In the Tall Grass

Stephen King Joe Hill

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In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass Mile meets N in this eBook collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill As USA TODAY said of Stephen King s Mile Park and scream Could there be any better place to set a horror story than an

  • Title: In the Tall Grass
  • Author: Stephen King Joe Hill
  • ISBN: 9781476710822
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook
  • Mile 81 meets N in this eBook collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill As USA TODAY said of Stephen King s Mile 81 Park and scream Could there be any better place to set a horror story than an abandoned rest stop In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond thMile 81 meets N in this eBook collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill As USA TODAY said of Stephen King s Mile 81 Park and scream Could there be any better place to set a horror story than an abandoned rest stop In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they ve lost one another The boy s cries are and desperate What follows is a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale, as only Stephen King and Joe Hill can deliver.

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    One thought on “In the Tall Grass

    1. Trudi on said:

      Well, well, well, what do we have here? A bona fide horror story my friends and Constant Readers, sprouted from the father/son imagination team of Stephen King and Joe Hill. This story is not without its problems (and won't be suited to everyone's tastes). It is ghoulish and a tad gory, and depending on your sensibilities you may be disgusted, even offended. But before it goes there it is a magnificent piece of storytelling steeped in dread and what I like to call, epic creep. One reviewer has l [...]

    2. Debra on said:

      This short story asks the question "What would you do if you heard a child calling for help?" Would you stop and help? Would you stop and call for help? What if a child is calling for help but his Mother is warning you against helping?In this short story, brother and sister, Cal and Becky, are driving when they hear a boy in the tall grass asking for help. He is lost and can't find his way out. Of course they want to help him, wouldn't you? But wait! The boy's Mother is warning you against helpi [...]

    3. Kelly (and the Book Boar) on said:

      Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/ “He wanted quiet for a while instead of the radio, so you could say what happened was his fault. She wanted fresh air instead of the AC for a while, so you could say it was hers.”What can I say? I can say “boy oh boy this was a humdinger of a little thrillride.” Cal and Becky pull off of the highway to stretch their legs, but could never imagine what would happen next. On their side of the highway is the Black Rock of the Redeemer Church, on the [...]

    4. Gregor Xane on said:

      The product description for this book wasn't honest, and that kind of ticks me off. The way it's listed on , it looks like you're going to get a novella-length story written by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. There is no mention of the fact that the last 25% of the eBook's length is taken up by teaser chapters from King and Hill's forthcoming novels (at the time), Doctor Sleep and NOS4A2, respectively. When the advertisements stuffed into the back amount for 25% of the page count, it just see [...]

    5. Wayne Barrett on said:

      4.5Great collaboration between father and son. The King and his heir work well together.This was like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon meets The Children of the Corn. I felt claustrophobic while reading this and if I ever hear a kid calling for help from a field like this one, they're screwed.

    6. SumitRK on said:

      Stephen King has a knack of writing horror stories set at the most unlikeliest of places and around the most unlikeliest of things/events. This one is easily one of his most disturbing short stories you will read. The story was tense and creepy but it has more about gore than horror. Not for everyone.

    7. Edward Lorn on said:

      "In the Tall Grass" is one of the most disturbing tales I've ever read. This is the first Stephen King story, or Joe Hill story for that matter, that actually turned my stomach. The writing is vivid, filled with brutal simplicity that drives the horror home. I didn't feel all that attached to either Cal or Becky, but what Becky goes through in the later part of this short story would crush the heart of any parent. No, not just crush. Decimate. This is also the first collaboration of father and s [...]

    8. Amar on said:

      Lijep primjer kad odlično , čak više fenomenalno kreneš , a onda kao da ne znaš šta dalje i izabereš najgore moguće riješenje . Priča je izdata u 2 dijela .Cal i njegova sestra Becky , nakon što čuju malo dijete koje traži pomoć u (nemoguće) visokoj travi , se sami izgube u toj (nemoguće ) visokoj travi .King i Hill su uspjeli stvoriti jako dobru , klaustrofobičnu atmosferu .Taj dio je čista petica .Ali onda , u drugom dijelu ova odlična priča se pretvara u jeftini B horor fi [...]

    9. Sam Quixote on said:

      A brother and sister driving across Kansas with the windows rolled down hear a young boy calling for help in the middle of a field of Tall Grass. Stopping to investigate, they enter the Tall Grass, become separated, and get lost in the Tall Grass. They can’t get out of the Tall Grass because the Tall Grass is weird and you can never leave the Tall Grass once you enter the Tall Grass. Huh. Tall Grass, eh? The premise is interesting: a field of Tall Grass that is somehow an evil living thing whe [...]

    10. Carol on said:

      I am a BIG fan of Stephen King, but not so much Joe Hill (yet) having only read two of his novels. I am struggling with a rating on this short horror story perhaps bc I just finished reading POE'S shorts The Pit and the Pendulum:, The Masque of the Red Death, and the really short The Black Cat (which were all GREAT by the way) so this one just kind of fell short (no pun intended) for me.The book summary and the beginning did draw me ine deserted rest stop, the abandoned cars, and the call for he [...]

    11. FrancoSantos on said:

      Joe y Stephen, Stephen y Joe, padre e hijo. ¿No es tierno? Ok, no. Buen trabajo en conjunto. Muy escalofriante y terrorífico.

    12. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* on said:

      Trippy thing to wake up to this morning, but I'm not complaining. I am DAMN glad I didn't listen to this at night. It felt very Children of the Corn-esque, but with Joe's eye for detail and efficiency. Father and son work extremely well together. Makes me excited to read Throttle.Stephen Lang did a great job reading -- I loved to hate him in Avatar, and his voice works really well with this story. Check out the audio if you feel so inclined!

    13. Coos Burton on said:

      Un trabajo de padre e hijo, algo que creo que muchos queríamos ver. No había tenido oportunidad de leerlo anteriormente, y ahora que pude hacerlo me pareció muy entretenido y sobre todo extraño, aunque no me terminó de cerrar el estilo en el que esta narrada la historia. Sacando eso, yo creo que fue un buen relato, me gustó mucho que fuera tan visceral y morboso, la idea se me hizo pesadillesca.

    14. Steffi on said:

      Ich mags einfach. Verstanden hab ichs nicht, aber das bin ich von King jetzt schon gewohnt. Dieses Buch setzt sich jetzt wieder in meinen Kopf, ich suche verzweifelt nach einer Logik, dabei sollte klar sein dass es keine Logik gibt.Irgendwie hab ich erst danach verstanden, dass es sich bei Joe Hill um Kings Sohn handelt. Es interessiert schon ein bisschen wer da was in der Geschichte geschrieben hat.Ich kann schlecht sagen dass ich den Inhalt gut fand, oder mir die Geschichte gefiel, weil sie do [...]

    15. JennRa on said:

      Un relato claustrofóbico y agobiante, que te dejará pegado a sus páginas queriendo aún más. Lleno de oscuridad, incertidumbre y maldad, padre e hijo hacen una combinación genial.

    16. Kathryn on said:

      3.5 stars.I haven't read too many short stories by King, and this was my first taste of Joe Hill. I like the idea of the story, but something fell flat to me. The first part was good, and had a creepy factor to it. At a certain point, the story kind of got dull for me, and I started to think, "That's it?" I kind of thought the end could have been a little better, but heye overall story is pretty good. The part at the end where it talks about "tasting like sardines"OMGNASTY.

    17. Sean Smart on said:

      A very impressive well written scary short story from father and son King

    18. Bunny on said:

      My Thoughts:I’m not sure what to say about this one guys, if I’m being honest. It started out fantastic, old school horror. You know, creepy with out really giving you too much – making you dread what was on the next page. Then, at some point, the book just kind of takes a turn and not only gives you what you have been dreading, but kind of takes it a step further. No, takes it a step too far. Gives you something you wouldn’t dream of, in this case even kind of makes you gag a little.I l [...]

    19. J.J. on said:

      I'm a huge fan of Stephen King. I started with The Gunslinger and was hooked. And while I'm not a huge fan of horror, I don't find his stuff that terrifying or disturbing. That being said, I didn't like this short story at all. In fact it kind of disgusted me. Maybe it just hits a little too close to home (one of the main characters is pregnant, and my wife is currently 8 months pregnant). The first part was pretty great. Tense and creepy. But part 2 took a turn that I just didn't like and was q [...]

    20. Belcebon on said:

      En este relato corto se encuentra la esencia de Stephen King. Tanto por la temática, por las sensaciones que consigue transmitir y por la forma que tiene de contar historias. Y de terminarlas. Aún no he leído nada de Joe Hill en solitario y no he conseguido distinguir su mano. Pero ha conseguido que adelante en la pila un par de libros del team King. Así que se podría decir que ha sido el mejor aperitivo que he leído en mucho tiempo.

    21. Adam Light on said:

      I have to say that this was a big surprise for me. After reading some of the other short stories King and Hill have given us lately, it was refreshing to find myself immersed in a good old fashioned HORROR story. I agree with other reviewers that it was predictable, and derivative of a couple of Kings other stories, but overall it was a fun read for me.

    22. Nathan on said:

      A very good horror story, but not for the squeamish. The characters are great for as short as it is. And it has these little splashes of humor to give it a bunch of kooky tweaks. I get the feeling father and son were egging each other on to make the tale as disgusting and disturbing as possible.

    23. Pranta Ghosh Dastider on said:

      Finally! At the long last! I was able to finish a Stephen King book. I have started many, but never got past the end line. Now, I did. Feels like finally the curse is over, the jinx left me. And I can move forward with all his books. Hopefully! So "In the tall grass", was quite a nice read. Short it may be, but it was not cheap with idea and atmosphere. It started on a average note, but right of the bat story paced up and became interesting. Although I could guess how its gonna be, I was interes [...]

    24. Chris"Gunner" McGrath on said:

      The premise of the story is simple and classic King: two siblings, driving across the country, hear a lost child calling for help from within a field of tall grass. They decide to investigate, but there's something supernatural and malicious going on in this particular field. It's a nasty story, suspenseful and gruesome, and though not the most offensive stuff King's ever written, it's close. Of course, that's exactly the kind of story most people would hope for from these two authors. It's defi [...]

    25. Becky on said:

      Cuh-reeeeeepy! I do love me some Stephen King and Joe Hill and writing together? Awesomeness. This was a great little story. Intense and nerve-wracking, and surreal and all too realistic - at least to me. Being lost in vast fields of grass or corn would be terrifying. You think you're walking out, but only pushing deeper into the field. And then you panic and disorientate yourself and things just get worseThis story reminded me a little of quite a few other King stories, from The Lawnmower Man t [...]

    26. Evans Light on said:

      Fun little story, nothing amazing, predictable but enjoyable and well-written. Should have been $.99, not $3.99, due to how short it is. As others have mentioned, it's practically the same story as MILE 81, with minor variations. I didn't read the previews for DOCTOR SLEEP and NOS4A2, going to wait for the whole book.

    27. Octavi on said:

      Muy entretenida, agobiante y malrollera. Final macabro. Muy recomendable.

    28. Mandy on said:

      What a disturbing little story, not for the squeamish, it went a bit weird near the end but I loved the final scene. Scary for most of us to be utterly lost and alone.

    29. John on said:

      Overall - 3.5 starsNarration - 4 starsStory - 3 starsI sort of expect more from this team

    30. Kelly on said:

      I wasn't really planning to write an official review of this short storybut a week later it is still on my mind. I was drawn to this because of course, King and Hill are some of my favorites and I figured it would be worth a few minutes to listen to the audio-cd. Holy Molyis is the scariest short story I have ever heard. Ever. Hands down. I really loved the description of "Irish twins" and how it pertains to the story, as I have a sibling/Irish twin of my own. That definitely made me imagine thi [...]

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