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Hoodie Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for B UH QUO Anton Robinson is a black high school senior six weeks shy of graduation Six weeks shy of freedom And six weeks shy of never seeing the girl of hi

  • Title: Hoodie
  • Author: S. Walden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for B008UH0QUO.Anton Robinson is a black high school senior six weeks shy of graduation Six weeks shy of freedom And six weeks shy of never seeing the girl of his dreams again He s resigned himself to this, albeit reluctantly and with a heavy heart, because he knows he has no legitimate reason to initiate a friendship with her AnLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for B008UH0QUO.Anton Robinson is a black high school senior six weeks shy of graduation Six weeks shy of freedom And six weeks shy of never seeing the girl of his dreams again He s resigned himself to this, albeit reluctantly and with a heavy heart, because he knows he has no legitimate reason to initiate a friendship with her And he s scared to His love interest, Emma Chapman, moves in different circles, is clearly from a world of economic advantage, and just happens to be white He cannot imagine she would ever be interested in a black boy from the ghetto But his luck changes when he is paired with her for an end of term English assignment, and he hopes to flirt his way into her heart.Emma never noticed Anton before the start of their project but quickly develops an attraction to him that is undeniable Spending nearly every day together, they discover surprising similarities and sharp differences between each other that excite them and draw them closer until they find themselves embarking on a secret romance They are too afraid of how their friends and family will react, but they recognize the impracticality of keeping their love secret When they finally go public with their relationship, the consequences are shocking, swift, and life changing.This is a Mature YA novel that contains explicit language and some sexual situations.

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    One thought on “Hoodie

    1. Tami on said:

      **Spoilers**Ok, I agree with everyone in that this book was well written (why does it now seem rare to read a book that is grammatically correctoutside of the characters lines which assist in portraying who they ared proper use of punctuation marks. Oooh you wonderful comma and semicolon, you are soon to be on the extinction list with the way some of the new authors are ignoring your existence). Aaahhh, ok back to the reviewaracters were well written and belivable, and their issues were real. I [...]

    2. Melissa on said:

      I really loved this book up until the last chapter - it seemed rushed and didn't have a solid ending. The rest of the book was fantastic - I couldn't put it down, so the ending really let the book down and resulted in the 3 star rating. I was all set to give the book 5 stars, so thats how much of a let down the ending was.The story was all about the angst of not only being a teenager but crossing the cultural boundaries between black and white, rich and poor. With the story so well written and d [...]

    3. Georgia Cruz on said:

      THIS IS MY IMAGE AFTER READING THE EPILOGUE!!!OHHOLYDAMNSHIT. My heart was like ripped to pieces after reading that effin' epilogue. I was a mess! It's like God open the floodgates and tears just keep coming and flowing until I can't read it through the blur of my tears. I'm not kidding. This author knows how to hurt a reader's heart. Seriously. ********The story is very familiar but still it made me want to LOVE and HATE it. It is emotional and heart-piercing. The only thing I'm sure I really h [...]

    4. Vani on said:

      ¿POR QUÉEEEEEEEE? NO PUEDO SUPERARLO, I CRY.*Tal vez un poco de spoilers*Dios, tengo tantas cosas que decir sobre este libro.Esperaba mucho, en serio, pero no sé en qué punto la autora arruinó todo.No quiero dar spoilers pero al principio la autora te cuenta una pareja super linda, que es capaz de enfrentar todo por el amor que se tienen. Esto dura 6 meses, y luego como se dice: "si te he visto, no me acuerdo".Te dejan con un final horrible en todos los puntos de vista. Porque, está bien, [...]

    5. Joymzz on said:

      i know i gave it 5 stars but only because the way it was written. But it just felt so wrong how the story ended. the following is an email i wrote to the author with tears in my eyes about the book. --> I usually try to stay away from sad books because i can't handle them i just didn't think this one was one of them! TT__TT i have been crying for like 5 damn minutes, why did you do that me, us (readers) i can't hardly breathe. i loved the way you wrote the story and the points of views but i [...]

    6. Shamika on said:

      That ending was heartbreaking, made me want to scream and cry!,!! Man what a beautiful story of two teens from very different worlds brought together by a school project and end up falling in love. Of course this type story has been told before but I really enjoyed this one. Anton and Emma are so cute. Emma is a white girl with rich parents and Anton is a black teen from the projects being raised by his single mom. Their chemistry is amazing and I loved how they interacted. Due to their very dif [...]

    7. Ashley on said:

      Seriously?! That ending ripped my heart out. An absolute spectacular read! S. Walden is becoming one of my new favorite authors. Hoodie was such a refreshing topic, a theme of Walden's books, regarding race and diversity. It follows Emma, a white rich girl, and Anton, a black boy living in the Projets, as they tackle a school project before graduation. I loved loved loved Emma and Anton, both as a couple and as individuals. Emma is open and accepting. She is not judgemental or arrogant about Ant [...]

    8. Beth on said:

      4.5 starsII don'tis booke storyloss for words. So raw and powerful. I KNEW. I just KNEW something was going to go 'that way'. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that 'oh crap' feeling. Yeah, this book gives you that feeling while making you smile while you read it. How does that happen? And the end.I felt like Charlie Brown when Lucy kept pulling the football out from under him. ARRGGGGEmma has lead a protected life. Her parents have plenty of money. She has a car. She goes to school a [...]

    9. 「 Sunnie Rose 」 on said:


    10. Jettie Woodruff on said:

      What the Sam hell was that??? I hate this fucking book. No I love it, no I hate it. Grrrr. What kind of ending was that? I am so happy for Anton, and I want to be happy for Emma too. Why can't I be happy for Emma too? I feel like throwing myself on the floor and going into a full blown three year old tantrum. Okay Rant over. I loved the struggles between Emma and Anton. I loved the drama that the two of them faced over a love that was uncontrollable. There were parts that I wanted to punch Anton [...]

    11. Jessica(Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads) on said:

      Mind is blown. This story is EVERYTHING.I'm told this was S. Walden's debut. I should probably be shocked that this was ANYONE'S debut, since the writing is THAT amazing. But I'm not surprised. Having come to adore her stories and her brilliant writing in her other stories, I'd only be surprised if a book with her name on it was anything less than phenomenal. Her writing is superior, her story telling unbelievable. She was born to write, a gift to readers.I don't think I can say anything about H [...]

    12. Dalimar on said:

      Sra Walden, ahora mismo no sé si amarla u odiarla en este momento. Amarla por lo bien que escribe,lo original de sus historias, la manera que logro conectarme con ellas y comenzar un libro suyo y no soltarlo hasta acabarlo. Y odiarla por lo cruel que es,lo peor es que no se lo puedo reprochar,porque por mas que busco y pienso,sufro,me enojo en realidad creo que de verdad ha sido justa con su final. No todos podemos tener finales felices,no todos podemos sobreponernos a las desgracias con las qu [...]

    13. Mayu on said:

      3/10He devorado esta novela y me estaba gustando hasta que he llegado a las últimas sesenta páginas, y a ese final post-falso-epílogo. S. Walden ha roto a lo bestia mi corazon. Llevo una hora llorando. Y el dolor todavia me esta abrasando. Es una novela preciosa, con una alta carga emocional, que rompe prejuicios y que narra bajo un punto de vista muy real, con un aire de melancolia y de esperanza a la vez, que cuenta con una buena chica, Emma, y que esconde a un protagonista masculino que me [...]

    14. Claudine (Books, Coffee & Travel) on said:

      FIVE EYE OPENING STARSJust so everybody knows, I'm crying my ass out here like a baby, I repeat, like a babyI don't know what to do with the ending.It's just too heartbreaking to handle.It's like someone just slash my heart into two pieces and take the other away.This book taught and realized meThat life's nothing but cruelPeople are discriminatingThis society is just plain fck up.But tells me thatLOVEnever choose people, who to love and how to love.BUT OVERALL

    15. Marse on said:

      Historia super mega diferente. Trata sobre un "negro" y su "blanca" compañera de curso y nos muestra el mundo estos "negros", siento que se abordó de una muy buena manera. Ligera, fácil de leer. Solo tengo una quejaCÓMO DEMONIOS TERMINA ASÍ!?!!?!?!?!?! He leído muchos finales y este llegó a la cima de "peores finales en la vida de los peores finales" porque sí, la vida es cruel, no es como queremos pero como es posible que la autora nos muestre (cuente) una parte que no sabíamos y así [...]

    16. María on said:

      HO-RRI-BLE el final ¿En serio? ¿Ella se convierte en un caparazón vacío y el llora todavía por ella? ¿Pudo haber sido la mejor historia de amor de todos los tiempos y terminan casados con otras personas?!!!!¿Y por qué sigo leyendo libros de esta autora? Tengo que ser un poco masoquista, después de Going Under y Honeysuckle Love pero al menos esos tenían un final feliz. Este tiene todo lo terrible de los otros y un final que no me dejó dormir!!!!!H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.

    17. Sandy Ⓢ on said:

      ¿Por quééééééé? Todo iba bien (bueno no tanto, pero que más da), agh!!! Me traumatizo ese final, no lo puedo superar aún me acuerdo.

    18. Kelster on said:

      I read this book a few months ago and after that ending I couldn't write my review right away. I loved that Walden flipped the script on the typical interracial romance and gave us a black male with a white female. I loved that her characters were authentic and that she was willing to use words and expressions that were sensitive but in complete character to the world and people that she was writing about. I believed in the love between the H and h and I loved them together. I also believed in t [...]

    19. Dawn on said:

      I really liked this book. It was so different from the books I normally read. I loved Emma and Anton. I loved how the author wrote each of their dialogue. I thought it realistically depicted what an interracial couple would face in high school, with friends and family. There really was not anything I did not like about this book until I got to the epilogue. Ughhh! Why??? Why?! A HEA would have made me recommend this book to everyone. Instead, I'll be sure to warn them of the sad ending before in [...]

    20. Kellsea on said:

      I wanted to love this book. And I did. I loved everything except the epilogue. Now I'm going to ruin the ending for you. I balled me eyes out. They should have stayed together. Their life together would have been marvelous, a struggle and hard but their love would've made it right. But here they are 10 years later and married to other people and unhappy. All that pain and suffering was for nothing. I don't understand. Every person wants a happy ending and I didnt get it in this book. That is the [...]

    21. нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ on said:

      Finally. It was getting too much for me. Anton and Emma both young and high school sweethearts. They were both different yet their love wasn't was joke. They do things any teens would do but with them it was a whole lot of difference. Being judged. Being mocked. Frowned upon. I could name more but I've realized that no matter what, you cannot help who you love. I smiled I laughed I felt sad and I cried all cause of what happened to them both. I never realized that the ending was IT (read to find [...]

    22. Davina on said:

      I just finished reading this book and I have so many emotions right now. I almost feel cheated. Like I somehow received the unfinished version of this book. But I know that's not true. I almost feel like there should be a second book. I feel like Anton and Emma deserve another book. They deserve so much. I loved this book. It was perfect. Funny, real and so heartbreaking. This book was well written and I could not put it down. It all just felt so real. I just can't believe what happened happened [...]

    23. Ricci on said:

      Ok WTF did I just read? Did I really just end like that? The book was so good then the ending had to be rushed and written in the most stupidest way possible. Don't bother reading this as you'll only be disappointed! Truly shameful for the author to do this to her readers. Terrible ending! AVOID!

    24. Reearry on said:

      I just finished the book and the ending broke my heart. I so did not see that coming. I am praying, wishing and hoping dearly for a sequel! I am all for portrayal of realistic relationships and storytelling but I so don't want this book to be the end of Anton and Emma.

    25. Autumn on said:

      This book will give you hope and then steal it away. It will make you smile and then cry like a small child and I promise that you won't be the same after you turn the last pagertinitimes/1/post/20

    26. Karen- My Own Bookshelves on said:

      I was warned. So, only fair to pass the warning along. This novel does not end with a HEA. It ends up breaking your heart for Emma and Anton. Their start is rocky. Two very different people purposely thrown together for a final senior project. In the process of writing a group paper, each character has to learn about each other culturally. What wasn't in the project outline was for them to fall in love."You're a senior. Know what I mean? It's time to grow up and deal with it. And when I say 'it' [...]

    27. Toni on said:

      If you could see me right now you would see tears running down my face making a mascara trail! this novel is a definite tear-jerker. Of course, going into it I knew it was going to be an emotional novel solely based on the fact that it dealt with an interracial relationship between a black male and a white female while they were in high school. I mean, after all, relationships in high school are nothing but drama anyway so the drama was exponentially increased.Gah! I can't even write this review [...]

    28. Emma L Smith on said:

      Let me tell you how I feel - anxious and scared. Why? Well because I LOVED Good. And was eagerly awaiting the sequel. Until I read this. Now that I can see what this author considers an acceptable ending I am actually terrified to the read the next book in the Good series. What the hell kind of ending was that? Seriously, I feel completely destroyed by that ending. Broken. Devastated. Annoyed. Maybe it's because there's an overriding sense of need to have everything wrapped up in a big pretty bo [...]

    29. Beverly on said:

      I LOVED this book! The ending - not so much. I agree with Monica Robinson when she states "WTF WAS THAT AND ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????" I couldn't have expressed it better. It took me a couple of days to accept this wasn't a HEA. I, too, felt like someone punched me in the stomach or knocked the wind out of me. That's how emotionally involved I was. I don't like to give spoilers so I won't. On a technical note, the book was very well-written with minimal(if any)grammatical errors. It seems [...]

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