Beasts of the Walking City

Del Law

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Beasts of the Walking City

Beasts of the Walking City A roller coaster ride through another world that will appeal to fans of Naomi Novak Patrick Rothfuss Lev Grossman and George R R MartinIt s not easy being a color shifting bourbon loving Beast eve

  • Title: Beasts of the Walking City
  • Author: Del Law
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A roller coaster ride through another world that will appeal to fans of Naomi Novak, Patrick Rothfuss, Lev Grossman and George R.R MartinIt s not easy being a color shifting, bourbon loving Beast, even when you can travel between your own world and Earth s past Even when you re working for the gangster Al Capone.Now, Blackwell is on a one way trip into the ruins of aA roller coaster ride through another world that will appeal to fans of Naomi Novak, Patrick Rothfuss, Lev Grossman and George R.R MartinIt s not easy being a color shifting, bourbon loving Beast, even when you can travel between your own world and Earth s past Even when you re working for the gangster Al Capone.Now, Blackwell is on a one way trip into the ruins of a flying city to steal an ancient craft from one of his world s biggest gangster families a family you just don t want to cross But the ship is just the beginning, and Blackwell isn t prepared for everything that comes next First, he s hunted by a cult who wants to wipe his race out for good Then, he s a pawn stuck between powerful gangster families at each other s throats Who can he trust There s the beautiful and seductive double agent named Mircada who will steal his heart A huge fire belching family kingpin named Nadrune who wants him for her pet The mysterious woman Kjat, who loves him and who s filling up with crazy demons from another world The crazed general who s after him for revenge Not him, at least that s pretty clear Then there s the mystery of a legendary flower that once belonged to his race, a flower that might change the world if only he can find it.Beasts of the Walking City is fast paced, funny, sexy adventure with steampunk cities that float and walk and fly, exploding gangsters at each other s throats, pyrotechnic magical battles, time travel, crazy new alien races and the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance.

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      104 Del Law
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    One thought on “Beasts of the Walking City

    1. Luc Reid on said:

      If Del Law hasn't spent years lovingly crafting the setting of Beasts of the Walking City with layers upon layers of history, culture, clashing and cooperating races, magic, energy, portals to other worlds, cities, villages, feuds, families, conflicts, technology, creatures, and vendettas, he's done an excellent job pretending to have done so. What's more impressive is that he isn't building throwaway detail for spectacle alone: things that are initially fascinating just because they are so unus [...]

    2. Jordanna East on said:

      Too jumbled. Too much going on. And the fact that Al Capone played a part in the plot was kind of ridiculous. I really wanted to like this one. The cover is gorgeous and the Blurb and Prologue were both intriguing and well-written.

    3. Michael on said:

      It will leave you wanting more, in the best possible way. A tight page turner filled with imaginative characters inhabiting a vivid fantasy world.

    4. LaDawn on said:

      Couldn't get into it. The language of the Mage really turned me off. Sounded much too modern teen-speak to me, which didn't seem to fit the story at all.

    5. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      Hmmm, so-so; more good than bad, but not stellar. I generally liked this story. The bulk of the writing is fine. I certainly liked the idea and I think the characters. But it's that, "I think" that is the problem. The author somehow managed to write a (mostly) first person, present tense book and still allow me to finish it feeling like I didn't know the characters well. How is that even possible?I say mostly because there are a lot of slip ups where the author dropped into third person or past [...]

    6. Louise K. on said:

      A well thought out and cleverly constructed world, with vibrant history and races, interesting and relatable characters, along with an engaging and well paced storyline have made this work very successful as both a Sci-fi and Fantasy novel. However, as mentioned in other interviews, there were errors in the text which should have been picked up on during the editing. I mostly managed to overlook these during reading, and not be pulled out of the storyline, but there were occasions where I had to [...]

    7. Karina on said:

      It is very rare for me to not finish reading a book. The way this one continually changed the POV was very distracting, but the thing that annoyed me most was the styling of the main character, especially his language. The lingo didn't seem to fit in this story, and I finally gave up reading it even though I was near the end.

    8. Cheryl Eickhoff on said:

      Really enjoyed it. Fast-paced, interesting, with characters that kept me really hooked. I'd love to see a sequel.

    9. Michelle on said:

      Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself. I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    10. Shell on said:

      I began this book as I do so many of my cheap or free Kindle ebooks, with very few expectations.I've read numerous books that should never have been published. They lack story, characters the reader can care about, and proper grammar, spelling, form, etc.This book suffers terribly from a lack of proofreading. There are missing letters in words, missing words altogether, and definite tense shifting that can throw you out of the story.But, with all of that, the story is good. Very good. That's why [...]

    11. Leif Anderson on said:

      This was a great introduction to this world system, and I recommend it. There is an interesting blend of urban fantasy, technomagic, and a few other sub-genres. My one complaint was that Law seems to be reaching hard to place this story in a larger tapestry, even though that tapestry and background do not yet exist. What I mean there is that especially near the end, there are a lot of hints about future events which cry out for sequels. This is fine if there is a whole overarching plot planned o [...]

    12. Eero on said:

      Interesting concept. Was annoyed by tiny errors that should have been caught in proofreading: in the middle of first-person narrative from Blackwell's POV, he is suddenly referred in 3rd person as in "Blackwell said", and so on. Also, the plural of craft is craft, not crafts, when you are talking about ships.I think this book works best as a fast read. There is certainly enough texture in the world to make it fun.

    13. Carey Mckenna Jones on said:

      I was mesmerized by the cover of this book and had to have it. And I’m so very happy to report that the story and writing is every bit as amazing as the outside. Do I usually read urban fantasy? No. But this book grabbed me, immersed me and would not let me go. The world the author has created is rich and detailed, with compelling characters and a plot that is so riveting, I just could not put down my Kindle until the end. I am ecstatic to have found this writer!

    14. Tamara! aka Amy G. Dala on said:

      This is one different type of tale, full of all kinds of things: past, future, travel among lei lines, a bit steam punk, a bit dystopian, magic, some interesting species, and hey, Al Capone(?!). Certainly kept me reading almost non-stop as I had to find out what Blackwell was going to find himself embroiled in next. I'll be looking forward to the next installment.

    15. Annelise on said:

      This book was surprisingly decent, given that it attempts to contain the sci-fi and fantasy genres at the same time. Yes, that does mean aliens with magic. In spite of this, it was an engaging book with a solid plot and interesting characters.

    16. Heather on said:

      Really enjoyed this story but I want to see THE MOVIE!! No movie yet? Bummer. This story was very creative and interesting but so much I want to see how it works or what it looks like. Great job.

    17. Anverie on said:

      Excellent story. Fabulous world building. Excreble lack of editing.

    18. A.R. DeClerck on said:

      One of the best epic fantasy and scifi Mashup I've read in awhile. I'll be chomping at the bit to see a sequel for this novel!

    19. Anna on said:

      Maybe the wrong time to try to tackle such a complex story? Couldn't get into it. Didn't like the changing POV.

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