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Dragon Ridden Tate leads a life full of secrets Having an incredibly life like dragon tattoo that moves when nobody is looking and no memory of her life prior to eight months ago can make things difficult When a mo

  • Title: Dragon-Ridden
  • Author: T.A. White
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tate leads a life full of secrets Having an incredibly life like dragon tattoo that moves when nobody is looking and no memory of her life prior to eight months ago can make things difficult When a momentary impulse leads Tate to return an ancient hairpin to its rightful owner, it sparks a chain of events that soon affects every aspect of Tate s life Now with several peTate leads a life full of secrets Having an incredibly life like dragon tattoo that moves when nobody is looking and no memory of her life prior to eight months ago can make things difficult When a momentary impulse leads Tate to return an ancient hairpin to its rightful owner, it sparks a chain of events that soon affects every aspect of Tate s life Now with several people convinced that she holds the key to unimaginable power, Tate s about to learn how a single action can have unintended consequences.With no allies to watch her back, Tate s going to have to move fast if she wants to survive in the city of Aurelia, where friends are often enemies in disguise and appearances are deceiving She ll find that monsters walk the labyrinth beneath Aurelia s streets where the secrets to Tate s past rest Unlocking her hidden memories might just be the only thing keeping Tate alive and preventing the coming war.

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    One thought on “Dragon-Ridden

    1. Mara on said:

      I have no idea what rating this book deserves. It has some fantastic points, plot, at leadt part of the world builing, but at the same time it left me strongly disappointed. The book started with a bang, and an heroine worth salivating over. Then she was slowly morphed in the most irritating new trend, the NA grrlll. Stupid, placid, inoffensive. A dragon 'rider' with a mystical past turned into a child. Without reason. You keep wondering how. It really doesn't fit the story. This was warrior/sol [...]

    2. Rhiannon on said:

      I really wanted to like this one more, but there was a lot of stuff that really got in the way of me actually enjoying this book. Review under the cut.(view spoiler)[For one I'm kind of tired of feisty heroines who are only just feisty and pretty and tomboyish, which seems to be the only traits that were distinguishing about Tate. She's wild, she's impulsive, she's stubborn and doesn't take crap and has memory loss basically I've read this main character many times over. I get the appeal of a ch [...]

    3. E Varady on said:

      An ok readI read both this book and Pathfinder's Way and found them interesting. The world is nicely complex and not so standard for fantasy series. I rate this one a two out of five, even though I liked it, for a number of reasons. First, there are just too many grammar issues. Apostrophes missing or added incorrectly, awkward commas, the wrong words used (ex: tact vs tack). It really needs some editing. Second, this book and even Pathfinder spend way touch time in the character's head and on d [...]

    4. Emily on said:

      Dragon Ridden is an entertaining, imaginative, well-written book with a fantastically feisty female lead. White created a unique world that combines fantasy, religion and culture with enough detail to illustrate Tate's surroundings without bogging down the reader. I like Tate's character! She is both funny and a badass. Despite her good intentions, she seems to constantly get into trouble--but she also fights back with gusto and smart -aleck remarks. She's my kind of heroine!

    5. Jessica Donegan on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It's a complete adventure with an opportunity for a sequel if desired. I loved that the main character was written in such a way that she could have been a man or a woman. Yes there are some "girl only" scenarios like "there's no record of a woman dragon ridden" or the occasional threat to rape her, but her personality fits with a boy or a girl. It was refreshing to see a stubborn, curious, contrary, resourceful and smart woman. She's strong, independent, and gets to [...]

    6. MyBookGeekWorld on said:

      Favourite Line: “Although there was no reason to tell the truth, sometimes a lie was much more fun”⏳ Firstly I would like to say I really enjoyed this book so much that I went onto reading the next one straight away 🤦🏾‍♀️⏳That’s the main character is a “accidental” pirate with no recollection of her past, she has a tattoo that sometimes moves on her arm and no idea of the meaning of it. On a series of unfortunate events Tate becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that has no [...]

    7. kels on said:

      On the one hand, I really enjoyed this book. Like, a lot. On the other hand, there are definitely some issues. Like, a lot. It could have done with tighter editing. There are enough obvious typos and errors to annoy me. It could have also used a bit more diversity in the cast; besides the protagonist and two villains, every major character (and most of the minors) were all male. And Tate, the protagonist, is a bit one-dimensional. I suppose you could write that off to her memory loss, but she ju [...]

    8. Jacqui on said:

      I really liked the idea of the book. I liked the premise, I liked the universe. However, I didn't enjoy the writing and really didn't like the lead character, Tate. Her decision making feels like a plot device - several times, I wondered why she would do something, then found that it was to get her to the next part of the story. It wasn't to progress her character development. (view spoiler)[To me, it felt like she was constantly flipping between trusting no-one and trusting anyone depending on [...]

    9. Mary B. Grove on said:

      five stars for half the book, then developed fairly serious flawsIt was going to be a five but then the story developed two problems (the second one is a spoiler so I won't include it): first and main issue was 'the MC kept having no plan or a very bad plan and yet they all worked anyway, for no good reason except the author needed to get her out of another trap.'I stopped trusting the author at that point, and it's too bad. Up til then the characters were intriguing, the world was rich and had [...]

    10. Alyrica on said:

      Not As Good As PathfinderI read this book right after Pathfinder and while I loved Pathfinder, I didn't love Dragon Ridden. I don't mind some mystery regarding a characters backstory provided the pacing of the novel is good and most of the mystery is solved by the end but that didn't happen here. There were major clues given but not enough for me to have more than vague conjectures. This unfortunately kept me from understanding or relating to the main character. Also, I was hoping for a little r [...]

    11. M. Z. on said:

      A disappointment after really enjoying the author's Pathfinder. I couldn't stand the heroine (redhead! feisty thoughtless, stubborn, and irritating!), everyone, of course, wanted to have a "bit of fun" with her before dispatching her, and, again, no other female characters that aren't villains. The whole Japanese-based race felt very stereotypical (like 3 lines before they mention "honor") and shoved in for the sake of "cool" (and of course they are the bad guys). I will still check the author's [...]

    12. Shay on said:

      Very goodIf you like snarky Heroines you will like this book. It is action-packed, lots of twists and turns in the plot and some great one liners. Have at itt back and relax for it will be an enjoyable ride.

    13. Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen on said:

      I feel like I was left hangingwhere is the next book in this series? I would love to find out what happens next to everyone and have the past revealed.

    14. Taz on said:

      the writer was Uber disconnected from the story. she had no idea of 'how to write what to write'. threw the book into trash at start. ultra nonsense writing.

    15. Elizabeth Kiefer on said:

      This book has an interesting world and heroine, but it suffered from a lack of editing. I think I'll read the next to see where it goes.

    16. Eileen on said:

      Loved!So glad I stumbled upon this book.Loved it! Tate has become one of my favorites! Can't wait to read the next book!

    17. Vanessa on said:

      I loved this book! Some of the characters could have been better developed, but since they were dead by the end it doesn't matter for the series.

    18. Sandra on said:

      Enjoyable fantasy with entertaining and likable heroine in the slightly odd dragon ridden Tate with no memory beyond the past few months. I liked the setting and the characters but the ending felt a little abrupt and unfinished.

    19. Deborah Kehoe on said:

      Tate does not have any memories before she was found by some pirates alone on an island. She’s acclimated to life on board the ship, made a few friends, and had become a pretty good thief, but there are some that want her gone. She has been attacked more than a few times, and when they get to their next port, she makes plans to abandon ship and stay on land.Tate is one of those fantasy heroines that I love. She is smart, intuitive, and can defend herself better than a person of her size should [...]

    20. Kyra Dune on said:

      Dragon Ridden is a fun and exciting book full of secrets and danger. With each new twist and turn, more is revealed not only about the main character, Tate, but also about the strange and wonderful city in which she finds herself.This novel has a fast paced plot with plenty of action and characters you'll be dying to know more about. Tate is sassy and tough, but still manages to have her soft moments. Ryu is mysterious and intense. And the minor characters are for the most part interesting and c [...]

    21. Beth on said:

      Solid plot with a kick-ass (but still flawed) heroine? What's not to like? Oh wait, there's a dragon, too? Even better! While I did find the storyline a bit rough in places, the overall plot is compelling and never boring or predictable. I was always wondering where it was leading. Dragon-ridden has a heroine who's a real person. Tate is snarky, smart, insecure, lonely, loyal, fierce and has her own code that she holds to. But unlike some other heroines out there, she never comes across as cocky [...]

    22. Iain on said:

      A young woman with no memory and a living tattoo must find her way in a strange new city. This book had it all for me; thievery, magic,mystery and above all excellent character development. The plot was unique enough to seperate it from other similar novels and, contrary to other reviews, the editing and grammer were very good for a self-published novel. Perhaps I read a later version of the book.There isn't a cliffhanger as such but there are definitely enough hints at a wider plot arc in the b [...]

    23. Jillian on said:

      Wow quite pleasantly surprised!When I first picked it up I found myself put off by all the detail but I soon grew addicted to this well crafted world. It was simply beautifully molded, so complex and addictive, I could not put it down. This is the first book in a while that kept me on my toes, I really was not sure what Tate was going to do next and I loved not being able to predict every step of the way. I hope there is going to be a next one, with all of the action, friendships and mystery, it [...]

    24. Christina on said:

      Convoluted, long, with to many plot twistTate, the heroine, is caught up in whirlwind of characters, plot twists and turns. Characters switch from good to bad with no clear line of a followable plot. There are so many characters that no one is really the hero. Was the hero Night, Dewdrop, Tempest, etc. This book is not an enjoyable read

    25. Mary on said:

      Riveting Epic FantasyI chose the five star rating because this story was riveting to me. This is an author who is about the story with an action filled narrative. She did not pad her story with asinine main characters or porn that distracted from the story. My favorite characters in this story are Tate and Night. I hope T. A. White writes the sequel soon.

    26. Squeak on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! This book has lots of cool stuff in it, but I enjoyed the pirates and dragon parts the best. I knew this book was a stand alone book, but even so I checked to see if there were any more that came after this one so I could continue on with the adventure. I will be keeping my eye on this author!

    27. Sue Manghelli on said:

      Superbly CraftedThis is one of the best written books I have read in a very long time. Incredible use of descriptive phrases and nuanced dialogue made this book a delight. Full of plot twists and turns, the story grabs you and doesn't let go. Characters are in depth and full bodied. I really hope there is a sequel. Read this one, it's a gem!

    28. Jen Visser on said:

      New to me author, good read Characters were interesting and the plot sped along. Several typos show it wasn't thoroughly edited but beyond that the writing was good and it wasn't enough to become frustrating.

    29. Juliet on said:

      Great characters, quick plot. This author knows how to pack a lot of action into a book. The main characters are interesting and fun. I recommend Dragon-Ridden if you're looking for a fun, quick read, and I am hoping for a sequel.

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