Dangerously Bound

Eden Bradley

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Dangerously Bound

Dangerously Bound She can whip up something sweet Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe and f

  • Title: Dangerously Bound
  • Author: Eden Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780425269626
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • She can whip up something sweet Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires She s not a child any But with two inShe can whip up something sweet Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires She s not a child any But with two in the kitchen When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won t be able to stay away for long Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants Can they take the heat Allie has made the first move, but now it s up to Mick The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.

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    One thought on “Dangerously Bound

    1. Steph McVicker on said:

      After leaving her hometown of New Orleans, and Mick Reid, 12 years ago, Allie LeClair has never stopped loving him or wondering why he pushed her away so hard. Now she's back, all grown up and ready for the kink she knows will bring them together again. But with Mick's demons fighting against love for real estate in his head, will he be willing to take a chance on the two of them, orbwill he force himself to walk away like he did all those years ago? DANGEROUSLY BOUND was the first book by Ms. B [...]

    2. DemetraP on said:

      I did not like Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley. I was excited to read it because it is advertised as having rope bondage. What it was instead, was everyone talking about their feelings. It's a second chance romance, they dated in high school. He dumped her because he didn't know she was kinky like him. (Stupid)She moves back to New Orleans and uses his best friend to have a meeting with him. Surprise! She's kinky too and if he doesn't "play" with her, she'll play with someone else at the BDSM [...]

    3. Erika on said:

      I cannot adequately describe how much I hated this book so much so I dreaded reviewing it since doing so means it will occupy even more time and space in my brain that I'd rather devote to better reads!! Right out of the gate this book was hard on one of my biggest pet-peeves: chicks obsessed with one dude for a ridiculously long time. Allie, 30, has lusted after Mick since was 16—half her life!—and now that she’s back in the Big Easy she’s determined to finally make him hers. Forever. A [...]

    4. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      KcLu‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThere is just something about Eden Bradley’s writing that draws you in and ties you up till you finish the book. She weaves a story so captivating that you become so wrapped up in it you can almost feel the ropes as though you are the one in them.Allie has been in love with Mick since they dated in high school, but when he went off to college he ended things with her and broke her heart. A pa [...]

    5. Jacqueline's Reads on said:

      3 (Bite Me, Whip Me, Play with Me) StarsDangerously Bound is about going after your childhood crush, not matter the consequences. SummaryAllie has had a crush on Mick since high school. Finally in college, she has sex with him and it’s everything she thought it would be and so much more. Mick doesn’t do commitment. He cares for Allie since they are friends, but after their one night together, things change. Allie moves away and pursues her career in baking.Years later, Allie is back and she [...]

    6. Melissa on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book! In my opinion, it was as hot (if not hotter) than 50 Shades of Grey was SUPPOSED to be! I loved that this was not another billionaire luring an innocent into his world of bondage, but was a story involving a true dominant/submissive relationship! So either the author is in to kink herself, or she really did her research! I would not recommend reading this if you are not into true BDSM.I mean 50 Shades of Grey is all the rage these days, but for me it was way too t [...]

    7. Meleka Taylor on said:

      I am giving this book a 1.25 rating. This is the story of Allie and Mick. Allie and Mick have been in love since high school. They were never really able to make it work due to Mick pushing her away. She has traveled the world for 11 years and has come back to her hometown of New Orleans to settle down and to claim her man. During those travels she has gained experience as being a submissive under various Doms in Europe. She knows Mick participates in this type of lifestyle also. Allie wants to [...]

    8. Ellie on said:

      Dangerously Bound, Dangerous #1, by Eden BradleyGrade: D“Do you really think I’m not going to kiss you, Allie? Do you really think I can stand not to?”Allie LeClair never got over her high school boyfriend Mick Reid and after leaving her hometown of New Orleans a decade earlier, she’s finally back and ready to make some big changes. While studying as a pastry chef all over the world Allie explored more of the dom/sub relationship that she experienced one night with Mick when she was twen [...]

    9. Leanne on said:

      I'll admit, I didn't exactly go into reading this with the highest of expectations, considering that I've never found the straight-up romance/erotica genre all that appealing to begin with, and my first forays into the realm of mainstream published kinky erotica--The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and FSOG-- were disappointing with a few exceptions and horrendously awful, respectively. But I had been skeptically scouring the recent rash of BDSM-themed novels, hoping that there might turn out to be [...]

    10. Smutty McBookwhore on said:

      This might be the worst BDSM book I’ve ever read. It was so emotional and over the top with feelings. Absolutely ridiculous. For two people to be in the sub/dom world for 12 years, it was like reading teenagers who just got introduced to BDSM. The only reason I gav it 2 stars is that I think it was the best writing when it came to the rope scenes. I usually get lost in those when reading other books but this one was the perfect discription. THAT IS IT! Not worth reading. your self a ton of eye [...]

    11. Cocktails and Books on said:

      Ms. Bradley knows her stuff, I was quickly drawn into Allie and Mick’s story, I even found myself wanting to visit New Orleans because the city came alive on the pages of this book.Allie and Mick love each other, but they have a past, a past that is full of some dark things especially on Mick’s part. I really enjoyed the way that Mick really struggled with being good enough for Allie, it made him a very real character to me. It’s a great example that Dom’s are human, which is something m [...]

    12. Monica on said:

      This book was good in the beginning. I liked how Allie wasn't too emotional or dramatic. I was anticipating a great book. Towards the middle it just got too annoying. Some books just make you hate the main character. I felt like Allie knew what she was getting herself into, but she still acted shocked and hurt when things didn't go back to the way she hoped. She automatically expected to pick up where they left off. Annoyingly, she was very dramatic and emotional. She cried often and it became i [...]

    13. E. Jamie on said:

      Dissapointed cause I really wanted to like this one. Read more like an anti-Fifty Shades 'this is the RIGHT way to portray bdsm' how-to manual than a romance. Way too much introspection from the hero and heroine and I thought the hero's reasoning for pushing the heroine was really weak.

    14. Lynne M on said:

      Ugh. This may be the worst book I've read this year!!! I tried, I really did, but I couldn't finish this one- and I'm not someone who usually stops reading something unless it is truly god-awful. Which this one was. Where to start? Good Lord!Allie, the heroine, is my age- 30. She's been obsessing over Mick since she was 15. He dumped her. Now, they're both kinky, and she's still obsessed with him and willing to do anything to get him to be hers. That's pretty much the jist of this book. The char [...]

    15. Peyton Landry on said:

      Fell short after the first bondage scene. The rope bondage was amazing writing. But I was hoping for more after that. Story was strong. Characters always seem to talk in bed, which was a bit repetitive for me. I like Eden's writing style and story telling. I've read other works from her which were great. Was just hoping for more of a punch this time, especially the way this story started.

    16. Chelsea Hackert on said:

      Great book. The series can be read together or all as standalones. This book jumps right into the BDSM realm of things, with a history between the two main people. It is a complicated history, but to find out more you'll have to read it for yourself. You wont be disappointed

    17. Julie on said:

      First half was pretty good, but the 2nd half was predictable and the dialogue made me roll my eyes more times than I could count.

    18. Jordan Monroe on said:

      This gets an extra star for adequately portraying a BDSM lifestyle. However, Mick is as myopic a character as Christian Grey and Allie is a disappointment.

    19. Debbie Lester on said:

      Eden Bradley brings readers the first book in her new Dangerous series, Dangerously Bound. The New Orleans setting and a BDSM club provide the background for the series. The first book focuses on a second chance love story between a couple with some serious history. He has a hard time curbing his more dominate sexual needs and she isn't the fragile girl she once was. Mick and Allie have a sizzling chemistry together and their play includes ropes and teeth, yep teeth. Interesting new book, from a [...]

    20. The Romance Evangelist on said:

      A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.Eden Bradley was one of the first authors I read when I was just starting out with BDSM-related erotic romances, and she’s still one of the few I can always count on to provide a story in that specific sub-genre that’s as accurate as it is enjoyable. DANGEROUSLY BOUND is the first entry in her new Dangerous series, and much like all her previous books, it’s one that left me thoroughly entertained an [...]

    21. Shelly on said:

      After being away - on and off - for the last 12 years. Allesandra LeClair is back in her hometown, New Orleans. While she's been gone she's been traveling Europe and California for the culinary experiences but she's also had time to get a lot of experience in the kink clubs too. Now that she's back she wants to prove to Mick Reid that she's an experienced bottom. Mick isn't convinced that Allie can keep up with him and his needs, mostly due to the pedestal that he's put her on and she keeps doin [...]

    22. Pretty Sassy Cool on said:

      3-1/2 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.I had no idea what to expect with this book, except that it clearly had a BDSM element to it. It is the story of Allie, a pastry chef, who has returned to her hometown of New Orleans determined to do two things: move her family’s bakery into the 21st century and re-imagine her relationship with longtime friend, ex-boyfriend and one time lover, Mick. Mick was the one that got away or more correctly pushed her away for reasons that were n [...]

    23. Katie on said:

      When I first saw this novel I was in the book aisle at Wal-Mart. I was looking for something new to read that would hopefully capture my attention for a period of time. The first thing about this novel that appealed to me was its cover. I saw it out of maybe hundreds of novels because of it. Not because its daring and elaborate, but because it's so simple and I'm not quite used to seeing that. I knew then that this was the novel for me and I had to have it. The main character in this BDSM novel [...]

    24. Sarah on said:

      Allie was the good girl who gave her virginity to her high school sweetheart Mick when they met again in their twenties. She had no regrets with this but Mick never giving himself any slack felt like he took advantage of her and wanted to protect her from his “dark side”. Mick had been interested in kink, bondage, sadism and masochism since he was a teenager – fearful of what that meant he turned the pain inward and sought out the release of pleasure in pain through fighting. Hurt from Mic [...]

    25. Sherry on said:

      4.5 StarsWhat can I say? The title got me going from the start, then I read the synopsis and I’m just wowed! This isn’t your every day BDSM book. It has depth, character, and an undying love.The synopsis is just the tip of the iceberg for this book.Allie has been in love with Mick since she was 16, and Mick was 18. She loves with a fierceness like no other. Mick pushes her away when he sets out to go to college. She’s completely heart broken.After Mick wrapped his bike around a tree he rea [...]

    26. Amy on said:

      The first half of the book was great, but the second half stalled into slow-motion, and by the end I was just pissed off. To begin with, we have Allie, who has just returned from European cooking schools because she inherited her late aunt's house in New Orleans. Then we have Mick who was Allie's high-school boyfriend, but they're still in love with each other after several years.The plot and emotion was strong in the first half of the book. But I became bored with the redundancy. The repetitive [...]

    27. Marie on said:

      Yes! It always makes me so happy when I find a BDSM/Erotic Romance book that goes above and beyond the norm and is…different. Allie, being a trained submissive, was a breath of fresh air in a genre that has beat in to the ground the “naïve and innocent” young woman. Allie has experience, and her experience has given her the courage to pursue Mick, a man from her past.I loved the relationship between Allie and Mick. Their past just adds fuel to the fire of passion that’s present in their [...]

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