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Avenger Sometimes the Truth Comes with a PriceNikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily she simply never imagined the lengths he d go to get her back into his clutches and turn Nik

  • Title: Avenger
  • Author: Heather Burch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes the Truth Comes with a PriceNikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily she simply never imagined the lengths he d go to get her back into his clutches, and turn Nikki s heart toward darkness.A Seeker at her heels, trained on her blood, Nikki flees with Raven alongside her for protection, while Mace and the other Halflings fight the batSometimes the Truth Comes with a PriceNikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily she simply never imagined the lengths he d go to get her back into his clutches, and turn Nikki s heart toward darkness.A Seeker at her heels, trained on her blood, Nikki flees with Raven alongside her for protection, while Mace and the other Halflings fight the battle that has erupted on earth But even as the two boys she loves fight for her, she knows the battle will be hers to win Determined to uncover the secrets of her past, and exactly how she fits into Vessler s twisted plans, Nikki sets off on her own, and soon discovers facing hellacious beasts is nothing compared to the decision she will need to make One that could change not only the war, and her relationship with Mace and Raven, but her future with the Throne.

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    One thought on “Avenger

    1. KatSnark on said:

      This book really made upset. In the beginning when she was running with Raven, I was super excited. This series was getting better! We all thought she was going to end up with Raven, so I was super excited because I like Raven SOOOO much better than Mace. Then it . didn't happen. The whole seeker thing was over WAY to quickly, NO ONE was able to defeat I & what did it take her a 2 minute showdown? No. Way. I got excited again when she ran to get herself captured REAL ACTION!!She got put in [...]

    2. Jennifer Dyer on said:

      I churned through Avenger* by Heather Burch, the same as I did through the first two books in the series. Nikki is again in the thick of a super-charged fight against evil. I think fans of YA, fantasy, paranormal romance, and anyone who likes a fun story laced with action, adrenaline, romantic tension, and truth will enjoy this series.I enjoy how Burch weaves adrenaline-laced action with truth and the power of choices. I also appreciate how Burch communicates that all of God's children are impor [...]

    3. Vicki (The Wolf's Den) on said:

      SPOILER ALERTThis review is for those who have read or are familiar with the previous books, Halflings and Guardian, or don't mind knowing some major spoilers for them. Avenger, however, will remain spoiler-free. ~ Powell's ~ Jan's Paperbacks I was already at least half-way over the fence after the first two books, Halflings and Guardian, with little hope going into the third installment, Avenger. After the major rants I'd already given, by all rights I should have called it quits on this series [...]

    4. Charity U on said:

      Since I unfortunately had not had the opportunity to read the first two books in this series (Halflings and Guardian), I wasn’t really sure at all of what to expect. I knew the cover was very interesting, but ultimately? I didn’t know what was ahead. At the beginning, I was a little confused – however, this is entirely my fault for not reading the books in order like they’re meant to be read. However, I figured everything out in a satisfactory manner soon enough and flew through the rest [...]

    5. D.M. Kilgore on said:

      BEST OF THE SERIES!!! I really enjoyed Halflings and Guardian, but Avenger was even better! Heather Burch does it again. I really hope there is more to this series. I can't say much here without revealing a huge spoiler, but let's just say the ending leaves a lot open for future stories! This is an amazing series that I highly recommend for all fans of young adult books no matter your age. ;) Nikki is still one of my favorite characters. She's real and easy to relate too. Nikki Youngblood is the [...]

    6. Amber Stokes on said:

      Review of the whole trilogy can be found on my blog, Seasons of Humility. :)*With many thanks to Zondervan and DJC Communications for providing me with a copy of each book in the series in exchange for my honest opinion.*

    7. Kara on said:

      From the absolutely beautiful purple front cover: Sometimes facing your destiny means risking everything.My ReviewFor those of us booklovers who are not into stories about revenge, a book titled Avenger may sound risky. Well, take heart and be encouraged if you feel that way because the conclusion to Nikki’s story is what I found to be the best book of the series and there was nothing about revenge in it. The book is 300 pages long, but it will not take more than a day to read because the stor [...]

    8. Emelia on said:

      NO NO NO NO!!!! My god this book broke my heart! Ok so I read the first 2 books in this series and was like "yes this is such a good series so far" Then I get to the last book and I'm pulling my hair out. In the beginning of the book "Avenger" Nicki's romance obviously seems like she is going to fall for Raven WHO IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MACE! All the clue are leading to Raven being Nicki's lover but then OMG SHE ENDS UP WITH MACE! Nicki goes off to run away from the seeker with RAVEN. They litte [...]

    9. Cynthia Shedd on said:

      I actually really enjoyed this book as a conclusion to the series. Going into the series I didn't realize that there was so much of a faith aspect, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the author did well at portraying the spiritual journey of the characters.Seriously, is there a fourth book what is going on?!?!

    10. Sara on said:

      I would like to thank Zonderkidz-Books and Heather Burch for providing me with a copy of Avenger for an honest review. I thought this was a great ending to the series, and wrapped it up nicely while still leaving it open for possible spin offs. While I thought Guardian, book 2 in the series, focused on the love triangle, Avenger did a great job at wrapping that up and leaving me pleased with the outcome, while also bringing on more action and adventure that didn't revolve around all that love.Th [...]

    11. Sara Bennett on said:

      Wow. I was very very surprised by this book. I hadn't liked and connected with the first two that much. And the romance, in the first mostly, felt fleshly to me. And like Nikki was playing both guys. The second book was more interesting although I didn't like the ending a ton. Now in this book we find Nikki with Mace although Raven is still trying to change her mind. Right off the bat the adventure starts with a mysterious, unbeatable, terrible creature called a seeker coming after Nikki. Raven [...]

    12. Grace Touch on said:

      Warning: Some major FanGirling will ensue in the duration of this review. My God. I cannot even begin to express the amount of perfection. As I've mentioned before, i do so very much adore the Halfings series of books. I've said how much I've loved watching Nikki especially grow and find her purpose in life. Now more than ever, Nikki has found her purpose and she is driven to stick with it. Nikki has finally found her backbone and she is set on the path that she will walk; and she will fight wit [...]

    13. Pauline on said:

      3,5/5The good news is it's definitely not the end for this series. For a minute, I thought it was the last book. A lot happens but there is no end to the threat. Vessler is more determined than ever to destroy the Halflings by the end of Avenger. Sogood! More to read!Avenger gave us lots of action, thrill and heart-stopping moments and a little bit of romance, but it was just a "transition" book if it makes any sense. Stuff gets resolved. Other stuff arises. You know the drill.First, it starts w [...]

    14. Becky on said:

      I really enjoyed the first two books, sometimes I hated who the main character choose but hey, not always my choice. However, I found myself getting bored with this final book and had to force myself through it. It was sadly not what I was looking for.

    15. Rachelle Cobb on said:

      What I LovedNikki is a lot less torn in this book when compared to Guardian (and I appreciated the toning down of the love triangle). At first, while Raven and Nikki were on the run from the Seeker (which was legitimately scary, by the way) and Mace is back at Viennesse, I was the one torn. Raven was being, well, Raven (part protector, part flirt), and Nikki wasn't having it. I liked that, but at the same time was wavering in my Mace loyalties.Any book that can make me wonder just who the heroin [...]

    16. Ash on said:

      I feel like Nikki backpedaled a little in this one. She had made so much progress in the second novel towards becoming the heroine, the Halfling, that she needed to be and she lost a lot of that in between. I was a little annoyed with her character at times in the way that when you watch a horror movie you want to shake the idiot main character who always wants to do the exact wrong thing to do when you're in a horror movie. Nikki had her horror movie heroine moments. But having read the entire [...]

    17. Kelly on said:

      A special thanks to Netgalley and Zonderkidz-Books for my copy of Avenger. Avenger starts off basically where Guardian left off. Nikki and her fellow Halflings are trying to lie low. That is until Raven comes back, and wisks Nikki away in an effort to save her life from a creature that was sent to hunt her. While dodging this creature, Nikki manages meeting new friends, and trying to sort out her feelings for the two men in her life, all while trying to come to grips with who and what she is. Th [...]

    18. Starr on said:

      A copy of this book was given to me free, in exchange for my honest opinion. This was the third and final book in the Halfling series. For the most part, I enjoyed this one. I actually think that this may be the best book out of the trilogy. In this installment, Nikki is a halfling and she knows it. She has ended the triangle by choosing -finally. But everything is far from over. Vesseler is still out there and still wants to turn her to create and lead an army of dark halflings. Nikki must face [...]

    19. Meagan Myhren-bennett on said:

      AvengerA Halflings NovelBy Heather BurchSometimes facing your destiny means risking everything.Something is coming after Nikki and nothing can stop it. Raven is determined to keep Nikki safe and takes her into hiding. But where can you hide when your blood is calling to your enemy? The other Halflings are hiding something from Nikki, something about her past and Vessler. Something that Nikki feels she needs to know. But the others are trying to protect Nikki from the truth of what Vessler has pl [...]

    20. Katie Stoops on said:

      I understand why Mace was chosen to be Nikki's match, but it felt so, so wrong to me. She was so strong and free, something Raven really needed. And Nikki needed Raven because he let her be herself, and knew the real her no matter how she tried to hide it. Ravens attraction to Dr. Richmond's daughter also maddening to me as a reader. I know she reminded Raven of Nikki, but becomes a bit obsessed even when he has accepted that Jessica is not Nikki. Although all modern readers complain about the d [...]

    21. Jenny Rose on said:

      For the most part I enjoyed this series. It is definitely an improvement over the Twilight series as Mace and Raven tended to protect Nikki rather than inflicting harm. There were some good twists throughout the series.However, I am not a fan of teen romance or Christian romance, so the series got increasingly mushy and sappy to me. It was clean though, so even though I am not a fan of the romance genre I would still recommend it to young adults and up.I liked Nikki Youngblood’s character arc [...]

    22. Nicole Fowler on said:

      Probably the best of the series but still, that's not saying a whole lot. The beginning was Raven and Nikki just getting shuffled along, being sent from person to person in a way that my attention was really more focused on how fast I could skim a page rather than fully reading it. Nikki defeats the seeker. Yay. It was supposedly almost impossible to kill but somehow she managed it. She rips Raven's heart out in the cave which did get me emotional cause he was my favorite character and I just do [...]

    23. Julie on said:

      Well, I have one comment that sums up my experience:What. In. The. World?!!Avenger was captivating from beginning to end. There were a couple places where there should've been some commas, but really, who cares about that? ;) I'm glad that FINALLY Nikki decided who she is going to be - although not by her choice. But I now know that Raven only brings her sadness and anger and brings her down. I dunno, I was kinda leaning toward Raven, but then again I am NOT Nikki (I'm happy about that, poor Nik [...]

    24. Ashley Dawn on said:

      I loved this book. I eagerly anticipated this book and it did not disappoint! Nikki is back and different. With all she has been through with Vessler, Mace and Raven, she doesn't feel like the same person she once was. She has chosen Mace, or at least that is what she thinks until Raven shows up and whisks her away. Both of them love her, Vessler needs her and the Throne has plans for her.I like the changes in Nikki. She is strong and sure of herself. Mace is still protective and the leader of t [...]

    25. Natalie on said:

      Avenger was spectacular. Such a spectacular story and amazing characters. The story line just sent out one surprise after another. The entire series was so amazing. The first two books made me want to know the rest of the story and the ending was fantastic. But the way the book ended made me think there was going to be more. If my speculations are wrong, I'm okay with that. But, like I said, the story was amazing and there were so many surprises that it wasn't funny. The characters you meet in t [...]

    26. Angela Grisham on said:

      My favorite author, Heather Burch, has done it again. Avenger, book #3 in The Halflings series is her best work to date. Characters Nikki Youngblood, Mace and Raven have a chemistry that draws you in and keeps you. In this book, Vessler's (bad guy who is trying to trick Nikki into thinking he's good) true plan is revealed along with some answers about Nikki that shed light on her past and her future. We are also introduced to more Halflings! This book tied up some loose ends for me while opening [...]

    27. Lauren on said:

      Rating: 3.5/5Started off a little bit slow for my liking. I just got a bit frustrated from Nikki and Raven going to one person for information, then being sent to another, and then another. For me it was a bit tedious and felt like Burch was trying to fill space. That being said once we got to the third person things really started getting moving and from that point I found it quite hard to put the book down. It was just a shame I had to get through almost half the book to make it to this point. [...]

    28. Rachel on said:

      Great continuation for the series. Nikki picks her guy and grows so much more in her faith in God and learns to lean and trust in Him. The world also came alive like in the previous books and the characters changed and grew with the story. I loved how Raven started growing as well and I'm so glad that I learned there will be another book about him because I can see Raven growing so much more. The characters sacrificed and did so much to protect each other. The only complaint I have is the climax [...]

    29. Charli on said:

      Booklist review:Nikki Youngblood is struggling with her newfound identity as a Halfling, searching her past in order to discover her path through to the future. Even as she learns to control and use her powers, she still balances on the edge between faith and nonbelief. In this latest installment of the Halflings series, the perspective on a world where half-angel/half-human outcasts fight battles against evil widens. Although Nikki is still at the center of the story, more Halflings, as well as [...]

    30. Kelsey Mitchell on said:

      I give this book 2/5 stars because much like the last book I didn't find it very entertaining. The book lost me a lot, and truthfully I didn't really love the main character that much. She was too wishy-washy with Mace and Raven. Although, I am glad she finally chooses one of them. It had a good ending, and I'm wondering if there's possibly another book, or even another series involving Raven? If there is, I'll be all over that because I really liked Raven. But yeah, the book didn't hold my atte [...]

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