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Samuel Beckett

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Poems in English

Poems in English Here is the first complete collection in print of all poetry by the Nobel Prize winning writer Samuel Beckett The volume contains the English poems including Whoroscope his first published verse In a

  • Title: Poems in English
  • Author: Samuel Beckett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here is the first complete collection in print of all poetry by the Nobel Prize winning writer Samuel Beckett The volume contains the English poems including Whoroscope, his first published verse In addition, there are the dozen poems in French in which he wrote in 1938 and 1939.

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      346 Samuel Beckett
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    One thought on “Poems in English

    1. Jonfaith on said:

      I would like my love to die and the rain to be raining on the graveyard and on me walking the streets mourning her who thought she loved meThis is a triumph, a whirlwind , an elegance of emotional acuity brocaded in jaw dropping language. He drifts from idiom into the pastoral. He reflects into recesses. His odes echo. Much of this volume is Beckett's own translations of French poetry into English.

    2. Matthew on said:

      Although born in Ireland, Beckett is known to have written in French in the years following his immigration to France. French, he explained, removed him from the comforts of his mother tongue, from the ease of writing in his mother tongue. French forced him to write economically; it forced him to think more fundamentally and thereby encourage greater clarity. Beckett's shift toward writing in French also reflects the culmination of the attributes that will characterize his style. It is evident f [...]

    3. Ben Pieper on said:

      If you are deciding whether or not to spend your time reading this slim yet stimulating volume of poetry, read the following excerpt in order to gauge your interest:"scarlet beauty in our world dead fish adriftall things full of godspressed down and bleeding"If these three lines have intrigued you in any way, onward. If they did nothing for you, then it is best to veer away from Beckett's poetry.I am slowly but surely dipping my toes into the work of Beckett. I started with Krapp's Last Tape whi [...]

    4. Wlwarner on said:

      A neat little edition that pretty well covers his poetic output. Also contains nice translations of Eluard, Rimbaud, Apollinaire, and Chamfort.

    5. Lee Foust on said:

      My French is too rudimentary to judge the translations, my impatience with obscure referentiality suspended only up to a point. Like most poetry of quality there are enlightening lines and beautifully musical lines peppered throughout--but also some terribly, terribly dense verse that takes footnotes to even scratch the surface--the flipping pages to which ruins all hope of the music of the poetic lines resonating. It all sells dear Beckett somewhat short. Would that i were smart as he, a centur [...]

    6. Will on said:

      Even though these works are comparatively slight, I think my first reading of this volume was too breezy; nevertheless, "Whoroscope" yielded one of my most beloved phrases (and apparently most infuriating in-jokes): "In the name of Bacon will you chicken me up that egg. / Shall I swallow cave-phantoms?"Also, "Gnome" nicely, cruelly encapsulates the dubious pursuit of higher education:"Spend the years of learning squanderingCourage for the years of wanderingThrough a world politely turningFrom th [...]

    7. Aaron on said:

      currently monolingual, i only read them in english, but two in particular struck me: Saint Lô, which had some devastating passages and for anyone who is listening, when i die, just get some to do a good reading of *malacoda* from this collection and chuck my remains down the garbage chute. that will be fitting enough to me. though i am decidedly not a poetry reader, it is maybe the greatest piece in the form i have ever read.

    8. Prasanta on said:

      This was my first book on poems. I like his poems such as “What would i do without this world”. Its pity that some of the poems are in French & German and not translated to english. An interesting collection of poems.

    9. Mugren Ohaly on said:

      Although I liked several poems, I'm only giving this 3 stars because only half the book is poems, while the other half is an appendix and commentary. Also, quite a few of the poems found here are either written in French, or are poems by other people that Beckett has translated into English.

    10. l. on said:

      Really liked the translations, his own poetry - some are more readable than others would be an understatement. Was mostly curious as how his style would translate to poetry - well, now I have some clue! Back to the novels, I think.

    11. Steven Hendrix on said:

      I like Beckett's poetry, my main issue with this book in particular is that the editors didn't feel the need to translate the French poems. Beckett translated some of his own poems, but there were a good number of the French poems that were in French only. This greatly limits the audience.

    12. and on said:

      i don't understand why his poetry isn't praised more, this is probably my favorite collection of poetry by any author. super surreal & haunting.

    13. Jacob on said:

      For whatever reason, I can't do much with Beckett's own poems, but his translations are extraordinary.

    14. Philip Nikolayev on said:

      Tremendous poetry, poorly published. A huge number of typos, errors, inaccuracies. Contains a poem by Browning flasely attributed to Beckett. A better edition of Beckett's poetry is sorely overdue.

    15. Dana Jerman on said:

      I like the poems in english better than the french ones, or his translations. An interesting collection format. Some great lines in here, and a cool shout out to Joyce.

    16. Verónica Laeddis on said:

      Tiene poemas muy buenos, lástima que la traducción sea tan tremendamente pésima.

    17. Natalie on said:

      The Poems by Samuel Beckett that I really enjoyed from this collection are Serena I, Serena II, and Cascando. I loved the poems by Sébastien Chamfort, they were short and sweet and clever.

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