Deathstroke Vol. 1: Legacy

Kyle Higgins Simon Bisley

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Deathstroke Vol. 1: Legacy

Deathstroke Vol Legacy As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New event of September Slade Wilson once ranked as the world s greatest mercenary But when his reputation starts to slip and when a mysterious briefc

  • Title: Deathstroke Vol. 1: Legacy
  • Author: Kyle Higgins Simon Bisley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, Slade Wilson once ranked as the world s greatest mercenary But when his reputation starts to slip, and when a mysterious briefcase enters the equation, the man known as Deathstroke decides to carve a bloody, gory swatch across the DCU in a quest to show the world what exactly makes him the best.ThisAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, Slade Wilson once ranked as the world s greatest mercenary But when his reputation starts to slip, and when a mysterious briefcase enters the equation, the man known as Deathstroke decides to carve a bloody, gory swatch across the DCU in a quest to show the world what exactly makes him the best.This volume collect issues 1 6 of Deathstroke, part of the DC Comics The New 52 event.

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    One thought on “Deathstroke Vol. 1: Legacy

    1. Jeff on said:

      Remember that movie, “Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag”? Me neither, but if that were the title of this volume and because of Deathstroke’s penchant for decapitating his opponents, they’d need, if not a bigger duffel bag, at least more of them. These pages are liberally splashed red with blood and epic violence, generally of the other guy getting stuck in some fashion on Deathstroke’s nasty sword.At least DC didn’t water down their treatment of unrepentant assassin Slade Wilson (aka Death [...]

    2. Anne on said:

      I can't decide if I like it or not.On one hand, there's lots of action, violence, and gore.Yay!On the other hand, it's Deathstroke. So, it's not like you're actually rooting for the guy to win. Higgins' seems like a good writer, and I'd like to read more of his stuff.Just not his stuff about Slade Wilson.

    3. Mike on said:

      OK stories if you like the dark emotions of a ruthless professional killer. Seems well-plotted and well-illustrated, just not my cup of tea.(So, I had this mixed up with Deathstroke, Volume 1: The Professional. Can you blame me? So many "volume 1" out there in DC-Land.)

    4. Chris on said:

      Considering the enduring status and popularity of Deathstroke, he's had few good stories in recent years. I've given up on his solo outings and his cameos in other books are often little more than a transparent attempt to boost sales. I'm hoping to read Marv Wolfman's original run in future, but first I wanted to re-read the one book I did enjoy, Kyle Higgins' Deathstroke: Legacy.His eight issue run is full of bombastic violence and bloodshed, but it's grounded by a surprisingly personal story a [...]

    5. Sam Quixote on said:

      Slade Wilson is Deathstroke, the world’s greatest assassin, but he is aging and it seems his legacy is waning - he is no longer considered as deadly as he once was. Incensed, he sets out to prove the naysayers wrong, killing and maiming the competition and taking out impossible targets. But someone close to him he once thought was dead turns out to be alive - and wants his head! And his long list of enemies have decided enough is enough: Deathstroke must pay! Kyle Higgins delivers exactly what [...]

    6. Pamela on said:

      I picked up a bunch of more obscure (to me) New 52 titles at a book sale, and I figured I'd give them a shot. I did recognize the name "Deathstroke," for which I give myself a pat on the back.I don't remember where I heard it, mind, but it is familiar-ish to me.Aha, yes. Teen Titans. I never read any of the older TT comics, but I did watch the anime-style show that was on CN for a while. Now I know that those characters are very different from their comic book counterparts, but hey, it had a cat [...]

    7. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      Slade Wilson is a jerk. Let's be honest. He has put his desire to be the best warrior before everything. He will take on just about any mission just so he can achieve the recognition and accolades of completing the mission. It's not about the money.I found him hard to like. That makes it's difficult to root for a character when he's so insufferable. I appreciate how incredibly kickbutt the man is, but his colossal ego and the enormous chip on his shoulder ruins things for me.This is a very viole [...]

    8. Jbainnz on said:

      When I originally read this book 6 months ago, I didn't find it special in any way. After reading it again I was surprised to find I enjoyed it a lot!This was one of the first titles I tried from the New 52, at the time it didn't really grab me at all. So little in fact that I still haven't bothered picking up the second and last volume 'Lobo Hunt'. Upon reading through it again I saw so many things I missed the first time round. Maybe it was because my knowledge of the N52 universe has been exp [...]

    9. Wolverina on said:

      Fun pulpy action with the requisite daddy drama that seems to always come with these narratives as it seems to be safer than having women in roles that aren't the victim.I'll stick to FPS's for my explosions and lack of women, but if it's your cup of tea to get that does of bad arseness in comic form, you'd probably enjoy this.That said, Higgins doesn't actually treat women that badly in this. Mostly it seems by avoiding them, but given what this kind of genre can be like that's not necessarily [...]

    10. John Lamberth on said:

      The New 52 hasn't impressed me. This version of Deathstroke basically takes away all of the stuff that made him an interesting character and now he's just a guy that likes violence.

    11. Vanessa on said:

      I've been slowly, haphazardly backtracking my way through the New 52. I never really followed Deathstroke, so it took me a while to get to him. The story was a little hard to follow, some of the action sequences were hard to make out (Does someone throw a submarine at him in a fight scene? What the shit was going on there?) Anyway, this book collects issues 1-8 of the reboot. Deathstroke's a metahuman mercenary with a poor father figure. He is also a poor father figure himself. And the cat's in [...]

    12. Brendan Richmond on said:

      I loved this book because: 1, Deathstroke is my favorite anti-hero in all of comic books (well tied with the Redhood) and 2, because this book ha a fairly simple but awesome story. The story goes that Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) is known as the world's best bounty hunter\mercenary and everyone knows it. But his reputation has faded through the years and people think he just isn't what he used to be anymore. And so he takes on a mission in Moscow, Russia with three other younger and much less expe [...]

    13. Jeremy Slezak on said:

      An interesting read for someone who was unfamiliar with the character, Deathstoke outside teen titans. Very bloody and violent. They really emphasize the fact that he's enhanced, dangerous, and a strategist. The only problem is that he doesn't seem to strategize, and is more like a bull in a china shop. There are many times where he kills needlessly because he's trying to gain a reputation to get more money to get a better reputation and so on and so forth. His reason for all this is to be "the [...]

    14. Kevin on said:

      Slade Wilson is Deathstroke a top assassin who's a bit past his prime. He's superpowered and has all the toys. When he feels he's being played with he slaughters his allies and goes on a hunt to find out who's behind it all.Someone took "badass" to mean "can kill everyone by running up and chopping their head off." Slade has no smarts or tactics in this. He is invincible and cannot be killed by anything. It's like a bad version of Superman. Then when he does start getting hurt later in the serie [...]

    15. Shannon Appelcline on said:

      This is a somewhat hard book to rate. On the one hand, the writing is quite good, especially as it relates to the relation of Deathstroke and his family. The main artist meanwhile offers up a clean, detailed, and attractive style that works well for a modern comic. I also really appreciate the fact that this comic isn't as mired in decompression and cliffhangers as most of the New 52.On the other hand, the violence in Deathstroke is so over-the-top as to be offensive at times. Issue #2 is one of [...]

    16. Alex Sarll on said:

      One of the libraries I use has at the counter a selection of free bookmarks by somewhat noted artists - I think Jeremy Deller is probably the biggest name. And despite being situated in a deeply religious area, many of them are rude either in wording or imagery (which, obviously, I applaud). Among the more polite is the one reading 'THIS BOOKMARK WISHES TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE'. While polite, it is also of course paradoxical - place that bookmark anywhere, however genial, and it will still be sayin [...]

    17. Jason on said:

      Wherein assassins' filial relationships are explored as per a Cat Stevens song, but with more decapitations than a Saudi coronation.

    18. John Yelverton on said:

      I don't know who the Deathstroke fanboy was who gave the green light to this, but they should be fired.

    19. Fizzgig76 on said:

      Reprints Deathstroke #1-8 (November 2011-June 2012). Deathstroke is one of the world’s premiere assassins, but now finds that many are considering him a has-been. Setting out to prove his worth, he takes an assignment which proves to reveal that Deathstroke’s past might come back to haunt him. Now a target himself, Slade Wilson finds himself pushed to the edge both physically and mentally by returning attackers called Legacy. As Deathstroke battles more and more Legacy agents, he begins to q [...]

    20. Rick Hunter on said:

      I have now read 26 of the 52 titles DC used to rebrand their books under the New 52 banner. This book wasn't even on my radar. I just read it because it was free on my friend's Comixology account. I thought the title character would be a one trick pony and not be able to pull off being the lead character of a series. Kyle Higgins proved me wrong.Mr. Higgins is the writer for this series. I'm unfamiliar with his writing. If I've previously read any of his work, the name just didn't stick with me. [...]

    21. Sara on said:

      There’s a lot this title has going for it that should make it good: it’s readable, well-drawn, and evenly paced (poor pacing is a huge pet peeve of mine that I often encounter in comics). But while I say it SHOULD be good, Deathstroke honestly lacks some pretty important pieces of the puzzle to actually MAKE it good. The plot is minimal, and honestly, there’s no real reason to care about what happens to Slade or his supporting characters. If the bare minimum interpretation of “bad guy” [...]

    22. Arturo on said:

      Deathstroke is the biggest a-hole in the DC universe, one of the deadliest villains right next to Joker, that the chances of getting killed by him just for standing near him is pretty high. Every thing I've read with him from Identity Crisis to Teen Titans makes me strongly dislike him. I've never read his series from the early 90's to see him as an anti-hero, to read this series in that way. I also don't like innocent (well maybe not innocent) bystanders getting killed for no reason, and this h [...]

    23. Halez on said:

      So first, I give this four stars because I think as part of New 52 it does a good job making it easy for any new readers to come in and enjoy the story. That being said, Slade's character has been rebooted in a way that maybe goes a little too far from the original. I've read some of Marv Wolfman's run back when he first created the character and did Deathstroke's solo series and I've read the first two volumes of Tony Daniel's Deathstroke and I have to say this Deathstroke is not that one. This [...]

    24. Dave on said:

      4.5* To me the strengths of this effort was how the story managed to stay ahead of my expectations. A few pages in, both the art (first) and then the story "popped." Yes, it wasn't long before the violence and of course the beheadings went over the top, but it also put me in a spot where I had to ask myself "Am I onboard with this?" The hero was billed as a badass, so now am I going to complain by the heads flying and the body count? I decided to keep with it and what won me over was that it as [...]

    25. Daryl on said:

      This is one of the worst, probably The worst, books in DC's new 52 line. I'm not a big fan of the whole anti-hero concept, though it's seldom done well (Garth Ennis' take on the Punisher is one of the very few). The previous version of Deathstroke was an interesting villain, a good foil for the Teen Titans. He wasn't a good guy, but he wasn't the psychopath that this Deathstroke is. Maybe reading this after the massacre of 20+ people in Connecticut wasn't good timing, but I can't imagine ever re [...]

    26. Cale on said:

      I can specify the point where this book lost me - halfway through the second issue, after a half dozen decapitations and partial decapitations have already occurred at the hands of the protagonist (I won't call Deathstroke a hero - he's a villain through and through), in a small panel is captured the completely gratuitous and pointless death of an innocent. It adds nothing to the story, it's just there to up the violence factor. And that's all this book has going for it - over-the-top unmitigate [...]

    27. James Dunphy on said:

      Volume 1 of Deathstroke's "New 52" reboot revolves around him basically restoring his street cred on a global mercenary super-human scale. It's a simple story that sets him up for the new DCU. There are some deeper elements of a continuing plot, but I will not get into those parts here. I will say they set up Deathstroke vol 2 in a very interesting way though.This gets a 4 because it's a bucket load of good things everyone loves in superhero comics. It's an easy to digest, yet addicting story, w [...]

    28. Jessie on said:

      So once again, this is a character that I had absolutely zero familiarity with going in. I read this entire book and I still can't tell you if he's supposed to be a hero. I don't think he is, I think he's a villain. I can respect a villain title, but I rarely like them. The authors tried to infuse a certain amount of character psychology into this title--in fact, they pushed it pretty hard--but I wasn't interested. Not enough storyline there to make me sympathetic. So in the end, it's the same a [...]

    29. Sean on said:

      When the main statement of your book is a knife to the eye, you probably don't have much to say. That's the case here as DC really drops the ball. With so much going on with the character of Deathstroke (Arrow & Arkham Origins) the creators and editors decided that the only interesting thing about him is he likes being the best. There is no depth to Slade Wilson and the supporting cast is abysmal. The art is straight out of the 90s Rob Liefeld playbook. Overall, just an atrocious book that D [...]

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