Baghdad Fixer

Ilene Prusher

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Baghdad Fixer

Baghdad Fixer Nabil al Amari is an English teacher in Baghdad in Saddam s Iraq when a chance encounter with Samara Katchens an American journalist covering the war changes his life forever It is April and

  • Title: Baghdad Fixer
  • Author: Ilene Prusher
  • ISBN: 9781905559473
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nabil al Amari is an English teacher in Baghdad, in Saddam s Iraq, when a chance encounter with Samara Katchens, an American journalist covering the war, changes his life forever It is April 2003 and American and British forces have recently invaded Iraq.Samara, or Sam for short, is ambitious, cynical and determined Nabil is both fascinated and bewildered by her, and he Nabil al Amari is an English teacher in Baghdad, in Saddam s Iraq, when a chance encounter with Samara Katchens, an American journalist covering the war, changes his life forever It is April 2003 and American and British forces have recently invaded Iraq.Samara, or Sam for short, is ambitious, cynical and determined Nabil is both fascinated and bewildered by her, and he s keen to show her things she doesn t notice in her rush to cover the news She is pushed by her editor to seek concrete proof for a story concerning payments for false documents a practice which breaks all journalistic codes of ethics as if truth were so hard in that way, like rocks and concrete In Iraq it is rarely so As Sam single mindedly pursues this story, she discovers a chasm between her editor s expectations and the reality she faces in a city torn apart by war and conflicting loyalties And in her determination to uncover the truth, she takes one gamble too many, endangering herself, Nabil and his family.

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      143 Ilene Prusher
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    One thought on “Baghdad Fixer

    1. Susan Carle on said:

      This book is so superior to the typical best selling fast paced page turner--though it is a fast-paced page turner. I couldn't put it down. As well as being supremely entertaining , it explores cross-cultural communication and presents a vivid picture of Baghdad after the US invasion. I think the author, animportant and serious journalist, has a second career before her as a fiction writer.

    2. Richard on said:

      Ilene Prusher, a journalist who spent over ten years covering the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the "Christian Science Monitor", has written a novel about the trials and tribulations of a reporter operating in Baghdad in the immediate aftermath of the American/British invasion in 2003. The reporter, Sam, short for Samantha, hires Nabil, a currently unemployed Iraqi English teacher, to be her translator and assistant, or fixer. The book is narrated through Nabil, whose intelligence and eye for de [...]

    3. Ernie on said:

      Irene Prusher is a new American writer to me and it is difficult to believe that this is her first novel. As a former bureau chief for The Christian Science Monitor in Bosnia, she uses her war experience with assurance to write a gripping and engaging fiction of 40 days in the life of an American reporter and her Iraqi interpreter in 2003 wartime Iraq. Samara, (Sam) the reporter, aged 33, needs a new interpreter when she meets Nabil, 28 the English educated teacher and son of a medical specialis [...]

    4. Andrew on said:

      BAGHDAD FIXER brought me to a door of a culture foreign to me, and opened the door. Ilene Prusher crafted a skillful narrator to tell this particular story. Nabil had the sensitivity to wonder about just about everything that I'd want to know about as a reader, nuances between Shia and Sunni Islam, between Kurds and Iraqi Arabs, between pre-2003 Iraq and the Iraq during the early phases of the US occupation.Nabil also wonders about Samara "Sam" Katchens, the exotic, fiery-haired American journal [...]

    5. Claire on said:

      I probably always rate books higher than they deserve, but this book has been occupying a hefty proportion of my thoughts for the past couple of days. I really enjoyed this tale as someone who half-consciously lived through two semesters of international politics, two of Chinese history, a summer session in China (worrying over the Xinjiang terrorists), et cetera et cetera, as well as an American woman sorting out feelings regarding another international scholar…This story is, um, rather actio [...]

    6. Carrie on said:

      Struggling with it. Not badly written, but feels like it is taking it's time getting anywhere. The main character is written as if the author feels very fragile - the sense that the author does not come from the protagonist's world and does not want to get it wrong or offend is a strong undercurrent that undermines any robustness about the guy. As a reader I am a little frustrated by his unbelievable innocence. The journalist also has that same sense of the author not wanting to be too kind to a [...]

    7. Janice Weizman on said:

      This is the story of an Sam, an American journalist covering the war in Iraq and Nabil, her Iraqi "fixer" - (a combination of a translator and local logistics person). What is unique about this book is that it is written from Nabil's point of view. We see Sam, her attitudes, behaviors, and choices through his eyes, thus creating an insightful and multi-dimensional portrayal of how Iraqis perceive the Americans who invaded their country. Nabil is a sensitive and observant narrator who is alternat [...]

    8. Joanna Chen on said:

      A great read. This is an accurate and revealing look at the work of foreign journalists who rely so much on local fixers to help them do their work. Behind every journalist working abroad is a fixer who becomes the eyes, ears and mouth of the journalist. No matter how great a writer is, that writer is nothing without a local person who can translate, interpret, smooth things over, suggest ideas, use intuition and common sense.0 There are so many brave men and women doing this job and Ilene Prush [...]

    9. Liam89 on said:

      One of those books you will enjoy if you like thrillers, or are interested in the war in Iraq. That is the problem with it. It cannot make up its mind. While it is enjoyable and readable, it is slightly frenetic in terms of narrative, unable to settle on tense thriller, or love story. There are some well-executed set-pieces, and anyone interested in journalism will enjoy the portrayal of what it is like to report from a chaotic war zone. Worth a read, but not something you should be rushing out [...]

    10. Dottie Resnick on said:

      A long but interesting book about a reporter in Iraq and her translator/interpreter/fixer. At the start of the second invasion of the U.S. In Iraq reporters are covering stories that they need help on from Iraqi citizens who can interpret for them. This tells the story of a young American journalist who with the help of a English speaking Iraqi is able to break a story of corruption on both the American and Iraqi sides. Of course there is mystery, intrigue and love involved, yet also some insigh [...]

    11. Andy Moss on said:

      The author is a journalist and it reads with a good level of authenticity and is fairly thought provoking in how overseas news is led and collated. As a work of fiction though it feels like the author has just completed a creative writers course, with a lot of character tics and a sort-of love story that feels jammed in for emotional conflict. It also feels slightly too long, but none of these issues will make you want to give up on it.

    12. Diana180 on said:

      Baghdad Fixer is a fast-moving read about reporting in Iraq, written in a somewhat flat voice which works because it's supposed to be the voice of a professional interpreter and we all know they speak translatese. He observes the reporter he's working for, her charm and self-righteousness and annoying habits, very well. This is original, not a clone of any other book I've ever read. Recommended. (Disclaimer: Part of this year's "authors I know and e-know" series. Ilene is a J-school classmate.)

    13. Arthur Mertens on said:

      A good thriller and especially for any journalists who want a taste of what it’s like to be in the midst of a war looking for a story. It was quite genuine in that regard. A great first novel. Gripping and engaging.

    14. Gab on said:

      Really interesting book about a reporter in Iraq in 2003 and the 'fixer' she hires to help her. The story takes place over a 40 day period. I really enjoyed this peek into Iraq around the fall of Saddam Hussein.

    15. Gwendolyn on said:

      Ilene used her years of reporting to take her readers where they can not go with this gripping tale. Even a few years after reading this book, her characters stay with me, I smell what they smelled, I hear what they heard.

    16. Flo on said:

      The writing is maybe not the greatest but this is a good story and I'm fascinated by how the author tells it from the point of view of the Iraqi, Nabil. Well done so far.

    17. Jean on said:

      Great historical fiction from the Iraqui translator's point of view. Couldn't put it down.

    18. Elaine O'Hagan on said:

      A story of the Iraq war from the inside. Nabil, a young teacher of English at a prestigious school in Baghdad, after a tragic event encounters Sam, a glamorous American journalist, and goes to work for her as an interpreter/fixer. We're all aware of the huge human tragedy of Iraq but in this book we see it on the intimate scale of families ruined, characters we come to love killed casually. It would be hard not to love Nabil, his idealism, his poetic nature, but Sam cannot contemplate a relation [...]

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