O Cavaleiro de Westeros

Ben Avery Mike S. Miller George R.R. Martin Jorge Candeias Mike Crowell

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O Cavaleiro de Westeros

O Cavaleiro de Westeros O continente de Westeros o cen rio onde se desenrola a saga de George R R Martin as Cr nicas de Gelo e Fogo O Cavaleiro de Westeros decorre cerca de cem anos antes do in cio do primeiro livro das Cr

  • Title: O Cavaleiro de Westeros
  • Author: Ben Avery Mike S. Miller George R.R. Martin Jorge Candeias Mike Crowell
  • ISBN: 9789896374563
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • O continente de Westeros o cen rio onde se desenrola a saga de George R R Martin, as Cr nicas de Gelo e Fogo O Cavaleiro de Westeros decorre cerca de cem anos antes do in cio do primeiro livro das Cr nicas, no tempo do rei Daeron, com o reino em paz e a dinastia Targaryen no auge do seu poder.Quando a vida de um cavaleiro termina, a sua morte pode ser o come o de umaO continente de Westeros o cen rio onde se desenrola a saga de George R R Martin, as Cr nicas de Gelo e Fogo O Cavaleiro de Westeros decorre cerca de cem anos antes do in cio do primeiro livro das Cr nicas, no tempo do rei Daeron, com o reino em paz e a dinastia Targaryen no auge do seu poder.Quando a vida de um cavaleiro termina, a sua morte pode ser o come o de uma nova vida para o seu escudeiro Intitulando se de Sor Duncan, o Alto , o jovem Dunk parte em busca de fama e gl ria no torneio de Vaufreixo, mas tamb m sonha em prestar juramento como cavaleiro dos Sete Reinos No caminho, encontra um rapaz misterioso que est determinado em ajud lo na sua demanda.Infelizmente para Dunk, o mundo pode n o estar preparado para um cavaleiro que mant m a sua honra E os seus m todos cavalheirescos podem vir a ser a sua ru na Uma hist ria fascinante sobre honra, viol ncia e amizade, pela m o do grande mestre da literatura fant stica George R R Martin.

    • ✓ O Cavaleiro de Westeros || ↠ PDF Read by é Ben Avery Mike S. Miller George R.R. Martin Jorge Candeias Mike Crowell
      456 Ben Avery Mike S. Miller George R.R. Martin Jorge Candeias Mike Crowell
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    One thought on “O Cavaleiro de Westeros

    1. Jeremy on said:

      I was surprised by two things. 1, George R. R. Martin can finish a story without killing the protagonist, and 2, George R. R. Martin can finish a story.

    2. Mohammed Arabey on said:

      Jeremy التعليق الأول والأكثر ملائمة هنا علي هذا الكوميكس كتبههناك مفاجأتان بهذا الكتاب لكل قرّاء جورج آر آر مارتين1-أنه يستطيع أنهاء قصة دون قتل الأبطال الرئيسية2-أنه أصلا يستطيع أنهاء قصةولكن إن كنت متابع جيد لعالم "أغنية الجليد والنار" ستعرف ما بتلك الرواية المصورة من قبل قرا [...]

    3. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin on said:

      melissa413readsalotThere are a few things I know for sure from reading this novel. The graphics are awesome! . Prince Aerion is an arsehole to the nth! . I love Duncan and Egg :)Duncan was a squire for the Hedge Knight Ser Alan, but the old man died. He lived to a ripe old age for a Hedge Knight. Duncan decides he wants to be a Hedge Knight and takes it upon himself to do this regardless of the rules. He also decides he's going to go fight in the tourney at Ashford Meadow. On the way he meets a [...]

    4. Choko on said:

      *** 4.25 ***I really enjoyed this one! Duncan and Egg were so adorable as a duo and we got to get some background on characters we have heard so much about with some very pleasant graphics. The book covers an episode couple of generations back from the main story and shows us the Targaryon brothers in their true light, however different all of them are from each-other. Sir Duncan the Tall is a character you can really get behind and root for, so I truly enjoyed it:) Egg, the little brother Maest [...]

    5. Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora) on said:

      ¿Recuerdan el libro El Caballero de los Siete Reinos, la precuela de Canción de Hielo y Fuego que sucedía muchísimo antes del primer libro? Pues bien, ese libro nos contaba tres relatos en los que Dunk, un caballero errante y bastante mediocre en el arte de la caballería, y Dunk, su escudero que esconde un gran secreto, eran los protagonistas. Ya saben cómo adoro todo el universo de Canción de Hielo y Fuego, así que leer una historia, esta vez en forma de cómic, que se sitúa en un mome [...]

    6. Stephen on said:

      4.5 stars. Excellent novella set in the world of Song of Ice and Fire. George R.R. Martin has created one of the best, most well thought out worlds in fantasy history and any chance to revisit it is very, very welcome. Recommended!!!

    7. Mike on said:

      An entertaining story that takes place before the events of A Game of Thrones, during a time when Westeros was still ruled by the Targaryon Dynasty. It tells the story of a hedge knight that got in over his head while trying to do the right thing. The events in this graphic novel are actually mentioned in The World of Ice and Fire history book and they have a major impact on subsequent events. As far as the art goes, it was nothing ground breaking but did a good job conveying the action in the s [...]

    8. Shivam Chaturvedi on said:

      That old man Ser Arlan, everyday at evenfall he used to say, "I wonder what the morrow will bring"The Hedge Knight is probably the most wonderful story to have come out of the decadent land of Westeros, ever. I read it straight after finishing A Storm of Swords and it came through as a much needed respite from the gut-wrenching horrors of that book. Through this story, set approximately a century before the events in A Song of Ice and Fire books, we are transported back into a time when honour a [...]

    9. Mariana on said:

      Εκατό χρόνια πριν ξεκινήσει στο Γουέστερος το ''παιχνίδι του θρόνου'' όταν στο παλάτι του Κινγκς Λάντινγκ κυμάτιζε η σημαία με τον κόκκινο δράκο και στον θρόνο κάθονταν ο Αίρον Ταργκάρυεν σε μια γωνιά του βασιλείου ένας ακόλουθος ιππότη θάβει τον κύριο του με όλες τις τιμές [...]

    10. John on said:

      To begin with, I have enjoyed the Song of Fire and Ice from the beginning, and I have been itching for the new book for some time. When I heard there was a graphic novel, I was both interested and disappointed. The first because it was another tale in a very interesting setting. The second because A Feast of Crows had been running late and would rather have had the book instead of the graphic novel. Upon reading the graphic novel, I found all of my fears allayed and that the book does more than [...]

    11. Carmen on said:

      I'm glad I read this and by doing so entered the world of the Hedge Knight. Knights who fought where needed or where they felt they had to. They sometimes thrived, sometimes starved, but seemed to always be a minor part of the universe. Duncan is one of them trying to make it in the world and he finds himself trapped in a family feud . I truly enjoyed seeing the beginnings of Ser Duncan (Dunk) the Tall and the future King Aegon (Egg) V. I think somehow I went back to the times when I was a tiny [...]

    12. Dawn on said:

      My first graphic novel. It was fun! And it was cute. Well, it was cute when it wasn't gross at least. It was something different for sure. Not a format I want to read too regularly But it is something I will pick up in the future, to change it up every once in a while. I will no longer fear graphic novels; I'm no longer a GN virgin.The story was interesting, the artwork was well done. Not much else to say. Four stars.

    13. أحمد on said:

      100 before the events of "Game of Thrones", A squire learns what it means to be a knight.تدور أحداث الرواية المصورة قبل قرن كامل من أحداث "لعبة العروش"، عن "دَنك" الشاب حامل سلاح الفارس "أرلان". "أرلان" الذي تبدأ الرواية بوفاته، ليس بالطرق الشنيعة الملتوية التي يحبها المؤلف "جورج مارتن"، ولكنه موت طبيعي هادئ. يفكر "دن [...]

    14. Stepheny on said:

      This was just awesome. I am thrown back into Westeros. Sure, it's a hundred years before the events of the Song of Ice and Fire series, but still's Westeros. The artwork in this was incredible and I really enjoyed the story. It was by far the wordiest comic I have ever read.Leave it to GRRM to turn a comic into a novel. Ha! But, there was a lot of story to be told. And once again, there are just soooooo many characters I found myself tripping over them and trying to figure out who were brothers, [...]

    15. Chompa on said:

      This is a graphic novel presentation of Martin's prequel novella for his Song of Fire and Ice. In other words, a comic book that takes place before Game of Thrones. I enjoyed the story and the themes. It was very interesting to see the houses represented in an earlier time with at least one character who is mentioned in the regular series.

    16. Becky on said:

      3.5 Stars - I am still a relative noob to Martin's Song of Ice & Fire series. I've read the first three books in the series, and loved them. I can't wait to read the 4th and 5th! So when I saw that my podunk library actually had this graphic novel, I snatched it up. Yoink! I love Martin's world, and I want more of it. More more more! But, I can only say that I just liked this. Well, maybe a little more than "just liked" but I felt like it was missing something. There were a lot of characters [...]

    17. Christina on said:

      This was a quick read and I was able to finish in less than a day. If I were to try to describe this book to someone, I think it would end up sounding very boring! It really says something that the author can bring all the elements together to make the book so good! This was an intensely character driven book so it's good that I was invested in Dunk from the start. He's young, has a good heart, and is very much the underdog. I don't know why the author decided to make the book so short. I think [...]

    18. Sorina on said:

      "Someone was screaming, high and terrible like a cloud passing before the sun against the bleak grey sky swayed a tall tall prince in black armor with only half a skull." Yes, I admit, the first time I saw the book in the bookstore I screamed in my head 'stop writing these stories and please finish The Winds of Winter!' However, my pain for the original books aside, this is a really good story, I really enjoyed it! And to be fair, this appeared as a novella c.2005, so it's not really a new story [...]

    19. Barbora on said:

      Původně jsem počítala s tím, že od Martina přečtu jako první něco docela jiného, ale čert to vem. Holt místo Hry o trůny jsem nejdříve dorazila tuto prequel povídku předělanou do podoby komiksu. Sto let před první notou Písně ledu a ohně se panoš Dunk rozhodne po smrti svého pána, sera Arlana, stát se rytířem. V hostinci na cestě se dozví o turnaji pořádaném nedaleko a tu samou noc se potká s chlapcem Eggem, který se chce stát Dunkovým panošem. Jde o skute [...]

    20. Melissa on said:

      Since I am hair-tearing-out desperate to get back into Martin's world in the form of a thousand-page novel, I thought this was going to be a mere sad peek that would leave me aching. But this was a lot better than I expected, a nice story with all the usual suspects; young knight standing up for honor, evil member of the reigning family that you wish would just get a fierce kick in the pants - if you've ever wanted to punch Joffrey Baratheon in the nose, this ought to get you all fired up. It ha [...]

    21. Isis on said:

      GRRM writes his own fanfiction. And amazingly enough, virtue is rewarded, vice is punished, and, um, only a few sympathetic characters die? I liked it!

    22. Daniel on said:

      This is the chronicles of the errant and clumsy knight, Dunk and his squire of sorts, the smart mouthed little bald headed Egg. They have adventures and try their best to not get killed in a world that really, really wants to kill them. Quick and great read, and the art in this graphic novel is very good. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, give this a look. You might enjoy it!Danny

    23. Matt on said:

      The graphic novel adaptation of the first of George R.R. Martin's Dunk & Egg novellas, not only stays true to the originally written story but gives it life with fantastic renderings of all the characters, the locales, and the action. Drawn by artist Mike S. Miller and livened by colorist Mike Crowell, "The Hedge Knight" gives both "Game of Thrones" book and show fans a great look into the history of the Seven Kingdoms by seeing the beginnings of two individuals, Ser Duncan (Dunk) the Tall a [...]

    24. Silvana on said:

      Ok, I have loved the Dunk and Egg stories for long (and The Hedge Knight is my favorite) but reading it in graphic novel form just took me to the next level.I have the two first volume of A Game of Thrones graphic novel and I must say it was just blah. Maybe because I was not really into the artwork in AGOT. The one for THK is more superior. I am not well-versed in this stuff but I feel like the drawings really bring the characters into life. So many scenes were very well translated - I laughed [...]

    25. Kate on said:

      An enthralling tale set 100 years before the events of a Song of Ice and Fire, when the "Dragons" were plentiful and the Targaryen line was full of able bodied young possible heirs (this is Master Aemon's group, though he is studying at the Citadel for this tale). The story is set around a young Hedge Knight hoping to do well at a tourney that is being attended by a whole flock of Targaryens. If you've read the other books you might have an idea of how that might go. Read it. It's a quick tale t [...]

    26. Aleksiel on said:

      This was awesome! A hundred years before 'Song of Ice and Fire', the Targaryens rule. A hedge knight named Dunk goes to his first tournament. On the way there, he meets two strange boys - one too drunk and one called Egg, who was too eager to be a knight's squire. Nicely written, funny and with plot twists I didn't see coming. Daeron Targaryen had a small role, but is now one of my all times favorite minor characters and definitely the funniest. I hope to see more of him in the next Dunk and Egg [...]

    27. Ivy on said:

      Not bad. RIP the horse killed by Aerion and Prince Baelor. Aerion reminds me of Viserys (?). Good start to the graphic novel version. Can't wait to see Dorne.Would recommend for any Song of Ice and Fire novel series fans and Game of Thrones TV series fans.

    28. Jax on said:

      wonderful. I felt all the feels and the art work is epic and breathtaking. I made this face quite a bit while reading :O no joke

    29. Ruth Fabiano on said:

      Actually REALLY enjoyed it- nice tale of redemption, and how with the Targaryen's, good ones were few and far between.

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