The Man with the Compound Eyes

Wu Ming-Yi Darryl Sterk

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The Man with the Compound Eyes

The Man with the Compound Eyes The English language debut of an exciting new award winning voice from Taiwan a stunning novel that is at once fantasy reality and dystopian environmental saga in which the lives of two people from

  • Title: The Man with the Compound Eyes
  • Author: Wu Ming-Yi Darryl Sterk
  • ISBN: 9780307907967
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The English language debut of an exciting new award winning voice from Taiwan a stunning novel that is at once fantasy, reality, and dystopian environmental saga, in which the lives of two people from very different worlds intertwine under the shadow of a man made catastrophe.On the mythical island of Wayo Wayo, young Atile i has just seen his 180th full moon and, followinThe English language debut of an exciting new award winning voice from Taiwan a stunning novel that is at once fantasy, reality, and dystopian environmental saga, in which the lives of two people from very different worlds intertwine under the shadow of a man made catastrophe.On the mythical island of Wayo Wayo, young Atile i has just seen his 180th full moon and, following the tradition of his people, is sent out alone into the vast Pacific as a sacrifice to the Sea God Just when it seems that all hope is lost, he happens upon a new home a vast island made of trash Meanwhile, in Taiwan, Alice, a professor of literature, is preparing to commit suicide following the disappearance of her husband and son But her plans are put on hold when the trash island collides with the Taiwan coast where Alice lives Her home is destroyed, but meeting Atile i gives her life new meaning as they set out to solve the mystery of her lost family Drawing in the narratives of others impacted by the disaster Alice s friends and neighbors, environmentalists from abroad, the mysterious man with compound eyes the novel tells an enthralling, surreal story of the known and unknown world around us Summer Festival 2011

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      370 Wu Ming-Yi Darryl Sterk
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    One thought on “The Man with the Compound Eyes

    1. Larnacouerde SH on said:

      Bu puanı veriyorum ama aslında beklediğim kadar etkileyici bulmadım ben. Hikaye çok kopuktu, karakterler arasında bağlantı kuramadım okurken.Sanırım her şey etkileyici girişin suçu. Yani gerçekten! Harika bir giriş, idare eder bir gelişme, iyi bir sonuç okudum. Ve her şeye rağmen yazarın dili öyle keyifli ki sanırım bu puanı vermemin esas nedeni o. Çünkü daha aşağısı içime sinmeyecekti, ama bu puanı verecek kadarda beğenmedim bilmiyorum ya iyisi mi uzakdoğu ed [...]

    2. Renae on said:

      Expect some magic and references to be lost in translation, as the book is originally written in Mandarin.I found myself translating English back to Mandarin at some points and found the writing rather poetic. Even so, I appreciate the translation choices, most of which kept the references and/or lyrical nature of the writing. The book can get quite didactic at some points, but bearably so. The immersive and lyrical writing transported me into a world of magical realism, and I returned to my own [...]

    3. Virginia Woods-jack on said:

      I started this book with an excited curiosity and this continued throughout the book. The intertwining story lines and the non linear weaving of memories providing beautifully detailed back stories for every character introduced alongside the progression of the story line had me hooked. This book is about passion and loss on so many levels. Loss of self, loved ones, traditions, identity, nature, ways of life and life itself. The raw and complex beauty of this book really captured me, there are e [...]

    4. Bülent Özgün on said:

      Söyleyeceğim çok şey var ama şimdilik:Muazzam.İnsanın içine işleyen bir roman. Kimi bölümleri büyülü gerçeklikle bezenmiş, sanki çok kadim hikayeler anlatılıyor, öylesine etkileyici. Kimi bölümlerinde sanki hayatınızdan parçalar alınıp sunuluyor, öylesine gerçekçi ve vurucu. Sonra bu iki gerçeklik birbiriyle kesişiyor ve her şey iki kat güzelleşiyor.Çok sevdim, vuruldum.

    5. Linda Robinson on said:

      Well now. This novel is a dream on different planes of existence. As a scifi book, it's quirky and has the gift of touching a serious subject with a wink behind a hand. As a young woman's story, it is heartfelt, lonely, personal, sorrowful and warm. As a young man's story: the same. I read this novel as a true book lover deep in the story an author has presented; inches from the text thinking I could remember whole sentences, paragraphs, pages. I relish total textual immersion novels, and this i [...]

    6. Donna on said:

      I won this book in a Giveaway which did not influence my review. This was a difficult book for me to both read and review because while the message the author wished to convey had great merit, I can't say I enjoyed reading it very much. It was a lot of work, getting through this book, especially the first half when seemingly unrelated characters and their stories had yet to converge. Adding to the difficulty was the flatness of these characters who all talked in the same way, regardless of thei [...]

    7. Full Stop on said:

      The Man with the Compound Eyes – Wu Ming-Yiby Hestia Peppe[Pantheon; 2014]Tr. Darryl Sterk“My father said there were two things in the world that would never change,” says Dafu, an aboriginal boy doomed never to be a hunter, “the mountains and the sea.”This world is warming. I’ve known that since I saw it on the news aged six and cried the night away until my father promised me membership to Greenpeace. In the quarter-century since then, what has been done to solve this problem has b [...]

    8. Sarah on said:

      I'm not entirely sure what to make of this book. On the one hand there was some beautiful, elegaic language (props to the translator as well, perhaps) and the sense of injustice and the importance of issues such as environmentalism and understanding the fierce detrimental affect man has on the earth, the sea and nature - as well as issues of indigenous peoples and maintaining their culture and identity - was very well expressed and heart-wrenching at times. This felt incredibly important and the [...]

    9. Larissa on said:

      Set in Taiwan in the immediate future, The Man with the Compound Eyes is an allegorical tale, exploring issues of loss, loneliness, memory, identity, culture, communication, ecology and interdependency via the cleverly interwoven journeys of characters from diverse cultural backgrounds. Whilst the overall story is contemporary, it is heavily infused with elements of myth and legend, both traditional and, I suspect, freshly imagined. Beautifully written, with fantastic visual imagery and characte [...]

    10. Maggie Tidwell on said:

      Is it just me? I don't usually finish a book with such feelings of confusion and frustration but this book has me baffled. The horrors of man's abuse of the earth and sea are meticulously described in this book and easy enough (if painful) to grasp and mourn. It is the plot and characters' actions I had trouble understanding. There are some fascinating characters in this story (but too many as one reviewer stated) and I cared about what happened to them. The problem was, I could never figure out [...]

    11. Chelsea on said:

      Eh. This book seemed choppy, and it's hard to tell how much of that is a problem of translation. Certain lines would reappear in altered form pages later, the dialogue wasn't that interesting, and there were a few instances of jarring perspective shift. Beyond sentence level issues, this book didn't really seem to know how realist it wanted to be. I'm always curious to read books that self-identify as environmental fiction, and I wish there was a better way to write crisis/environmentally minded [...]

    12. Te-yuan Huang on said:

      Love the book. The background is my father's beautiful hometown - Hualien county in Taiwan. Love how the aboriginal culture and people that are so familiar to me being very beautifully written into words. Love the author's story telling style -- nonlinear yet very easy to follow. Love the imagination and the relationship between human-to-human and human-to-nature in this book. It's a book that makes me miss home so badly, highly recommended!

    13. Jennifer on said:

      A mind- and genre-bending journey into our imminent future--one where the environment seems to be rebelling against the human species--paradoxically led by a cast of deeply human, remarkably tender souls whose lives intersect in the most uncanny of ways. The translation leaves something to be desired but also enhances the strangeness of this world, and invites us to reconsider our relationships with the place we call home, and the people with whom we make our homes.

    14. Claudia Piña on said:

      Qué bello y mágico, debe ser hermoso en el idioma original.

    15. Gary on said:

      This book is billed as a coming together of an island woman and an island boy, who alter each other's lives forever. The physical driving force is a tsunami in the Pacific. However this coming together does not happen until half way through the book.This book has rich character development, but is slim on plot. This is not a criticism, just an observation. If you want an action adventure, this book will leave you wanting. If you enjoy well developed characters, this book is for you.Now to the cr [...]

    16. Kerry on said:

      This achingly beautiful—and achingly tragic—book saw me through some many weeks of laziness in my reading. Despite finding my way through very slowly, with one or two week-long breaks, I never felt lost when I returned to the book. The stories that make up this novel might lend themselves to being read fragmentally, but (having finally reached the end myself!) I would recommend reading it over the space of a week, if you have that luxury.Wu Ming-Yi pours astonishing detail into a Taiwan wher [...]

    17. Anna on said:

      I’m not quite sure what to think about ‘The Man with the Compound Eyes’. It took me a while to get into, possibly because I found the translation slightly awkward and stilted. Also, the narrative is highly non-linear, jumping between different points of view and time periods. It seemed to read more like a series of vignettes than a cohesive novel. On the other hand, the overarching themes of environmental disaster and the past catching up with the present gathered it together somewhat. I t [...]

    18. Mihai Giurgiulescu on said:

      This last paragraph from the inner dust jacket is an eloquent single-sentence description: "A work of lyrical beauty that combines magical realism and environmental fable, The Man with the Compound Eyes is an incredible story about the bonds of family, the meaning of love, and the lasting effects of human destruction." I wish rating by half-stars would be allowed because this is definitely a 4.5. The only qualm is with the loose threads at the end - characters which had been skillfully construct [...]

    19. Shannon Kelleher on said:

      This was recommended to me with the warning 'it's different, don't know if you'll like it'. I'll be honest, for the first half of the book, I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. The writing is good, if sometimes slow. Having recently read The Three Body Problem, I was concerned that the story wouldn't 'get anywhere' or go circular which was one of my big problems with the Three Body Problem. The last third of the book, really brings everything together, confirms and changes some of the reader [...]

    20. Fehiman on said:

      Yorumun aslı ve devamı Yorum Cadısı'nda.Başlarda biraz sıkılsam da, bir yerden sonra kitap beni içine çekmeyi başardı; sayfaları merakla çevirdim. Kurgunun alışkın olmadığım, farklı bir havası vardı; bu hava sayesinde, sıkıldığım kısımlarda bile kitaba devam etmeyi başardım. Aynı türe ait, aynı konuya sahip kitapları okumaktan sıkıldıysanız Petekgözlü Adam tıpkı benim olduğu gibi sizin de dinlenme durağınız olabilir ;)

    21. Meredith on said:

      Yet another braided narrative. I'm longing for a story with a constant protagonist. This book was hard to follow. There were quite a few important characters. I had some trouble keeping the various aboriginal Formosan characters straight, because the names were unfamiliar to me. There were some really lovely passages. Since this was in translation, this may hint that reading this book is a different experience in its original language.

    22. Mindy on said:

      I admit to being a bit obsessed about Taiwan but here's another good one based on the island. This book leaves you with a lot of emotion. Mostly sadness about the state of our environment but also fondness for storytelling and the role of storytelling in cultures. Recommend.

    23. アマチュア読者 on said:

      讓我告訴你我看到了什麼就只能看而無法做些什麼這一點來說,讀者跟複眼人一樣無力這是一個交錯於瓦憂瓦憂島跟台灣島的故事山帶走了在H縣當大學教授的阿莉思的丈夫跟兒子,貓咪ohiyo將尋死的阿莉思留住,然後浪帶來了垃圾島和不思議的瓦憂瓦憂次子阿特烈,也帶走了一些東西沒有文字的瓦憂瓦憂人最後消失了,屬於海的次子阿特烈後來的故事,我們看不到。整本作品 [...]

    24. Facundo Martin on said:

      This novel presents events from the perspectives of several characters, as if they were reflected in an insect's ommatidia. The disparate narratives of a mythical island people living in communion with nature, descendants of the native peoples of Taiwan struggling in modern society, northern European engineers and conservationists, a thrill-seeker trying to quell his repressed wanderlust and a mourning writer on the verge of suicide come together due to a bizarre human-induced catastrophe. Drive [...]

    25. Starr Williams on said:

      The ideas behind this book drew me in, but there was something almost pushing me away as I read. I'm unsure how much of it to blame on the fact that it's a translation, but it was as if the book itself was compound. I enjoyed the writing as well as the characters and concept of Wayo Wayo, but it was hard to follow through the point of views changing mid chapter and the writing switching back and forth from 1st person to 3rd. The plot stated in most summaries made it seem as if the book was about [...]

    26. Mike Franklin on said:

      Whew! There were a lot of things I loved about The Man with the Compound Eyes and a lot of things I hated. To be fair some, though not all, of the hates were, I suspect, down to the translation. This is an environmental story that is didactic throughout and frequently in a very heavy handed manner. If you don’t want to be told continuously what a mess we’re making of our planet then this is not for you! To be honest It went a little too far in this respect for me, managing to at least touch [...]

    27. Rita on said:

      Beautiful writing; beautiful story. Taking place on Taiwan, this story takes place at a time when an island of trash is brought to the Eastern shore of Taiwan. You know how, when you see trash thrown over a wall onto the street or sidewalk, you have an urge to throw it back over the wall into the person's backyard? I think that's the way the Earth feels and we'd better get used to the idea. Some would say I'm anthropormising the Earth. Nope; the Earth, the ocean, the mountains, they're all alive [...]

    28. Jenny on said:

      I liked the overall message of the book and what it was trying to say about the environment, but I'm not sure how well it was said - some passages felt a bit heavy-handed. I was also confused by the storytelling in some parts, and there were some key points that were rushed over (while other, less important points got pages and pages). Good intentions, some really interesting characters, but I'm not too sure about the execution.

    29. Mike Tsui on said:

      「如果生命看這世界的眼光不被理解,一切都會中止。」from 《複眼人》p.390這本書以魔幻寫實的手法刻畫人與自然的故事。書中透過各個不同的角色視角,述說著他們各自不同的人生際遇、這些的際遇如何緊密地與土地交織在一起。而心中所共有的那份對土地的關懷,也使他們的相遇有共鳴的情感。而特別的是,對比著各個人物角色的視角,書中有著所謂「自然的視角」,複 [...]

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