Snorkeling With Sea-bots

Amy J. Lemke

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Snorkeling With Sea-bots

Snorkeling With Sea bots Kolten discovers a robot named Rip on the ocean floor Rip shows Kolten how robots control the movement of the ocean from their home Sea City

  • Title: Snorkeling With Sea-bots
  • Author: Amy J. Lemke
  • ISBN: 9781434242716
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kolten discovers a robot named Rip on the ocean floor Rip shows Kolten how robots control the movement of the ocean from their home, Sea City.

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      365 Amy J. Lemke
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    One thought on “Snorkeling With Sea-bots

    1. Holly Letson on said:

      In this cute children's graphic novel, a child named Kolten meets up with a robot named Rip. Rip lives in below the water at the beach. So do a ton of other SEA-BOTS, who each have a very important job that helps to keep the sea working properly. Rip invites Kolten stay under the sea in the world of the SEA-BOTS, but he remembers that he needs to get back to his parents, so he turns the invite down.When he returns, it's on an awesome whirlpool followed by a huge wave that causes his mother to ca [...]

    2. Courtney on said:

      Kolten meets an underwater robot named Rip at the beach. Rip shows Kolten his home.Review: Snorkeling is a delightful read with vibrant illustrations. It will be a great introduction to graphic novels as it is easy to navigate. I'm often intimidated by the layout of graphic novels and move them to the pile of Daddy read-alouds.The large illustrations and sparse text make this an excellent conversational book to explore "reading" the pictures. Small children can work on their narrative skills, wh [...]

    3. Carol on said:

      On a trip to the beach with his parents, Kolten is having a blast snorkeling. He is in for a surprise when he sees more than fish and seaweed. Kolten discovers the secret to how the ocean works - Sea-Bots! There's one in charge of whirlpools, one that plants seaweed and one who makes waves, just to name a few. Kolten is enjoying his time in Sea City when he realizes his parents might be worried about him. His new friends make his return to shore extra exciting. This is a great new graphic novel [...]

    4. Jay on said:

      a fun, imaginative adventure at the beach. set out in a comic book style, and full of brightly coloured cartoon illustrations. sure to entertain any little boy with a love of robotsso has some activities in the back to complete, along with a teaser for another fun book.** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!

    5. Jess on said:

      Silly, cute, could be a good way to introduce young students to graphic novels and how to read them. Fun elements at the end: "word power" glossary, discussion questions and games including vocabulary scramble, picture find challenge and a graphic novel elements match. Perfect way to turn readers into authors.

    6. M. on said:

      Easy or Reader Graphic Novel, Kindergarten or 1st grade and up, primarily boys.While at the beach with his parents, Kolten discovers an undersea city where robots run the ocean. They make the waves, the bubbles, the whirlpools. He has a great time visiting and then it’s time to go home.Cute story, large pictures in graphic novel/comic book format. Will appeal to beginning readers.

    7. Elia on said:

      A cute and colorful introduction to the world of graphic novels for young readers. Includes a section on "how to draw" the main robot character, as well as an explanation of how speech and thought bubbles work in comic books. There is also a preview of another title in the series. Good for k-1st graders just learning to read on their own.

    8. zxvasdf on said:

      Cute, my First Graphic Novel, kind of book. The art is crisp and clear, and the voice is that one of friendship. Not all metal rusts in the water. Offers a quite possible reasonable truth about the mechanically inclined origins of the ocean's many motions, and the importance of listening to your mother.

    9. Alethea A on said:

      Aaaaaaaaaaa so adorable. I love it. I'm going to make sushi and read it again. The drowning aspect is a little scary (no, he doesn't drown, I mean, Sea Bots!) but maybe it will make a good real/not real teaching moment.

    10. Barbara on said:

      Underwater robots charm readers in this new series. Kolten, the main character, has no idea that there was so much going on under the sea, until his new friend Rip introduces him to the robots responsible for making waves and whirlpools and other important aspects of sea life.

    11. Louise Bendall on said:

      While snorkeling, Kolten discovers that sea-bots live beneath the sea and it is their job to make waves, bubbles and whirlpools. Cute and silly graphic novel for very young readers. Fun!

    12. Ryan on said:

      3 Stars A boy’s sea side adventure gets bigger then planned when he is pulled under the water to the home of the sea bots. He has a fun day, which is also fun for the reader.

    13. Kellee on said:

      A fun, early reader graphic novel. Looking forward to reading more in the series. Also, love the fun activities and discussion starters at the end of the book.

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