Thirteen for Dinner

Denise Daisy

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Thirteen for Dinner

Thirteen for Dinner Averie Cooke is bribed to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party in order to rescue the other attendees from bad luck But it s Averie who needs rescuing when all hell begins to b

  • Title: Thirteen for Dinner
  • Author: Denise Daisy
  • ISBN: 9781482063639
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Averie Cooke is bribed to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party, in order to rescue the other attendees from bad luck But it s Averie who needs rescuing when all hell begins to break loose Averie Cooke has never set foot on the old Faulkner plantation The macabre history surrounding it is what keeps her away not to mention everyone says the placeAverie Cooke is bribed to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party, in order to rescue the other attendees from bad luck But it s Averie who needs rescuing when all hell begins to break loose Averie Cooke has never set foot on the old Faulkner plantation The macabre history surrounding it is what keeps her away not to mention everyone says the place is haunted A hundred and fifty years ago Lunar Wilson was hung there His lifeless body dangled in the breeze along with the gray Spanish moss Later that same night, the petite southern belle, Emily Faulkner wrapped a thick rope around her delicate neck and joined her lover in the afterlife Legend says all hell broke loose after that Unaware that their only daughter was hanging dead up in the cupola, Emily s parents continued on with their festivities, gorging themselves on prime rib, and guzzling expensive wine They were pretty drunk by the time the Wilson boys burst inside the house slinging their hatchets, vindicating their brother s murder They decapitated James Faulkner, his socialite wife, Elizabeth and dismembered all eleven dinner guest The massacre was the bloodiest ever recorded So why does Averie agree to attend a dinner party in the same mansion where the massacre took place She needs the money that s why But, she gets much than a paycheck when she and another mysterious guest transports back to the year 1859, exactly one month before the gruesome event Things go from bad to worse when she discovers the only way back home is to stop the murders But can she put her fears aside long enough to change the past and find life in the place she fears the most Thirteen for Dinner is a page turning thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat one minute, laughing out loud the next, and crying while you contemplate the meaning of life Dealing with issues such as racism, slavery, hatred, and fear you ll discover the only weapon that has the power to damage them all is love.

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      321 Denise Daisy
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    One thought on “Thirteen for Dinner

    1. Barbara on said:

      Anachronisims abound in this time travel/mystery/romance. The author was aiming to send her heroine back in time to 1859. Unfortunately, except for the wardrobe, she only managed to send her as far as about 1912. Antibellum southern mansions always had a kitchen that was separate from the house. Also, no gas stoves.I don't mind time travel stories as long as there is enough explination of how it works that it at least sounds logical. This one does not. There was almost no explination of the how [...]

    2. Amanda Cowher on said:

      I absolutely loved this story! It's one of those books that was extremely hard to put down, but I had to put it down a few times due to too much excitement. I loved the romance; it wasn't raunchy at all, something I hate, and just subtle enough to cause a big smile to erupt. Historically accurate, it weaves a heartbreaking tale of slavery and also rejoices in the triumph of the Underground Railroad. It's also a fantasy about time travel and the question that has been raised before: if we were to [...]

    3. Whitebeard Books on said:

      I really wanted to rate this title higher because Ms. Daisy is a consummate storyteller. She creates believable characters with flaws and feelings and the settings come with sound and yes, even smells. This lady has the makings of a really solid writer. Waiting for the "but?" Okay, but, her word choice can be a bit inadequate and her grammar needs some work. A good editor would help tremendously for the moment, but I'd suggest the Denise follow Stephen King's sound advice which is "read, read, r [...]

    4. Theresa Sivelle on said:

      So, I did what my daughter said and just went with it and I have to admit that I loved the book. This is so not my typical read but it was just what i needed. It was fun, silly and almost believable, with a little bit of action all thrown into one story. Glad I took the change and borrower this one form the kindle library.

    5. Emilly Gorsky on said:

      HATE the writing. There are so many mistakes, it's "couldn't care less" NOT "could care less" surely the literary world knows that by now. I did not want to be proof reading a novel I was meant to be enjoying. Also, I despise romances and this book is not the kind of scary I thought it would be. It is just scarily boring.

    6. Countrygirl57 on said:

      I truly enjoyed the book. She lost her mother and had no family ,but went back into the past and found her a new family.

    7. Rachel on said:

      Just finished this book, I read it in two days, and if I hadn't had to work I'd have finished it sooner. I absolutely couldn't put it down. The book is so vivid and real I feel like I've just watched a movie. I haven't read a fiction book this great in quite a while. The plot twists are fabulous, and just when there were a couple of points where I thought it might get overly sappy or cheesy, the plot took an unexpected turn that kept me reading just a few more pages knowing I really should to be [...]

    8. Heather on said:

      Grade: A-L/C Ratio: 40% Literary / 60% CommercialThematic Breakdown:30% - History20% - Romance15% - Slavery15% - Family10% - Time travel10% - FriendshipAddictiveness: HighMovie Potential: 1 Thumb Up (good action and interesting characters, but I’m not sure who the target audience would be as it straddles the line between young adult, historical fiction, and murder mystery)Re-readability: Medium (plot twists are well done, so it would interesting to read the book again knowing the secrets about [...]

    9. Sue Packer on said:

      This was a quick read. Set in the deep south of America Averie finds herself unexpectedly becoming the 13th guest at a dinner party in a 'haunted mansion'. She travels back in time (like you do!) and becomes embroiled in race against time to prevent a massacre taking place in the mansion and falls in love with a man who's mother is due to hang herself before he can be born! Given that scenario I guess this book would fall into a fantasy/chick-lit catergory (if there was such a thing!) and isn't [...]

    10. Kayla on said:

      Ebook obtained directly from the author in exchange for an HONEST review - these thoughts are my own opinion - see my blog for my full review.I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this novel but I was drawn in immediately. I'm blown away . I couldn't stop & completely read the entire novel in one sitting. I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole along with Ave. Just Wow. An emotional tale of being courageous when you feel you're the biggest scaredy cat around, facing things head o [...]

    11. Suzy Sims on said:

      Riveting!Setting in on a fancy dinner to keep the numbers even turns into a life altering experience for Avery. What starts as a party game turns into a nightmare flight as a historical massacre is happening right in the room she is trapped in. Mysterious guest Quillion rescues her and they time travel back to 1859, one month prior to the infamous massacre. Can they change history? And can they find a way to bridge a century for a once in a lifetime love? Wonderful book, very well written and ed [...]

    12. Trisha on said:

      A fun easy read, it was easy to love. I originally downloaded it onto my kindle because it was free and I needed it for a challenge. I'm so very glad I did. It was the perfect time for this book. The story is easy and lovely. The romance is simple and sweet. But, while the story may be light, it definitely carries a heavy topic - slavery, love between slaves and plantation owners in the south during the 1800's ands, a little bit of time travel.But I suspended all disbelief and just enjoyed the s [...]

    13. Kristi on said:

      I really enjoyed the mystery in this book and the time travel as well as the use of history. The romance in the book was reasonably predictable, but it worked out quite well and I was (for some reason) surprised by the ending. I had expected it to go a bit differently. Over all, a thoroughly enjoyable read that I have difficulty putting down near the end because I needed to see how it turned out.

    14. Noelle Walsh on said:

      This book was really good! It was creepy with a touch of romance which is great if you don't like your spook stories extremely spooky. It was well-written and I felt the characters were well developed and were easy to relate to.

    15. Monica on said:

      I am upset i spent my dollar on a book i believe to be a horror/thriller but turned out to be a romance(a genre i hate). I guess i misread the summary. it is a quick read, with a predictable story that lead to a predictable outcome involving predictable characters.

    16. ~Charmer~the 1-click addict on said:

      Very good book. I wanted to know more about how Quillan was able to be there. I know what he said he was and where he came from, but I needed more on that. Averie was a champ. I liked the quotes that Denise Daisy used in this book as well. Gonna see what else she has.

    17. Quantie5000 on said:

      A tale that takes the reader back in time. While skeptic at first, the author managed to hook me with intriguing character development along with a story line that included many twists.

    18. Sarah on said:

      Liked this one a lot more than I thought I would. Light reading but entertaining in a teen angst romance way.

    19. Kara on said:

      Fantastic book! Really enjoyed it. Lots of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff that will do your head in if you think about it too much, but a very well written and intriguing story.

    20. Yvette on said:

      A free download from - probably would have given it a better rating 20 years ago.

    21. Sevilay on said:

      Loved this book! It was so much better than I expected, it's one of only a handful of books I've read in one night.

    22. Thom Eckles on said:

      OK mix of history & paranormal. Pretense of title is misleading

    23. Carleene on said:

      LOVE this book! Another page turner by Denise Daisy. I LOVE the history that is woven all through this story! I will definitely be reading this story again.LOVE IT!

    24. Michelle Roberts on said:

      There were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. It was hard for me to overlook them. Plus, the title didn't fit with the story. It was just not a very good story.

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