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Quest Two powers two quests two fateso mortals struggling against the very forces with which they might have aligned themselves had they been given the opportunity to choose Two mortals light and dark

  • Title: Quest
  • Author: Michayla Roth
  • ISBN: B005C62BX6
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two powers, two quests, two fateso mortals struggling against the very forces with which they might have aligned themselves, had they been given the opportunity to choose Two mortals, light and dark, locked into one intense battle A battle of which the end has already been written in blood A blood not their own, just as the battle is not their own And yet, they muTwo powers, two quests, two fateso mortals struggling against the very forces with which they might have aligned themselves, had they been given the opportunity to choose Two mortals, light and dark, locked into one intense battle A battle of which the end has already been written in blood A blood not their own, just as the battle is not their own And yet, they must fight.The year is 2E739, the second millennium since Euroclydonus, the last epic battle to shake Wundyrr s foundations Two thousand years of peace at least between mortal and spiritual elements and now, the hidden script of a writing called simply the prophecy threatens to immerse the world of Wundyrr once in a hideous battle, the likes of which could very well rival the infamous Euroclydonus.Tiernan Lebonn is the single last link between Wundyrr and vitality Should he fail in his impossible quest to seal evil once within its fiery prison, the shadow will rise up to devour not only him, but also the world he calls home.His counterpart, Shiloh of Cheokk, has been steeped in darkness since the day she was born and is bent on winning her own glory through the very disaster Tiernan is trying to prevent.For either one to claim victory, they must completely lose themselves within the essence of their quests and trust that the powers to which they have surrendered will bear them up in triumph.But as with any battle, only one can claim the victory Or perhaps neither can.

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      427 Michayla Roth
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    One thought on “Quest

    1. Melanie on said:

      Quest is an epic story, full of the mystery and magic of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with a strong religious overtone in the fight of good versus evil.Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. As it is listed as book 1, I look forward to reading more. I do have a few things, however, that threw me off from truly loving it:-the characters (especially Tiernan, our hero) were not particularly relatable for me. Tiernan is on the side of good, of God, but he is so perfect throughout most of the story, [...]

    2. Elsa Carrion on said:

      Wow! I did not see that coming! I'm talking about the ending, can there be a bigger cliff hanger!! Definitely going to have to see what happens in the next book. I had to read the last couple of pages twice to make sure I was reading it correctly! I kept thinking “no it can’t be she did not just do that!” AH!!! I really did enjoy the story. It was full of action, so if you like swords fights then this is the story for you. The story is about Good vs. Evil and takes the two main characters [...]

    3. Mia Darien on said:

      Note: on my blog, I give this a 2.5 which equals a 2 ("it was okay") on , rather than a 3 ("liked it").Once again, I see the reviews of others and wonder if we were reading the same book.This book, and thus this review, are a source of great conflict for me. There is firstly the fact that I want to say every indie book I read is spectacular, but I can't. I hate to not be able to only say great things about a book that has been entrusted to me to review, but I won't lie. That's not fair to anyone [...]

    4. Djanique on said:

      Before you read this review, let I first say that English is not my first language, so I suck a little in writing it, and (it was a little harder for me to completely understand the story) So, don’t be bothered by it!!Let I just first start with the beginning, want every book has a begin. With futuristic or paranormal book, you just got to know/ understand the writing style, new notation of years and places. I had in the begin so much trouble to understand everybody’s name and the decisions [...]

    5. Kai on said:

      Quest is exactly what the story is. Two powers, good and evil battling each other. One to end the world and the other to save the world. Tiernan Lebonn is trained as the warrior and chosen one to stop the witch Marie from ending the world. He was told not to kill Marie and to save the world.Shiloh of Cheokk has been trained in hatred to be Marie and to end the world. She has never been shown any kindness from her mentor except to be abused verbally, physically, and emotionally. She is to end the [...]

    6. Samantha on said:

      I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. In this tale of good versus evil, a prophecy concerning two people, a good man and a woman full of hate, must be answered. Will evil and hate succeed or will good be able to change evil? From the first page of this book, I was drawn into this unique world. Though the world building wasn't as in-depth as I wanted, you still get a strong sense of what kind of place it is. You get a feel for the people without really knowin [...]

    7. Cheryl Landmark on said:

      Overall, this was not a bad story, with very strong overtones of religion and good versus evil. There was definitely a lot of action and the violence and gore was very graphic--maybe almost too much. A lot of it felt a little gratutious and overly done. And, being an animal lover, I was extremely saddened by the treatment of the horses in the story. *sniffles into a tissue* Tiernan was almost too pure and perfect, but he did have his moments of self-doubt and indecisiveness. Shiloh definitely po [...]

    8. Lynxie on said:

      An epic tale of good vs evil if I have ever read one. Quest follows Tiernan, the pure quester who is backed by The Most High, and Shiloh the quester who is shrouded in the darkness of the Dark One.You can probably guess some of the plot points if you were given 5 guesses, but probably not the ending. That surprised me.I didn't like some of the character names because it made the reading harder as I went along. I also think the alternate names and idea for the times and seasons was an added burde [...]

    9. Stephen Whaley on said:

      As someone who normally doesn't enjoy the fantasy epic good vs. epic evil, I must say that this particular book did a great job of going beyond just that. The plot was intriguing, and even though I felt that sometimes the pace got a little bit too bogged for my tastes, I still read the entire book pretty much straight through just to know how it ended.Another thing that I enjoyed was the different abilities displayed by the evil characters. I enjoy wizards and their abilities, and I think that t [...]

    10. Lauren on said:

      I love reading a book that draws you into the story, Michayla Roth does just that with the first book in the A World of Heroes series, Quest. The story follows the journeys of Shiloh and Tiernan as they begin their adventure across Wundyrr. It is and epic battle between good and evil, light and dark the effect of circumstance and environment on humane nature. The tale that Michayla spins is captivating too the last. I can not wait for the second book in the series to continue following Tiernan a [...]

    11. Allison on said:

      Well there are plenty of twists and turns and ACTION . Good vs evil with strong characters . Magic ,action and occasional romance . A bit slow and confusing in some parts but picks up towards the end . I would recommend this book

    12. Missy on said:

      A good freebie~ I really liked the book cover & you had to read this one carefully cuz there was a lot to take in! Almost like putting a puzzle together, in the end, the storyline really came together.

    13. Alena on said:

      Great read, lots of action, light on the romance, interesting characters

    14. Rebecca Santiago on said:

      I had to stop after a few chapters. It was that bad. Maybe a much younger reader would enjoy it. But nothing like Tolkin or Rowling!

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