Oliver and the Seawigs

Philip Reeve Sarah McIntyre

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Oliver and the Seawigs

Oliver and the Seawigs Oliver grew up in a family of explorers but his biggest adventure is about to begin Along with his new friends a grumpy old albatross a short sighted mermaid and a friendly island called Cliff Oliv

  • Title: Oliver and the Seawigs
  • Author: Philip Reeve Sarah McIntyre
  • ISBN: 9780192734556
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oliver grew up in a family of explorers but his biggest adventure is about to begin Along with his new friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short sighted mermaid and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver goes off in search of his missing parents But before he can put his rescue plan into action there s the evil Stacey de Lacey and an army of greasy, green sea monkeys toOliver grew up in a family of explorers but his biggest adventure is about to begin Along with his new friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short sighted mermaid and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver goes off in search of his missing parents But before he can put his rescue plan into action there s the evil Stacey de Lacey and an army of greasy, green sea monkeys to contend with .

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      126 Philip Reeve Sarah McIntyre
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    One thought on “Oliver and the Seawigs

    1. Ash Wednesday on said:

      4.5 STARSAnd then all of a sudden, there were too many monkeys.I’m half-tempted to review this with Near-sighted mermaid! Talking Islands! Sarcastic Weeds! SEA MONKEYS! and leave it at that. Because really, if those things wouldn’t perk your interest then I cannot do much else. Also, I’m feeling a little out of my element critiquing a children’s book that is a straightforward adventure story with none of the subtext and metaphors where a broken mirror symbolises unfulfilled dreams and wh [...]

    2. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* on said:

      Oliver Crisp. The new name in Super-guys. This kid totally rocks. He finally is getting a real home and before he even gets settled down he ends up having to find his wild exploration crazed parents.He ends up teaming up with a near sighted slightly chunky mermaid named Iris. Who is completely awesome sauce. She doesn't care to sit around primping and singing like the other mermaid ho's. (No the book didn't call them ho'sI did.)He also has help from a grumpy albatross and a wandering island name [...]

    3. Michelle Pickett on said:

      My daughter is having trouble with the way reading is taught at her school. One method is taught there, while I taught her how to read before she started school using another method. This has caused a lot of confusion and some heavy self esteem issues for her. She doesn't feel "as smart" as the other kids because of her reading.We read together everyday and then again at bedtime. She started reading Oliver and the Seawigs during her afternoon reading time. She read longer than I require her toe [...]

    4. Denise on said:

      Cute story! It's very creative and the illustrations are wonderful. It's nice to see an adventure story geared toward younger readers. I do think the vocabulary is probably fairly challenging for its intended age group, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing--just something to be aware of if you're recommending it for a reluctant reader. Overall, I recommend it!Thank you NetGalley for the advanced digital copy.

    5. Diamond on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review."‘No, this is a completely different place," said Iris. "It's called the Sarcastic Sea, and sailors fear it because the weed keeps making horrid, hurtful comments about them.'"This was an incredibly adorable book. When I first got invited to read this book, I had no idea what it was about. I saw the title, cover, and that it was middle grade, and said yep I'll give it a shot. I'm really glad I did. Because even [...]

    6. SoWrongItsRANDI Bell, Book & Candle on said:

      I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review4.5 starsThis was so cute! I really like the imagination in this book. It most certainly brought me back to when I was in elementary school. PlotOliver Crisp's parent go missing while exploring an island, and its up to Oliver and a few friends he meets along the way, to rescue themCharactersVery likable. I liked how you most certainly can relate to each character; even the bad ones haha.WritingFantastic! I just love the imaginative twist about [...]

    7. Alice Chandler on said:

      Absolutely loved this book. Don't think I have ever read a book so quickly. Lovely storyline that appeals to all readers and interests and characters that you can't help but build a bond with. Who would have thought you could feel sympathy for a rambling isle!! Brilliant illustrations that really add to the book while also telling a story themselves. Will definitely be recommending this one to children, family and friends, while also using within my teaching due to the endless cross-curricular o [...]

    8. Matti Karjalainen on said:

      Englantilainen Philip Reeve on murtautunut mainioilla teoksillaan omien suosikkieni joukkoon lasten- ja nuortenkirjallisuuden sarjassa, ja niinpä päätin tarttua myös miehen uusimpien suomennosten joukkoon kuuluvaan kirjaan "Oliver ja meriperuukit" (Aurinko, 2017).Oliver-nimisen jampan vanhemmat ovat kuuluisia tutkimusmatkailijoita, jotka ovat yhdessä kolunneet kaikki maailman kartoittamattomat kolkat ja kokeneet yhdessä hurjia seikkailuja. Poikaansa he ovat kuljettaneet mukanaan. Viimein p [...]

    9. Reetta Saine on said:

      Laytonin, Pastisin, Walliamsin jne. jalanjäljissä käännetään aikamoisia määriä hyvin tyypillistä anglo-(poika)-huumoria, jossa mennään ja kohelletaan ja kuvaillaan kaikkea hassua äärimmäisen tarkasti siinä samalla. Joudutaan pulaan ja selvitään ja yksityiskoulujen heput on aina pahiksia. Mukana muutama nenännostaja-aristokraatti, josta luokkayhteiskunnassa elävät ymmärtävät päivitellä elämän tylyyttä. Samaan kastiin nuorilta Poika nimeltä Joulu ja aika lähelle Ada [...]

    10. Barb Middleton on said:

      It's a bird It's a plane It's a seawig! A newfangled superhero you don't want to miss. Ten-year-old Oliver Crisp's parents ironically go missing the day they stop exploring and move into the old family home. Oliver is unpacking the car when his parents spy a bunch of islands in the bay. Jumping into a dinghy, they disappear along with the islands by the time Oliver sets out to rescue them. He sails out to a lone island and meets an albatross named, "Culpeper," who explains that the islands move. [...]

    11. Helena on said:

      Seikkailuhenkeä ja suolatyrskyjä! Oliver ja meriperuukit on mainiosti kuvitettu ja kivalla tahdilla etenevä kertomus kahden tutkimusmatkailijan pojasta, joka joutuu lähtemään pelastusretkelle, kun vanhemmat katoavat vaeltavien saarten matkaan. Apuna Oliverilla on likinäköinen merenneito Iiris, ja vaeltava saari nimeltä Kari. Tarinassa oli jotakin sadunkaltaista ja käänteet eivät ole kovinkaan hurjia, eli tätä voisi suositella heti, kun lukutaito riittää kahdensadan (tosin pienen [...]

    12. Siddharth Chakravarthy on said:

      This story is a hilarious account of the adventures encountered by Oliver, who goes on a quest in search of his lost parents who are Mad Explorers. The illustrations are spot on and they evoke laughter. The diverse set of characters worked out really well. Altogether, it was a fun, adventurous read.

    13. Mrs G on said:

      Great adventure story for LKS2 featuring explorers, a cantankerous albatross, a short-sighted mermaid, sarcastic seaweed (oh really) and moving, talking islands (among other things). I can imagine my class giggling a lot throughout this one - a class read I think. Fab.

    14. adik miftakhur on said:

      honestly, I loved the book. but, I felt like there's something missing in it. idk

    15. Ben Trevail on said:

      Our next class read for LKS2 I think - definitely perfect for Y3 but enough exciting vocabulary for Y4 to enjoy. Much preferred it to Cakes In Space.

    16. Ruby on said:

      I thought the book was amazing because M.R Culpepper/Walking Albatros is super duper funny and poor Iris is short eye sighted so she finds it hard to concentrate [poor thing][SORRY IRIS!]Ruby, 6 yrs

    17. Dawn Teresa on said:

      Originally published on my blog ReadLove.Gasp! Oliver Crisp is actually excited at the prospect of going to school! Because he’s spent nearly the whole of his ten years in the wake of his explorer parents on one adventure after another, he’s never set foot in a school. So when the Crisps have mapped every uncharted territory and climbed every mountain imaginable, they set out to settle down. Though “the house he [is] coming home to [is] one [he's] only seen on vacations,” Oliver Crisp is [...]

    18. Sara Grochowski on said:

      When your parents are explorers, you never stay in one place for long. Oliver dreams of a place to call home - a normal bedroom, school, and friends. Finally, after there is nothing new to discover or explore, Oliver's parents decide to return home. While his parents explore the curious islands near their home, Oliver settles in, but it doesn't take long to realize that something has gone awry. The islands are suddenly gone, taking his parents with them! Oliver sets out on one last adventure to [...]

    19. Liviania on said:

      Philip Reeve's latest novel, OLIVER AND THE SEAWIGS, is an interesting thing. It's a bit more complex than a chapter book, but simpler than a middle grade novel. It's heavily illustrated (almost every page!) but I wouldn't call it a graphic hybrid because there isn't use of sequential graphic scenes. The illustrations enhance the story, especially a dual-page spread of the seawigs, but they never tell the story.The eponymous Oliver is a young boy who travels the world (reluctantly) with his expl [...]

    20. Becky on said:

      I didn't not like it. I could easily say I liked it well enough. But you know how there are certain books that you read and get excited about and just can't wait to talk about? This wasn't that kind of book for me. While there was not one thing about the book that I didn't like, I just didn't find myself loving it. I don't know why readers feel, in some ways, obligated to love everything they read. I liked the opening paragraphs. "Oliver Crisp was only ten years old, but they had been a busy and [...]

    21. Kasey Cocoa on said:

      My son (9) gave this book two fully raised thumbs up along with a toothy grin. He says it's a fun to read story that he did not want to put down. Mind you, he was reading it on MY iPad. He says the story was entertaining and original with really cool illustrations. We easily give this five stars and recommend it for all young readers. We received an evaluation copy in exchange for our honest opinions. Read more reviews and enter giveaways for books, kindles, cash and moreon my blog.

    22. Robin Stevens on said:

      An utterly delightful, beautifully illustrated little book that's a total joy to read. Completely bonkers in the best British manner, this story of talking islands, short-sighted mermaids and sea monkeys deserves to be an instant hit with kids (and with everyone, actually).

    23. Johan Thilander on said:

      Rolig och äventyrlig kapitelbok. Bra för barn som börjat få in läsvanan. Boken är väldigt brittisk, både med det tokiga och lustiga, men också med sina förlegade könsstereotyper. Illustrationerna, särskilt de med de olika öarna och deras havsperuker, är väldigt häftiga!

    24. Līga Sproģe on said:

      Sarkastiskās jūraszāles :DKosmosa kūkas gan man patika labāk. Šī pēc puses zaudēja manu uzmanību.

    25. Sue on said:

      Just when Oliver thinks he's going to finally settle down with his retired explorer parents, a sentient island takes him on a ride to a wig contest. Along the way he meets a nearsighted mermaid, sea monkeys, an albatross named Mr. Culpepper, and some very sarcastic seaweed. This is a chapter book with lots of illustrations along the way, perfect for reading to young kids or for older kids to read to themselves. Nothing super scary happens and the worst word used is "stupid." The main character i [...]

    26. Amanda on said:

      So much fun! Suffers slightly in comparison with the later two excellent-to-the-point-of-perfection Not-So-Impossible Tales, Cakes in Space and Pugs of the Frozen North, but still wonderfully absurd and adorably illustrated! Loved Iris, the sea monkeys (they were supercute, I don't care how bloodthirsty they were!), and Stacey de Lacey. "My name," the boy said importantly, "is Stacey de Lacey." "But that's a girl's name!" blurted Oliver. Stacey de Lacey's face turned a dark shade of red. "Silenc [...]

    27. Lorna on said:

      This is a great adventure story that follows the resilient Oliver in tracking down his parents and supporting/boosting the morale of a lowly travelling isle. Good triumphs over evil but in an appropriate way for young readers e.g. tickling to cause an isle to crack. My only criticism of the book is describing a mermaid in a negative way because she is "plump" and "short-sighted" - not so uplifting for any plump/short-sighted children! She does end up helping to save the day with her singing thou [...]

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