Math: Facing an American Phobia

Marilyn Burns

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Math: Facing an American Phobia

Math Facing an American Phobia Challenging negative attitudes and delivering a positive message about what math can and should mean to all of us this resource is both an entertaining and invaluable read From Talking Turkey About A

  • Title: Math: Facing an American Phobia
  • Author: Marilyn Burns
  • ISBN: 9780941355193
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Challenging negative attitudes and delivering a positive message about what math can and should mean to all of us, this resource is both an entertaining and invaluable read From Talking Turkey About Arithmetic to Making Math Make Sense, the 13 chapters help everyone conquer their fear of math.

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      500 Marilyn Burns
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    One thought on “Math: Facing an American Phobia

    1. Poiema on said:

      I began my "math makeover" with a book by Marilyn Burns, entitled Math: Facing an American Phobia. It was a fantastic start, written by a math educator who finds delight in real-world applications rather than in rows of "right" answers on a worksheet. For me, she put to death the myth that there is only ONE way to come up with the answer to a math problem. If you had to quickly tabulate the sum of 37 plus 50 would you first add 40 to 50 and then subtract 3? Or would you make an addition problem [...]

    2. Patricia on said:

      I was reading part of this book for an assignment at school and Burns was so funny, I just kept reading for pleasure. Burns analyzes why the vast majority of the country "hates" and "can't do" math, and also points out that any efforts to teach math in a different, possibly more accessible way, are often loudly protested. It seems that people want their children to learn math in exactly the same way they did, even if the result was that they themselves hate math and describe themselves as not ve [...]

    3. Jill on said:

      I think the author makes a lot of good points about how Math has been taught poorly in the past (based on formula memorization) instead of teaching kids to think and reason. However, since this book was written over fifteen years ago, I would like to read an updated version. The author may have written something more up-to-date that addresses how teachers are pressured to "teach to the (state) test." If so, I suggest one reads it instead of this book.

    4. Nicole on said:

      You assume correctly- this is a book about math and therefore will probably generate less sensationalism than oh, say Dan Brown. But for what it is, it's really good. Burns makes excellent points, its easy to read and can be digested either in increments or one whole sitting. (See, math IS everywhere, even in this half-assed review.)

    5. Emily on said:

      This book was recommended to me by a professor as a must read, so I picked it up. I really liked it! It completely changed the way I feel about mathematics and how I will look at teaching it. Children must learn to understand the 'why' behind the 'how.' Very interesting.

    6. Susan on said:

      I LOVE this book. Started reading it to get an idea of how kids learn mathd pretty soon little blank places in my math background started to get filled in (or challanged). Also "Math Power" by Patricia Kenschaft.

    7. Josh Fish on said:

      Many great insights to teaching math to kids. Memorable ones are that it is okay to use calculators, and that math is messy but so useful to life if we teach people how.

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