My Mother's Ring: A Holocaust Historical Novel

Dana Cornell

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My Mother's Ring: A Holocaust Historical Novel

My Mother s Ring A Holocaust Historical Novel The Holocaust didn t really end in Not for everyone Even after the war survivors lives were influenced by their terrifying experiences Some of them were never able to retell their stories for ot

  • Title: My Mother's Ring: A Holocaust Historical Novel
  • Author: Dana Cornell
  • ISBN: 9781630030865
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Holocaust didn t really end in 1945 Not for everyone Even after the war, survivors lives were influenced by their terrifying experiences Some of them were never able to retell their stories for others, it took decades In My Mother s Ring A Holocaust Historical Novel, Henryk Frankowski feels compelled to pen his memoir and finally share his poignant story from hiThe Holocaust didn t really end in 1945 Not for everyone Even after the war, survivors lives were influenced by their terrifying experiences Some of them were never able to retell their stories for others, it took decades In My Mother s Ring A Holocaust Historical Novel, Henryk Frankowski feels compelled to pen his memoir and finally share his poignant story from his hospital bed as he lay dying His carefree childhood as a Jewish boy in Warsaw, Poland is never far from his mind as he recalls the tumultuous world he endured during the Holocaust Henryk speaks uninhibitedly about the intense bond he has with his family, particularly his adoration for his nurturing mother Ultimately, the Frankowskis lives are broken apart as World War II ignites and the Nazis storm across Europe, imprisoning and killing millions As senseless restrictions are implemented, living conditions are compressed, circumstances turn dire, and callous disregard for human life runs rampant, Henryk must find the resilience to carry on All the while, he dreams of a family reunion in Warsaw

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      332 Dana Cornell
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    One thought on “My Mother's Ring: A Holocaust Historical Novel

    1. Julie on said:

      As tears roll down my face, I encourage you to please read this novel. I have so many things to say, and I'm finding it especially difficult to choose the right words for this review Just, please read this. It is so important. "All I have left to say before I join my mother is: I survived. I loved. I lived."

    2. Linda Abbott on said:

      One of the most descriptive narration of survival during the holocaustOne of the most descriptive narration of survival during the holocaustthis author described the harrowing experiences he and others suffered in the Nazi death camps. his writing is riveting. and almost poetic with the depth of his sorrow.I would recommend all who read and absorb these historical bios to include this one. it stays with you.

    3. Joann on said:

      I've read quite a few books on the Holocaust and with each book I learn something I didn't know before. This is true of this man's account of his years in the Warsaw ghetto and Nazi concentration camps. Crafted in the form of Henryk’s Frankowski memoir as an old man in the U.S the novel creates powerful images of incredible viciousness and, in reflection, of human strength and courage. It may have been a bit drawn out from the start, a little slow moving; but then it picked up as the story con [...]

    4. Ellen Campbell on said:

      Moving and inspirationalI just finished this wonderful book and the horror of the holocaust camps will remain with me for a long time. It is so hard to imagine the lives these people were forced to live, where a piece of cheese becomes more valuable than a family heirloom and up to 6 people share a twin sized bunk. The protagonist is so inspirational in his relentless pursuit of a happy life despite the daily horrors that he must encounter. It really makes any person take a long look at their li [...]

    5. Mimi on said:

      This man went thru 5 years of hell and survived to write this memoir. What an amazing special relationship Henrik had with his mom that he was able to survive the most horrible existence with comforting words from his mom and thoughts of home.

    6. Sabrina W. Driggers on said:

      UnforgettableI have read many of these Holocaust survivor stories and while most have the same gist, there is not one that I will ever forget. It shocks my soul to think of what they endured and survived and then thrived. Let us of my generation be able to understand and believe these atrocities so it never can occur again. I cried reading this and will surely pick this one up again. I am so glad he penned his story because each one is a piece of history

    7. Shavavian Allister on said:

      I'll just say heavy. And not for the faint of heart. There were several times that I had to stop listening and just meditate on the things that happened, the things that were said, the things that were experienced. I believe I cried at one point, just brokenhearted and hurt at the immense evil that many people experienced.

    8. Bjoyj on said:

      Heartbreaker We would never forget the human tragedies of WWIIThis story is a painful reminder of how one man endured horrific treatment It is a written well and is a moving story.

    9. caroljordan on said:

      Is this ring magic?I really enjoyed this book. It is unbelievable the horrific things that happened to everyone during this time. There were no winners. I don't think I would survive. God bless those who did.

    10. Stephanie Thomas on said:

      Amazing bookAmazing book. Tells of all the true horrors of the holocaust and the strength Henyrk had to overcome his time in the camps.

    11. Janice on said:

      Heart-wrenchingThis book made me grieve for those who suffered through the Holocaust and should be read by all. This is something we should understand and never forget.

    12. Chelsea on said:

      This is the book where you read the last page, close it, put your head back with your eyes closed, and have to digest it for a minute before moving on

    13. Donna Baxter on said:

      Interesting, wish it was longer!!!True story, blunt but not gross, Would have loved more about their lives after marriage, such a tribute to his family

    14. Linda on said:

      This is the most difficult book I’ve read in a very long time. Could not imagine how anyone survived the holocaust. This book is so graphic and detailed on how evil man can be in War.

    15. francine boone on said:

      Good story about human sufferingIt was slowing at times but interesting enough to continue reading. This book showed the guys inter strength to survive a concentration camp for 4+ years. He ended as the sole survivor of his family.

    16. Maureen on said:

      Well writtenI liked this book and it told the full story. I hope the author continues to write and I wish them great luck and success.

    17. Jeff Dawson on said:

      Why history should never be forgottenOver the years, I’ve read many books on World War Two and the Holocaust. But I have not read one as captivating as this. At the beginning, the author cautions the reader this not a story for the weak and rather than rush through the read, take it a chapter at a time for reflection. The first is dead on; the second I couldn’t do. This is an extremely compelling read and for those who want to discount that the Holocaust ever happened, you need to change sup [...]

    18. Billy Buttons on said:

      This book was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:FEEDBACKAuthor: Dana Fitzwater CornellTitle: My Mother’s RingCOVER: 8/10Generally, the readers liked the cover. They thought the image of the fence was powerful although a few thought the lettering colour and font were a little ‘odd’. They also commented positively on the blurb; although long, it did entice the readers to open the bookNTENT 9/10I cannot honestly say the readers ‘enjoyed’ t [...]

    19. shelliswormonsour on said:

      A heartrending detailed account, beautifully toldTremendous detail ,the aching painful story made me glad to be alive. Though it was long and somber the author wrapped me in a cocoon not wanting to put it down.

    20. Deborah Sulkowski on said:

      Powerful true Haulocaust story.This riveting story was hard to put down and at times very hard to read of the horrors Henrik had to endure. The thing that I still can't understand is how there could have been so many German soldiers that committed such awful atrocities against their fellow man. Was it only psychotics that were chosen to serve as SS guards in all the concentration camps? Psychotic sadists that is? This is not a light read, not for the faint of heart. Though I believe we should al [...]

    21. Lisa on said:

      This is a very well-written historical fictional account of a young Jewish man's journey through World War II. I have read so many books on the Holocaust, yet this one feels "real" if that makes any sense at all. Henryk tells the story of his life living in Warsaw, Poland, in a carefree, loving world. The Germans enter and all changes nearly over night. Restrictions, the Warsaw ghetto, concentration camps and what he and his family endured during this time. Why did it feel so "real" to me? The w [...]

    22. Jan Carpenter on said:

      Sentimentality AmazingThis story of a Polish family who perished during WWII is amazingly sentimental and astonishingly, leaves the reader feeling emotionally good. The lone survivor details many atrocities which are at times, difficult to read, but his sense of survival leaves you knowing his family would have so proud of his life and his values. There are some facts herein that I was unaware of, as well as places and events I either did not know about or did not recall. Such a well developed p [...]

    23. Lee on said:

      I've read numerous books on WW11 and the holocaust but this is the most unbearable book I've ever read. Although I took the author's advise and read this book "in small doses" the doses were not small enough. He describes in plain English what living through Hell+ might be like. He wrote for the millions of people affected by this horrible and shameful period in our lifetime. When all the living testaments are gone, will we let this horror be just a simple bad memory or a legacy of malevolence a [...]

    24. Jill Bonham on said:

      I have mixed feelings about the book. It is a first hand account of one man surviving the holocaust. It reads like a survivor telling his story, but the whole thing is a fictional account. I think what would have justified the book for me was if the author had referenced some of her research, or if she had given some names of survivors she had interviewed. (As the author of another "Once" by Morris Gleitzman did in his wonderful book) But without this I somehow felt cheated. I wouldn't really re [...]

    25. Sarah on said:

      The book was good, there were many scenes of very graphic violence, and bee graphic deaths. Not recommended for people who cannot handle gruesome detailed torture and deaths. Apart from this it is a delightful story and I would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in the holocaust or WWII. The ending is very unexpected and quite rushed but that's not what the books about, the book is about everything that happened in the middle and it is very wonderful. I would recommend paying close atte [...]

    26. Lisa Ann on said:

      Without realizing I was reading a fictional work, I was quickly absorbed into this absolutely horrific and astonishing account of survival during the Holocaust and World War II. The survival of brothers Henryk and Mendel is so well attuned to historical events that the book reads true, and brings one to tears as it unfolds in all it's shocking and heart breaking detail. Though not a "true" account of a survivor, it nonetheless conveys the reality of many stories of survival and the hope and fear [...]

    27. Elvira D Ryan on said:

      I survived I loved I lived.A compelling memoir. I have read a few books about the war,the camps and the survivors. This one is unforgettableIt should be required reading in our schools. My father was a WW2 vet and he did not say much about that war,but I know that it stayed with him all his life.We have to teach our children so that these horrendous things don' happens again.

    28. Cindy on said:

      Wowwhat an incredible book. Amazing description. How much can the human body and soul endure? The author writes an incredibly moving and sorrowful tale of what one man goes through during the Holocaust. She describes every situation with descriptive visualization. It is poetic and so so sorrowful. I think this book is a must read for anyone interested or studying the Holocaust. It is so haunting.

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