I Married the Duke

Katharine Ashe

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I Married the Duke

I Married the Duke Three very different sisters beguile society with their beauty and charm but only one of them must fulfill a prophecy marry a prince Who is the mystery Prince Charming and which sister will be his b

  • Title: I Married the Duke
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: 9780062229816
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Three very different sisters beguile society with their beauty and charm, but only one of them must fulfill a prophecy marry a prince Who is the mystery Prince Charming, and which sister will be his bride On the way to marry a prince in a castle, a lady should never 1 Bribe an infuriatingly arrogant and undeniably irresistible ship captain, 2 Let him kiss her senselesThree very different sisters beguile society with their beauty and charm, but only one of them must fulfill a prophecy marry a prince Who is the mystery Prince Charming, and which sister will be his bride On the way to marry a prince in a castle, a lady should never 1 Bribe an infuriatingly arrogant and undeniably irresistible ship captain, 2 Let him kiss her senseless on a beach, 3 Battle thieves at his side, and 4 Exchange wedding vows with him, even under the direst circumstances.But daring, determined Arabella Caulfield isn t just any lady And Luc Westfall is no typical ship captain He s the new Duke of Lycombe, and to defeat a plot that could destroy his family he must have an heir Now he knows just the woman for the job and he s not above seduction to turn this would be princess into a duchess.

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      214 Katharine Ashe
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    One thought on “I Married the Duke

    1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      3.5 starsFull review now postedThere were moments I loved this story, and moments I wanted to scream because things were taking so long to work out, but all in all I Married the Duke is an entertaining tale!BlurbArabella Caulfield, one of three orphaned sisters, has clung to an ancient gypsy prophecy as the only way to save her family from endless heartbreak. Now she has twelve days to reach a remote French castle and fulfill her destiny: to marry a prince.Along the way, Arabella meets Lucien We [...]

    2. Mary - Buried Under Romance on said:

      Posted on my blog: buriedunderromancespoA fantastic debut to Katharine Ashe's new series, The Prince Catchers! With a mysterious opening, three orphans are introduced: intrepid Ravenna, beautiful Arabella, and scholarly Eleanor. In their search for answers to their past, a gypsy woman tells them the answer lies with a ring given by their mother - a ring that belongs to a prince. One of the three will wed a prince, and upon their wedding, the truth will be revealed. Thus begins the middle sister [...]

    3. Pepa on said:

      Una novela entretenida. Escrita de forma sencilla y si grandes florituras. Eso sí, hay cierta palabra que se usa hasta la saciedad para hablar de sus ojos.Es una historia atrayente, con malos, piratas que resultan ser nobles. La dulce damisela en apuros que se lanza a la aventura sin miedos ni mucho sentido común y que tiene la serte de encontrarse en el camino al buen hombre que la ayudará.Una novela en la que tendremos de todo un poco, un pequeño misterio (que aviso que no queda resuelto y [...]

    4. Jessica on said:

      Absurd is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe this book and after that comes disjointed, closely followed by gross. I have no tolerance for books that unnecessarily use the topic of child abuse particularly sexual in nature, or that of rape attempts as book page filler material. While I try to avoid spoiling the plot for anyone, trust me, you'll thank me for it. This was a sub-plot and was not well addressed or even necessary at all. Setting aside that part, I am fairly cer [...]

    5. Caz on said:

      I've given this a B+ at AAR, so that's 4.5 starsI Married the Duke is the first in a trilogy subtitled “The Prince Catchers”, in which three sisters – Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna – attempt to discover the truth about their family and find love along the way, and on the strength of this one, I’d say it promises to be a very enjoyable trio of stories.This being the first book, it sets the scene and in the prologue, we meet the sisters as young girls who have gone to have their fortunes [...]

    6. SidneyKay on said:

      I Married the Duke, by Katherine Ashe, is the first book in a series, The Prince Catchers, about the three sisters trying to find a - Prince. This one is about the middle sister Arabella. She's a red-headed heroine who hides her hair because she doesn't want people to think she's wanton. Just once I'd love a red-head to actually like their hair. For all you red-heads out there, I think red hair is stunning!This is my first full-length novel by Ms. Ashe and sorry to say I was disappointed in it. [...]

    7. Nastassja on said:

      Real rating 3.4As I have read all three books inprince catchers series already and written reviews for the two of them, I wanted to add a few words about this one. I married the duke is the first book in the series and the second one read by me. I loved a rogue was my first read and still is the favorite one. This book is my less favorite but not because I didn't like it or MCs, no, I liked them alright, just I prefer less passion and more solid reasons to fall in love and in this one I sometime [...]

    8. Anna Casanovas on said:

      "Me casé con el duque" es una buena novela romántica histórica que parte de un argumento "clásico" del género -unas hermanas huérfanas que tienen en su poder un objeto (joya) de su pasado- pero al que la autora, como es habitual en ella, sabe dotar de originalidad. Es la primera entrega de la serie y como tal nos presenta a sus personajes, y quizá por eso la historia de amor no tiene el peso que, en mi opinión, debería de tener. La protagonista de la novela es la hermana seria, la centr [...]

    9. Becca on said:

      I am officially a Katharine Ashe fan girl. Her stories and writing are just so much fun! As a person who loves words, I can appreciate the luxuriousness of Ashe's writing. I compare reading one of her books to eating a piece of chocolate--and not just any piece of chocolate. No, I'm talking about the super decadent Ghirardelli sea salt and dark chocolate kind. I savor each page and don't speed read simply because I love how she uses words. Now, just like chocolate, there is one draw back. For ch [...]

    10. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا on said:

      I haven't read an Avon book in ages but this had a recommendation from the Queen of Romance Lisa Kleypas, so I'm so excited!

    11. Mona on said:

      En líneas generales diría que tiene una puntuación de 3 excepto en momentos puntuales que es cuando más destaca y que le sube un poco la nota. Creo que tiene mucho potencial y que le falta explotarlo al máximo. Fue una lectura bastante predecible pero muy entretenida. Debo admitir que hay un evento que me descolocó un montón. Luego ya empecé a entender de qué iba la cosa y ya pude volver a predecir la historia. Lo que si que me costó entender a ratos es la motivación y los cambios de [...]

    12. Jacquelyn Patterson on said:

      I enjoyed this book, I haven't read many adult romance novels but I thought this would be the perfect book for me to dip my toes in the water. I love reading about this era and I really fell in love with the characters (minus Luc's strange fetish about her hair lol). I did feel that the plot could've been more elaborate and I felt the second half tended to drag on. All in all, I enjoyed it and I love the fact that each book is based on a different sister. I'm tempted to pick up the sequel.

    13. Annette on said:

      This is a new to me author. I will look for the next book in this trilogy.Arabella is the middle daughter. Eleanor is the eldest and Ravenna is the youngest. They were apparently orphaned in a ship wreck and ultimately end up with a minister who takes them in to live with him. He cares for them but does not offer what Arabella needs in her life.Arabella is on a quest to find out who they are - who is their family?She takes passage on a ship that is a cargo ship and becomes involved in the life o [...]

    14. Ria on said:

      I was ready to love this - the prologue is great and sets up the series beautifully. Unfortunately, when our heroine meets her hero, I kept finding myself getting a little bit bored. The dialogue was intended to be cute and flirtatiously combative but there was just no flow. I recently reread Play by Kylie Scott and she is a master of dialogue that just leaps off the page and plays out a living scene before my eyes and the same cannot be said for this book.Sad making. Let's hope I get to read a [...]

    15. herdys on said:

      Have been trying to read the book for a few days now and I just couldn't get into it. Too many secrets and misunderstandings. Plus I don't think I can buy the romance between them. When she suddenly realized she loved him, I decided to drop the book. They were in lust not in love! I will try the other two, especially Eleanor's, plus the short story. It wasn't an awful book, I guess I just couldn't connect with Luc and Arabella and their story

    16. Heidi Hart on said:

      I really need to get better about writing reviews as soon as I finish a book, but I've been crazy busy lately. If I wait, I'm left with only vague impressions, no matter how many quotes I highlight or notes I make as I read.I Married the Duke was my first book by Katherine Ashe, and I will read on in the series because I liked this fairly well even though I've been kind of "meh" on the whole historical romance subgenre lately. I also liked it despite the fact that the hero was actively misrepres [...]

    17. Ang on said:

      Katharine Ashe is quickly becoming one of my go-to authors. She has captivated me again with this rich novel of a desperate, brave and guarded woman on a quest to seek answers who encounters a demanding piratical merchant ship captain/former navy captain/aristocrat. They are drawn to each other yet have deep seated secrets and go through twists and turns that not only involve outside forces but their own internal struggles. One of my favorite quotes:"He released her and she regained a trace of t [...]

    18. Nanou on said:

      j'ai bien aimé l'histoire, mais du coup en ayant lu le tome 3 avant (avec toute la résolution sur la famille des 3 soeurs) ici on a pas l'impression que "chercher la vérité" importe beaucoup à Arabella, c'est un peu son prétexte pour partir à droite à gauche (la vilaine ^^). Dans la prophétie de la gitane l'une des soeurs se mariera à un prince, donc Arabella fait tout pour avoir un prince sur son chemin bon, avant elle a un pirate-duc-en-devenir (qui s'appelle Lucien, trop sexy) sur s [...]

    19. Jessie on said:

      DNF. It started out so good, but then after they made it to France (view spoiler)[and got married (hide spoiler)], all of the main characters' motivations became completely irrational. I kept reading, making it all the way to 76%, hoping all would become clear, but it did not. And now I don't care to find out what happens in the end, because there is no way it can make up for the madness that is the middle.

    20. HTL on said:

      *yawn* This could have been better. BUTIt draggedDialogue was quip-yPlot was confusing at timesSome actions seemed unbelievable aaaaaaaaaaand mostly *yawn* I wanted to read the series but now I'm doubting wanting to read the second (just so I can read the third).

    21. Lu on said:

      Este libro me lo leí de un tirón el día domingo. Cómo les digo que esta autora está rivalizando con los personajes de Lisa Kleypas . Realmente he quedado encantada con este primer libro que leo de ella. Espero poder leer más y ya les cuento si la autora entra en mi top 10 de autoras favoritas de este año o si no. ¡En serio si aman la romántica histórica DEBEN de leer este libro! Lo tiene todo, una buena historia, unos personajes demasiado sassiness que te enamoran por las locuras que r [...]

    22. Evelyn Cuellar on said:

      Una historia llena de secretos, ambiciones Arabella o Bella se me hace un personaje fuerte y decidido, desde que se enteró que ella o una de sus hermanas estaba destinada a casarse con un príncipe, decidió que era ella y haría todo para conseguirlo, ha conseguido un empleo como institutriz en un castillo, pero al perder su transporte debe buscar otro y jamás creyó toparse con el Pirata, un capitán que despierta en ella muchísimos sentimientos, pero al igual que ella, guardaba muchos secr [...]

    23. Isa on said:

      3'5 a una historia que me ha gustado bastante. Solo falta resolver el misterio de las hermanas, pero por increíble que parezca, no tengo demasiado interés en leer las dos historias restantes. Es que no han puesto nada jugoso a lo que cogerse.

    24. Les Romantiques on said:

      Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherIt’s my second Katharine Ashe book. It’s also my second «coup de coeur». So I’m going to seriously look into her reading list.I married the duke is the first volume of a new trilogy called The prince catchers. The series tells the story of three sisters, Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna, adopted by a Reverend. They must execute a prophecy linked with a ring which was in their possession when they lo [...]

    25. Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!) on said:

      I Married the Duke is my first book by Katherine Ashe and though I did enjoy it there was times when it frustrated me a little. Arabelle is wrapped up in a prophecy that a gypsy woman told her and her sisters when they were younger about one of them marrying a prince. That prince would know all about who their family was and they would finally know what happened to their mother. Arabelle is determined it is going to be her that marries the prince and has worked towards this goal by being a gover [...]

    26. Stephanie on said:

      I have not read anything from Ms. Ashe prior to this novel and this will not be the last. This is the first in a new series, The Prince Catchers, I will be watching for the next one to be published.What I enjoyed about this book is the characters. Arabella is a strong female character, and despite her poverty upbringing, is not afraid to speak her mind. Luc has not had an easy life. Never expecting to inherit the dukedom, he is reluctant to fall into line but he knows he must marry and they must [...]

    27. Julie LeMense on said:

      I respect anyone who takes the time to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard), and I've enjoyed other Katherine Ashe books, but this one just left me befuddled. It feels as if the scenes were written out of sequence, and also as if some of the chapters merely served as outlines that were never filled in. For example, Luc and Arabella have an interlude on the beach, long and drawn out, and then in the next chapter, out of nowhere, Luc is stabbed, and a priest just happens to be nearby, and [...]

    28. Janga on said:

      I Married the Duke is the first book in Ashe’s new Prince Catchers series, and the story of the mysterious ring and the identity of the three orphan sisters is tantalizing bait for series addicts. I knew as soon as I read the prologue that I was fairly caught and would not be satisfied until I turned the final page of the third book. Arabella and Luc are each interesting characters in their own right, and their banter, their chemistry, and the healing they offer each other make them a couple g [...]

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