20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Judith Conaway

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20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Leagues Under the Sea In this chapter book adaptation of Jules Verne s classic novel Professor Aronnax and his crew become prisoners of Captain Nemo an adventurous underwater explorer Will the professor and his crew ever

  • Title: 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Author: Judith Conaway
  • ISBN: 9780736228060
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this chapter book adaptation of Jules Verne s classic novel, Professor Aronnax and his crew become prisoners of Captain Nemo, an adventurous underwater explorer Will the professor and his crew ever escape, or will they travel the world with the crazy captain for the rest of their lives

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      122 Judith Conaway
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    One thought on “20000 Leagues Under the Sea

    1. Artem Balan on said:

      The name of the author is Jules Verne and the title of the book is 20000 leagues under the sea. The book is fiction as a giant mechanical squid is included in the book. I chose to read this book because my mother recommended it to meThe story is about a man who finds a mysterious captain operating a giant mechanical squid. The story takes place in the ocean. The main characters are the captain and the leader of the story which is spoken from first person. The captains name is Captain Nemo. The p [...]

    2. Peyton Jay on said:

      This is a great science fiction story that is a classic all on it's own. I love the oddity and suspense behind Captain Nemo, and how this story unfolds. One of the best science fiction books I read growing up as a child, and would definitely read to my children in the future. This shows the twists and turns behind explorer's diving into the deep blue sea a very long time ago, and the story they unfold is so great. Judith Conaway does an amazing job with this story.

    3. Dedee on said:

      Loved this sci fi thriller. Even written so long ago the entire book was a first.

    4. Sean Pocock on said:

      This book was about a couple men going after what they thought was a whale, but turned out to be a submarine. The man on the submarine captures them and they go on crazy adventures. I really liked this book because it was always exciting.

    5. David Buceta on said:

      The author does a great job detailing the scene and the feeling of the moment. But the story is boring and not exciting. Everytime the characters get into a situation they always escape it without any effort. Things just work out in their favor time and time again.

    6. Stefani on said:

      Stepping Stones books are not my favorite adaptations, but (1) we already had it and (2) it gave us time to actually read two adaptations of the book for fun.

    7. Mikey Barry on said:

      The book, 20,000 leagues under the sea by Jules Verne was originally written in french in 1870 .It is a fictional book that narrates the story about 3 people going around the world underwater in a submarine.Professor Aronnax,his servant ,and harpooner Ned Land are looking for a mysterious monster that causes ships to sink.They find out that there is no monster but it is the nautilus, a submarine built by Captain Nemo.Captain Nemo Captures the Professor and Ned Land and makes them go on a journey [...]

    8. Everardo Duenas on said:

      do you want to read a book that is about a big animal living in the sea with people trying to search for it well the book is called 20,000 legues under the sea its a decent book i liked it its a fiction book and its basically about this capitan who gets attacked at a bar from a beast that is huge and it makes a solid hole under the bar. it takes place in the ocean i dont know where but some where i forgot to press save now i have to restart 9:37 pm and i think it person vs nature because thiers [...]

    9. Luke on said:

      Tittle: 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaAuthor: Judith ConawaySummary: Ned and his friends are trying to find this dangerous creature that ruled the sea. He fell off the ship and then met Captain Nemo. he ruled his own big ship that goes under water. The rule is once you enter, you can never leave. 6 months later Ned is tired of livng under water and he has to find a way to escape the seas and get back to land.2 characters: Ned loves exploring. When he loved the ship, he followed Nemo everywhere wan [...]

    10. Caro on said:

      Este libro me parecio un muy buen clasico y aunque nunca me atrapo si admire la capacidad de Verne para narrar todoncon tanto lujo de detalle. Y es que creo que ese fue mi problema con el libro (lo se yo sola me contradigo) porque la narracion era demasiado extensa y descriptiva a tal punto que incluia paginas y paginas de pura jerga cientifica bastante aburrida y es que este libro me hubiera encantado si se hubiera apegado mas a la historia y no te contara el nombre cientifico de cada pez en to [...]

    11. Tori on said:

      I feel horrible for giving such a poor rating to such a classical book, but unfortunately, this was an incredibly slow read for me. The first several chapters were amazing; they were filled with suspense, action, and mystery! But unfortunately, the book slowed down to the point where I felt it dragged on. I felt that too many pages were spent on description and classification of fish and other sea creatures. It was not until the last few chapters that the book picked up the pace, and I could cle [...]

    12. Leslie on said:

      This is an abridged version of Jules Verne's classic tale ideal for the young reader in about 5th grade. It is a chapter book with a few black and white illustrations but not for those youngsters just beginning to read chapter books. It's not difficult to read but not really a whole lot easier to read than the original. Some might say that it would be best to just wait a year or two and read the original.

    13. Aj on said:

      The best book I ever read it was a si-fi thriller that will keep you on the edge of you seat the entire story. The details are amazing, it makes you fell like your in the story it self. Over all it was a great book to be written along time ago.

    14. ABC on said:

      This is an adaption of the book, so it is VERY condensed and simplified. I would rather have read the original but our library had only this. I read it to my son and it was good to get the gist of this famous story. I have always heard about Captain Nemo, but never quite knew who he was.

    15. Jim on said:

      Great older book. Written well enough that the reader can certainly imagine being there through the adventures. I did think the ending was lame, no real closure as to what had occurred. I guess Verne ran out of imagination and just wanted to finish it up

    16. Kim on said:

      So, I saw this in the children's section and thought it would be fun to read to Cooper. It was. I feel like I cheated in reading an adapted kid version of this story, but it's probably the only way I was going to read it, so that's fine with me!

    17. Hesty on said:

      This is the first time ever I decided one particular book should be passed onto my next generation just because its eccentricity and marvelous story telling!

    18. Therese on said:

      Adventure under the sea is lovely and terrifying. This book is nice.

    19. Congetta on said:

      First time my son read it on his own. He said he really liked the story. Second time he read aloud to me. Again he told me he really liked the story. We also watched the 1954 movie.

    20. Cristian Baquero on said:

      libro que te deja imarginarte un mundo que nunca podras conocer a los ojos de estudiosos y hombres de mar

    21. B.k. on said:

      Slow read. If you are interested in the Scientific name and categories of sea creatures this may be the book for you. Other than that . I would not waste your time.

    22. Sinaan'S on said:

      Excellent on how they made the reader think the fish was an actual angry fish instead of a submarine.

    23. Peter Burgstaller on said:

      The language is a bit odd but a fantastic read never the less.

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