True Blood, Volume 4: Where Were You?

Michael McMillian Ann Nocenti Michael Gaydos

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True Blood, Volume 4: Where Were You?

True Blood Volume Where Were You None

  • Title: True Blood, Volume 4: Where Were You?
  • Author: Michael McMillian Ann Nocenti Michael Gaydos
  • ISBN: 9781613774243
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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      433 Michael McMillian Ann Nocenti Michael Gaydos
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      Published :2019-02-06T06:59:13+00:00

    One thought on “True Blood, Volume 4: Where Were You?

    1. sj on said:

      I admit it.  Amy made me I watch True Blood now.  And I kind of like it more than the books.  [gasp]  Inorite?  But seriously, it's all the trashy fun of the first few books, with less focus on stupid Sookie.So, tonight I was browsing through NetGalley (as ONE DOES on Saturday nights when one has no life outside of one's children) and found this True Blood graphic novel available, so I downloaded it.And I had some wine and I read the damn thing in an hour.It's obvs not based on the books, a [...]

    2. Clark Hallman on said:

      I must admit that I haven't seen any of the True Blood TV series or read any of the True Blood graphic novels. However, I happened to see a hardback volume (only one volume, #4 - Where Were You?) of the True Blood series in the public library. I was enticed by the beautiful color graphics on the cover, and even more when I flipped through the pages. I borrowed that volume and read it today. I was somewhat adrift as I read through it, probably because I hadn't read the first three volumes of the [...]

    3. Jess on said:

      This is the first volume of True Blood's graphic novel. In this volume the first five numbers have been put together to show us more about Sookie from the TV series. The comic books are not based on the books and I wish that would have been the case.We get to know more about the vampire's mainstreaming on this volume. Remus, a vamp from Eric and Bill's past appears disrupting everything during Coffin Day celebrations. A series of flashbacks let us see Remus, Eric and Bill in their respective rol [...]

    4. AJ Fairchild on said:

      True Blood Volume 1 is, in a nutshell, a filler episode of the tv show. Coming in at 115 pages, reading this graphic novel goes by in a flash. You get a little background and a glimpse of some of the characters Pre-Sookie. Add to that a little action and some of Pam's classic snarkiness and you have a pretty good read ahead of you.The artwork is somewhat lacking, but overall decent. From the cover, you can clearly tell that the characters are supposed to look like they do on the show, but in som [...]

    5. Ebony on said:

      3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this installment. This volume contained a lot of flashbacks from most of the main vampires in the series and I have to say that these were a lot more interesting, action-packed, and enjoyable than the other flashbacks from the previous volumes. Like Volume 3, this volume centered around revenge by a vampire from one of the main character's past. It also takes place around the time that the vampires first came out to the public which was a great time period to set the [...]

    6. Heather on said:

      Getting a little bored with the True Blood graphic novelst sure how I feel about the whole mess any more. I wonder how Charlaine Harris feels about it all too, not that the Sookie Stackhouse books are amazing but they are good fun, I enjoy them a great deal and her whole world has pretty much been taken over and reinterpreted by the show's writers. I love the show too and I don't expect or mind when they don't go by the books but it's really its own thing now. Charlaine Harris isn't mentioned an [...]

    7. Kristi on said:

      I enjoyed this graphic novel quite a bit. The characters felt very in character and were, in some ways, written even better than they are on the tv show. The novel limited itself to some of the main characters so it didn't have sixty storylines going the way the show feels sometimes. The flashbacks were fantastic and gave you some insight into the characters backstory before the show takes place. It also gives you some idea of how vampires coming out of the coffin was taken. Great quick read for [...]

    8. Melissa on said:

      The main plot in this one was nothing to write home about - not creative in the least, as it mimicked many a storyline from the tv show. Interwoven between plotpoints were flashbacks to each main character (and some peripheral characters too!) on where they were in the lead-up to when vampires officially "came out of the coffin". It was fun to get to see all of the fan favorites (Talbot and Russell Edgington!) but it fell a little flat as a story.

    9. Chantale Canadian Book Addict on said:

      I love True Blood so I figured I should review this comic book.This is not based on the books but based on the tv show so if you are more of a book series fan then you might not like this graphic novel but I am a fan of both the books and the show so I loved this . I can't wait to read more. This is very well done.

    10. Matej on said:

      This volume goes back to short stories format, and this time the stories are a bit more interesting. The plot is really good and interesting, even though some of the stories feel like page fillers, and not that relevant to the main story.The art is pretty good, one of the better ones so far from this series of graphic novels.All in all, again a good read for the fans of the Tv show.

    11. Tera on said:

      Short and sweet! Received copy off of NetGalley and couldn't wait to read it. It didn't take too long to read and had a really good storyline involving all the main characters. Nice graphics that weigh heavily on the dark, while appropriate, it wasn't my preference. Sure to please anyone who has read the books and/or watched the TV show, as it provides a wonderful side story.

    12. Karen on said:

      I love anything True Blood! The art work is great and it totally kept me interested just like the series!

    13. Kelley Tackett on said:

      I don't know what it says about me that I love the graphic novels and comics so much more than the books and TV show but the art is fantastic. I just wish there was more Lafayette.

    14. Margot(The Bookworm Experiment) on said:

      Rating: 3.5 starsA little more interesting than the other 3 comics.I didn't know Sookie has a "faerie light" power -- the TV series changed a lot of what was in the books, it seems.

    15. Debra Cook on said:

      We see what people we doing on the night Vampires came out. Also on the anniversary Eric, Bill, Pam and others fight a Vamp who wants to kill Eric for killing his friends and family.

    16. Jessie Radford on said:

      This book really makes me miss Godric. even if you only get like one glimpse of him in this volume. Though Eric is still as hilarious as ever. Plus just picture it. Sookie a waitress at Fangtasia XD

    17. Maja on said:

      very enjoyable. I liked the artwork better than in volume 2, and the story was intriguing hearing everyone's perspective.

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