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An Odd Quartet

An Odd Quartet An Odd Quartet is a collection of four dark short stories each with a twist in the tale The Yellow LadyA grave robber encounters a ghost from a story he was told as a child This Empty PlaceAt the hea

  • Title: An Odd Quartet
  • Author: MichaelBrookes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Odd Quartet is a collection of four dark short stories, each with a twist in the tale.The Yellow LadyA grave robber encounters a ghost from a story he was told as a child.This Empty PlaceAt the heat death of the universe, the Grim Reaper contemplates his existence.Forced Entry A special forces team enters a suburban house to rescue a family taken hostage, they encounterAn Odd Quartet is a collection of four dark short stories, each with a twist in the tale.The Yellow LadyA grave robber encounters a ghost from a story he was told as a child.This Empty PlaceAt the heat death of the universe, the Grim Reaper contemplates his existence.Forced Entry A special forces team enters a suburban house to rescue a family taken hostage, they encounter than they were trained for.The Reluctant DemonA young demon prepares to take his possession exam.This Drabble Enhanced edition also includes some of my favourite drabbles 100 word stories.

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    One thought on “An Odd Quartet

    1. Frenchie on said:

      Excellent. I am not usually a fan of horror and paranormal (I get scared easily, especially if I read them at night) but I loved it. An Odd Quartetis a collection of four short stories (hence the name) plus a collection of 'drabbles' (100 word stories, I just learned). I thought I did not like short stories but lately, I have read some good ones, and I think these are really good because and they are together in one book, which is a bonus.The Yellow Lady: At first, I thought it was going to be s [...]

    2. Monica on said:

      This is a collection of short stories with a humorous while potentially scary feel.The writing flows easily and crisply. The characters and stories are minimalist in nature, which makes sense. Even though some of the topics can be conceived as scary or creepy, there is often humor in the writing which with the details not being gruesome, allows for a semi-light than normal tone for this type of book.Overall, a fun read!

    3. Justin on said:

      This was the second book I've read from author Michael Brookes so being familiar with his work I was looking forward to this. It most certainly did not disappoint in my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were four stories, each a unique tale and some drabbles at the end(drabbles are 100 word stories for those unaware). Before I breakdown what I enjoyed about each I would like to explain what I liked about the book as a whole. I love how the author describes things in such good detai [...]

    4. Joelle on said:

      Overall interesting short stories with a unique idea and twist but with a few changes could be even better.The Yellow LadyThe story begins as a ghost tale over a campsite, quickly changing into a grave digging scheme, and ending with a ghost show and tell act. For a short story this is all over the place. The sentences are too short and not detailed. It’s like reading point blank statements, not smooth and flowing. The transition between the ideas in the story is very abrupt and unexpected. An [...]

    5. Jonathan Hill on said:

      Having already read 'The Cult of Me' by Michael Brookes, I knew I was in for something dark with this collection of four tales. 'The Yellow Lady' sees a grave robber encountering a ghost after stealing her locket from her grave. 'This Empty Place' describes the life and death of the universe from the perspective of Death. 'Forced Entry' is a chilling story told entirely through radio messages as a team enter a suspected hostage situation. 'The Reluctant Demon' tells the tale of a demon trying to [...]

    6. Charlie Kravetz on said:

      This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Four for the price of one! Four short stories, read them one a day or all at once, they are still good stories.This book contains four unrelated short stories. These are dark tales, each with its own twists and turns.I like getting four stories in one book. It makes it very convenient to read these stories. I am one who sometimes wants something to read on the way to work, on the bus or train. I appreciate the fact that the author is willing to allow m [...]

    7. Rebecca on said:

      I received a copy of this book of 4 short stories in exchange for my honest review and because they are brief, I won't give away much, but I will say that most of them are different ideas than I have seen before and I really liked that, but my favorite story among this collection is titled "Forced Entry".One of my all-time favorite movies is Aliens, my favorite scene where the marines are making their way towards the colony of red life signs and you hear their chatter over the comms. This story [...]

    8. David Haynes on said:

      I enjoyed this quartet and found them to be diverse and entertaining. For me there were two stand out stories which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am a fan of old school horror and the first story, The Yellow Lady was a cracking ghost story but with a modern twist. It was a tale of the unexpected! The other story which I thought carried some real menace was, Forced Entry. It reads a little like a film script but I think that only adds to the feel and helped create some pretty grisly images in my mind. [...]

    9. Kath Middleton on said:

      As the name implies, this is a novella length book containing 4 short stories. Their themes are both the usual and the unusual – the ghostly haunting, the personification of Death – a Swat Team entering a building and a Demon undertaking his Demon Test! They are dealt with very imaginatively and I really enjoyed reading them. The endings are all a little different from what you’d imagine and I like that in a story. I don’t like to know or guess the ending.Michael Brookes’ writing style [...]

    10. J.S. Riddle on said:

      I loved these short stories. Especially the one titled The Reluctant Demon. This is a great concept that I have never thought of before and really loved it.K Riddle via J.S. RiddleJ.S. Riddle's review: Tales of intrigue indeed. Nice twists and turns and downright fun for a person of my kind.

    11. J.W. Bradley on said:

      I liked it. A nice assortment of tales, each presented in a slightly different manner. Very original!

    12. Jason Purdy on said:

      This was a quick read and each story was engaging and flowed well.The first story about the ghost had an interesting start and ending, with good character development and an interesting spin on things. The ghost was clichéd but the uniqueness of the rest of it makes up for it. The second story featuring Death and the death of the universe was an interesting character study, but clichéd at times. The reference to Lovecraft at the end was a great touch, and for the most part, it was a strangely [...]

    13. L.F. Falconer on said:

      It has been speculated that writers of the bizarre must have broken minds. I say, they simply have potent imaginations because they are the ones who have the ability to see beyond the edge of reality, capture those images, and truly bring them to life. Michael Brookes is surely in possession of a most potent imagination.I appreciated the departure from the norm and the morbid humor in The Yellow Lady, and the interesting method of delivery of Forced Entry, a story with no clear protagonist or an [...]

    14. Sharon Stevenson on said:

      I received a copy of this book for honest review. 'An Odd Quartet' is a collection of four short horror stories and, as a nice bonus, a handful of flash fiction stories at the end.It begins with a nicely gruesome and ghostly campfire tale that highlights the consequences of evil deeds in 'The Yellow Lady', goes on to a short glimpse into Death in 'This Empty Place', and then it hits the pure genius of 'Forced Entry'. The last of the main stories 'The Reluctant Demon' was an amusing take on demon [...]

    15. Jayne on said:

      An odd quartet indeed. This novella length book has four tales, but I don't want to say what they were, because that would spoil it. I read this book not knowing what to expect, and that was half the joy of it.I loved the elegant, louche front cover, and the wry turn of phrase Michael Brookes gives to his characters. The third tale didn't quite work for me but was a very interesting experiment, and one worth building on. The ending to each tale was mostly unexpected, certainly the first and last [...]

    16. Alys on said:

      Stand-out story in the collection was definitely Forced Entry, which is essentially a transcript of the radio conversation between Command and four teams pursuing two unknown entities into a house. It kept me absolutely on the edge of my seat, just by employing tight and convincing dialogue. The rest of the collection suffered by comparison. The other stories were well written but they didn't have the same tension, or tightness of language. The collection still remains worth buying, even if just [...]

    17. R.M.F Brown on said:

      The art of writing a short has long been subjected to libraries of comment and analysis. Is it an art form? Should it have a message? A twist, or should it be pure entertainment. Personally, I fall into the latter category. Fiction has always been escapism for me, and escapism and entertainment go hand in hand. If the mark of a good book or short story collection is to inspire you to write your own, then An Odd Quartet, delivers. Four stories, each with a twist, provide solid entertainment. Perf [...]

    18. Chris The Story Reading Ape on said:

      These short stories are a perfect way for the author to show-case his skill as a storyteller and the range of his imagination.Each tale had a great little twist in the ending.See my reviews also at:amazon/product-revie.on/product-reviews

    19. Craig on said:

      I think the title sums up this book very well, the stories are, well, quite oddAll 4 have an interesting premise but didn't quite materialize. I think my favourite was the one about Death and the Universe.It was written by someone I used to work with and reading this makes me want to try something else by him, which is good I guess :)

    20. Marko on said:

      The genres of the short stories did not match with my genre likings at all (horror, weird tales), but they were a quick, entertaining read nevertheless.

    21. Cheryl on said:

      This book is a very quick read. It's not particularly scary but it is interesting and quite fun. Out of the four stories there was only one I wasn't too keen on but the rest were pretty good.

    22. Sarah-Hope on said:

      I really wish I could give this book a higher rating, but I just don't feel like I can. I won it through Library Thing and was looking forward to seeing the work of a young writer. The ideas behind the stories are great, but the stories themselves feel incomplete and bare-bones. They follow a this happened, then this happened, then this happened structure, and don't sink into the individual moments in a way that would let the reader feel as if he/she were living them. If you like quick, stripped [...]

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