Against the Galileans

Julian the Apostate Emperor Julian

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Against the Galileans

Against the Galileans Julian the Apostate the last pagan emperor of Rome wrote Against the Galileans as a criticism of Christianity

Julian the Apostate, the last pagan emperor of Rome, wrote Against the Galileans as a criticism of Christianity.

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    Julian the Apostate Emperor Julian
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One thought on “Against the Galileans

  1. Yann on said:

    Julien l'Apostat est un personnage intéressant. Devenu empereur romain après le règne de Constantin, il s'est détourné du christianisme que son prédécesseur avait adopté, et dans lequel il avait été élevé, pour adopter plutôt des traditions païennes vers lesquelles il est allé de lui-même et qu'il a préférées. Il nous reste plusieurs de ses ouvrages. Celui-ci est un pamphlet polémique contre ceux qu'il appelle les Galiléens, et son but est de flétrir leurs croyances. L'édi [...]

  2. John on said:

    Mildly interesting view of late-empire paganism vs. Christianity. It boils down to "My gods are better than your God[s]." If you are interested in the Emperor Julian, Gore Vidal's novel Julian is very entertaining.

  3. John on said:

    A fascinating 4th Century criticism of Judaism and Christianity by the last "pagan" emperor. Emperor Julian uses logic to undermine the Judaic and Christian beliefs in suppor to the old gods of Greece and Rome.With Christianity sweeping and undermining the Empire, Julian provides a remarkable view of the phenomena. Had he not died young, it is interesting to imagine what course the history of Christianity may have taken.

  4. Peter J. on said:

    I enjoyed this work. It was interesting seeing what the last "pagan" Roman Emperor thought of the Christian (I.e. Galilean) faith that was sweeping the empire. One thing I found quite interesting was the following statement he made: "And yet, I call the gods to witness, I am one of those who avoid keeping their festivals with the Jews; but nevertheless I revere always the God of Abraham, Isaac and JacobAnd they revered a God who was ever gracious to me and to those who worshipped him as Abraham [...]

  5. Dschreiber on said:

    Julian "The Apostate" was a Roman emperor who came after Christianity was officially recognized and promoted in the empire. In his short reign of about 2 years he tried to re-establish paganism. A scholar and philospher as well as a soldier and emperor, he wrote a number of works in defence of his beliefs. One of the most interesting is this, Against the Galileans. in which he subjects Christian (and Jewish) beliefs to rational analysis, much in the style of a philosopher. It's almost amusing to [...]

  6. Bianca De franchis on said:

    Great food for thought. Some of his claims about the Hellenistic gods come off as contrary to the way their nature is represented in myths by Ovid (just to give an example). Regardless, he provides interesting arguments worth considering.

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