Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret

CoreyFeldman Rachel Fishman

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Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret

Egret the Elephant Meet Egret Meet Egret a year old elephant who loves to dance the moon and her family

  • Title: Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret
  • Author: CoreyFeldman Rachel Fishman
  • ISBN: 9781479170791
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Egret, a 5 year old elephant who loves to dance, the moon, and her family.

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      234 CoreyFeldman Rachel Fishman
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    One thought on “Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret

    1. Angela Amman on said:

      Reviewing Egret the Elephant, written by Corey Feldman and illustrated by Rachel Fishman, was such a treat, as it meant the kids got to enjoy the stories and the illustrations with me.There are 7 Egret tales in the book, but we first read them in their entirety. Reading is something that slows down my kids for longer than anything else, so I didn’t mind making my way through all 7 stories in one sitting.The illustrations are sweet and colorful; Egret’s little tutu is a fun little touch that [...]

    2. Mammy Oaklee on said:

      Egret the Elephant by Corey Feldman is a wonderful, colorful, children's story book! Egret the Elephant is about a 5 year old elephant who grows up in a loving family, with an older sister Red, each having a different gift. Through a family of elephants, this book teaches children good morals and shows how to encourage each other to expand on their own talent.Despite this book being about a 'girl' elephant, I wanted to see if the rhyming stories were enough to captivate the attention of boys. So [...]

    3. Joyce Ferrante on said:

      This is about an adorable and loving little elephant who dances through her days!! Through her adventures children can learn various lessons - including having positve attitudes, working together, friendship, responsibility,etc. It also teaches rhyming. Children will enjoy the illustrations as they listen to the story. It's a cute bookd for young children and has a very "happy feeling" throughout!! I look forward to more of Egret's adventures and lessons.

    4. Lea on said:

      Delightfully entertaining. Kept our children spellbound. Gorgeous prose and adorable illustrations make this a fabulous read for all ages! Can't wait for future volumes and additional works from this author.

    5. Corey on said:

      Editorial ReviewsChildren's Literature - Justina EngebretsonWho said elephants cannot dance? Whoever did, they forgot to tell five-year-old Egret, the little elephant who loves to dance. Come and tag along with Egret as she dances under the moon and finds adventures with her sister Red and Mocha the mouse. Through lyrical poems, the author introduces little Egret, her sister Red, who likes to play the base, and their mom, Jasmine, who encourages them both. From following a shooting star to danci [...]

    6. Shelly on said:

      This book is filled with sweet stories, a dash of good lessons and a heap of love all mixed together. The story of the shooting star shows the protectiveness and caring of an older sibling, while the rainbow story teaches Egret what she wishes for is already inside of her.I found these stories to be very endearing. Overall the writing was lovely, making it easy to overlook the couple of rough spots. Personally, I would have liked better illustrations, however the young target audience probably l [...]

    7. Adam Newman on said:

      This collection of poems about Egret is cute and a whole lot of fun for parents to read to their kids. A definite joy for young readers.

    8. Kim Sasso on said:

      I'm not the target audience since I don't have kids of my own. Still, I thought this was a charming collection and won't hesitate to share it with my great-nieces and nephews. I am partial to fledgling writers so I will definitely recommend it to the moms and dads I know.

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