Sausage Sizzle (Kiwi Critters, Book 4)

Donna Blaber

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Sausage Sizzle (Kiwi Critters, Book 4)

Sausage Sizzle Kiwi Critters Book A fun rhyming story in which the Kiwi Critters put on a sausage sizzle to raise money for their mate Kenny the Kakapo Book in the Kiwi Critters Series for children aged years Written by Donna B

  • Title: Sausage Sizzle (Kiwi Critters, Book 4)
  • Author: Donna Blaber
  • ISBN: 9781927229378
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Staple bound
  • A fun rhyming story in which the Kiwi Critters put on a sausage sizzle to raise money for their mate, Kenny the Kakapo.Book 4 in the Kiwi Critters Series for children aged 0 7 years Written by Donna Blaber and illustrated by Rupert Shaw.

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      419 Donna Blaber
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    One thought on “Sausage Sizzle (Kiwi Critters, Book 4)

    1. Donna Blaber on said:

      I love the subtle environmental message in this book which teaches children that if we all work together, we can save our native wildlife. Although it is set in New Zealand with NZ characters, children the world over will identify with it through their own native species. Bright and bold pictures, and a quick and easy read like all the books in the Kiwi Critters series. At this length there's always time for a quick story!

    2. Lou Tennant on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.What a fun little series! I have been lucky enough to receive books 2-4 in the Kiwi-Critters series, and must say I have enjoyed reading all of them. These rhyming books are fantastic for children up to about 6 or 7 years of age. The wonderfully colourful and entertaining illustrations by Rupert Shaw are sure to capture the attention of any child, as will the fascinating array of characters brought to life by author Donna Blaber. Though the [...]

    3. Monique on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.Sausage Sizzle, the fourth book in the Kiwi Critters series, is an enjoyable little read aimed towards young children. It carries a wonderful message of looking after our environment and helping out our friends in need with a Kiwi twist. The bright and alluring illustrations and wonderfully written rhyming structure make it an attractive book for children to read again and again. This book has been a big hit for not only myself but also for [...]

    4. Tomoko Kikuchi on said:

      Fun Rhyming Book for children! This is the Book 4 of Kiwi Critters' series, written by Donna Blaber, the author of the Insight guide: New Zealand. The book has colorful illustrations of endemic species you can only see in New Zealand (Kiwi, Pukekofern!). The story is short and easy to follow even for foreign readers like me (i'm Japanese!). I ordered the series for childeren of one of my friends who travelled and fell in love with the beautiful country. Hope the Audio book will be available soon [...]

    5. Natasha on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.This is a joyful book. Aimed at younger children, it teaches you about the environment and other stuff in a fun rhyming way. The illustrations are bright, colourful and wonderfully done. I must admit I read this more than once and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading the rest of the Kiwi-Critters series. I would definitely recommend you buy this book at once.

    6. Danielle Morgan on said:

      Like the others in this series, I read it to my niece to see if it's more than just me that enjoys this.Immediately after we'd finished, she asked if the Kakapo needed anymore help being saved, and went to go raid the fridge of sausages!!! What a reaction!!You're entertained, learning about different species, and even it's environmental problems.I'll certainly be looking for more in this series!I received my copy from First Reads.

    7. Kathleen Mitchell on said:

      This book is too adorable! There is a great message in there as well. Kids love these books.Would highly recommend this series of books if you are looking for a New Zealand book, which contains vital ecological messages that children can understand. I am training to be a teacher and these will definitely be in my classroom.I was lucky enough to win a copy through the ' First Reads' giveaway.

    8. Georgia on said:

      This was a cute little story that was accompanied by even cuter pictures. Relevant to the kiwi culture, it even managed to include a message about the endangered native species in New Zealand.With only seven pages of writing in a book the size of your hand, this is the perfect little bedtime story to read to your toddler, and one that they can read to themselves as they learn how.

    9. Maree Hewitt on said:

      I received a free copy of Sausage Sizzle as part of a first-read giveaway. Great to read a New Zealand themed book about kiwi issues. Love the illustrations and I thought the humour was fantastic. I also received a copy of Bruce Goes Home and I am still laughing. Children love the stories and a small book for little hands. Thanks for the chance to read and enjoy this little gem.

    10. Jill on said:

      I received this book as part of a first-reads giveaway.Very cute and very Kiwi kids book. Colourful and fun. I especially liked Piri the Pukeko. The NZ style post box was a nice touch. I also received a copy of Bruce Goes Home which was just as lovely. Will be keeping these on hand for little visitors.

    11. Heather Ramsay on said:

      Mmmm, I can smell the sausages. And what a great cause to raise money for - the delightful bush comedian known as the kakapo. These books, although simple, are a good basis for wider discussion on the environment with kids.

    12. Jan Mitchell on said:

      This book was given to me when I won another of the authors books. The whole series is wonderfully written and full of humor. Little kids love them and they are bright and have wonderful pictures. Lover them.

    13. S on said:

      strange but cute-- very short- nice illustrations- more like a cereal box freebee . Thank you for the copy-- a 5 year old and a 9 year old liked it.

    14. Allyson Bossie on said:

      I was disappointed in this book. It is really a booklet with just a few pages, small in size, and didn't really hold my 4 year old's attention well.

    15. Christa on said:

      This is a cute little book with a great story. I enjoyed reading it with my kids!

    16. Louise Graves on said:

      Make sure you are not hungry and your children are well fed before reading this mouth watering book!

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