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Dreams of Darkness

Dreams of Darkness Jordan Hanson was having a bad day His girlfriend was acting distant his cat had run off his car was leaking oil there was something screwy with the electrical system in his new house and to top i

  • Title: Dreams of Darkness
  • Author: BarryJames
  • ISBN: 9781477630433
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jordan Hanson was having a bad day His girlfriend was acting distant, his cat had run off, his car was leaking oil, there was something screwy with the electrical system in his new house, and to top it all off he got caught in a storm By the end of the day, though, Jordan would have given anything to get his old life back Or any life at all, for that matter Even an undJordan Hanson was having a bad day His girlfriend was acting distant, his cat had run off, his car was leaking oil, there was something screwy with the electrical system in his new house, and to top it all off he got caught in a storm By the end of the day, though, Jordan would have given anything to get his old life back Or any life at all, for that matter Even an undead existence in which he was not about to be used as a tool to end the world would have been better than nothing.

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    One thought on “Dreams of Darkness

    1. Sheri on said:

      To say that Jordan is having a bad day is a bit of an understatement, I think. Jordan is having an epically bad day to top all others. Without going into detail and giving anything exciting away, he loses his girlfriend, his cat, his house, oh yeah, and his life, all in one evening. Jordan is about to discover that his life (or death as the case may be) has much more purpose than he ever imagined. I have been a fan of the horror genre for many years, and this book did not disappoint. The writing [...]

    2. Lanie Malone on said:

      My hat's off to Mr. James. The imagination and creativity that went into this book is absolutely amazing. From character development and plot, to setting and dialogue, it is sheer perfection. The descriptive language used detailed every monster with crystal clarity and at some points I found myself cringing at the mental picture created. Jordan is a well written character that you can't help but respect. Strong, gritty, flawed, conflicted, but most importantly, self-aware, he's a very believable [...]

    3. Barry James on said:

      Here's a quick synopsis, for those of you who want more than the teaser above (the "spoilers" are all revealed within the first 10% or so of the book, so they won't spoil much!):(view spoiler)[Jordan Hanson discovers that his parents, who worshiped an entity known as the Mondragoran, had created him for only one purpose: to act as the vessel for the Mondragoran’s version of the Antichrist–the Child of Shadows. His death during a bank robbery triggers this transformation, but Jordan does not [...]

    4. Milla Diaz on said:

      Read it. Wasn't all that impressed. The author doesn't have that 'magic' that makes you care about the characters. The ad for this book reads, ''Looking for a Sparkle-Free Undead Hero? Jordan Hanson is your man! No sparkles, no porn, just 100% supernatural action!''I also hate when paranormal authors make fun of Twilight. Twilight is the main reason the paranormal genre has gotten so popular. It introduced me to the paranormal world and I ended up reading & discovering other authors bec of i [...]

    5. Yzabel Ginsberg on said:

      I had a hard time deciding on what to write in this review. I've been editing my stars from 3 to 2, from 2 to 3 I really have no idea. It's not a bad book. It contains a lot of things that I liked, yet at the same time, it still didn't cut it for me in the end. I would've given it a 2.5/5, but for want of such flexibility in the marks here, I will leave it at 2. Although what "didn't cut it for me" is way more subjective than through any fault of the novel itself, I feel it also plays a part in [...]

    6. Life After Undeath on said:

      Jordan is not having a run of the mill shitty day. He is having a Ronald McDonald felt you up on your 12th birthday party kind of day. He somehow manages to lose the cat, his car is acting up and his girlfriend is giving off icy vibes. Just when he thinks things can't possibly get worse, Jordan dies in an accident and finds that he is instrumental in a plot to end the world. I mean, fuck.An engrossing blend of horror and urban fantasy, I really enjoyed Barry James' easy writing style. Too often, [...]

    7. Lucinda on said:

      A hauntingly beautiful paranormal tale that sends shivers down the spineCaptivated by the dark cover of this delicious debut, I willingly plunged into a chilling tale of seductive Vampirism and mystical ambiance. Any fan of authors such as Stephen King will note the eclectic mix of horror and supernatural, which creates such an intoxicatingly rich concoction of sinister narrative. Superstitious mindsets intertwine amid a spooky backdrop, presenting a sense of foreboding as to keep you on edge th [...]

    8. Linell Rae Jeppsen on said:

      A Totally Spooky Read!, May 30, 2012By Linell Jeppsen (The mountains of Northeast Washington State) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Dreams of Darkness (Kindle Edition)Jordan Hanson, a nice guy, and modest book store clerk is slated to be much more than he could imagine. His own parents have sacrificed his soul to the Mondragoran, an alien species, to act as the key to Earth's destruction!After dying in a bank hold-up, Jordan's soul is overcome by the esse [...]

    9. Marge Simon on said:

      Here is a novel of huge scope. A bit Lovecraftian (not in language, but in conceptualizations -- the Mondragoran, a Cthulhu-esque conglomeration of evil essences! In another sense, the book reminds me of Sturgeon's MORE THAN HUMAN, as it brings in characters with multiple telepathic/kinetic talents. I like the way James manages to keep the story going at a brisk pace; there are no "bog spots". The last three chapters kept me on the edge of my seat! And there is a symbolic gray dog in the first c [...]

    10. Marvin on said:

      Urban fantasy books are still fairly popular. So popular that they tend to be a genre super prone to formula. Fortunately the genre is wide enough to avoid the most obvious formulas if the author wants to avoid them. I admit I am not always "with it" when it comes to urban fantasy. Back in the "golden age of science fiction", which A. E. Van Vogt famously quipped was "14", fantasy meant sword and sorcery. The first fantasy/horror novel I ever read that seemed to be modern and urban in style was [...]

    11. Elsa Carrion on said:

      I liked the plot and the characters good story idea. Barry James is very talented with a great imagination. I could actually see the different demons as I read. I loved the cover and really wanted to love the story and some parts I really enjoyed. The action scenes where good, when the characters where on the move those parts of the book were great, but when the action stopped and the characters hung out that is when it started to drag. And because to me it seemed that there where more part’s [...]

    12. Mandy - Lace Vintage ♥ on said:

      Jordan Hanson is having a bad day,ok the worst bad day in the history of the world, he just doesn't know it yet. I was pleasantly surprised with dreams of darkness, from the Synopsis & the genre I thought it was just going to be a run of the mill horror novel but it turned out to be so much more. I also really enjoyed a male point of view, from both the character & author for a change. Barry has done a wonderful job at bring this story to life , with such a complex plot & characters [...]

    13. Liv on said:

      I liked the plot and the characters. Barry James is a talented writer with a great imagination. I did not love the book it had a lot of detail that made you lose focus on the main story. The characters in the story were very well illustrated which I liked. Jordan is a little whinny in the beginning, but proves himself latter in the book. Lord Ackerman is an evil character who is heartless. You keep hoping Jordan will beat him and good will win over evil. There was so much going on in this book a [...]

    14. Kelly on said:

      First I want to say that Barry James is very talented with a great imagination. I have never read a book like this before, so I was a little skeptical at first. It is an original concept involving the battle between good and evil. I could actually see the different demons as I was reading. The characters in the story were very well developed from Jordan all the way to Lord Ackerman. He is wrking on the next book The sequel, Realms of Shadow.

    15. Richie Earl on said:

      First I have to say that paranormal urban fantasy is a genre in which I am not particularly well read. The story starts off at a cracking pace and I was instantly hooked. The author describes each character and scene in great detail, but still kept the action moving swiftly on.That is until roughly half way through the book, but then the whole thing almost grinds to a halt. I began struggling to maintain my interest as James slows the pace right down and by the time I reached chapter 27 I was al [...]

    16. Chandni on said:

      I’m really perplexed when it comes to this book. It started off with so much promise. It had really interesting mythical concepts, a creative and imaginative storyline and very vivid scenes. Unfortunately, that only lasted for a little while before the details bogged down the book and it became a chore to trudge through all the myth.There’s a fine line between enough detailed myth to keep the reader invested and create an atmospheric environment and bogging down the reader with uninteresting [...]

    17. Rabidreading on said:

      This book was a mixed bag for me. It's your basic good versus evil story, centering around one man's fight against a fate he doesn't want and never asked for, while at the same time, saving the world from the dark power known as the Mondragoran. And to a point, it works. The villains are repulsive and morbidly fascinating, by turns, and the action scenes are detailed and well-described. Unfortunately, the story is handicapped by excessive info-dumping on the author's part. I understand wanting t [...]

    18. Delilah on said:

      I got this book to review from the Read It & Reap project.First I have to say that I liked the story. There was so much potential with the (view spoiler)[pseudo-zombification and the hommage to Cthulhu with the bad guys (hide spoiler)].The bad thing though was that the writing style seriously blocked my enjoyment to the story. There was too much unneeded detail in some scenes, like for example (view spoiler)[most of the first three chapters were only a description of how the main character g [...]

    19. Olivia on said:

      So farI find it hard to even want to continue. Author uses a large variety of descriptive words for EVERY scenario. Also everything starts with Jordan is now doing this. Jordan grabs the towel. Jordan is adding another task to his mundane daily list "of things to do". Jordan hummed to the radio, Jordan is now going to here. eeeeek!!!!! Jordan,Jordan,Jordan I am enjoying the idea of the base story line. Having difficulty ignoring the ever present "Jordan" 59 times in one chapter. Having read a la [...]

    20. Johnni on said:

      Barry James has created a great story with some great characters. It is an original concept involving the battle between good and evil. I did get a little confused while reading this book. I think it was because of the tremendous detail that was in the book. I like the explicit descriptions. It really gave me a great picture of what was going on. It just interfered with the flow of the story. I give this book a solid 3.5. It's a great read for fellow horror lovers.

    21. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines! on said:

      This was not bad.

    22. Deidre on said:

      Not sure why, but I could never get into this. Today got as far as page 76 and decided to pass this one on to someone who might enjoy it more.

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