Secrets Collide

Kathleen Brooks

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Secrets Collide

Secrets Collide The mysterious Cy Davies is coming home He s not coming alone either Having rescued Gemma Perry a sassy investigative reporter for a gossip magazine he takes her to the one place he knows he can kee

  • Title: Secrets Collide
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The mysterious Cy Davies is coming home He s not coming alone either Having rescued Gemma Perry, a sassy investigative reporter for a gossip magazine, he takes her to the one place he knows he can keep her safe Keeneston.Gemma Perry was having a bad week Now she was in a small town where gossip was a currency She should fit right in, except for the fact that she unwilThe mysterious Cy Davies is coming home He s not coming alone either Having rescued Gemma Perry, a sassy investigative reporter for a gossip magazine, he takes her to the one place he knows he can keep her safe Keeneston.Gemma Perry was having a bad week Now she was in a small town where gossip was a currency She should fit right in, except for the fact that she unwillingly holds the secret to bring down an internationally wanted man who is sparing no expense to keep those secrets safe.

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    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ✓ Secrets Collide - by Kathleen Brooks ✓
      487 Kathleen Brooks
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Mystery Book] ✓ Secrets Collide - by Kathleen Brooks ✓
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    One thought on “Secrets Collide

    1. Ginny Lamere on said:

      Kathleen Brooks has done it again, this book is so fantastic. It is the story of Cy Davies who has been away from Keeneston for the past 10 yrs only coming home when someone was in trouble or needed him, he has decided that it is time for him to come home for good and run his farm and be with his family. Gemma an undercover reporter for a gossip magazine get caught up investigating the death of her sister and in running from those who killed her sister runs into Cy. Cy takes her to Keeneston whe [...]

    2. Donna Porter on said:

      Loved, Loved, Loved, Gemma's and Cy's story. I cried when Gia was killed and of course, I laughed with the Rose sisters. I love this town and I want to live there, I think most of your fans do. Anyway Cy is a stunt man and CIA and Gemma is a reporter, of sorts , for a popular magazine. Gemma is running from the people who killed her sister, when she literally runs into Cy. As bullets fly around them Cy tries to get Gemma to safety. She tells him her story and he calls a few friends and takes her [...]

    3. Shyann on said:

      Even tho these are all really far fetched for a small southern town I still enjoy them. I like the story line in this one but the lack of grief for her sister really killed it for me. It mentioned her crying here n there but I never felt that much true grief. She seemed more worried about her relationship and the town then the fact that she didn't even get to see her sisters body and say a proper goodbye before she left LA. It was just so lacking I didn't even cry. Not once. I think the most emo [...]

    4. Carol Lilla on said:

      Kathleen Brooks’ 5th novel in the Bluegrass Brothers Series, “Secrets Collide” did not disappoint! All I can say is WOW!!! There is nothing like life in the small town of Keeneston, KY. In books 1 through 4 we met the wonderful people of Keeneston, who are hilariously funny, loving, protective, nosey and opinionated. It is yet another story of danger, mystery, intrigue, comedy, love, family values, and a great out-pouring of support for each other. You will laugh and cry, and be completely [...]

    5. Shaly on said:

      Another great addition to a fabulous series! Ms. Brooks has done it again and I'm so glad I decided to pick up the very first book in this series when BN offered it for free. I read it in one day and proceeded to buy the rest of the books that were out and then every installment since.Lots of action, suspense and mystery. So easy to understand as the readers get to read from different characters POV, not just one. It was so lovely to read about all the kooky townspeople and wonderful to have all [...]

    6. Lea on said:

      I have been waiting what feels like forever for Cy’s story and it was absolutely worth the wait! This is my favorite Bluegrass Brothers book so far (he set the bar pretty high for Ahmed). There was so much in this book, drama, intrigue, romance, car chases…mething for everyone (even learning Cy’s full name)! I loved catching up with everyone and how Kathleen seems to be tying up loose ends. I love this series and will hate to see it end but I love how everything is getting tied up so that [...]

    7. Jo on said:

      The last one of the brothers, now just like Jake said, the family r double the size with babies. It's really nice, n Macey is happy to die but she isn't.When I read the book this time, I do pay attention on some details, like there r something not in logic, the hurt of Cy, n Miles need to COR him then he can jump down from height to save his girl, the whole town can act like nothing n all go to the front door of the bad guy during the wedding reception, n G just heal up ASAP after she was hurt b [...]

    8. Kat on said:

      Kathleen Brooks does it again, it was great being back in the Bluegrass Family again. When you start reading the bluegrass books, it's like a giant hug!!!Cy is the only single Davies man left now, still living away from his family but hoping to return soon. Gemma is a twin and has had the worst week of her life. She works for a gossip magazine whilst her twin is an journalist. So different but not really!! Gia Gemma's twin is missing!! With their lives in danger, will Gemma and Cy be able to dis [...]

    9. Denise on said:

      this was great adventure and mystery and romance storyall wrap in one Wow Cyland is protecting Gemma from the bad guys and I love the fact is picks up from the last book and you get to find out what is going on with everyone I don't want to give any spoilers awaybut you must read this

    10. Diana Tan on said:

      I love this book!!! After a looong wait to finally get to meet the mysterious Cy, I can say that it was definitely worth the wait! Perfect blend of romance, action, suspense and humor. Cy is to die for! I think he and Gemma are perfect for each other. Cannot wait for Ahmed's story!

    11. Victoria Sturlini on said:

      ANOTHER WONDERFUL STORY!!LOVED this book!!!!! I am losing sleep because of the Bluegrass Brothers series. Once I start a new one I don't want to put it down they are that good! Love all the couple's and family updates! Love the family dynamics. The support, friendship and humor in these books! The are so sexy yet very romantic at the same time. I liked the mystery in the story Kathleen has such a great way of weaving all the different elements of the story together The romance, the humor the sus [...]

    12. Laura Cook on said:

      Did anyone else find it strange that all the brothers were almost or over 30 before any of them got married and they were all highly successful? (Cade was almost the exception until he won the state football title the first year he was head coach) Or that most of them all called their women "sweetheart"? I don't think they would all be that similar. Not ever Southern guy uses that pet name. None of them had ever been divorced or in previous bad relationships. I think she should make her characte [...]

    13. Sierra Eriksen on said:

      Book # 5 or 8. Who will the mysterious Cy bring home, what kind of trouble is she in? To me this one seemed a bit more suspenseful than the others. I love how she brought Cy back in, because he has been missing the whole series. Will Gemma turn Cy into a lover instead of a fighter? Happy reading!!

    14. Beth on said:

      I am writing these reviews after having read the whole series so it will be an overall summary. These books are funny, heartwarming, suspenseful with great main characters and terrific minor characters (the Rose SistersI mean come on! Who wouldn't love them?!). The setting is awesomeI want to move to this town that knows everything all the time and yet can keep secrets! Each character is well developed and each separate storyline is well crafted. The one storyline that traces back to New York is [...]

    15. Christi Lofton on said:

      I was excited to read this book as I loved the Bluegrass Series and the other books in the Bluegrass Brothers Series. Cy Davies has always been an enigma in the other books so I couldn’t wait to dive in and learn his real story. It was worth the wait and the book was phenomenal.Cy and Gemma are thrown together by chance and then find out that the criminals after both of them are the same people. When Cy takes Gemma from Los Angeles to Keeneston, she is introduced to a whole new world. The enti [...]

    16. 20012206 on said:

      Creo que de los que más me ha gustado, aunque a todos los puntué igualMe gusto como Gemma conquisto a Cy, solo siendo ella, y mostrando que era fuerte y luchadora cuando debíaLastima que ya me vaya a acabar la seria

    17. Shauna Stewart Hougham on said:

      Cy Davies one of the Bluegrass Brothers has his own story to tell since his life has been a mystery for the past ten years. No one has known where he is at times or what his line of work has been Now he is ready to retire and come home to farm his own land that his brother has been maintaining for him. In true Keeneston fashion, Trouble follows the brothers no matter where they areCy stumbles upon a damsel in distress. He rescues her and brings her to Keeneston for refuge. You will love Gemma Pe [...]

    18. Toni on said:

      In the Bluegrass Brothers series, we have met all 6 Davies siblings, 5 brawny, sexy, really hot brothers, and one strong, independent, beautiful sister. They all live in a small Kentucky town called Keeneston. In this 5th book, we finally get a glimpse of the mysterious brother.All the women in Keeneston chased the Davies boys as they grew into men. All but one finally found the woman of his dreams. But there's one who has been a mystery for the past 10 years. There have been best placed as to j [...]

    19. Neena Christianson Martin on said:

      Another wonderful story from a great author who introduced us to Keeneston, Kentucky in the first book, Bluegrass Undercover. Secrets Collide, is the 5th book in the Bluegrass Brothers Series. This is the story of the last single brother, Cy Davies. Getting tired of living a fast paced life as a stuntman, he has decided to leave LA, and go back home to Keeneston. Before he can leave and take up residence down south, he accidentally gets caught up in the problems of Gemma Perry. Someone wants her [...]

    20. Frances Botelho on said:

      . of the Davies finds his happily ever afterthis is Cy's storyhe has been away from his family 10 years with occasional visits back to Kenneston whenever he was neededis time he is back to stayGemma's twin sister was murderedwhile looking through her sister's apartment she finds notes her sister had regarding an investigative story she was writinge men who killed her sister try to kill Gemmae is rescued by Cy who tells her he works for the CIA. Cy realizes the men chasing her are tied to Mr. X b [...]

    21. Laurel on said:

      This series just continues to get better! The Davies clan is filled with hot guys, sassy women, and lovable animals. Cy Davies may be the hottest of them all and, although the woman he falls for may not be from the south, Gemma is as sassy as any of the other women of Keeneston. The danger and mystery ramp up and Secrets Collide pulls all the threads of the other stories together to expose the heart of the danger that has been threatening this small Kentucky town and the Davies clan in particula [...]

    22. Karen Hrdlicka on said:

      This book really rocks. I think it has more humor and fun in it than the others in the series. The story is fast paced and well written. I have enjoyed all of Kathleen Brooks' books, but think this might be my favorite. Cy was a pretty elusive character in the previous books but his soul is bared in this book-as well as his cinematic backside. Living in a small town I can relate to the town gossip and the way small towns rally together. Love the author, love the book and am impatiently waiting f [...]

    23. Lucy on said:

      I loved this book as i have all of Kathleen Brooks books in this series, This is Cy and Gemma's story and boy what a story it is, i laughed, and cried then in between sat on the edge of my seat,i love how we get to read this new story but also catch up with all the others from the other books too, i really didn't want this book to end.So can't wait to read more of Kathleen's books one amazing author

    24. Andrea Akers on said:

      Bluegrass Brothers 5For ten years Cy has been off the grid from his family and friends because he is a CIA operative. As he is retiring from the CIA he runs into (literally) Gemma who is running for her life. Cy feels the need to protect Gemma and takes her to Keenston where they join forces with family and friends to take down the world's leading bad man. Will they get the bad guy and have a HEA?Wonderful series of books about love and community.

    25. Christie on said:

      I guess right!!! Wujuuuuuu!! I didn't one the pole in the restaurant but at least I guess what line of work had Cy!!! This book is awesomely good and you will laugh, cry and bite your nails with everything that happened here! I can hardly wait for the last book of the Siri! I love every little story that goes around in this book like Danielle's birth and the Rose sisters. If you haven't read any book in this Siri I recommend that you start doing it!!

    26. S. L. on said:

      The final installment of the Bluegrass Brothers did not disappoint. To me, all of these books are southern feel good books with surprises along the way. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because after reading the 7th book by the author, it is a bit predicable, which for part of this story is okayke the Rose sisters. I did however finish this book in a day. It kept my interest throughout and was entertaining as always.

    27. Brooke on said:

      I bought this book because I'd read a couple of other books in the series and liked them. This story was fun - a little bit of action, a little bit of romance - and featured all the favourite characters from the town of Keeneston. The author has done a good job to keep the secondary characters involved in all the books, and that's part of what adds to the charm of the story. I would recommend this book.

    28. Nancy on said:

      Swoon worthy!!Yep another action packed good read from this series! Out of all the brothers showcased, I think Cy is the most swoon worthy. Well, all of the brothers are.Small town charm, family values, and humor with a healthy dose of action will make this book a smooth read that leaves the reader wanting more. Lucky it for the readers there is more to come. Highly recommend this book!

    29. Jeni Olds-dale on said:

      Another great book by Kathleen Brooks! This series has it all: action, mystery, comedy and of course, romance. I laughed aloud during some parts, cried during others. All in all, I could not put the book down. As the 5th Davies Brothers book, it was a bit predictable at times, but that did not detract from its appeal. I strongly recommend this whole series. I can't wait for Ahmed's story, but then that would signal the end of a great run of books.

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