Kimberly's Capital Punishment

Richard Milward

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Kimberly's Capital Punishment

Kimberly s Capital Punishment Kimberly Clark was born to the sound of cackling witches in Having moved to London to follow her heart s dream the sweet but slow Stevie she soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relatio

  • Title: Kimberly's Capital Punishment
  • Author: Richard Milward
  • ISBN: 9780571288984
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kimberly Clark was born to the sound of cackling witches in 1984 Having moved to London to follow her heart s dream, the sweet but slow Stevie, she soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as vile as is humanly possible When this tactic leads to Stevie s violent death by his own hand, Kimberly s soul hangs in the balance will she uKimberly Clark was born to the sound of cackling witches in 1984 Having moved to London to follow her heart s dream, the sweet but slow Stevie, she soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as vile as is humanly possible When this tactic leads to Stevie s violent death by his own hand, Kimberly s soul hangs in the balance will she ultimately spend eternity in the great TopShop in the sky Or will she be hurtled into an abyss of endless physical torture, sexual humiliation and bad stand up comedy This is the story of Kimberly s redemption, or possibly the story of her damnation it s up to you There are six different endings on offer.This is a shocking, laugh out loud, nightmare and nausea inducing book It is a wild narrative experiment that recalls taboo busting writers from William Burroughs to Irvine Welsh to Chuck Palahniuk.

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      126 Richard Milward
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    One thought on “Kimberly's Capital Punishment

    1. Jessica Sayer on said:

      I hope you're reading this to help convince you to read this book. The criticism and low reviews are unjust. It's not that I don't understand people rating this book 1 or 2 stars, I will just say now that this book isn't for the prudish or faint-hearted. If you like your books to follow a certain pattern or want a book you can read in your staff room/on the bus/at your mum and dad's dinner table, this isn't for you. The main reason I loved this book is because of its creativity. The way the char [...]

    2. Mark on said:

      In short, do not pick this one up if you are looking for:-a feel-good story of redemption-a smart narrator-sharp satire-quirky, off-beat humour-delicious raunchiness-any sense of conflict or resolutionDo however consider this if:-you happen to have a hankering for literature depicting a seal raping a man, or a father having rough sex with his daughterAnd if you happen to be a 100 pages in already and are wondering whether you should just give up now, in all fairness the middle bit of this book i [...]

    3. Scotch Egg on said:

      This book was a treat a rare treat in fact, I recommend reading it in bed with a brew and a sausage sarnie with a hint of brown sauce, as i did. I read the book in 4 days, the second day I had corned beef pie, chips and gravy, third night I opted for a ruby Murry with chips instead of rice and a garlic keema naan. The fourth day was a Thursday so I had my usual Thursday evening cheese ploughmans.This Milward lad's a genius an absolute genius, I went through countless emotions reading the novel, [...]

    4. Ellen May on said:

      The first half of this book I devoured in a single day. It was dangerously dark humour, definitely not for younger readers due to some of the extremely graphic scenes. The writing style is quirky, clever and quite gripping But the end(s) is a double edged sword.I thought it was very clever that the reader is acknowledged and given the chance to finish the story But it also pains me that I can't finish it completely. I am such a completist, but I cannot bear to read any more endings! I read Hell, [...]

    5. Sara on said:

      2.5 stars. Mixed feelings about this book. It was so funny and I liked how it was written. All the characters were very realistic and it made it even more impactful when they became aware of the 'grim reader.' I also like how accurately London is portrayed.However, there are so many things in this book I wish I could unread. I don't usually like to lower the rating of a book just because of the storyline because disagreeing with the storyline doesn't actually make the book any less good. It seem [...]

    6. Becca Milsom on said:

      I will start by saying the only positive comment i have to make on this book, which is that the writing style, although something i particularly did not like, was very unusual and different, which was somewhat interesting. Halfway through the book the author breaks the fourth wall and lets the reader decide Kimberly's fate, something i actually really liked the idea of.However, this does not distract from the experience i felt whilst reading it. When i first started reading it, i thought it was [...]

    7. Sarah on said:

      It is such a shame to come across a book with a great premise only to be poorly executed and ridiculously crude at times for the sake of being (not) funny. I was fully expecting an enticing and thought provoking novel as we follow the life of Kimberly who attempts to drive her boyfriend away which results in his suicide. What I got instead was a ridiculous and implausible mess of Kimberly's path to redemption which is in no way gratifying in the slightest. The novel is eccentric but right from t [...]

    8. Samira Hales on said:

      As someone who has been blamed for someone attempting to commit suicide, I find this book extremely insulting and unrealistic. When I discovered it in my local book shop, the blurb and premise seemed very brave of someone to write. I left it sitting on my shelf for a while as I wasn't sure how I would react to it, and what emotions it would stir inside of myself. However, when I finally did decide to read it I was truly disgusted. The plot is completely insulting and unrealistic, often vile at p [...]

    9. Ellie Galaxies on said:

      Absolutely ridiculous.It's such a shame because towards the start of the book I was really enjoying it. The blurb sounded interesting and it'd been on my 'to read' shelf for a long time.However when I finally got round to reading more than 150 pages of this book I was severely disappointed. Raped by a seal? What kind of ridiculous plot twist is that? It genuinely felt like my intelligence was being insulted.I would also suggest avoiding this book if you are triggered by sexual violence or anythi [...]

    10. Eliza Mckindley on said:

      What even was this book? When I read the blurb I was fully expecting a clever, relatable thought provoking story and I was disappointed greatly! The book starts to be seemingly normal and by the last chapters any sanity had gone out of the window. It wasn't a horror it was just messed up. The 'hell' chapter is truly sickening. A messed up book if ever there was one. Sorry, wasn't for me.

    11. Becky on said:

      I am not even sure where to begin within this bizarre book. I found it on $1 only shelf and was drawn in by the charitable price as well as the idea that you could 'choose your ending'- reminiscent of interactive books I read in my childhood. Unfortunately, what drew me in also forced me to abandon the book before completion. Strange for the sake of being strange, I tolerated the absurdity of our central character Kimberly right up until her apparent death and the chance for the reader to choose [...]

    12. Rhiannon Griffiths on said:

      This is perhaps the strangest book I've ever read! It was crude and vile at times and every laugh came with a sense of disgust in myself for finding such vulgar content funny! But, at the same time this book completely drew me in and yes, to certain friends I would recommend it! The writing style was fascinating and I loved the characterisation of the Grim Reaper! My only recommendation would be to rip out the pages of the ending where Kimberly goes to hell. I may as well have read that whilst h [...]

    13. Jui-Ting Hsu on said:

      Read this book some time ago; it’s a pleasant enough engagement until you get to the three-part ending, but I think I’d rather stick with Julio Cortazar’s Hopscotch - if only because the magnitude and sheer virtuosity of language emphasizes the level of wordplay. Here, it just comes off as thoroughly insulting, like you’ve been roped into an overly-long Aristocrats payoff.

    14. Natalie on said:

      This is the strangest book I've ever read, in a good way. I love Milward's sense of humour and his unusual way of describing things. This book is a definitely a departure from the norm, and is worth a read if you're looking for something (very) different.

    15. MisterHobgoblin on said:

      Kimberly's Capital Punishment is an eccentric novel. Right from the outset, Kimberly reacts inappropriately to the sudden suicide of her boyfriend Stevie, turning it into a wordgame. There is more than a passing resemblance to Morvern Callar - both as a character and a novel - at this point.As the novel progresses, there is an ever increasing disconnect between Kimberly's thought processes and her actions. She seems to be super-intelligent with a particular gift for mathematics, yet she lives a [...]

    16. Amelia Gibbs on said:

      [Minor spoiler in the the first bracketed sentence. Not that it really matters]To avoid the chance that someone might read this and think "I wonder what all the fuss is about, maybe I'll pick up 'Kimberly's Capital Punishment' and find out" I will write the summary before the review. This book is GARBAGE.I decided to read this book after reading the blurb, expecting an interesting and insightful novel exploring the delicate subject of suicide. That was not what I got. Kimberly Clark is perhaps o [...]

    17. Nick Davies on said:

      I was massively impressed with Richard Milward's debut 'Apples' a few years ago (it felt like a 'Trainspotting' for my age and place), then was massively disappointed with his follow-up 'Ten Storey Lovesong' due to an impenetrable style choice (no chapters, no paragraphs, no pagination). I was consequently slightly apprehensive about this third novel by the same author.I needn't have been. This novel deals with the consequences of young Kimberly, and her life following the suicide of her boyfrie [...]

    18. Hannah Reed on said:

      Pretty much a DNF book. I started off this book thinking it was going to be absolutely brilliant, and it was for about 2 chapters. I thought the premise behind it was interesting, and the blurb had me hooked to read it, but I just didn't like it. There was a bit sort of in the middle where you do a 'choose your own ending' type thing, and I just chose the page closest to the end of the book so I could finish reading sooner. I think you may have had to roll a dice or something. Though the part I [...]

    19. Ashley on said:

      I DNFd at pg 77. This book is a physically draining experience and I hated every second of it.Initially I was intrigued by the premise of this book, and in a time before I started consulting for advice before starting books, that was the reason I picked it up. A choose your own adventure novel? It was something I'd never heard of before and something I really wanted to experience.I started reading it last year but stopped because. I don't think it was because I hated it - I was in a pretty awfu [...]

    20. Amy on said:

      In keeping with the 'we're all so different and that's what makes the world so exciting' rhetoric, this book might not be for everyone - I can't, for example, see my Nan listing it in her top 10. I, however, thought it was absolutely fantastic. I'm not in the habit of reviewing things online (although I did once review myself anonymously) but the negative reviews for this book upset me so much that I decided to open a Good Reads account and leave a glittering 5* review.I read the entire thing in [...]

    21. Lauren on said:

      I feel like Kimberly's capital punishment is a very messed up, sick book. But that's not to say that it isn't worth a read, or it isn't written well. I enjoyed it, but ended up questioning why I did, and whether that was a good thing or not. I haven't completely finished it yet as I'm reading so many books, but it seems to end in a way that involves the reader, so they choose the result, hence 'capital punishment'. This could go either way; it could mean that people, a bit like me, end up readin [...]

    22. Christina Constanze on said:

      Nobody really seemed to enjoy "Kimberly's Capital Punishment" which isn't a very big surprise to me, since the book is very disturbing and depressing indeed - but so amazingly well written that I'm happy, I didn't put it down too early! Kimberly Clarke feels responsible for her boyfriend Stevie's suicide which he chose instead of a break up. So, Kimberly tries to collect karma points which gets a little bit out of hand. In the end, when everything's pretty messed up already, YOU, the reader, get [...]

    23. Lilly on said:

      What a great book. So different from the usual! There is no happy ending and I think that is why the majority of people do not like it. It's a book full of dark humour, sarcasm and cleverness and I feel that people should appreciate it for what it is - a story that makes people uncomfortable. One fault in the book however is how long the second half is. The first half is a quick read that keeps you turning the page. The second half drags slightly and at certain points took a bit of will power to [...]

    24. Ellen on said:

      4.5 starsThis book was really something else, the story-line was good and very funny at some points definitely didn't expect it to be this funny.I really liked when Kimberly gets hit by a car and meets the grim reaper where you have to decide her fate by rolling a dice and how the reader got referred to at some points. All the sections in deciding her fate were great but my favourite has to be where she gets resurrected and trialed for murder.However I did start to feel a bit ill when you get to [...]

    25. Steffi on said:

      There were a lot of quirky and original ideas in this book (especially the typography, although there was one chapter I completely left out bc it was too difficult/annoying to read bc of how it was arranged). However, I feel like the more and more I got to the end, the more anxious I was for it to end. Things stopped making sense, the character got less and less likeable and the end was so unnecessarily perverted and disgusting (like, I'm not a prude, it just seemed like the author didn't know w [...]

    26. Sophie on said:

      Personally, I thought this book was alright. The only real problems I had with it were the breaking of the 4th wall and the "reader participation" that took place at the end, but that's totally a matter of personal preference. It's quite an interesting concept and the 1st half of the book I really enjoyed, I was just a bit disappointed with the ending. I thought maybe Milward was going in a different direction with it, but that's just my opinion. I would recommend this book, though, just because [...]

    27. Drew on said:

      Fully an extra star for the gusto and gumption of the gimmick - otherwise, the book is sort of disappointing and whatever. The whole thing never quite gets off the ground, even though Kimberly's twisted story is entertaining enough and there's admittedly a good dose of "wtf" hilarity (rapist seals, that's all I'll say). Instead, it felt very much like a novel written out of an idea for a gimmick as opposed to a novel that then led into said gimmick. Not a bad thing, per se, but it doesn't do a l [...]

    28. Stig Legrand on said:

      I'm 30% through this book and I like it a lot. It is wild and trashy, but it deals in topics that are not very often dug this thoroughly. It reminds me of Martin Millar's stories, of a better-paced Palahniuk's "Doomed" or also of Jonathan Carroll's (despite the huge difference in sets and settings). Now that I have perused the other reviews, I am intrigued about this daring meta device in the middle of the book where the 4th wall will break I recommend this book to shamanic punks and hypochondri [...]

    29. Lydia on said:

      This book is just a roller coster of funny, sad, disgust and shock. I actually really enjoyed this book but there were parts I didn't particularly want to read (such as the chapter of Kimberly in Hell was just no.) But this book was so different from anything I've ever read and I loved how unique and strange it was while reading it. I would suggest you need to be fairly mature and open minded if you were to read this book but all in all, I do not regret reading it.

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