Silent Dances

A.C. Crispin Kathleen O'Malley

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Silent Dances

Silent Dances Deaf since birth Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus whose sonic cries can shatter human ears But her mission is harder than it looks The Grus are not alone on their world They have dea

  • Title: Silent Dances
  • Author: A.C. Crispin Kathleen O'Malley
  • ISBN: 9780441783304
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus, whose sonic cries can shatter human ears But her mission is harder than it looks The Grus are not alone on their world They have deadly enemies, both natural and otherwise And if Tesa is to save all life on the planet, she will have to make peace with not one alien species but two.

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      115 A.C. Crispin Kathleen O'Malley
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    One thought on “Silent Dances

    1. Christopher Gerrib on said:

      A while back, I did a “What A POD Peep Reads” segment on StarBridge, A. C. Crispin’s debut SF novel. While on vacation last week, I found myself tired of touring and facing a nice hotel pool and a warm, sunny day. So, I fired up my tablet device, purchased and downloaded Silent Dances, book two in the series, and settled in for poolside for a good read.Crispin’s first novel, StarBridge, ended with the creation of the StarBridge Academy, a site dedicated to training young humans and alien [...]

    2. Bobbie on said:

      This is such a great book! Yes it is SF but you are exposed to the world of the deaf and how they relate to each other as well as to the hearing world. Tesa is a wonderful protagonist that I just admire. At the end of this book, Crispin told her readers that Tesa's adventures would continue in Silent Songs. I have looked for years for this book and finally found it two days agoedless to say I just finished Silent Songs and highly recommend it as well. This series is a wonderful read for not only [...]

    3. Lynnda Ell on said:

      When you want to read a unique sci-fi mystery based on a world of giant intelligent birds, a deaf heroine, and AmerIndian religion, try Silent Dances. It is definitely not a run-of-the-mill story. I solve most mysteries before half way through a book. Not this one. I was confused until the end, where everything made sense. For a good weekend escape, this is a good book to read.

    4. Sandy Carmichael on said:

      Beautifully written story, one of the best in this series

    5. Lavender on said:

      I am enjoying this series of books. I like the world building and how this book has its own story, but still ties into the story from the first book.

    6. Shane Ross on said:

      I loved Silent Dances, even more than the first Starbridge novel. Crispin creates such a fabulous alien world and vibrant cultures. Tesa's Deafness and Native American heritage were beautifully layered and useful to the storyline.I have one complaint about the sequel, which holds true for the first book as well: the relationships between humans are TERRIBLE, especially those romantical in nature. Old boy would have gotten to call me "lil darlin'" ONCE before I karate chopped the hell out of his [...]

    7. Just A. Bean on said:

      Based partly on O'Mally's experience to crane and eagle rehab, and working with deaf students in that context.I still adore this series. It's humanity going to the stars, for good and ill, and how different cultures from earth still exist, and may interact differently with each other and with aliens. The protag is deaf and First Nations, and that makes the story feel very different than the adventures in the first book, but at the same time, it's still young people trying to learn about the univ [...]

    8. Teresan on said:

      This is a much stronger, focused book than the first. Tesa is a great protagonist, and the authors did a great job envisioning how deaf and Native American cultures would continue to grow and evolve in the future.The conceptualization of the different bird cultures was great as well, and I really enjoyed those characters.The second book in the Starbridge series however suffers from one of the same major problems as in the first, that of a whiny, overly controlling romantic interest. I didn't see [...]

    9. Jasmine on said:

      The world building can't get any better than it did here. The different people, the cultures, I didn't think it could get better than the first book. Native American, Deaf, the new peoples I love it all.

    10. Aaron on said:

      I like the book overall, but the preachy tone really killed it for me.A deaf, native American, girl struggles to cram in all the judgmental diatribes she can.

    11. Sarah on said:

      It's a sci fi novel with a deaf protagonist. it rocked. the identities of the villains could be fleshed out a bit more, but that's ny main complaint.

    12. Jms3 on said:

      I loved the Starbridge series in general, and this one in particular - I keep coming back to this one periodically

    13. Theresa on said:

      native american story shows the depth of belief and self sacrifice

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