Micah's Island

Shari Copell

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Micah's Island

Micah s Island WARNING This ADULT NOVELLA is for age and over Contains explicit sex strong language and a really sweet love story Gianna Deveraux needs a miracleGianna is looking forward to inheriting the islan

  • Title: Micah's Island
  • Author: Shari Copell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING This ADULT NOVELLA is for age 18 and over Contains explicit sex, strong language, and a really sweet love story.Gianna Deveraux needs a miracleGianna is looking forward to inheriting the island resort of Tiago when she turns twenty one in a few days Too bad her Uncle Calvin, currently her guardian, has other ideas.Tricked into signing ownership of Tiago overWARNING This ADULT NOVELLA is for age 18 and over Contains explicit sex, strong language, and a really sweet love story.Gianna Deveraux needs a miracleGianna is looking forward to inheriting the island resort of Tiago when she turns twenty one in a few days Too bad her Uncle Calvin, currently her guardian, has other ideas.Tricked into signing ownership of Tiago over to him, she is drugged and slipped aboard the yacht of Dolph Theobald, her uncle s friend Calvin wants her to disappear slavery in Saudi Arabia is her intended fate.A strange storm soon destroys the yacht inside the Bermuda Triangle Barely surviving the wreck, Gianna is washed ashore on a tropical island She thinks the island is deserted She will soon discover that it s not This island is Micah s Island.

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      133 Shari Copell
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    One thought on “Micah's Island

    1. HJ on said:

      reread 3/20153.5 stars.I'm surprised at how much I liked this novella-length story. The heroine was a bit - hmmm, not sure which word works best She was snarky, intelligent, selfish-ish, but made some dumb moves, and I still thought she was okay.It was the hero - Micah - I really liked. Very sweet and innocent, but not stupid, and HAWT!I would have given more stars but for a couple of things - I think Micah's character should have become less caveman-ish by the very end (epilogue) considering th [...]

    2. B.E.Love on said:

      Four days from her 21st birthday when she was to inherit her late parents island and business Gianna's uncle drugged her and sold her. While she is with her capture on his yacht Gianna knows her life is over but then the Yacht begins to take water and go down. Somehow Gianna gets out and finds a life boat. Drifting for too long Gianna finally lands on shore only to realize she is all alone, but Gianna isn't alone and realizes that when she wakes in a hut with a handsome and very naked man. Very [...]

    3. maggieandteddy on said:

      I was so happy to have found this in my TBR pile! I loved this novella! It's only 99 pages, so every word & sentence needed to count. In my opinion, they did. I really liked Gianna. She was very trusting- no maybe naive- while she was in civilization. She's only 20 years old and no parents to guide her. Looking back, Gianna realizes that she should have gone with her gut re her uncle.Her Uncle Calvin is her guardian. Her uncle plots to get her resort island away from her. Gianna ends up on a [...]

    4. Alexis *Reality Bites* on said:

      FREE TODAY! 7-20-13 LINK: amazon/gp/product/B00B

    5. Tara Chevrestt on said:

      I'm not that into erotica. Too much of it focuses on sex, sex, and more sex, and next to no story OR the story is something swiped and decimated from Nora Roberts--done 5,000 times before.Shari Copell didn't do that. Oh, she has sex, but the story is so unique. I've never read anything like it.It's like Tarzan and Jane, but Jane is this young girl with an incredible narrative voice who ends up on an island because her uncle wants her dead and the ship of his crony sinks insteadd she ends up on t [...]

    6. J on said:

      3.5 stars. A short story about a woman betrayed by a family member and then stranded on what turned out not to be a deserted island, but rather occupied by a mysterious but gorgeous hunk of a man who can't communicate in any language. They, of course, do find ways to communicate in the "important" ways and very quickly form a very strong bond.In the "Robinson Crusoe" aspect this story was fun, romantic and a little suspenseful (with a few bad guys lurking around). In the "give me a break could t [...]

    7. 100sweet on said:

      This was a nice short read. I enjoyed this story a lot. Although there is a HEA, I was disappointed in the ending. They didn't take into account possibly needing medical attention in future, education for kids, basic cleaning items such as shampoo and soap. Plus, you can't go through pregnancy w/out proper medical care, nutrition, etc.

    8. A. Gorman on said:

      I loved this short read! I hope there is another part to this book! I want to know if Gianna takes Micah to Tiago or if they stay on the island. At first, I didn't know if I was going to like this book, but the characters really won me over!

    9. LaDonna on said:

      For the record, this is an explicit not for kids kinda read.I really can't explain why I loved this one so much - nothing about it is my normal type of go to book. I fell in love with this author with her Rock'n Tapestries (and am very anxiously awaiting its sequel Wild Angel: A Rock'n Tapestries Novel) which so very well fulfilled my craving for a great rockstar romance - in many ways went beyond expectations for that kind of subgenre. I saw on her facebook page that this one was up for free on [...]

    10. Saha on said:

      I revelled at this beautiful short love story. It had me giggle and tear up, laugh and cry, and get pretty damn aroused. The premise caught me immediately, and the writer delivered. This has been the fastest read I have ever done.Gianna is abducted from her island, and after a terrible storm in the Bermuda Triangle, gets stranded on an island. Naked, perched and starving, she wakes up in a shed and quickly gets acquainted with its owner who grew up in the island alone, speaks no word, and has ne [...]

    11. Anne on said:

      I had read that this was a "different" book, but I had no idea. This book to me was more of a fantasy than romance. Not that they are not synonymous, but this was obviously not meant to be realistic at all. So it's pretty straight forward as the synopsis states. She was turning 21 in a few days and inherit her parent's island resort. Her uncle, who has control of everything until she turns 21, hates her (and vice versa) and he ends up drugging her and putting her on a ship to be sold into slaver [...]

    12. Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark on said:

      Reviewed for The Boyfriend BookmarkClick here for reviewThis book is a little adventure in being shipwrecked. Gianna's parents die when she is rather young and she is left in the care of her uncle. She suddenly finds herself a slave on a yacht that is about to go down in the Bermuda Triangle. Struggling to stay alive, she finds herself on a deserted island, well almost deserted. That's where she meets Micah. This story is short but very sweet.Discovering a new land and a new love is what Gianna [...]

    13. Melissa on said:

      After her parents deaths Gianna Deveraux fell into the care of her corrupt Uncle Calvin who wants to keep control of her inheritance permanently. On Gianna's 21st birthday she can legally take control of her island Tiago and all the rest of her inheritance and kick her uncle out. But four days before her birthday her uncle makes his move and drugs her and has his depraved friend Dolph kidnap her off Tiago. Calvin wants her sold into slavery but Dolph has other plans. After the yacht wrecks Giann [...]

    14. Azucena Dixon on said:

      This was a very short book, however it was still just long enough to get me very interested to see where the story will go. The main characters narrative style was quite interesting/entertaining and the love story a refreshingly unique concept. The main male character in this story is so different from the rich powerful men that dominate most books these days and his innocence makes him all the more lovable. I really did enjoy this story! I only wished it was a bit longer and that I could find t [...]

    15. Joni on said:

      This book was not what I was expecting. I am not saying that in a negative way. It was defiantly different from anything I have read before. Once I started reading it I had a hard time to put it down because I wanted to know what happened next. All in all I enjoyed the book. The writing style was different that I am used to. It was like listening to someone tell you their story. Sweet story.

    16. Barbara on said:

      Great read! The story was different, fell in love with the characters I also enjoyed that it was narrative. I wasn't sure if I was going to like by some of reviews but read it anyway and I'm glad I did. I hope there's more on Micah and Gianna. I was really cheering them on towards the end!

    17. Nickisha on said:

      BahI kept waiting for the writing to get better. While it isn't the worst, it is definitely not the best! I am going to try another book from the author before I write her off, it was good enough to warrant that.

    18. Rosemary on said:

      There's a reason I hate novellasey're too short! It doesn't give the author enough time to develop characters. I was hoping it would be like "On the island" by Tracy Garvis Graves but I was disappointed. Yes, there was sex but that doesn't always make a mediocre book good.

    19. Jennypara on said:

      it was a quick read I liked a lot! oh Micah! he was so cute!! I want him as my teddybear!

    20. A on said:

      Ever wonder what your life would be like if you were stranded on a tropical island with another person. This short story is for you. This reminded me of a movie, Blue Lagoon, but for adults.

    21. Coralyn on said:

      Sweet and sexy desert island love story. This is more of a short story which could have been good as a full length book with more depth.

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