Living With Aliens

John DeChancie

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Living With Aliens

Living With Aliens Four feet tall and bald and fond of wearing Hawaiian shirts Zorg and Flez are anything but typical aliens When the Hayes family invites them to move in year old Drew is delighted They make him sma

  • Title: Living With Aliens
  • Author: John DeChancie
  • ISBN: 9780441002047
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Four feet tall and bald and fond of wearing Hawaiian shirts Zorg and Flez are anything but typical aliens When the Hayes family invites them to move in, 13 year old Drew is delighted They make him smarter and even get him a girlfriend It s all really cool until Blog shows up.

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      256 John DeChancie
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    One thought on “Living With Aliens

    1. Mark Palmer on said:

      Another disappointing effort from DeChancie. The book did have an interesting style though. The writing improves which each chapter, which is meant to simulate the storyteller getting smarter and smarter as the story progresses.

    2. Shauna on said:

      I have to admit that I didn't read this book through. I didn't even get to the fifty-page mark that people recommend. I found it so tedious and unbelievable that I quit after 30 pages. Perhaps young teens and preteens would enjoy it.

    3. Cindy on said:

      Drew decides to write a book about when his family met the aliens and what happened after they came to live with them. It has a strange sort of style, starting out with Drew being a poor writer and speller and then getting better as he takes some smart pills or something. The aliens like to flarn, which apparently means fly around and make crop circles in their spaceship. It ends with a visit to their home planet where the aliens are being tried for treason and Drew and his family and a talk sho [...]

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