Four Weddings and a Fireman

Jennifer Bernard

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Four Weddings and a Fireman

Four Weddings and a Fireman It takes a certain kind of man to stand out among the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel Firefighter Derek Vader Brown is one of a kind six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero It s that pr

  • Title: Four Weddings and a Fireman
  • Author: Jennifer Bernard
  • ISBN: 9780062273680
  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook
  • It takes a certain kind of man to stand out among the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel.Firefighter Derek Vader Brown is one of a kind six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero It s that protective streak that has him pursuing a promotion to Captain to pay for his mother s home care And it s why he intends to figure out why his sometime girlfriend Cherie HarIt takes a certain kind of man to stand out among the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel.Firefighter Derek Vader Brown is one of a kind six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero It s that protective streak that has him pursuing a promotion to Captain to pay for his mother s home care And it s why he intends to figure out why his sometime girlfriend Cherie Harper runs hot as hellfire one minute and pushes him away the next.Cherie s got it bad Vader sweeps her off her feet literally and their chemistry is combustible There s just the little problem of a nightmare from her past she was desperate to escape And then her sister Trixie arrives, causing havoc for Cherie and the male population of San Gabriel Cherie doesn t want her past to complicate Vader s life or his career But there s nothing like a firefighter to break through all your defenses, one smoldering kiss at a time .

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      317 Jennifer Bernard
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    One thought on “Four Weddings and a Fireman

    1. Jane Stewart on said:

      DNF. Read 94 pages, then jumped to the end.Cherie and Vader are madly in love. He proposes twice but she refuses. She won’t tell him why. The reason is primarily because she promised someone something. That promise did not make sense to me to justify not telling him - to justify living her life without the man she loves. I just can’t read an entire book whose plot is based on that.One of the best parts of a romance novel is seeing a couple meet and watching them fall in love. That is skipped [...]

    2. Lover of Romance on said:

      This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Derek "Vader" Brown is a unique Bachelor of the Firemen of San Gabriel. He isn't your typical fire fighter and he knows it and so does everyone who has ever met Vader. Vader is spirited and wild at times but is honorable and loyal to a fault. Vader is also in love with his 'sometimes' girlfriend Cherie. There are times he thinks they are on the right track and then other times he wonders who Cherie really is and why she is holding b [...]

    3. Susan on said:

      I've been waiting to read Vader's story and it was definitely worth the wait. In previous books, Vader has been the fun loving one, a bit of a clown, and frequently up to mischief. In this book, we discover that there is more to Vader than meets the eye.Vader and his girlfriend Cherie have an on-again, off-again relationship. Vader is in love with her and wants her to marry him. Bu every time things start to get serious between them, Cherie pulls back. She tells him she cares, but she doesn't wa [...]

    4. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      Kitty‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSJennifer Bernard is one hell of a writer whose Bachelor Firemen series is off the charts sexy, funny and full of hot firemen waiting to break the curse.Vader and Cherie’s story is no different.Vader, the strong, handsome firefighter has a soft, sentimental side – especially at weddings. He’s in love with Cherie and can’t imagine why she keeps turning down his proposals. Can it be because he pops the question whenever he atten [...]

    5. Brenda on said:

      Holy WOW I adore this series, and I've been not so patiently waiting for Vaders book and Jennifer Bernard went above and beyond! First I have to say that Jennifer didn't shy away from subjects that some may not normally want to write about, but she did so in such a respectful way that it wove itself so well into the story. Vader has been head over heels in love with Cherie since almost the moment they met. He also has quite a few secrets. One that he may play hard and act like a party guy but he [...]

    6. Candis Terry on said:

      I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for Vader's story. I'm ecstatic to say he was worth the wait! I love the bigness of his character and Ms. Bernard gave him a story to match. Nothing else would have fit his extreme muscular hunkiness. I love Cheri and all her quirks. And the addition of Cheri's sister was just a hoot!

    7. Rachel on said:

      2.4 Just couldn't get into this one. I got so tired of hearing about Vadars muscles or how big he is on every page. Once I noticed it, it drove me nuts. Cherie and her crazy back history/sister and secretiveness didn't make it any better. It was worth finishing though since I have really liked the other books in the series and plan to continue. This one just wasn't for me.

    8. Stephanie on said:

      ORIGINAL POST: fangswandsandfairydust/201FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIREMAN Secrets Kept, Love Lost?DISCLOSURE: E-Galley provided by publisher via Edelweiss. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.It’s funny, I was introduced to Jennifer Bernard’s Bachelor Firemen series about this time last year when Readaholics Anonymous and I did a Valentine’s Day Blog site. One of our guests was Jennifer and though I hadn’t read her yet, it brought her wor [...]

    9. ✿ on said:

      Four Weddings and A Fireman was graciously given to me by the publisher for the upcoming blog tour.As a fan of The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, I really liked this one as it was filled with secrets, suspense, intrigue, and of course romance!!From the series prior, I had seen glimpses of Derek “Vader” Brown but always hoped that he would have a story of his own and it FINALLY came true!! Vader may have a body that women may lust for but deep down he is the ultimate sweetheart and an overp [...]

    10. Bette Hansen on said:

      Loved Vader's book!! Was so very glad that the story was as big and wild as the character himself. Took me a while to warm up to Cherie since she was grinding up sweet Vader's heart but she pulled it out in the end. I definitely recommend this one.

    11. Kirke on said:

      I've always been a big fan of Vader throughout this series. He always brought that humorous note to the books and made it extra enjoyable. I was very happy he finally got his own novel. We saw some of him and Cherie in the previous books, but to me it seemed always a bit casual so it did take me a bit by surprise just how serious Vader's feelings toward her were.The attraction between them was never the problem, the fact that they kept secrets from each other was. All Vader wants is a serious co [...]

    12. Chelsey Wolford on said:

      I am probably the biggest fan of this series that you will find! They are all sitting atop my shelf with some of my most favorite series of books. I fell in love with the storyline when I picked up the first book in this series. I read that book in the summer of 2012, so now every time that I read one of these books I reminisce about summer time and that fun, easy feeling. This book follows another one of San Gabriel’s finest, Derek “Vader” Brown. He was one of the firemen that I could not [...]

    13. Lustful Literature on said:

      **JOSIE'S REVIEW**This is the first book I read by this author. It was a different type of romance book for me, and I enjoyed it. This book is actually the 5th in the series so I got curious and read 1 through 3. I found each book to be funny, romantic and had drama. Throughout the series, we saw some of Vader and his sometimes girlfriend Cherie. It was easy to see the connection between the two but secrets kept them from really being committed. I found Vader and Cherie’s story to be delightfu [...]

    14. Between the Covers Reviews on said:

      This is part of the Bachelor Fireman Series but can also be read as a standalone novel.Derek "Vader" Brown is the light-hearted, "class-clown" of the San Gabriel Fire Dept. But no one has ever really known the deeper side to Vader. No one knows that he loves a good romantic wedding, is deeply in love with Cherie Harper, and takes care of his wheel-chair bound mother.Cherie Harper has secrets. She ran away from her family with her brother 6 years ago and has been watching her back ever since. She [...]

    15. Jenn on said:

      Have I told you how much I love firemen?? No? Well, I am obsessed with them. I think it's partly to blame the firewife in me, but I can't get enough firemen books. So when I was given the chance to read Jennifer Bernard's newest book, I just HAD to jump on it. I've read all of her Bachelor books, except for two. They're some of the ones that staring at me, every time I turn on my Kindle. *sigh* Soon.This book is about Derek "Vader" Brown. He's the joker of the San Gabriel Fire department. And I [...]

    16. HappilyEverChapter on said:

      If a writing style had a tactile or sensory image to accompany it, I'd picture the glass-smooth, aquamarine Caribbean waters on a cloudless, sunny day. Or melted, rich Belgium dark chocolate flowing in a fountain. Or maybe the feel of the finest silks floating over one's body it's just that exquisite!Who DOESN'T love Vader that big teddy bear! I mean, come on! Vader's been in this on/off relationship with Cherie for, what seems like, forever! Everytime he attends a fellow firefighter's wedding, [...]

    17. Cocktails and Books on said:

      4.5 CocktailsThis was my first Bachelor Firemen story, and I will definitely read the rest of them. Vader and Cherie obviously love each other even if they both have secrets that are keeping htem from settling down together.The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel is a great concept and I look forward to more of the fun with the great secondary characters that had real personalities. I would enjoy spending way more time in San Gabriel with the firemen.I really loved Vader, he’s loyal, fun and very [...]

    18. Karen on said:

      I wasn't sure about this one at the beginning. I love this series, but was hesitant for some reason about Cherie and Vader. I love Vader and was happy to read his story, but Cherie made me nervous as she kept breaking his heart. But as with each Jennifer Bernard book I've read, it soon became one that I just couldn't put down!! I finished in the wee hours of the morning as I didn't want to wait until the next day to see how it ended, LOL. Another great job Ms. Bernard :)

    19. Ani Gonzalez on said:

      Whoa! This book is quite a romp. Lots of action and firehouse antics, crazy family members, and complicated pasts make for a roller-coaster read. This was my first Firemen book and I had no problem getting caught up. Highly recommended.

    20. Amber Gray on said:

      I usually like this series, but this book drove me nuts. I just wanted to shake them both, grrr I hate when they keep stupid secrets from each other.

    21. Maranda Best on said:

      I was so excited to read this book butwas quickly bored with repeatedly hearing about how big Vader's chest/muscles were. I got bored with Cherie's wishy washy attitude not to mention her extremely erratic looney sister. I kept finding myself wanting to just skip to the last chapter and I did skip pages here and there because I got bored. I finished the book because I really liked the series. This one is definitely my least favorite so far but Jennifer Bernard is still one of my favorite authors [...]

    22. Brandi on said:

      After five books now, I've gotten used to Jennifer Bernard bringing on the wacky. And oh boy, does she do that in Four Weddings and a Fireman.First, the part I loved - Vader. Plain and simple. He was sweet, he was adorable, and I was really into him as a character. After seeing glimpses of him in the previous books, I wasn't sure I wanted to read a story with him as the hero. But Bernard does an excellent job of showing the facade is a purposeful thing. And the man behind it? Awesome. Total hear [...]

    23. ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰ on said:

      ARC received for an honest reviewHave I told you before that I love firemen? No? Well I love firemen!This is the 5th book in Bachelor Firemen series, but it is the first that I have read. This did not take away from my enjoyment of this series, as it looks like each book can be read as a standalone, though all the firemen's stories intertwine a bit, but I did not feel that I was missing a lot.Cherie and Vader have had an on and off relationship for a while. They run hot and heavy, then she runs [...]

    24. Catherine Crook on said:

      Vader is awesome! Vader is your goofy party guy always armed with the video camera. The side you don't see if the son who has been taking care of his Mom since he was 14, and she loves those videos - and he continues to make them for her. As for Vader and Cherie - we have know about these two for quite some time. Vader went to Sabina a few books ago for advice on helping him with Vader. Your heart can't help but melt when you see a manly man as he is so head over heels in love with 'his girl.' H [...]

    25. McKenzie on said:

      Review written for and published by the Portland Book Review on July 8, 2014: For most of his life, Derek “Vader” Brown has used jokes and pranks to lighten the mood, entertaining others at his own expense, but he’s been the fun guy for so long he’s not sure how to take himself seriously anymore. Even Cherie Harper, his on-and-off girlfriend, refuses to take his feelings for her seriously, to trust him with her heart and her secrets. When Cherie’s weird family catches up to her, her ye [...]

    26. Cheri on said:

      I've loved Vader since the beginning of this series and was happy we were finally going to get his story. Vader himself didn't disappoint, but I wasn't totally on board with the actual story. I was prepared to dislike Cherie since we haven't seen her too much and the only thing the readers know about her is that she kind of strings Vader along. And the beginning of this book made me think I was right to dislike her. I really felt she was too hard on him and not hard enough on her jerk roommates. [...]

    27. Denise Always Awry on said:

      Review on my blog.I received this book from Avon Books (HarperCollins) on Edelweiss for an honest review.I love this series and I think this is one of the better books in it. I enjoyed Vader’s story and getting to see more of him, he definitely surprised me more than some of the other guys. I was entertained the entire time I read the book and found very little I did not like about it.I did frown a little at the off the wall names of Cherie and her family, I thought they might have been too mu [...]

    28. Andrea on said:

      I don't normally post DNF reviews. I typically write up a short reason on GoodReads, and leave it at that. I think I'm posting this one because I'm very curious about other readers' opinions on what makes you DNF a book.I quit Four Weddings and a Fireman at 33%. This is a personal issue. I try not to be too sensitive, but I from Arkansas, as is the heroine. The way the family is portrayed -backwoods, cult-like idiots with stupid names- annoys me. At one point, the heroine's sister came onto the [...]

    29. Sammie on said:

      It was good , some of the things that happened were kinda stupid but it was still a fun read.I've always liked Vader , he was so over the top , I loved reading about his story, I totally felt bad every time Cherie turned him down, you could totally see how in love with her he was, but finally Cherie gets her head outta her ass and tells Vader about her past and why she kept pulling away from him .Cherie is ok , at times I was like come on just tell him , she kept saying that she didn't want to h [...]

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