First Year Latin

Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess

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First Year Latin

First Year Latin None

  • Title: First Year Latin
  • Author: Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess
  • ISBN: 9780133193282
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    • ☆ First Year Latin || î PDF Download by ✓ Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess
      491 Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ First Year Latin || î PDF Download by ✓ Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess
      Posted by:Charles Jenney Jr. Eric C. Baade Thomas K. Burgess
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    One thought on “First Year Latin

    1. rogue on said:

      I loved this book as a kid. It is laid out very well has great little distractions: info-boxes, quotes, "If You Lived in Ancient Rome" cultural details, fun "Speaking and Listening" conversations, and geographical descriptions of the remnants of Roman society today. Just a fun book to work from, and it's also incredibly thorough. Where else in a First Year Latin book will you be exposed to details such as the internal accusative? "Translation Help" info boxes also teach you to be a thoughtful re [...]

    2. Diana Sung on said:

      I appreciate the very logical approach Jenney takes. I taught High School Latin for the first time this semester and found the text very approachable for myself and my students. As a Latin student, I am glad I learned with the more poetic, whole-language approach of Wheelock, but not everyone fuses the art and science of foreign language acquisition in the same way I do. Jenney parses Latin into the bite sized chunks needed for rote mastery without dumbing it down. That is a marvelous feat.

    3. LemontreeLime on said:

      If you cant get Wheelock's, get Jenny's. This is a textbook that pulls no punches. It doesnt have the old fashioned charm of Wheelock, but I'll be darned it makes you learn. If Wheelock is the poet of the latin textbooks, then Jenny is the roman general barking at you and pushing you down that 20 mile highway at top speed. If you REALLY want to get kicked into action, make sure your instructor has this to work from. Ave!

    4. jacky on said:

      The kids at the school I teach at use the same Latin book I had almost twelve year ago. I remember the way the vocab boxes look and the culture sections. I might borrow one sometime to scan the cover.

    5. Elizabeth on said:

      I taught from this text book and I really liked the flow of the information. It really felt like it progressed in a way that made the material easy to assimilate and build upon. If you are looking for a formulaic approach to learning or teaching Latin, I recommend Jenney's First Year Latin.

    6. Colin on said:

      This textbook is used for levels 1 & 2 of Latin at Saint Mary's Academy (Bay View). I've never used the "Purple Jenney," but I suspect I would find it more to my liking. This text seems a little archaic and lacking in cultural/historical context.

    7. William Herbst on said:

      A very traditional grammar translation method Latin textbook. It is a classic and I have both taught from and tutored from this book. It is quite good at what it sets out to do but it's methodology is currently (possibly somewhat unjustly) unpopular in American secondary education circles.

    8. Marc Sylvester on said:

      If I could only go back to these times, the world would be a better place.

    9. Oliver on said:

      This book is incredible, you should all read it, you'll love it I promise

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