Little Miss Liberty

Chris Robertson

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Little Miss Liberty

Little Miss Liberty To begin with her coloring is a little on the green side Not to mention that she grows a few inches every day Smart independent and a friend to all when Little Miss Liberty outgrows her classmates

  • Title: Little Miss Liberty
  • Author: Chris Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781619890336
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook
  • To begin with, her coloring is a little on the green side Not to mention that she grows a few inches every day Smart, independent, and a friend to all, when Little Miss Liberty outgrows her classmates, her clothes, her house even her city she sets out to travel the world And in the end she finds just the right spot to call her own Author artist Chris Robertson has creTo begin with, her coloring is a little on the green side Not to mention that she grows a few inches every day Smart, independent, and a friend to all, when Little Miss Liberty outgrows her classmates, her clothes, her house even her city she sets out to travel the world And in the end she finds just the right spot to call her own Author artist Chris Robertson has created a humorous yet uplifting story about one of the world s most symbolic monuments An enjoyable romp and a perfect read aloud it will entertain even the squirmiest listener and yet in its own way remind us why Lady Liberty is both unique and important.

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      165 Chris Robertson
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    One thought on “Little Miss Liberty

    1. Kristin Davison on said:

      I would like to thank netgalley and Xist Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.This is a sweet little book, it very cleverly explores the things that the statue of liberty stands for.

    2. Kat on said:

      Basic plot: Little Miss Liberty finds her way to New York Harbor.I really was bothered by this book and I'm struggling to define the whole of it without simply sounding bitchy. The book was a Nook freebie I found, so I downloaded it for my son.For the uninformed, this is not a history of how the Statue of Liberty was designed and then brought to the USA, it is fiction. I think it is attempting to create a myth around Lady Liberty, but in my mind failed to miss the point.You see, if you're going [...]

    3. Melissa Namba on said:

      I'm torn. on the one hand, I think giving the statue of liberty a life being raised in France and then having her tour the world is very strange. on the other hand, it's kind of cute in a sad way where if you buy into it, then the statue of liberty is now living a very boring life just standing there when she uses to be young, inquisitive, and mobile.

    4. Ed on said:

      Cute story, and the first page definitely shows the influence of Madeline, since it looks like it could have come from the original book. Well illustrated, with vibrant colors. Very nice first book for the author.

    5. Sarah on said:

      This is a really cute interpretation of the origins of the statue of liberty. The story is obviously fictionalized, but I love how what the Statue of Liberty symbolizes was embedded into the character. I love how the author literally brought Liberty to life in Paul Bunyan style. :-)

    6. Cat on said:

      Nope. Didn't work for me. I was excited to see a book about the Statue of Liberty for really young readers and was pretty disappointed and confused by this story. Really? She starts life as a baby girl in France, grows up, travels the world, and ends up- is she pretending to be a statue?!?- SHE TURNS INTO A STATUE?!? Yuck! No! I'll keep looking. Just to be clear, I received a free copy of this story from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review.

    7. Wayne McCoy on said:

      'Little Miss Liberty' by Chris Roberson is a picture book about an unusual young girl. I hoped for a bit more history than I got, but it's still a cute little book.Little Miss Liberty was born in France. She is a bit green. She also grows faster than other kids. She likes to learn and soon outgrows her home, so she goes to seek a new home.The Statue of Liberty was created in France, and did eventually end up in the United States. It does convey some of what the statue stands for, but I had hoped [...]

    8. Laura on said:

      I thought this was going to be a fictionized story of the origin of the Statue of Liberty, which of course, came from the French on the anniversary of American's 100th birthday. That would have been a cool book.This book is not that.It's hard to say what this book is. It starts out as though it might be a fictionized version, because she is born in France, but after that it jumps on the crazy train. The Statue, known as Miss Liberty, goes to school, and does things and keeps growing until she is [...]

    9. Theediscerning on said:

      A picture book where the famous Statue was an actual human, growing and learning through knowledge and kindness, etc. I loved the artwork, so others will, and the young will like the lesson, even if to an adult's eyes it's a little cheesy and courtesy of Trump only a half-truth at best.

    10. Heather on said:

      The illustrations and text in this book had my students smiling and laughing. While not factual, I do not think it was trying to be. It was a cute opener to a unit or conversation about the history of the Statue of Liberty. We will be reading this again!

    11. Theresa Grissom on said:

      This book was not what I expected. I thought it was a picture book biography of the Statue of Liberty. It was cute though but I thought it ended abruptly. It does do a good job of showing what the Statue of Liberty stands for though. Thanks to Netgalley for this book.

    12. Ryan on said:

      This is a unique story about the Statue of Liberty. Miss Library is a little girl who continues to grow bigger than everyone else. She reads a lot, learns to help others, and to explore new and distant lands. Once she finds the perfect home, she stands tall and proud, a beacon of hope and light.

    13. Stacie on said:

      Little Miss Liberty tells the tale of how Lady Liberty came to live in New York Harbor. Now, the operative word here is tale and this is truly a magical one filled with excitement and wonder.From the moment Little Miss Liberty comes into the world, it's apparent that she is special. As a young girl in Paris, she realizes she is different from her classmates. For one thing she's green and she grows in leaps and bounds towering over her friends. She is also kindhearted to all those she meets. Even [...]

    14. Jessica Jones on said:

      Interest LevelGrades K - 3Reading LevelGrade level Equivalent: 3.8Lexile Measure®: Not AvailableDRA: Not AvailableGuided Reading: Not AvailableGenre Historical Fiction Theme/SubjectAmerican History Flags, Monuments, SymbolsMiss liberty feels as though she has lived in Paris france for too long so she set out on a journey seeking to find a new home. This booktales the children all through the life of Little Miss Liberty from birth to New York, giving a biographical story tothe statues life.This [...]

    15. Connie on said:

      This is just a silly little story about the "girl who grew up to be Lady Liberty", presupposing that she's not a statue, but an actual person.She's born green and tall, and always does the right thing.There's really not much to this book, and if you're short on funds you'll be better off with another one. But if you have the space in the library, or a special interest in the Statue of Liberty (I got this book for my nieces, who, living on Staten Island, think it's great fun to stand on chairs an [...]

    16. Jane on said:

      Little Miss Liberty is a delightful children's book for young children. The illustrations are delightful and made the children in my preschool class laugh. The values presented to accept people that are different' Little Miss Liberty loves reading and is friends to everyone are good lessons for young children. It is not about a statue but could lead to a discussion about the real Statue of Liberty and a lesson about the history of our country. The children have requested the book everyday since [...]

    17. Alison on said:

      At first glance this book was cute, but I didn't love it. After reading it to a few first grade classes working on an American Symbols unit, I have to say I changed my mind! The kids had a pretty good handle on their Statue of Liberty facts and they really got a kick out of the silliness of this book coupled with the overall historical context. It was a nice way to talk about fiction vs. nonfiction as well as the historical significance of the content.

    18. Bonnie Gleckler Clark on said:

      A very nice story for young children! Nice illustrations. I read it to my two granddaughters (6 and 9 year olds) and the both enjoyed it. The oldest said, "I know, I know who this us about." So I asked her where Little Miss Liberty ended up staying and she knew the answer. I further explained there is still a smaller version of Liberty in Paris (Jardin du Luxembourg).

    19. Lauren on said:

      We've checked this one out frequently as it's a favorite because of Liberty's name.

    20. Georgia on said:

      A really lovely and charming book with sweet and wonderful illustrations! This is a perfect read to children in the classroom and before bed.

    21. Jennifer on said:

      Perfect for kids Have been reading this to my 4 yr old Liberty every night since she was born and she loves it

    22. Stacy Renee(LazyDayLit) on said:

      This review was originally posted on Lazy Day LiteratureLittle Miss Liberty was unique from the start. She was born a little green and outgrew her classmates and even her parents. She grew so much she realized that she needed to go out into the world to find her rightful place. So she left Paris and ended up in America. This is more than just a story about how Little Miss Liberty ended up on Ellis Island. This is the story about a girl with a love of books and confidence in her own skin who was [...]

    23. Holly on said:

      Little Miss Liberty is a fictional story of how the iconic Lady Liberty came to be! Liberty was born a very special child, she was green and growing at a rapid pace. When she outgrown everything around her, she set off to find where she belongs until that one magic day when she finds that one special spot to call her own!I thought this book was very cute in the sense that it gives kids reason to want to learn more about the Statue of Liberty. Some people complain how it's nothing like how the re [...]

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