The Last Grimm: Red's Hood

H.L. Wampler

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The Last Grimm: Red's Hood

The Last Grimm Red s Hood Abigail Grimm stopped believing in fairy tales years ago She is a college freshman who just landed the internship of the year Things were going great she even met a devastatingly good looking man Con

  • Title: The Last Grimm: Red's Hood
  • Author: H.L. Wampler
  • ISBN: 9781476023267
  • Page: 187
  • Format: ebook
  • Abigail Grimm stopped believing in fairy tales years ago She is a college freshman who just landed the internship of the year Things were going great she even met a devastatingly good looking man, Connor, who could not seem to get enough of her.Then she witnesses the receptionist mauled to death by a giant wolf in the middle of downtown The skeletons in her family s clAbigail Grimm stopped believing in fairy tales years ago She is a college freshman who just landed the internship of the year Things were going great she even met a devastatingly good looking man, Connor, who could not seem to get enough of her.Then she witnesses the receptionist mauled to death by a giant wolf in the middle of downtown The skeletons in her family s closet come falling out as Abigail discovers she is actually the last in a long line of fairy tale guardians And Connor, well he is not quite what he seems and has a few skeletons of his own.Abigail must abandon everything she thought was real for make believe and fantasy With Connor by her side and a forbidden love budding, she must track down the wolf and save humanity before it s too late.

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      187 H.L. Wampler
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    One thought on “The Last Grimm: Red's Hood

    1. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ on said:

      Book exchanged for review~Per rules~This book takes unique look at the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. The story is so cleverly crafted in such a way that leaves you wondering what's going to happen next. I really hope the author continues with this concept. It is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2012. Here are my thoughts on the story.Abigal or Abby Grimm is a young college student, who is applying for internship with RoseMarie's Fashions magazine, and prove that she can handl [...]

    2. SheReadsALot on said:

      NOTE: The author provided me with a free copy of this story for an honest review."The Last Grimm: Red's Hood" is a story featuring 18 year old Abigail Grimm, college freshman and fashion intern. She's an only child raised in a single parent home. Her mother is a recluse and pines for a father she hasn't met or known. Her reclusive mother reads fairy tales repeatedly as a way to console herself. Yet, Abigail has no idea why. That is until she meets 21 year old Connor Guy. Connor helps Abigail put [...]

    3. Jill on said:

      This book had an interesting premise. I love anything based around fairy tales so I was immediately interested in this book, and in that it did not disappoint. A unique twist, the heroine, Abigail, a descendant of the original brothers Grimm, has the unique ability to read fairy tales to life, or back into the world of the book. It was a unique twist, and although people may think this is similar to the tv show Grimm, it really isn't similar other than the titles.Pros: Unique story line, unique [...]

    4. Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) on said:

      THE LAST GRIMM was exciting, fundamentally awesome and seriously good. I was completely entranced by H.L. Wampler's writing about the main character Abigail including the infamous huntsman from Red Riding Hood, Conner. It was completely thrilling about how Abigail is the Last Grimm and how she can send back the fairytale creatures of whom this mysterious Evil Queen has brought to life-just by reading them back into their stories. (view spoiler)[Kinda likebut not quite (hide spoiler)]I have to sa [...]

    5. Mandy on said:

      I received this book in return for a honest review from The Nexus group on (Here). Abby is a college freshman who is also working a internship at RoseMarie's Fashion Magazine. Even with work and school she still notices the attractive older guy Connor who can't seem to keep his eyes off her. After Abby is leaving work she sees the brutal murder of the secretary mauled by a giant wolf who then comes after her. Connor is there to save her from the silver wolf revealing to her who he really is and [...]

    6. Roxanne Kade on said:

      I love fairy tales, so I was really excited to read a story that incorporated these elements. Although I was not blown away by this book it was still a fun read. The only way I can think of describing is that it is a mish mash of Red Riding Hood and Inkheart, with a light dusting of The Devil Wears Prada.I didn't particulary take a liking to the MC, Abigail. She seemed all over the place with her thoughts and feelings (even before she finds out about her lineage), and I never truly got a sense o [...]

    7. Lauren on said:

      Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The concept of the story was very interesting and was the thing that intrigued me most to want to read the book. The structure with the extremely short styled chapters was weird for reading and the writing style itself was choppy. With some fixes to editing issues and maybe a better look at central dialogue themes this book would translate better to a reader.The character of Abigail was not very strong and she seemed kin [...]

    8. Sue Morris on said:

      Book exchanged for review~Per rules~ Do you believe in fairy tales? I do and I loved this story This book starts off with a normal college girl following her dream trying to get an internship job for school. Only this is no "ordinary" girl,we later find out she is the last Grimm and is the only one that can stop the plague of killing being done.I found myself so in grossed in the story ,I didn't want to put the book down. I just can't wait for the next book, to see what will happen next.

    9. Sarah Wall on said:

      I read this based on a friends recommendation and I can say I enjoyed it. I'm not super into fairy tales, but this kept my attention for the most part and I loved the romance that was threaded throughout the story. It was a fun twist on Little Red Riding Hood.

    10. Maddison on said:

      I'm not really nit picky about grammar and what not. I read a book for the story. If I like the story, I keep reading. I really liked the story here. It was something new for me. I liked it. I hate cliff hangers, but it did leave me wanting more.I'll be buying the next one.

    11. Alana ~ The Book Pimp on said:

      Review to comebut overall I enjoyed it. Spicy retelling of fairy tales. Hot Huntsman.Wished some parts took longer

    12. Russell Bittner on said:

      Abigail Grimm, the heroine of this novel by H. L. (Heather) Wampler, doesn’t even discover she’s a descendent of the famous Brothers Grimm until the middle of Chapter 10, when she first reads a letter from the father she never knew—and won’t know again until the end of the story. At the same time, she learns from Connor Guy (our male protagonist and an “immaculate specimen of a man”) that she’s the last of the Grimm line—“the guardian of the fairytale world”—and is responsi [...]

    13. Penumbra on said:

      This book was given to me by the author through the Making Connections ARR group for an honest review, thank you.The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood is the story of Abigail Grimm who is a direct descendant of the Brothers Grimm and the last surviving Grimm. She is the only one who can read the monstrous fairytale creatures that have been brought to our world by the Evil Queen, back into their own world. This is also a story of romance between Abigail and Connor Guy as he helps Abigail in her goal to re [...]

    14. on said:

      Brought to you by OBS Reviewer DawnBeware of spoilers!!!!!I enjoyed this book immensely. Some may consider it a rip-off, because the foundation is part of a fairy tale, but I firmly disagree. Wampler made it her own. It’s as if she took an old song and jazzed it up until it’s her unique creation.Abigail sees herself as timid, but she’s a foul mouthed bad ass. Her foul mouth makes her more real; she could put a truck driver to shame. I too have a foul mouth and I love that the heroine is no [...]

    15. Binchic on said:

      I enjoyed the premise of this book. A new twist on a classic can never be done too many times as the possiblities are endless. The idea that there are worlds beyond our own where something has crossed over and is wreaking havoc lends itself seamlessly to the basics of plot, arch, conflict, etc.However, as other reviewers have mentioned, this novel was not as polished as it could have been. Often times there were typos that may be missed if self-editing (since you tend to read what is supposed to [...]

    16. Lynxie on said:

      The premise for this one could have been so much more than it was. I had high hopes.I found the two main characters (Abigail and Connor) to be both shallow and unrealistic. I hated the plot use of the best friend (Anna) towards the end, it was cliche and completely unoriginal. There were a lot of issues with the formatting on the kindle, that ranged from incorrect lining/spacing to split words (e.g. they sa t down at th e tabl e) throughout the entire document that need to be addressed for the b [...]

    17. Lizzy Lessard on said:

      Overall: I think that this book needs more polishing. There were a few minor things that drove me crazy, such as Abigail saying that ten minutes had passed in the narrative but she didn’t know what time it was. How exactly would she know how much time had passed if she knew what time she arrived but not the current time?Characters: I think the characters were the weakest part of the book. Most of the characters were one-dimensional and predictable. Abigail, our heroine, didn’t seem to act he [...]

    18. Katie on said:

      Before I begin my review I would like to say a big thank you to H.L. Wampler for letting me have this novel in exchange for an honest review.I initially fell in love with the idea of this novel as I have always loved fairytales and am currently reading Grimms Fairy Stories. I also have recently watched "Grimm" which is an American Drama based on the stories. Although I loved the idea, I struggled with the writing of this novel as I found it a bit slow. I do have to say that the last 20 or so pag [...]

    19. Laurie: Almost Faemous on said:

      I got a copy of The Last Grimm from the group the Nexus on , so thanks to the mods and the author for making this available to read and review. This a modern twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood, characters from the fairy tale world of the Brothers Grimm are being brought our world to wreak all kinds of havoc. Wolves are killing young women wearing red jackets with hoods including a co-worker of Abigail's. Abigail discovers she is the last Grimm, the guardians against the creatures from t [...]

    20. Taylor on said:

      I can say that I have really never read a book like this before. The Author had some fantastic ideas. At the beginning of the book, it was very well written and captivated the reader’s attention. I could clearly relate to Abby, and her reaction to her situation. I feel like that would be the reaction I would have if I was ever placed in that situation. As the story starts to develop, it feels as if the Author has rushed, and not completely developed the idea she was trying to active. The dialo [...]

    21. Jessica on said:

      This book had an interesting twist on an old idea but was not as enjoyable as it could have been due to several editing issues. The polish was lacking and it showed throughout the novel. I found that the more action there was the more likely that there was continuity issues that left the reader wondering how it happened. There were location and front to back jumps that left me looking back through the pages trying to figure out what I missed.I did enjoy the ideas presented in the book and liked [...]

    22. IUHoosier on said:

      I would give this book four stars if it could be polished and edited correctly. While the story is fun - amusing and fresh - the grammar and inconsistencies within the manuscript screamed at me throughout the entire reading. I liked the characters, though they could use a lot more fleshing out, and I liked the theme, but the author is obviously a newbie and needs to take some time with her editing, or get someone else to do it for her. I am hopeful that she will do so in future books and I will [...]

    23. Alannah Clarke on said:

      My first reaction after reading this book? A fairytale mixed in with everyday non-fiction to make it suitable for older audiences.And to be honest, this book wasn't that bad. I wasn't really that fussed on Abigail at the beginning, she did however begin to grow on me as I read more of the book which is something that rarely happens to me. I did feel that it took a while for me for me to really get into the book, I thought the beginning was a little slow. It wasn't until I got to about halfway th [...]

    24. Annalise Grey on said:

      4 stars. I really enjoyed this book until the last 20 pages. It was a fun and fast read. I liked the characters and I liked that Abigail seemed a bit older than she is. Plus she wasn't a stupid pansy chick which I also enjoyed. The ending though. I hated it. I know how hard it is to write a book but this ending could use some reworking. It moves waaaay too fast and there is no action despite making it seem like there will be this big battle at the end. The rest of the story though was great and [...]

    25. Dana Bradley on said:

      I love fairy tales and really love retellings. It's fun seeing what people turn classics in to. Some are awesome, others not so much. This was one of the ones that was awesome. I love the concept of a descendent of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm being a guardian for a "fairy tale world". I also love the thought that the author had, fairy tales exist but in their own world. The one thing I didn't like was the ending. I hate cliff hangers, but it has enticed me to want to read the next one. I REALLY want [...]

    26. Ruby Chua on said:

      When I saw the synopsis of the book, I was expecting more paranormal content then the chick lit content in the book. Although it was a light and quick read, I was hoping to see more in depth on Grimm's 'fighting' scenes and background on how the war with the great queen happen.With the cliff hanger ending, there is no doubt that there will be another book coming up. I hope to see more development on the paranormal aspect of the book than romance aspect.

    27. Amanda on said:

      It was a really good book. I couldn't stop to put it down and I could never figure out what would happen next. I hope she keeps writing more on the series because I want to find out what happens next.

    28. Marijo on said:

      The Last Grimm is a great summer read. It's a fun take on fairy tales, with a little bit of mystery and little bit of romance, a surprise ending, and plenty of snark (you gotta love a heroine who's full of sarcastic quips). I highly recommend it and await the next book in the series.

    29. E.L. on said:

      Totally awesome read! Very much enjoyed it. Had a few misspelled words and such but nothing major. 5 out of 5 stars

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