandon Sanderson, Stephanie Meyer and others who have gone on to writing fame. I'm very happy to know that there are at least 5 more books to the "Runelord universe" and I'm saving them for when I hit a "reading famin [...]

    28. Greydrakkon on said:

      With each book this series got weaker and weaker, ignored obvious issues and jammed in more tropes. Apparently this was supposed to be the last book in the series (even said it was the "thrilling conclusion" on the dustjacket), but it left so many gaping holes that the author went on to write several more books which I am utterly uninterested in reading. I ended up actively hating a good number of the characters, including protagonists. I'm done with this series, and don't recommend it to anyone [...]

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