Bruce Goes Home (Kiwi Critters, Book 3)

Donna Blaber

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Bruce Goes Home (Kiwi Critters, Book 3)

Bruce Goes Home Kiwi Critters Book A fun rhyming story in which Keri the Kiwi comes up with a plan to send Bruce the Possum home to Australia Book in the Kiwi Critters Series for children aged years Written by Donna Blaber and il

  • Title: Bruce Goes Home (Kiwi Critters, Book 3)
  • Author: Donna Blaber
  • ISBN: 9781927229361
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Staple bound
  • A fun rhyming story in which Keri the Kiwi comes up with a plan to send Bruce the Possum home to Australia.Book 3 in the Kiwi Critters Series for children aged 0 7 years Written by Donna Blaber and illustrated by Rupert Shaw.

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      224 Donna Blaber
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    One thought on “Bruce Goes Home (Kiwi Critters, Book 3)

    1. Monique on said:

      I received book three in the Kiwi Critters series, Bruce Goes Home, along with the first-reads giveaway of Sausage Sizzle.It was a delightful surprise to receive this in the mail as it was very unexpected. Like the other books in the Kiwi Critters series Bruce Goes Home is aimed towards young children and carries a message of conservation, looking after the land of Aotearoa to benefit those living there and future generations. The bright illustrations and rhyming make Bruce Goes Home a fun read [...]

    2. Vicky on said:

      As an Australian, I particularly like this story, as I agree that Bruce the Possum doesn't belong in New Zealand (although it does give me the opportunity to buy Possum wool, which I can't get in Aus).Like the other one of these books I read, I like the cute pictures & rhymes, but with this one, we are also learning about the problem with introduced species.

    3. Heather Ramsay on said:

      Is that kiwi ingenuity or what?! Outrageous solution to the cute but problematic possum pest, and kids will love it.

    4. Claudia Smallman on said:

      I received a copy of this book from a Giveaway. Thank you, Donna Blaber!I've no prior knowledge of The Kiwi Critter series, though no knowledge of the other books is needed to pick up this cute little rhyming story and have a quick read. Despite being so short - it's only around eighteen pages - Bruce Goes Home manages to be a very quick tale that should please the younger members of the family. Even the adults can enjoy it for what it is, as with bold illustrations and very to the point it is [...]

    5. Lou Tennant on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.What a fun little series! I have been lucky enough to receive books 2-4 in the Kiwi-Critters series, and must say I have enjoyed reading all of them. These rhyming books are fantastic for children up to about 6 or 7 years of age. The wonderfully colourful and entertaining illustrations by Rupert Shaw are sure to capture the attention of any child, as will the fascinating array of characters brought to life by author Donna Blaber. Though the [...]

    6. Wendy on said:

      I received this book along with Sausage Sizzle as part of the giveaway.Although others have given this a good review, I was left feeling rather deflated after reading these. I felt that the rhyming was forced. The story was too short and felt like it was hurried to get an ending quickly. Whilst it touches on conservation, to me the solution was inappropriate. I felt the pictures were too plain.I applaud the fact that these books were made for small hands and was kept at a low price for affordab [...]

    7. Georgia on said:

      After winning Sausage Sizzle (book 4 in the Kiwi Critters series) in a competition, I was pleasantly surprised when a second book was included in the package.Like Sausage Sizzle, this cute little rhyming story for toddlers included an important message to teach our kids about New Zealand native wildlife. This one was about possums eating our native trees and endangering our bush.This story will go down well with children learning to read, as it is a small book (perfect for the littlies) and a b [...]

    8. Tomoko Kikuchi on said:

      Fun Rhyming Book for children! This is the Book 3 of Kiwi Critters' series, written by Donna Blaber, the author of the Insight guide: New Zealand. The book has colorful illustrations of endemic species you can only see in New Zealand (Kiwi, Pukekofern!). The story is short and easy to follow even for foreign readers like me (i'm Japanese!). I ordered the series for childeren of one of my friends who travelled and fell in love with the beautiful country. Hope the Audio book will be available soon [...]

    9. Natasha on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.This is a joyful book. Aimed at younger children, it teaches you about the environment and other stuff in a fun rhyming way. The illustrations are bright, colourful and wonderfully done. I must admit I read this more than once and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading the rest of the Kiwi-Critters series. I would definitely recommend you buy this book at once.

    10. Heather Jacobson on said:

      As with the other Kiwi Critters books, "Bruce Goes Home" is beautifully written and illustrated. The text uses simple language for children to read and understand. The colours are strong and clear which contributes to the effect of a clean page to read from. These books are my new favourite gift for young children. As an added bonus, they are well priced. Easy to read to a pre-schooler. Collect the whole set - your children will appreciate it!

    11. Danielle Morgan on said:

      This was a really fun little rhyming book, I read this to my niece and now she needs to hear it every time I visit! I recommend this for any children, it's colourful and they'll learn something new. I received the book free through First Reads.

    12. Karen on said:

      A sweet wee story with a real conservationist twist. I live in the South Island high country, and think it would be a great idea to send Bruce and his friends home. (Take the rabbits too!) My 3yr old and 1.5yr old boys both enjoyed this one.

    13. Pauline on said:

      Rhyming book for the young reader. Colourful pictures. Poor old Bruce the Aussie possum needs to go home.This wee book, like others in the series capture the spirit of New Zealand, while picking up on ecological concerns.

    14. Maree Hewitt on said:

      I received this book Bruce Goes Home as a first read opportunity. Highly recommend this book because it is very funny and sends a great message about the opossum issue in New Zealand. Loved it.

    15. Jan Mitchell on said:

      This is a funny story with great pictures and its great that all the Possums go home. Looking forward to reading it to the young ones

    16. Brandon Conway-Rusk on said:

      This New Zealand ryhming tale is of fantastic proportions! I will definitely be sharing this one around all the young children that I know! Excellent work! My personal favourite of the series!

    17. Cherie Evans on said:

      Fantastic Books! My little Grandchildren loved these books - fun and easy for them to learn to read! Gorgeous illustrating! Can't recommend this series highly enough! ;-)

    18. Barbara on said:

      Thank you Donna. Great story and illustrations. Fun for young and (much) older kids.

    19. Janet on said:

      Another delightful story for young readers.I adore the method used to send Bruce the Possum home.I love this book.

    20. Lesley Lel on said:

      My grandchildren love these booksry clever illustrations and clear sentences they can read themselves

    21. Louise Graves on said:

      Way to go Bruce! Excite your childrens imagination with this easy read book.My children loved it!

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