True Love at Silver Creek Ranch

Emma Cane

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True Love at Silver Creek Ranch

True Love at Silver Creek Ranch Welcome to Valentine Valley where tongues are wagging now that the town bad boy is back and rumor has it the lean mean ex Marine is about to lose his heart But like it or not in a town like Valenti

  • Title: True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
  • Author: Emma Cane
  • ISBN: 9780062102294
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to Valentine Valley, where tongues are wagging now that the town bad boy is back and rumor has it the lean, mean ex Marine is about to lose his heart But like it or not, in a town like Valentine, love happens .Adam Desantis is back bruised, battle weary and sexier than ever Not that Brooke Thalberg is in the market The beautiful cowgirl of Silver Creek RanchWelcome to Valentine Valley, where tongues are wagging now that the town bad boy is back and rumor has it the lean, mean ex Marine is about to lose his heart But like it or not, in a town like Valentine, love happens .Adam Desantis is back bruised, battle weary and sexier than ever Not that Brooke Thalberg is in the market The beautiful cowgirl of Silver Creek Ranch needs a cowboy for hire, not a boyfriend though the gaggle of grandmas at the Widows Boardinghouse thinks otherwise But from the moment she finds herself in Adam s arms, she s shocked to discover she may just want .Adam knows it s crazy to tangle with Brooke, especially with the memories that still haunt him, and the warm welcome her family has given him But he finds himself in a fix, because tender loving Brooke is so much woman than he ever imagined Can a soldier battling demons give her the love she clearly deserves Just about everybody in Valentine thinks so

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      415 Emma Cane
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    One thought on “True Love at Silver Creek Ranch

    1. Laura the Highland Hussy on said:

      Review posted on Got Fiction? book blog3.5Brooke Thalberg is riding fence when she sees the smoke. Her barn is on fire and her only thought is to save the horses. A stranger is already in her barn freeing the horses when Brooke arrives, but it turns out he’s no stranger. He’s bad boy Adam DiSantos, back from the Marines.Brooke and Adam both feel that attraction burning between them pretty much from the get-go, but both resolve to ignore it. When Adam gets hired on at her family’s ranch, it [...]

    2. Melinda on said:

      This story ended to quickly for me. Brooke and Josh just seemed to figure things out and I just didn't see that happening. Yes they had feelings for each other and those feelings were strong but they never really discuss it. Other misunderstandings seem to bring them to the conclusion that they cared for each other. Brooke is a fun and loveable character. Strong personality and confident but not stereotypical beautiful even though she's gorgeous. She knows her own mind and she's had a good life. [...]

    3. Susan on said:

      Good book. I really liked both Brooke and Adam. Brooke is happy working her family's ranch and is very good at what she does. Working with her two brothers she has to be strong and pretty forceful to hold her own with them. When Adam shows up just in time to help her rescue some horses from a burning barn she is happy to see him, but not expecting the shot of attraction she feels. She remembers him from high school when he was pretty full of himself and doesn't expect him to have changed. When h [...]

    4. Lover of Romance on said:

      Adam Desantis, grew up in Valentine Valley, played football in high school, and was a bad boy at times. At eighteen years old, he joined the marines, and now he is back, visiting his grandmother whom he believes has health problems. Brooke Thalberg, sees Adam again, when he helps her save horses from a barn fire, and her family offers him a job on the ranch. Brooke finds Adam delicious, but has no interest in a relationship. But when Brook and Adam share a passionate embrace, she can't resist th [...]

    5. Miscjoy on said:

      This is a slow-moving slice-of-life contemporary Romance set in the small mountain town of Valentine. It has everything going for it that I enjoy: mountains, ranches, horses, strong female characters, attractive war-weary veteran male lead all wrapped up in a small town vibe. The story itself has some sweet ancillary elements to it that hang out in the background: community efforts to support veterans, a troubled teen who needs some guidance, a group of feisty Grandmas (“the Widows”), a busi [...]

    6. Barb on said:

      Welcome to Valentine Valley, where tongues are wagging now that the town bad boy is back--and rumor has it the lean, mean ex-Marine is about to lose his heart! But like it or not, in a town like Valentine, love happens . . .Adam Desantis is back--bruised, battle-weary and sexier than ever! Not that Brooke Thalberg is in the market. The beautiful cowgirl of Silver Creek Ranch needs a cowboy for hire, not a boyfriend--though the gaggle of grandmas at the Widows' Boardinghouse thinks otherwise. But [...]

    7. Janga on said:

      This is the second in Cane’s Valentine Valley series, following A Town Called Valentine (February 2012, Nate Thalberg and Emily Murphy’s story). For the first half of the story, I liked the town better than I did the romance. Brooke and Adam seemed likeable enough, but I didn’t feel as if I knew them well enough to be fully engaged with their story—not even enough to believe strongly that they belonged together anywhere outside Adam’s bed. The characters became more fully dimensional b [...]

    8. Diana on said:

      Contemporary small town romance. This is the second in a series of interconnected romances set in Valentine, Colorado. I did not read the first book and did not have any problem following the story or the characters. This is a nice romance and I mean that in the best way. The romance is very sweet and mostly drama free, not a lot of tension, but a lot of warm feelings. If you like this type of story, you’re going to want to continue reading about the nice folks in Valentine. The heroine, Brook [...]

    9. Sharon Chance on said:

      Although this story is set during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it is still the perfect read for Valentine's Day! Emma Cane once again takes her readers to the charming town of Valentine Valley, where romance is always in the air and where love reigns!I enjoyed this second book in Emma's series (her first book was "A Town Called Valentine"), and loved that she focused this story on Brooke, the sister of the hero of the first novel. Keeps it all in the family! The setting of the novel [...]

    10. Jean Tallman on said:

      Brooke Thalberg has always been the cowgirl next door. She takes her responsibilities on the family ranch very seriously. When Adam Desantis, the town bad boy, arrives back into town and becomes her employee (GASP), she knows that any relationship between them is completely off the table. But as in all good romances, these two just can't resist. They have a "secret romance" that everyone seems to know about (isn't that always how it is). While I liked this book, if I had to read one more time th [...]

    11. Amber on said:

      I loved that there was not just one story line going on and that you could really connect with all of the characters. I did laugh and cry.I received the book for free through First Reads.

    12. June on said:

      Adam is tricked home by his grandmother pretending poor health. He is a retired marine whose unit was hit be friendly fire. He is hired by the Thalberg's. Brooke is determined not to fall for an employee, but neither has much luck fighting the attraction.Love the grandmothers and their support of "Leather and Lace." Also like the portrayal of working with youth, and the need for second chances.

    13. Dorine on said:

      4.5 RatingIf you love small town romances with some naughty nuances then Brooke and Adam’s story will entertain you. Brooke’s cowgirl toughness is well-matched with Adam’s ex-Marine silence to add some fireworks you hope will be their happy-ever-after.Brooke Thalberg is happiest working alongside her brothers on their ranch, facing the harsh winters and long hours with every bit of the energy and confidence of a man. Oh sure, she likes girly things and she can clean up real nice, but when [...]

    14. Ary Yusof on said:

      Loved the book! And loved Brooke and Adam. Has this been turned into a Lifetime movie yet? It’s perfect for the network. Loved the bit where Adam said he was very male and gross in the morning. 😋

    15. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) on said:

      A touching read that is sure to leave your heart happy! Highly recommend Ms. Cane's charming characters are sure to make you feel right at home!

    16. Sandy M on said:

      I’ve been in the mood for cowboys lately, so combine that with a new-to-me author who writes darned sexy cowboys, I ended up with a fun and very heart-warming story.Besides our sexy hero, Adam, what I enjoy about this book is the sense of family. Adam and Brooke come from opposite poles when it comes to family life. Brooke has two brothers who tease with her as siblings are wont to do and her parents have raised their children with love, taught them how to work hard, support each other, play, [...]

    17. Kathy Altman on said:

      With a catchy hearts-and-flowers name like Valentine Valley, it's no surprise that Emma Cane's Colorado town caters to lovers — and to romance readers, as well. Through a heart-stirring storyline and an entertaining array of relatable characters, Cane shows that Valentine offers more than the usual small-town charm — it's a haven for healing, a safe place to start over and a wellspring of well-meaning widows whose antics are as amusing as they are touching.Cane addresses some sober issues (m [...]

    18. Merceda on said:

      Brooke and Adam were meant to be together. And Adam can make Brooke sing in all the right places. Great book about a warm and loving family taking care of the family ranch. Brooke saw that the family barn was on fire, and she raced toward it on her mount. Adam was already there helping to free the horses. And then he told her who he was, because she didn't recognize him. Oh, the bad boy of Valentine, CO. But he had grown up, and had been in the Marines, and had unfortunately gotten a bunch of hi [...]

    19. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore on said:

      Brooke Thalberg is too busy helping her father and brothers run the Silver Creek Ranch to worry about a silly thing like love. Lately, though, she feels like there is something missing in the life she shares with her close-knit family. But it will take a barn fire to shake her from her comfort zone, to say nothing of the handsome stranger who rescues her beloved horses.Adam Desantis knows better than anyone else that you cannot reclaim the past. In this case, he does not even care to try. He is [...]

    20. LilyElement on said:

      Brooke Thalberg doesn't have time to search for love. She works hard doing the everyday chores on her family's ranch and never gets a day off. Brooke is a relatable character that I think most women will be able to connect with, I know I did. Like a lot of women out there she just doesn't have the time to look for a relationship due to the amount of time she puts into her job.When an ex-Marine returns to Valentine Valley to watch after his ailing grandmother, he quickly gets a job at Silver Cree [...]

    21. Jessica on said:

      As a lover of Lavyrle Spencer novels but a great disliker of Nora Roberts' work, I wasn't sure how I would feel about True Love At Silver Creek Ranch. I'll tell you how I feel about it: LOVE.Instead of being 100% romance (which I'm not so fond of), there's a story within these pages that- believe it or not- is more than just about a boy and a girl and some steamy moments. This is the story of the small town, Valentine Valley. It's a quintessential small town where everybody knows everything abou [...]

    22. Yekaterina on said:

      Brooke is a 28 year old with set goals and morals until Adam walks into her life. Adam was the bad bot in highschool but going into the marines clearly changed him. Brooke, her family and the whole town are highly impressed by the man Adam has become. Adam uses his past and recent heart ache to help mentor a teenager in town, Tyler. Obviously Brooke and Adam have a little something going on. This is a really cute book. It's different then the typical romance. There's more plot and less corniness [...]

    23. Lyndi on said:

      The problem I have with this type of review is that I don't really have any worthwhile complaints and I'm not good at putting my finger on why I like a story. Or why it's a good story. I'm sooo good at pointing out what I hated. So good.This isn't my favorite type of book, the light and fluffy romance. But this was believable and fun. I got to spend a few hours in somebody else's life during an exciting time and the author did a nice job of giving me sweet and romantic without being sappy and cl [...]

    24. Lisa Becker on said:

      Take a girl who is just realizing that her life has no direction add in a barn fire and a sexy stranger who helps her get the horses to safety and you get the jolt she needs to start living her life. The story is great as it deals with a woman trying to find herself in the middle of a loving family and a broken Marine trying to find himself after the horrors of war. The manage to help each other and form a close relationship as the town works its magic. A must read for Emma Cane fans or anyone w [...]

    25. Kathy on said:

      True Love at Silver Creek Ranch, the second installment in Emma Cane’s Valentine Valley series, is a sweet romance with engaging and likeable characters. Strong family ties and a small town setting add to this delightful novel’s appeal. To read my review in its entirety, please click HERE.

    26. Marie Piper on said:

      I'm not sure how this wound up in my TBR pile and in my house, but it's a very sweet read. It kicks off with a barn fire and I had it in my head that this was going to be a mystery -- it's not. It's a contemporary small-town romance between a former Marine and a cowgirl, with colorful characters and subplots that ring true as someone who grew up in a small, rural town. I'd recommend it to people who like RaeAnne Thayne, etc.

    27. J. Rowan on said:

      I blew through the second book in the Valentine Valley series in just a couple days. I couldn't put it down! With a combination of seriousness and lighthearted humor, Emma Cane tells an engaging love story of two people, both a little lost, finding themselves as they find each other. And I think Adam is one of the best written contemporary romance heroes I've read in a long time - I'd snatch him up myself if he was real (and I wasn't already married)!

    28. Hope Frost on said:

      I am enjoying this series more and more and can't wait for the next to be released. Adam is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks (or cattle guard) and Brooke is the town sweetheart that everyone loves. Put them together in a wild ride of a story and add in some arson, a large family with lots of opinions and the widows you have the makings of a hit.

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