Guard My Heart

A.J. Summer

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Guard My Heart

Guard My Heart Bound by birth Separated by consequenceKYLEI can t paint for shit I can t carry a tune to save my life But I have a story A story that started out brave A story that started out humble A story of tota

  • Title: Guard My Heart
  • Author: A.J. Summer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook
  • Bound by birth Separated by consequenceKYLEI can t paint for shit I can t carry a tune to save my life But I have a story.A story that started out brave A story that started out humble A story of total destruction.What would you do to save your family My decision was easy, the consequence was death.I am Kyle but most people know me as the RUNNER.How did this start SBound by birth Separated by consequenceKYLEI can t paint for shit I can t carry a tune to save my life But I have a story.A story that started out brave A story that started out humble A story of total destruction.What would you do to save your family My decision was easy, the consequence was death.I am Kyle but most people know me as the RUNNER.How did this start Seven days In Seven days I changed my world and the world of everyone I loved.MIAI could tell you a story about love and sunshine and of all being right in the world But I won t because that isn t my story My story is so sweet it will make your teeth rot My story is so real it will make you believe in fairy tales My story will rip your heart out and leave you bleeding all over the pages.Outcast, rebel, misfit, all those words applied to me Until I met him I fell in love once All it took was seven days Seven days and my heart turned, twisted and thumped right next to his.But not all stories have a happy ending Guard My Heat is book one in the Tainted Hearts Series It follows the twins Kyle and Mia through seven days that changed their lives foreverTE This book contains mature and sensitive content and is not suitable for readers under 18.

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    One thought on “Guard My Heart

    1. Lindsay on said:

      This is a wonderful story about twins and how each of their lives changed in seven days. Angsty but beautiful. In spite of the NA flavor, the characters were easy to empathize with, and I enjoyed their journey to maturity. The ending was heartbreaking and shocking even to me. I can't wait to read the next book!Highly recommended

    2. Laura Magali on said:

      Cupcakes & happy birthday kissesI have read many books and I always end up falling in love with the wonderful hero but my god AJ made me fall in love with not only Kyle but Mia and Jase :) this book had me on the edge of my seat !! I couldn't put my kindle down- needless to say RUNNER can't come any quicker

    3. Megan on said:

      First of all, how awesome is that cover? If it doesn't make you want to read it then the blurb should. Seven days. So much can happen in a week. Follow first Kyle and then twin Mia's story in this unique tale.This book absolutely blew me away! The characters are real and the circumstances in which these two live are totally relatable. This book has a bit of everything; sweet young love, edge-of-your-seat drama, heart-stopping action, twists and turns, delectable poetry. You will feel for these c [...]

    4. SDJ on said:

      What an AWESOME read!!Guard My heart has a heart breaking, heart warming, frustrating and suspense filled story line and with the help of all the contributors and the awesome cover design it has become one of my favourites.The story line covers a variety of common life problems that our generation has to encounter and over come on a daily basis. How everyone comes out on the end of it all is different and dependent on their circumstances and up bringing and their general attitude towards life.Th [...]

    5. Melissa on said:

      Guard My Heart by A.J. SummerI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the debut novel from author A.J. Summer and it is truly a work of art. This book is vivid with detail, it will break your heart, have you on the edge of your seat, make you fall in love, and keep you up late at night reading. Kyle and Mia are twins and finishing up their senior year of high school. Their father has passed away and their mother remarried a drunk and abusive man. Every night as Kyle goes to be [...]

    6. Jennifer Juers on said:

      *Reviewing for Fallen For BooksWhat a great story. I'm not even sure where to start. I am thankful to the author for the warning in the beginning of the book letting me know that there isn't a HEA. Although, I'm not deterred by this but at least I'm aware that it's coming.I love how Kyle is protective of his twin sister, Mia. He does what most would turn away from just to give her what she wants because their mother can't. Making a terrible choice to make Mia happy could cost him his life.Mia, o [...]

    7. Skye Turner on said:

      Guard My Heart was quite an unexpected surprise! I really enjoyed it. I love that the book is broken into 2 parts and we get 2 different versions of basically the same story. This is a story of a pair of siblings. Kyle and his twin Mia. I was grabbed in the beginning and I was never really let go. I found myself reading faster and faster, trying to get to the end to see exactly what was happening. I can honestly say, this book blew me away. It was not what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it [...]

    8. Kristin on said:

      Guard My Heart is the prequel novel to the soon to be released book, Runner. It gives you two stories in one. The book starts with Kyle’s story about how he protects his mom and twin sister Mia from their very abusive stepfather. He makes choices in his life that are morally wrong, but because he wants to protect his family, he feels they are the right ones to make. Kyle is selfless; he puts the needs of his sister and mom before his comfort. There is one decision he makes that will change not [...]

    9. Sue on said:

      Wowwhat an extremely interesting and different kind of twisted storywe have twins (a boy and a girl), their abused mom, drunken step-dad and an assortment of friends who come and go in their lives.When tragedy strikes one of the siblings, things start to get freaky strangeods become volatile, life becomes more precious and yet darkness still seems to surround everyone.Mia and Kyle were as close as twins could bea spiritual connection that they had would get them through even the toughest times a [...]

    10. Cindy Smith on said:

      Kyle and Mia are twins and Kyle will do anything to protect his mom and twin from the abusive step-father that lives with them. When a senior trip is being planned and money is tight, Kyle makes a decision to find the money so his twin can take this dream trip. The decision leads to unplanned problems. During the trip, Kyle ends up dying and Mia becomes lost in her depression. She writes poetry to escape and when that doesn't work, she cuts herself to feel. When Jase enters the picture, she find [...]

    11. Cat on said:

      Alright, this was kind of confusing, but once I stopped trying to figure everything out and just went with things, I was hooked.Kyle - starts the story though it ends kind of abruptly (though predictably). Lots of mysteryMia - narrates the majority of the story, is in a depressing situation but doesn't really do much about it (which frustrated me).Both characters narrate in a 1st person present tense, which was a bit odd but I think I finally got used to it by the end.Pacing is fair and the char [...]

    12. Marie Obradovic on said:

      In a word WOW definitely comes to mind. A debut Novel for AJ Summer. This is the most interesting book I think Ive ever read. It has been written with the utmost professionalism, utmost perfection - purely sensational.Without giving anything away the story is in two parts, telling a brief story about a beautiful young man over the course of a week, his trials and tribulations.It then follows on and tells an equally interesting and heart wrenching story of his twin Sister, Mia.Please, if you like [...]

    13. Jenifer Moreira on said:

      Eu simplesmente estou passando longe dos finais felizes! Mas uma intro de uma história que prejudicou meus dois joelhos hoje! Que narrativa, que dor que dupla mais f***** Essa é a história ops a introdução da porcaria de vida que é a dos irmãos Andrews! E nossa não tem como não ficar chocada, com gosto de quero mais e mais uma vez impressionada com a coragem da autora !Estou ficando má ou com o coração peludo, mas eu adorei!

    14. Sheree on said:

      Ummm I need the next book like now! One - I can't believe it was a friggin cliffhanger! Damn cliffhangers! Two - I was so caught up in these two stories I'm still not sure what I just read. All I know is I friggin loved it. Brilliant. Sucked me in and definitely has me wanting more. Like right now. K thanks. Three - I can't say too much because I don't want to give it away. But I highly recommend! One week to change your life is the storyline and it doesn't disappoint.

    15. Sherri G on said:

      I just finished reading Guard my Heart and all I can say isWOW! This book is not at all what you would expectd that's a good thing. There is no happily ever after here but honestly, it's not that kind of story. It's deep and dark and full of emotion. The characters are rich and you immediately get drawn into their lives. I can't wait to read book two from this incredible new author!

    16. Allison Jewell on said:

      I read this book in one sitting. It was gritty and real and I loved it! This book doesn't tie everything up in a neat package at the end but that does not bother me in the least. It just makes you want to read more about the characters. I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. Well done, A.J. Summer!

    17. Paul Triegaardt on said:

      Can I say that I enjoyed this tense tragic book?I don't know, I'm not sure. Was the writing good? Yes. The plot? Too tragic, too much. Does anyone person deserve all that heartache?I don't think so. Too much

    18. Renea on said:

      Worth the FIVE stars. I really enjoyed this book and it kept me engrossed the whole time. I cant wait for more from this author.

    19. Melissa Faulkner on said:

      Loved this story! Interesting to read 2 perspectives in one story. Mia's story broke my heart. Can't wait for the second

    20. Megan Fields on said:

      OMG LOVED this story! Its emotional, gritty and romantic! I can't say much more without spoiling it! Definitely worth a read! I'm onto Runner now and loving it just as much so far!

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