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Stephen Emond

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Winter Town

Winter Town Every winter straight laced Ivy League bound Evan looks forward to a visit from Lucy a childhood pal who moved away after her parent s divorce But when Lucy arrives this year she s changed The for

  • Title: Winter Town
  • Author: Stephen Emond
  • ISBN: 9780316133319
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every winter, straight laced, Ivy League bound Evan looks forward to a visit from Lucy, a childhood pal who moved away after her parent s divorce But when Lucy arrives this year, she s changed The former girl next door now has chopped dyed black hair, a nose stud, and a scowl But Evan knows that somewhere beneath the Goth, Old Lucy still exists, and he s determinedEvery winter, straight laced, Ivy League bound Evan looks forward to a visit from Lucy, a childhood pal who moved away after her parent s divorce But when Lucy arrives this year, she s changed The former girl next door now has chopped dyed black hair, a nose stud, and a scowl But Evan knows that somewhere beneath the Goth, Old Lucy still exists, and he s determined to find her even if it means pissing her off Can opposites attract Or does growing up mean having to grow apart Told from two perspectives, this funny and honest novel by Stephen Emond Happyface is a unique combination of text, comic strips, and art It s an indie movie in a book, perfect for the inner outcast and lovelorn nerd in us all.

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    One thought on “Winter Town

    1. Lora on said:

      There are these certain books that are written only to fall in the cracks, to be trampled on and overshadowed by more hyped, outrageously popular books which oftentimes end up being a huge let down. It is my hope that Winter Town doesn't end up falling into this category.Winter Town is Stephen Emond's sophomore novel, and it centers around the friendship of two teenagers named Evan and Lucy. They grew up together, did everything together: drew comic slides; read fantasy tombs until their eyes hu [...]

    2. Ariel on said:

      Winter Town An upcoming indie film starring Michael Cera! Well, not really, but it should be! I really enjoyed this book, and I'm a little surprised that I've literally never heard of it before More people should read this!With a mixture of prose, art, and comics, this book tells the awesome story of two people coming together, realizing their faults, breaking apart to become better, and then coming together again more complete than ever before. It reminds me o much of the vibe I got from watch [...]

    3. ~Tina~ on said:

      Wintertown was a well done book. I don't think I've ever read one that combined graphic art and while I thought it might be distracting ended up complimenting the story instead. It was an extended expression of Evan and Lucy and what's really going on behind the emotions and I thought it was a really cool and funny way to do this.This is a story about not knowing all the answers and finding yourself. It's a story about being young and wanting to be young when you know you can't always be and it' [...]

    4. Tina on said:

      Original post One More PageWinter Town is one of my most anticipated reads of 2011, mostly because I loved Stephen Emond's other novel, Happyface. It was one of my favorite contemporary novels in 2010, with drawings to boot! So I was really very excited when my copy finally arrived, and just in time for Christmas. Don't you think the cover makes this book fitting for December? (Of course, I forgot the book in the office during Christmas weekend, so I didn't finish this until after Christmas.)Eva [...]

    5. Rob on said:

      The less histrionic flipside to Rainbow Rowell's excellent Young Adult novel Eleanor & Park, Winter Town quietly and sensitively explores a teenage relationship not from the standpoint of the meet-cute and the hormonal rush of first love, but from the more complicated angle of what happens when two lifelong friends realize A) they might be meant for each other, and B) that could ruin everything. That's the situation for Evan and Lucy, friends since they were six but who, for the last several [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      Quitting while I'm ahead. As I read, I couldn't shake the feeling that the author of this book is not a reader. I can't explain this suspicion, it's just a hunch I get sometimes when I'm not enjoying a book, when it just doesn't seem to hang together quite right. I'm trying to believe that Edmond has in fact read more than the two books posted on his page, but, actually, I can believe that this author is the kind of Catcher in the Rye fan that Frank Portman described in King Dork. Then came the [...]

    7. Rachel Finney on said:

      DNFI stopped at page 85. I couldn't really get into the story, but maybe I'll pick it back up some other time.

    8. Amelia, the pragmatic idealist on said:

      3.5 starsFirst of all, I would *not* say this is Garden State meets Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist like the synopsis states. However, this is probably because I don't like either of those movies and I did enjoy this book. What ho! A YA contemporary novel that I pretty much liked! But why only 3.5 stars? Well, it just wasn't as pizazz-y as I was anticipating. When I found out this was going to be a BEA book, I was so excited. Despite the stupid-movie dropping, the synopsis seemed really intri [...]

    9. Avery (ThePagemaster) on said:

      First Read: December 1-3, 2012Re-read: December 7-8, 20164.25 StarsIt's been about four years since I've read this novel. I remember how much I enjoyed it and sped past it, and I knew that I would re-read this one day, hoping I would still like it. Now, no longer a teenager, I don't have that teenage spirit, BUT, I do have that nostalgia of having one. And it's nostalgia that plays a very important role in this story.First off, the characters. I could not think of any character that I relate SO [...]

    10. Darkfallen on said:

      Ok so this is more like 2.5 stars so I just slapped a two on it. I really wish you could give half stars on here.AnywaysThis book just didn't turn out quite how I expected it. I mean when I read the premise I was so excited to be offered and ARC from Little Brown Books for review. Straight laced boy meets up with an old childhood friend that happens to be heavy on the black hair dye, and and she's even got a nose ring? Yes Please!Unfortunately that's about where it stopped for me. I really wante [...]

    11. Jessica on said:

      Wow. I almost passed over this book when the ARC was offered to me at ALA. The cover didn't grab me, and the PR person's description (a boy trying to reconnect with his childhood friend) didn't exactly make me say, Wow!Boy. Was I wrong.This book could actually be called A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Told not only through Emond's taut prose, but also through illustrations and comic strips, the book takes place over the course of a cold, snowy Christmas break as budding artist Evan di [...]

    12. Danika at The Lesbrary on said:

      Was enjoying this for the most part (nothing too extraordinary, but a quick read), until I got to the sketch in the extras that is labelled "Adam's apple = tr*nny". Except without the censoring, obviously. Just needless hateful transmisogyny. It soured the whole book for me. There were other parts that I thought were questionable, like Lucy calling Evan's gay friends her "gay boyfriends", but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now I'm just annoyed that this was my last read of the year. [...]

    13. Dee☾ on said:

      This was okay. I liked all the illustrations. The story seemed interesting, but I just didn't connect to the characters or feel anything

    14. Silvia on said:

      Meh.I mean, just meh. The mehest book of all year. Not bad, not good, just meh.

    15. Elizabeth on said:

      Talk about a manic pixie dream girl (MPDG)! Dang! Lucy goes from a goodie girl to a "goth" and Evan is still trying to view her as her past self, before her parents were divorced and all of the crazy happened in her life that Evan does not know about. And that she's hesitant to reveal. What's neat about this novel is that you don't just get Evan's perspective, you also get Lucy's perspective. It is in third person, so the change from focusing on Evan to focusing on Lucy was a bit confusing for m [...]

    16. Erin on said:

      **somewhat spoilerish, so tread carefully. :)I noticed today that I give books 3 stars a lot. I think there are, in my mind, about 5 different levels of 3-star-books. This was on a higher level of 3 stars. Maybe level 2 (with level 1 being the highest level of 3-star-books, and level 5 being the lowest. My mind is a very jumbled place. Ha.)Anyway. I liked Wintertown. It was far from being a favorite, but it was an enjoyable story. The two main characters were great, together. I love the idea of [...]

    17. Jess (Gone with the Words) on said:

      Read this review on my blog! --> Wintertown by Stephen EmondEvan is a kid who believes he knows what he wants from life. He has a close-knit family, with supportive, if not slightly over-bearing parents. Lucy’s family life is the complete opposite, but it has never really affected her as much as this past year. The mystery behind her change isn’t revealed until halfway through, at which point the perspective changes from Evan’s to Lucy’s. I loved the times when they would just get los [...]

    18. Beatrice Rivers on said:

      I absolutely loved this book! I liked the idea of the make believe world that Evan and Lucy had made up when they were kids. And how Evan had 'tasked' himself with turning 'new Lucy' back into 'old Lucy'. Although i think that Evan should have let Lucy move on - if she wanted short black hair and was in a bad mood, he should have let her have short black hair without mentioning it - but he managed to help her (sort of).I loved the cartoon illustrations throughout the book. They brought the story [...]

    19. Jana on said:

      I just found this book mostly boring and ended up skimming through the second half only :(

    20. TheBookishHobo on said:

      Get out your Clearasil, because this book is going to instantly transport you to those years you loved and hated and everything in-between. Your teenage years.Emond’s prose in Wintertown is like his characters—angsty, a little lost, but completely lovable. And utterly relatable. Evan and Lucy, together and independently, give a glimpse at the trials and tribulations that so many teenagers experience, as they traverse the windy roads to early adulthood. Wintertown, at its base, is a love stor [...]

    21. fuyu ikehara on said:

      original post here: pizzicatowords/?p=104Winter Town— Stephen EmondPublished on: December 5, 2011Publisher: Little BrownGenres: young adult, contemporary, romanace, coming of age, holiday, sequential art, graphic novelsPages: 331Format: HardcoverSource: boughtBook DepositoryEvery winter, straight-laced, Ivy League bound Evan looks forward to a visit from Lucy, a childhood pal who moved away after her parent's divorce. But when Lucy arrives this year, she's changed. The former "girl next door" [...]

    22. Jennifer on said:

      Evan and Lucy have been best friends since birth. When Lucy's parents divorced, she moved away and now only visits once a year around Christmas. The book opens with the end of one of her visits and then continues one year later. When she comes back she has changed. Lucy cut and dyed her hair, has a nose ring, and won't open up to Evan. He tries to ask why she changed and what is going on with her and she refuses to answer him.The book followers a dual third person POV. I'm not a big fan of third [...]

    23. Ace Turnberry ♠ on said:

      "What if a sandwich without potato chips is just bread, turkey, cheese, and pickles?? And what if I never learn to play chess?? Will that come back to haunt me?"-Aelysthia by Evan OwensWinter Town is a young adult novel Infused with hilarious page-long comic panels in between and relatable themes of uncertainties about the future and growing up. On one side of the character spectrum, Evan Owens is a competent candidate for any of the Ivy League schools, but his true passion lies within art; on t [...]

    24. Laura on said:

      owltellyouaboutit/2011/12/05/wintertown/I think it’s amazing how the books I’m not really anticipating become some of the best books I read. I think it’s because they take me by surprise. I barely even remembered signing up for the book tour of Winter Town at Around the World ARC Tours. I was reminded when I received it in the mail back at the end of June. Though I reviewed it immediately, I decided to schedule the post for a time closer to the book’s release.Winter Town had me intereste [...]

    25. Ericka on said:

      Wintertown was one of those novels that you find yourself loving at some parts, and disliking at other parts- or maybe that was just me. Evan and Lucy were best friends through childhood, until one year where she comes to visit Evan and everything is different about her. The story is primarily about the two trying to find themselves, Evan trying to figure out what was wrong with Lucy, and their brief love story. What I liked about the book was that some passages were interesting to read, with th [...]

    26. Emma on said:

      Evan and Lucy were childhood best friends, but after Lucy’s parents divorced when they were twelve she moved from New England to Georgia with her mom. Every winter break Lucy returns to visit her dad, although she spends most of her time with Evan. The winter of senior year, Lucy is distinctively different. It’s not just her dark hair and makeup and the new nose ring; it’s also how she’s reclusive and seems far away. There is definitely something Lucy’s not telling Evan, but the Old Lu [...]

    27. Bookworm1858 on said:

      3.5/5I'm not sure it's entirely accurate to call this a graphic novel as the majority of the book is told through words. However there are excerpts from the comic created by the two main characters that play a significant role in the narrative (and were personally my favorite part) so I decided to include that above in my categorizing.I picked this up because I remember seeing posts about it at the end of last year but then I feel it kind of got lost in the holiday busyness as well as anticipati [...]

    28. Gary Anderson on said:

      Wintertown by Stephen Emond take place over a winter break as high school seniors and childhood friends Evan and Lucy try to become reacquainted. Lucy moved away when her parents divorced, and comes back to visit her father once a year. But this time is different because Lucy has changed. She now dresses Goth, and she seems distant and angry. From this premise, Wintertown grows more interesting with each chapter as Evan and Lucy try to decide what their relationship means, and how they can come [...]

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