Every Part of You: Tempts Me

Megan Hart

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Every Part of You: Tempts Me

Every Part of You Tempts Me She likes to watch He likes to keep hidden Total opposites on a collision course to a relationship neither can deny Simone Cooper s been watching Elliott Anderson through her office window for months

  • Title: Every Part of You: Tempts Me
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She likes to watch He likes to keep hidden Total opposites on a collision course to a relationship neither can deny.Simone Cooper s been watching Elliott Anderson through her office window for months He likes to bring women back to his office for late night trysts, and Simone enjoys her voyeurism until one night, Elliott appears to go too far with his date The other woShe likes to watch He likes to keep hidden Total opposites on a collision course to a relationship neither can deny.Simone Cooper s been watching Elliott Anderson through her office window for months He likes to bring women back to his office for late night trysts, and Simone enjoys her voyeurism until one night, Elliott appears to go too far with his date The other woman might not be into spanking, but Simone is, and when she meets Elliott in the elevator later that night, she makes sure he s intrigued enough by her to ask her to go with him to the party he no longer has a date for.Thrown together by circumstances he d never have imagined, Elliott isn t sure what to think about Simone She s nothing like the women he normally dates, but something about her draws him in until he can t stop himself from wanting her until their goodnight kiss becomes something harder Harsher Simone responds to his rough hands as no woman ever has, and Elliott s not ready to pursue what he s always told himself is wrong.

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    One thought on “Every Part of You: Tempts Me

    1. Exina on said:

      Simone has been watching Elliott Anderson through her office window for months. He likes to bring women back to his office for late-night trysts, and Simone enjoys her voyeurism until one night, Elliott appears to go too far with his date.Every Part of You Tempts Me is the first part of the erotic serial novel, Every Part of You. Elliott is brusque, reserved, allowing no one close to him.He was, as far as she was concerned, perfection. Just over six feet tall. Lean swimmer’s body he liked to c [...]

    2. Stacia (the 2010 club) on said:

      Let's consider Tempts Me a few short chapters in a larger story. Installment writing seems to be a growing trend as of lately. In most instances, I'd rather not get my story in bits and pieces. This time, I decided to give it a go, since I'd thought this might be a safe way to try Megan Hart again and see if I might have been too iffy about her in the past.So far, so good? Yes, that's a question mark. It's really hard to know what to think, when not a whole lot has happened yet. Basically, this [...]

    3. Geri Reads on said:

      I quite liked this one. Simone is crazy fun and she knows what she wants and goes after it. She wants Elliot except that he doesn't like to be caught just yet, especially by Simone. She confuses him a little bit, plus she's not his type, or is she? Really enjoyable. I liked the banter between the two characters. This is a first part of a serial though, so we might have to wait a little bit more to get an HEA. :)ARC provided the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    4. Duchess Nicole on said:

      This is hard to rate or reviewI've read some serial novels before but this one is very, very short, and it really has the feeling of just being left open in the middle of something. You don't really get to know the characters really well.ly a hint. Enough to titillate, I suppose. I'm interested in the next installment but it had better be really attention grabbing or I may not continue with the third installment. Simone is a bit forward for my taste, but I get the sense that this isn't the norm [...]

    5. Vishous on said:

      2.5 actuallyThis short story felt more like an intro to what will happen more, as in (view spoiler)[how will their sex look like (hide spoiler)] between Simone and Elliot. It didn't rock my world, but I also wasn't bored. It felt more like giving a promise, that hot and steamy parts will happen in other sequels. so I am looking forward to reading a sequel soon, becuase this cca 40 pages felt more like a tease or a prologue, and I am curious to see how will he react when he sees what she wants.

    6. *P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist on said:

      This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books."What it would be like, Simone wondered, to have him focus that look on her? To feel his hand on her wrist?Gripping hard, maybe grinding the bones together, just a little?It would be delicious."It's Megan Hart again, baby! When I saw that she's writing a romance mixed with a little BDSM my hands were aching to get it, even though bdsm isn't on top of my list when reading, but as I said- it's Megan Hart whose books rarely, if ever disappoint me, and neit [...]

    7. Michele on said:

      I am usually a huge Megan Hart fan, but this novella just didn't work for me. It can't compete with Hart's earlier works.I was about to give this book three stars, but then this quote happened: " a series of brutal yeast infections during college had taught her to hate pantyhose." Good god. Hear that? It was a star going poof. I don't need to know about Simone's yeasties unless they are central to the story. I assure you, her scorching crotch problems have nothing to do with the plot in this nov [...]

    8. AH on said:

      A nice little sexy read about a woman who has been watching the lawyer in her building get it on in his office with various girls. Simone gets turned on watching Elliot and when they meet in the elevator, she accompanies him to a party.Simone is quite likable - she knows what she wants (even though she takes a while to get it). Elliot is a little OCD and very set in his ways. This is part 1 of 5 very short books (about 40 pages). It's a quick and enjoyable read. Personally, I would love to see t [...]

    9. Lady Heather on said:

      I really liked this short story.I liked Simone's take charge, go-get-what-she-wants character, and I was intrigued with Elliot's rather 'anal' characteristics. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment in this series, but it better not end with another cliff-hanger!If it does, I won't be continuing with the third.

    10. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme on said:

      Simone seduces me at first glance because she is a voyeur. Watching a handsome man fucking women across his office's desk is a Peeping Tom's fantasy come true. When the sexually naughty participants are good looking, it's even more exciting. Seeing it kink up with a light spanking increase the allure.Ms. Hart is one of my favourite authors. Her writing is polished and so easy to read. It's like gliding on silk, luxurious and erotic. This is the first serial of hers I've read. I'm hooked. Mostly [...]

    11. Dαɴιjα on said:

      I'm not exactly sure how to review just the beginning of a story - because this is just that: a beginning - but here goes nothing. This is an interesting beginning, I'll give you that, but, honestly, I'm not a fan of this new trend of breaking up books into several parts. And this one has five parts. Five, for crying out loud! I'm half tempted to wait for the whole book to come out next year. My frustration aside, I'm a big fan of Megan Hart's books, and this could turn into a book I like. We'll [...]

    12. Crazy for Books (Stephanie) on said:

      SEXY ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review 3 - 3.5 PINCH ME STARSSimone Cooper has been watching Lawyer, Elliot Anderson through their office windows for quite a while. She knows she's not his type, but when a chance meeting in the elevator presents itself, Simone takes the opportunity to turn Elliot's world on it's ear. He doesn't usually go for women who look like Simone, but looks can be deceiving. She's not what he expects and he just can't get her out of his mind.I liked the [...]

    13. Regina on said:

      This is short but very enticing. The main character Simone is likable and Megan Hart's writing is really good in this short story. It is sexy and really, the story is a tease. I want the next one right now. Megan Hart writes about sex with well developed characters in real situation. She even used one of my most disliked stereotypes - the sexy, rich and powerful lawyer (I promise you he doesn't exist as written in most romances) - and I still enjoyed it. Love what she is doing with this series a [...]

    14. Laura on said:

      I am a huge Megan Hart fan, so her new series was an auto-buy for me.From the comfort and security of her corner office, Simone has been secretly watching Elliot entertain women for months. Each woman resembles the other, and Simone is fascinated watching Elliot do wicked delicious things to them. After an evening of entertaining goes south for Elliot, he meets Simone in the elevator by chance. Although Simone is not his typical type of woman, he cannot deny that there is something about her tha [...]

    15. Jay on said:

      This copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishersI read all 5 parts of this series in the same day, so I'm reviewing the whole series as one thing, as I didn't pay too much attention to each individual book. I do know that I was extremely happy to have the next one to continue straight onto at the end of each part as they always tend to leave you hanging for more each timeI really enjoyed this one! it was quick, a bit of fun, hot & sexy, and also quite refreshing from the al [...]

    16. Rose on said:

      A quick review for a quick read. I'm not normally into serial novel formats, but for this first serial novel I've read from Megan Hart, I liked it. I didn't expect to considering this is a bit on the rougher (and a bit risque in other considerations) side of the erotic equation, but this was a good introduction to both Elliot and Simone.Elliot and Simone meet one evening on the elevator. Elliot just got burned by his potential date, while Simone's been intrigued by him for some time (considering [...]

    17. Jennifer on said:

      Received an ARC for review.I don't like Simone. I don't like Elliott. They are both rude and nasty. There was no spark and even less of a romance. I really don't care what happens to either one of them, but who is Molly.

    18. NomdePlumePress on said:

      I'm not sure how e-serials will do in the long run. They have many pluses: they're quick reads that leave you wanting more, they respond to readers' request for "more" of the story (they could go on forever, in theory), and they're easy to publish. But readers generally want a lot more than a few chapters, and right now, and they don't want to pay much for each installment. If each installment is $2 and there are 8 or so, that's a whole lot more than you'd normally pay for a novel of the same le [...]

    19. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      Megan Hart doesn’t hold much back. The first installment in this serial is not about love and the butterflies that come along with it. Simone has been watching Elliott late at night while he has sex with plenty of women in his office. She can see him when she works late in her own office. Until one day they run into each other in the elevator and she decides to try and fulfill some of her fantasies with him.Keeping in mind the fact that this is a serial, and is hard to judge a character becaus [...]

    20. Vânia Nunes on said:

      Although the story is sexy - or erotica - I felt like I had caught a movie already started. It took me a while to get into the mood of exactly what the author wanted to convey. Voyeurism? Okay, it may even be healthy, but the main female character seemed a little obsessed with everything. Also, when I read the synopsis, I did not know that the story would be so short.I'm not a fan of short stories. Sometimes it's okay, but this is already becoming fashionable and I would not want to buy a book k [...]

    21. Bobbi Romans on said:

      LOVED! Already bought the next two installments.This is a per chapter type series. So be advisedbut oh so WORTH IT! Honestly, the first such "installment" type story I ran into was Megan's "The Resurrected" (Excellent-I mean off the charts good!) and really enjoyed being able to look forward to the next parts coming.You know those types that peg you immediately? You know they've judged wrong, but wellHe likes control and making snap judgments.She likes watching and has guts.Okay, on to the next [...]

    22. ~ Cariad ~ on said:

      Oh.My.God I did not expect to enjoy that as much as I did! Lots of fair and average reviews but, there's something so kinky in a female voyeur and the promise of what's to come that I'm going in for the second one!

    23. Sunshiny Me on said:

      That was good. Too short, of course. I wish part 2 was already available. I should've waited =\

    24. Court on said:

      I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley! Shel: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you can't do a novella seriesyou don't like the waitingey are just getting going and POOF! it's over for that installmente characters aren't as developedd so on and so on. Court: I've so thought that before, but keep reading! Shel: I think Megan Hart just may be the writer to convince you that a novella series will work for you. First of all, by the time you read this review all of th [...]

    25. FicTalk Blog on said:

      As rated at fic-talkI have to say that this was a very, very quick read. I didn't realize going into it that it was part of an e-serial being written by one of my very well-liked authors in the erotic romance genre, Megan Hart.At the end of it all I will admit that I was a bit peeved by this revelation that this story will not be completed in one go but sliced up into five very tiny slices. And by peeved I actually meant pissed.See, I have issues with e-serials they hardly ever work for me. They [...]

    26. Stephanie on said:

      ORIGINAL POST: fangswandsandfairydust/201on April 14, 2014EVERY PART OF YOU TEMPTS ME: Emotional ParalysisPart 1 of a 5 part serial. Will release entire book in JulyGalley provided by publisher via Net Galley for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted. I also bought this.Like everything else I’ve read by Megan Hart this is unusual, edgy, replete with strange, wonderful and terrible characters and surgically dissecting of those character [...]

    27. Phe on said:

      3.5 Stars - Every Part of You: Temps Me is the first installment in a five part erotic serial by Megan Hart.For months, Simone Kahan has been enjoying her voyeuristic side watching Elliott Anderson through her window. Tucked into a corner wing on the twelfth floor of an L-shaped building, her office was angled perfectly so she could stare down into his eleventh-floor office on the opposite wing as he brought women back for late-night trysts. She had first noticed him when, working late, she’d [...]

    28. Gaele on said:

      The first installment of this serialized romance provided a nice introduction to the characters, and brings a sense of the story direction. The story will be comprised of 5 releases, every 2 weeks until it completes in mid-March. While I am not always a fan of cliffhangers, I really do like the serials: they are bite sized pieces that I can fit in when I have time, and then either read as a whole, or follow along as each is released. We meet Simone, a woman with a bit of an edge and not a whole [...]

    29. Callixta on said:

      Megan Hart a fini par céder à la tentation d’une série par épisodes. Cinq sont prévues dans cette romance érotique qui commence superbement bien. C’est également là qu’on mesure son talent car avec quelques pages, elle nous plonge dans une atmosphère sensuelle parfaite et reprend un thème très à la mode en ce moment avec brio, celui de la douleur dans le sexe et la domination.Les premières lignes nous plongent tout de suite dans l’ambiance. Simone travaille dans le même bui [...]

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