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Sue Ann Jaffarian

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Hide and Snoop

Hide and Snoop A merger at Odelia Grey s law firm has put her job in jeopardy and her new icy cold boss Erica Mayfield has it in for her The humiliation doubles when Erica dumps her three year old niece with Odel

  • Title: Hide and Snoop
  • Author: Sue Ann Jaffarian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A merger at Odelia Grey s law firm has put her job in jeopardy, and her new icy cold boss, Erica Mayfield, has it in for her The humiliation doubles when Erica dumps her three year old niece with Odelia and disappears for the weekend The nerve Primed for a confrontation, Odelia impulsively goes to her boss s house in the middle of the night and finds Erica s sister murdA merger at Odelia Grey s law firm has put her job in jeopardy, and her new icy cold boss, Erica Mayfield, has it in for her The humiliation doubles when Erica dumps her three year old niece with Odelia and disappears for the weekend The nerve Primed for a confrontation, Odelia impulsively goes to her boss s house in the middle of the night and finds Erica s sister murdered Before she knows it, Odelia s madcap misadventure to prove her own innocence ends up in a cuddly cradle of crime Praise for the Odelia Grey Mystery Series A priceless series a real treat for chick lit fans who like feisty women Library Journal starred review Plus size reading pleasure Try this one on Lee Child, New York Times best selling author of Die Trying Bodacious wickedly satisfying Publishers Weekly

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    One thought on “Hide and Snoop

    1. Trish on said:

      This might actually be my favorite in the series yet! It could be because a character is named for a friend, and its the complete opposite of what he's like. It really made me laugh out loud everytime he entered a scene. Admittedly, that may have created some bias, but at the same time it was a great read and mystery. I enjoyed the introduction of the job woes and concerns right along with a glimpse of seeing Odelia's maternal side and the consideration of kids. Well done, Ms. J! Keep 'em comin [...]

    2. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out on said:

      When Hide and Snoop was offered for review I couldn't resist even though it's the 7th in the series and I am yet to read any (though I own the first 3 books). Despite being unfamiliar with the previous installments, Hide and Snoop worked well as a stand alone and I enjoyed my introduction to Odelia Grey.In Hide and Snoop, Odelia is unhappy at the legal firm she works for after a recent merger. Her new boss, Erica, funnels the best assignments to the paralegal she bought with her and now, in a fi [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      Odelia's law firm has merged with another, her old boss has left and been replaced with a mean one, and there's another paralegal gunning for Odelia's job and her office in a time of layoffs. To top if off, her new boss Erica has dumped her three-year-old niece Lily on Odelia before disappearing - just as Lily's parents have disappeared. Although I was able to figure out who the "bad guy" was early on, I certainly enjoyed the ride! I really liked getting to see the maternal side of Odelia and wo [...]

    4. Mark Baker on said:

      After a merger at her law firm, Odelia finds herself with a new boss who seems to have it in for her. While trying to get her job from rival paralegal Mark Baker, Odelia gets saddled with her new boss' niece. But searching for the little girl's parents start turning up dead bodies, and Odelia suddenly finds herself in way over her head. I love this series (hence the reason I got my name in this book), and this was another great mix of humor, strong characters, and fast moving plot. If you don't [...]

    5. Ellen on said:

      "Never Underestimate a Middle Aged Woman"And that, my fellow cozy lovers, sums up Odelia Grey in a nutshell.We find Odelia at a police station being questioned. In short order(but not short enough for Odelia) Seth (acting as her attorney) and Greg (Odie's hubs) enter. What is Odelia doing in a police station being interrogated? That's what everyone wants to know soOdelia backs up and starts from the beginning.The beginning being her life now that Woobie has come to an end. Woobie was the place w [...]

    6. Jeannie and Louis Rigod on said:

      I had been awaiting this novel since I finished number six. It was certainly worth the wait. First off I noticed that I remembered the characters and their relationship without any effort. This latest book moves forward in time and still easily kept me connected to events in the past.Sleuth, Odelia Grey is trying to cope with the changes and competition that occur when two corporations merge. Although promises were made to the employees of the older firm, fondly known as 'Woobie.' Odelia quickly [...]

    7. Rachel Kramer Bussel on said:

      I've been a dedicated reader of the Odelia Grey series for a few years, so much so that picking up the latest mystery feels like revisiting old friends I haven't seen in a while. This book is my favorite so far, because it shows a lot of character and relationship development for Odelia and Greg when a young child enters their life. The office politics are ratcheted way up, as "corpse magnet" Odelia copes with not having her old boss Steele to, well, boss her around. Instead, she has the ultimat [...]

    8. Alisa on said:

      I have been a huge Jaffarian/Odelia Grey fan for years! It's a must buy for me, even now being unemployed I had this on pre-order. This entry in the series is quite possibly my favorite. It kind of went in a different direction and we saw a side of Odelia we haven't seen before and I loved it! There was the requisite mystery yes but a lot of the story centered on Odelia and her relationships with her coworkers and family/friends. While our favorite heroine was in danger the real threat didn't sh [...]

    9. Linda on said:

      This is fast becoming a favorite adult mystery series and I discovered that I can borrow the earlier titles through inter-library loan. In short, I love this series! Odelia Grey is a middle-aged very plump amateur sleuth. What I like best, although I haven't read any of the first 5 books, is that the people in earlier books, both good and nefarious, surface again in later books and gives her a wide base of resources and assistance. In this story, Odelia is worried about her paralegal job since h [...]

    10. Linda on said:

      Decent chick-lit mystery series with smart, nosy, obese protagonist, who makes no apologies for her health choices. Her disabled husband is a chubby chaser (see first book in series). The books are light-weight fluff, AKA brain candy (which have no calories, in comparison with those Girl Scout cookies the heroine crams down her throat).As a physician, I do hate to see poor health modeled as an acceptable alternative. I would really like to see Odelia acknowledge the health risks she embraces and [...]

    11. Ruth on said:

      Odelia is a fun character and the book was an easy read. It might be better if I started this series at the beginning. The author had to weave the back story from earlier books into this novel to let the reader know how the characters connected. Sometimes the back story fit well and other times it was awkward. There were times when I felt as if this book treated the "chick-lit" audience as if the readers weren't too bright. It's something that happens in YA literature too. Odelia is a smart woma [...]

    12. Melodie on said:

      I always enjoy this series and this one was no exception. The law firm Odelia works for has merged with another and the axe is falling on employees right and left. Mike Steele, her old boss, has left for another firm and Odelia finds herself working for the she-devil from hell who is definitely looking to get rid of her. When the boss' 3-year-old niece gets dumped on her for the weekend, that's pretty much the last straw. Until the boss goes missing and the little girl's mother turns up dead. RE [...]

    13. Alex on said:

      I like this series. I have read all seven. They are well plotted with enough suspects, twists, and red herrings to make the endings a surprise. I'm not crazy about the heroine, whose life is a little too perfect, and some of the humor is too broad for my taste. Overall, though, this is entertaining light reading. This particular outing moves a little too slowly: after the initial setup, in which we learn who was killed, nothing of substance happens until the midway point. After that things pick [...]

    14. Kim on said:

      I do love Odelia but I am beginning to wonder how much longer the whole "corpse magnet" thing can go on here. It takes us to almost halfway through the book for the murder to occur and the ending is a little telegraphed (at least to me it was.) I don't know if the fact that the author is writing 3 different series that this causing her to be spread thin, or if she is losing here edge with this series. That would be a shame if either is the case.

    15. Sarah on said:

      Did anyone else feel that the killers were too similar to the ones in the first book? I said to myself, it couldn't be them, that would be just like the other couple! I love these books, but I have very strange images of who these people are. To me Steel is Craig Ferguson, but more like Mr. Wick era. And I saw Mark as Adam Scott in parks and rec. One thing that annoys me about these is how everyone is " Hi, I'm first and last name." People just don't do that with strangers.

    16. Sue Ross on said:

      Do not read this bookunless you have nothing else to do!!! Odelia gets herself in trouble yet again and this time it's life or death for her. Who's out to get her and why???? You'll have to read the book to find out. It's fast paced and very enjoyable with some heart wrenching tossed in for good measure. I couldn't put it down unless I absolutely had to. I think this is the best Odelia Grey book yet and the rest of them were great.

    17. Barbra on said:

      Another great read from this author. I absolutely love this series and the quirky comments that Odelia throws out all the time. I read this one out of order, but it is a stand alone if you start with this one. The author does a good job of explaining whatever event is happening within the book. I just love the family dynamics within this book. if you love a middle aged, overweight and nosy heroine you will love this book. Even if you don't, try it you won't regret it.

    18. Lynne on said:

      Love this series and anxiously awaited the publication of this book. Like the others, this book didn't disappont. This series isn't a complex mystery with so many twists and turns, but it's very entertaining. Odelia is once again caught up in a murder investigation in this installment of the series. Besides the murder/mystery aspect of this story, there's also the aspect of Odelia's love life and her professional life. It's a very well rounded series. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    19. AngryGreyCat on said:

      The 7th outing in the Odelia Grey series. I really enjoy this series and Odelia as a sleuth. Although this was not my favorite in the series, it was still well written and enjoyable. I would recommend reading this series in order to make sense of the character development over time. 4 out of 5 stars.

    20. Nicole on said:

      I think this was one of the best books yet in the Odelia Grey series.The mystery was a little more complex than earlier ones. Lots of the same characters from earlier books, as well as some new ones. The ending sets up for some interesting possibilities in future books.Can't wait to read #8.

    21. Cardyn Brooks on said:

      Each installment of this enjoyable series is better than the previous one. S.A.J. explores the world of Odelia Grey from different angles with sensitivity, contemporary realism, and wit. Strong character development and evolution, solid sleuthing, and rich background texture in the supporting cast and physical environment.

    22. Joanne on said:

      Another charmer in the series featuring Odelia Grey, the plus-size paralegal and "corpse magnet." A merger has put Odelai's job in jeopardy, and she is saddled with the care of her nasty new boss's three year old niece. Then her boss disappears

    23. Claudia Staude on said:

      Loved it! I noticed Odelia is hiding things from Greg a bit more in this one and hope that doesn't foreshadow troubles to come. Enjoyed it and am a bit sad that there are only four books left before I finish the series!

    24. Barbara on said:

      Started reading this through ebook access at the library to see what it was like and to practice to help patrons. It was entertaining enough to request a copy from the preview I'd read. Hope I have time to finish it before the check-out expires. So many books, so little time

    25. Magic Mary Austin on said:

      I will admit that I am not big on mysteries, but I must admit I enjoyed this one. I appreciated that the author kept a level of first person humor in her main character without it being cutesy or forced. I would go back now and read some of the others in this series.

    26. Judy-Sug on said:

      Fun book. Odelia is always getting in trouble as she too often finds dead bodies. Her boss dumps a 3 year old belonging to her sister in Odelia's care and then her boss disappears. Odelia, in searching for the missing sister, discovers dead bodies. Trouble ensues. Funny narration.

    27. Kathy on said:

      Loved it. Characters aren't perfect and pretty. Real problems and real people. Real page turner. A few little plot twists at the ending I didn't see coming. Definitely will read more by this author.

    28. Lee Margaret on said:

      It was an interesting read for a new author (to me). It had a very exciting end. I still don't know why the murderer killed the couple. This book has a happy ending for the little girl which is great to see. This book has me considering the author's other books to read in the future.

    29. Nora-adrienne on said:

      I love Odelia Grey. She rocks my world as I sit there spellbound from page one, all the way to the last words in the book. I'm already looking forward to the next book in this amazing series. I am soooo glad I could get it from my local library.

    30. Kristin on said:

      This wasn't my favorite, although I love all of them. It felt like most of the usual characters were either missing or not present enough. This has become one of my must buy series but I really missed Steele in this one. Even though he's an ass he adds a lot of fun to the books.

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