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Brandon Witt

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Submerging Inferno

Submerging Inferno A Men of Myth Story Brett Wright and Finn de Morisco come from vastly different worlds Disowned by his family for being gay Brett builds both a life on his own terms and walls around his heart But no

  • Title: Submerging Inferno
  • Author: Brandon Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Men of Myth Story Brett Wright and Finn de Morisco come from vastly different worlds Disowned by his family for being gay, Brett builds both a life on his own terms and walls around his heart But nothing can prepare him for the evil that stalks him in the night or from discovering the dark secrets of his heritage The youngest of a doting family, Finn lives a shelteredA Men of Myth Story Brett Wright and Finn de Morisco come from vastly different worlds Disowned by his family for being gay, Brett builds both a life on his own terms and walls around his heart But nothing can prepare him for the evil that stalks him in the night or from discovering the dark secrets of his heritage The youngest of a doting family, Finn lives a sheltered life that allows him to trust easily and makes him quick to jump to the rescue While using his knowledge of the supernatural world to help Brett uncover the truth of his ancestry, Finn learns neither his magical life nor falling in love is as simple and risk free as he believed New knowledge comes with a price one that may prove too high for them to pay A Bittersweet Dreams title It s an unfortunate truth love doesn t always conquer all Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

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    One thought on “Submerging Inferno

    1. Emma Sea on said:

      Perhaps this is actually a young-adult book, and I missed that, in which case my 2-stars is uncalled for; this is a good YA paranormal novel with a hint of romance. However as an m/m romance or a romance fantasy novel I was very let down. The MCs are 23 and 25, but act like 15-year olds who can drive. The depictions of this hidden side of our reality, with Royal vampires and a Vampire Cathedral, water nymphs and werewolves, are written as so juvenile that it just sets my teeth on edge (actually [...]

    2. Blake Fraina on said:

      A young man grows up without his parents, unaware of the extraordinary truth about his origins. Might he be headed off to Hogwarts? A warm, loving [and supernatural] family takes in their son’s true love, an attractive and headstrong outsider, who brings a murderous vampire to their door. Must we choose between "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob?"A world in which faeries, werewolves, vampires, witches, nymphs and demons live side-by-side with humans? Should we get Sookie Stackhouse on the speed dia [...]

    3. Plainbrownwrapper on said:

      I admire some elements of this book, but other parts seriously annoy me. I'd give it 4 stars for the good components, but the bad stuff drags it down.The Good: 1. Many bad things happen to the MC, Brett, and the author actually shows us how he disintegrates because of his experiences. Brett isn't heroic, he isn't all-knowing, he doesn't prevail through everything. He's human (even though he really isn't), he makes dumb mistakes, and when overwhelming things happen to him he actually gets overwhe [...]

    4. Absynthe on said:

      I think it takes balls for an author to stay true to where the plot leads rather than cater to the masses and give them the saccharine HEA they expect out of every book they read.This is a rich, original world with interesting characters and unexpected plot twists. I enjoyed the whole series for that reason.If you want to read a book that's got a plot a three year old can guess on page 5, the same old whiny characters and everything wrapped up with a pretty bow that doesn't tax your mental capac [...]

    5. Kazza on said:

      Brandon Witt webcam interview and giveaway January 10-12thontopdownunderbookreviews/This was an interesting read and a good first book for a series. It got bogged down in some parts but in others it flowed really well.The world building was good and I can see where it will build on the beginnings here. Of the two MC's, I have to say I have much Finn de Morisco love. He absolutely spoke to me as a character.I read a fair bit of paranormal and I liked this book for the greater part. Full review at [...]

    6. Blaze on said:

      I really liked this book. Finn can be with me any time at all. He's so sweet and so loyal and Brett's really lucky that Finn was looking out for him when he needed someone.Finn is a warlock and he doesn't know why a vampire is interested in his date Brett, but it can't be for anything good. It isn't for anything good. He causes a mess. OMG Sonia. She got a bad deal and she's so nice. I feel sorry for Brett because he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere and now Sonia. That's pretty harsh.I have [...]

    7. Adrianamae, Marco's fan on said:

      2.5For a good review read plainbrownwrapper's review.This is the second book that I've read today that has left me p*ssed off. How about finishing a chapter of the story? How about a story that doesn't feel unfinished--and one that left us without answers. I feel as if I wasted my time, and that doesn't give me the warm fuzzies to buy the next book. I'm done with this serial.

    8. Scott on said:

      This one is going to be full of spoilers, so stop now if you haven't read it.I just finished this last night and needed to take the night to process what was going on in my head about the story. Let me preface it by saying that I don't typically read the paranormal stories. I used to when I was a teen, however, in the process of growing up (too fast), I found that there were some things that were strange enough in the real world without having to add the horrors of fiction to it. That said, this [...]

    9. Eugenia on said:

      1.5 Stars.What could have turned into a very interesting tale left me cursing and gnashing my teeth at the incredulous behavior and dialogue of all the characters in this book. The action in this book takes place over a week. Within that time, our MCs, a witch and a partial demon fall in forever insta-love. And they tell each other constantly how much they love each other. And they talk about their “us” and future while trying to find and kill a vampire. The demon MC keeps changing his mind [...]

    10. John Inman on said:

      SUBMERGING INFERNO by Brandon Witt, has everything. Demons, vampires, werewolves, mermen, great characters, beautiful writing, a touching love story, chilling monsters, San Diego -- the city I call my hometown -- and the promise of two more great books to round out the Men of Myth trilogy after this one. I can't wait to read them. Anne Cain's cover art is perfect for the story too. Sometimes when I read a novel, I struggle with the way words have been laid out in front of me. Sometimes they don' [...]

    11. Rob Andresen on said:

      I came across Brandon Witt through connections in Denver and did not know him as a writer until the release of Submerging Inferno. Always one to support local authors, I figured I'd give his story a try. I was pleasantly surprised when the story grabbed me and pulled me right in.The story was pretty standard for the first chapters and then surprised me with the magical twist that kept me wanting more. I love the characters and connected with them immediately. The worst part about this story is t [...]

    12. David Leger on said:

      This isn't quite my genre, I don't normally read supernatural tales. I know the author, and enjoyed his 1st novel, so decided to give this series a try. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. There is an ongoing love story, with well developed and colorful characters. There's a slowly building sub-plot, along with a lot of interesting short term conflicts and trials. I have gotten hooked on finding out what happens. I should mention there is some fairly graphic sexual content, much of it is n [...]

    13. F. on said:

      A different take on the paranormal world. I enjoyed it but can't understand why Brett didn't fully explain his affinity to the sea to either Finn or Finn's family. Surely when they were all together looking for answers it would have been the perfect time to bring it up. On the same note why is Finn quiet about the voices?A few puzzling things but i am intrigued and will read more.

    14. Mike Walker on said:

      I took a chance on this book. I say that because I knew going into it, that Its not the kind of book that I usually go for. In spite of that, I'm open minded and I really enjoyed "The Shattered Door" by the same author, so decided to give it a try.As expected, is it different from my usual reads in terms of being "otherworldly", but (surprisingly?)I enjoyed it and found myself slip easily into that world without much question. While the world is different here, the underlying themes remain the s [...]

    15. The Novel Approach Reviews on said:

      Where to begin?? Let me start off with saying that I loved this book!!! I am very picky when it comes to fantasy books. I do enjoy a story set in different worlds but I think my favorite would be a contemporary world set on its axis. A world where the supernatural lives along with the ordinary. Where witches are bakers and a demon is a life guard. Since it’s the first book in the Men of Myth series, I’m excited to see what happens next in the two books.You can read the rest of Lana's review [...]

    16. Jen on said:

      It started out good but then the characters' voices started to blend together and sound the same. The dialogue got sappy in the second half to the point that I started skimming. No HEA for this one, instead we're left hanging in order to buy the next book. I'm curious as to how the story progresses, but not sure if I'll buy the next one or not.Is this a YA novel? I noticed that mentioned in the other reviews. Didn't seem like a YA with some of the graphic content.

    17. Carly on said:

      Lacking emotional connections.Wishy washy Brett and Clingy Finn have an insta-relationship that's based on emotions I didn't see. Their lack of compatibility keeps them on a frustrating edge of will they, won't they. The story is also full of dead end situations and experiences that don't go anywhere. Due to the heavy dose of bitterness, and after reading the samples, is not a series I'll be continuing.

    18. Becky Condit on said:

      Please leave comments for Pattycake's 4 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index.“Sitting in the mess of broken toys I had landed on, for what must have been the billionth time in the past week, I sobbed. For Finn, for the pain I had caused him. For the life he hoped we would live together. For Sonia, for her death. For her having to die again one day. For me. For everything I had become. For everything I would never be.”Witches, warlocks, and werewolves, oh my! In Submerging Inferno, t [...]

    19. GayListBookReviews on said:

      I keep saying that fantasy/paranormal is not my thing, but I keep finding authors that write it in a way that is impossible for me to put the book down.Dear Brandon,I was expecting the bloodbath, the scary vampire and the mythical creatures. What I was not expecting was to choke up on my emotions and end up almost crying over a demon and a warlock’s love story.I am ready for more.Love, Connie.Where to start? This book was such a trip. The writing is fabulous. The descriptions, the details the [...]

    20. Cathy Brockman on said:

      : Brett wright is twenty-three and even though his grandfather has recently passed he still feels as if he can’t go to his grandmother thinking that she too had turned him away when his grandfather did when he came out. He is also realizing that things about him seem to be changing. He has always liked being in the ocean but now he seems drawn to it. After being stalked by a strange man he sets fire to himself yet, doesn’t burn. He wakes up with a hot man that turns out to be a witch. Sound [...]

    21. Vance Bastian on said:

      On the surface you may think the first Men of Myth book, Submerging Inferno, is another “I don’t know my origin” story. You can certainly read it for that if you want. But I encourage you to read it as the story of the guy who falls in love with the mysterious hunk. Finn whose daily life as a mundane bakery warlock is turned upside down when his family sets him up to meet big, athletic, kind-hearted Brett.Brett who wards off a vampire attack by calling forth fire from within. Brett whose v [...]

    22. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      I reviewed this for All About Romancekesbooks/cgi-bin/booWitt's a good story teller. The simple story is that Brett Wright, a San Diego lifeguard, has been living with his friend Sonia for years, since being kicked out of his grandparents’ home for being gay. Unusually tall, blond and beautiful, Brett is oblivious to the possible implications of his remarkable metabolism and his affinity with the ocean and its creatures. In fairly short order, he survives a horrible date, only to be confronted [...]

    23. Cathy Brockman on said:

      Brett Wright is twenty three and just realizing that things about him are odd and changing. His Grandfather has just died, he is feeling odd things in the ocean, he is setting fire to himself and not burning, he meets a hot man that turns out to be a witch,, and life will never be the same. Oh I forgot to mention being chased by a vampire and finding out he is at least part Demon. Brett is an interesting man. I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait for the next in the series. I do hope it [...]

    24. David Berger on said:

      I've been a fan of fantasy my whole life, but I've never really read much about demons and witches, not together anyway. After reading this book, I'm a fan. Brett Wright has this strong yet sensitive persona that caught my interest early on, but after he meets Finn de Morisco, I was even more eager to see what would happen. The intricacies that Witt weaves throughout this novel truly impress me: the vampires, witches, nymphs, and other mythological/magical creatures exist within this world witho [...]

    25. Chris Silberman on said:

      This book is so rich with both emotion and suspense that I was unable to put it down. Obviously heavily mythological, this book actually lets the characters drive the plot, rather than the mythology or magic dictate the story. Brandon is SO creative and unique in his writing both here and The Shattered Door, he's really able to capture the light behind the darkness inside each of his character's heads. I especially like how he occasionally switches perspectives between characters giving the read [...]

    26. Jane on said:

      Excellent story! Well developed characters! LOVE! Love of Finn and Brett!But Finn is a warlock and Brett is? far a demonbut that is all he knows. He needs to find his missing linkshis power of fire and who knows what else. The nymphs have helped. The warlocks and witches have helped him with his new found self.The story moves along smoothly and the characters are marvellous. The magical moments and descriptions of nymphs, vamps, werewolves are excellent.The author describes it as urban fantasy.I [...]

    27. Karen on said:

      I really loved this book. Not a story I would normally read. Twilight series, never caught my attention, but "Submerging Inferno" kept me captivated from the 1st chapter all the way to the end I loved the characters. The story would pull you into it. You could feel, the pain, the love, sadness and struggle. I like a book where I can actually just give into it, and nothing else matters. I like how I was able to picture the story line and the characters and put myself right there. Brandon has a ve [...]

    28. John Amory on said:

      Rising Frenzy NOW PLEASE.Still gathering my thoughts. My immediate reaction is that this is a more serious, less whiny, gay version of Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries. The supernatural elements are a lot of fun, as they should be, but Brandon Witt isn't afraid to take his readers to dark places either, and I love that.

    29. Missmeanie on said:

      My only peeve and why it did not get 5 stars is that reading a book is already a stretch for the imagination but to fall in love without much interaction is just hard to swallow. =) other than that, i love the book and about to read the next installment immediately.

    30. John Engelhardt on said:

      great book. can't wait for book two to come out. unique combo of fantasy and thriller with vampire after the young hero. The interaction between him and his lover's family is not all that simple and is an interesting subplot to it. Rate it highest possible.

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