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Lois McMaster Bujold

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Miles in Love

Miles in Love Omnibus with two complete novels and a novella in one large volume This collection shows Miles and Ekaterin meeting Komarr getting to know each other as Miles tries to court her A Civil Campaign a

  • Title: Miles in Love
  • Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • ISBN: 9781416555476
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Omnibus with two complete novels and a novella in one large volume This collection shows Miles and Ekaterin meeting Komarr , getting to know each other as Miles tries to court her A Civil Campaign , and the wedding Winterfair Gifts , and, of course, Miles dealing with assorted family relationships Miles deals with political problems along the way plus recounts the lovOmnibus with two complete novels and a novella in one large volume This collection shows Miles and Ekaterin meeting Komarr , getting to know each other as Miles tries to court her A Civil Campaign , and the wedding Winterfair Gifts , and, of course, Miles dealing with assorted family relationships Miles deals with political problems along the way plus recounts the loves of his life to Ekaterin ne of them would marry him they all went on to lead successful lives so unlike her life on Komarr The last on his list was Rian And what does she do now Now, She s an empress Can I take a number and get in line The next number up , he breathed, is one.Contents Komarr Miles Vorkosigan is sent to Komarr, a planet that could be a garden with a thousand years of terraforming or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming project fails The solar mirror vital to the project has been shatteredby a ship hurtling off course, and Miles Vorkossigan has been sent to find out if it was an accident, or sabotage Miles uncovers a plot that could exile him from Barrayar forever and discovers an unexpected ally, one with wounds as deep and honor as beleaguered as his own.A Civil Campaign On Komarr, Miles met the beautiful Vor widow Ekaterin Vorsoisson, who has no intention of getting married after the heartbreak and betrayal of her first experience But Miles has a cunning plan to change her mind Unfortunately his clone brother Mark and his cousin Ivan have cunning plans of their own, and the three way collision of cunning plans threatens to undo Miles brilliant romantic strategy Winterfair Gifts Miles and Ekaterin make elaborate preparations for their wedding But Miles has an enemy who is plotting to turn the romantic ceremony into a festival of death.

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      134 Lois McMaster Bujold
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    One thought on “Miles in Love

    1. Kathleen on said:

      "This mind-melting mixture of lust and domesticity was entirely novel to him. Well, half novel; he knew how to handle lust. It was the domesticity that had ambushed his guard."High marks for Miles in Love, three off-world, romantic and suspenseful sci-fi stories. This trilogy revolves primarily around Lord Miles Vorkosigan and his new heart-throb, a courageous widow named Ekaterin (with her 9-year-old son Nikki). Here's the skinny on each one: 1) Komarr: Miles meets Ekaterin. Solid romantic susp [...]

    2. Jon on said:

      Follow this link for my review of Komar. 4 starsFollow this link for my review of A Civil Campaign 4.5-5 stars'Winterfair Gifts' (novella) 4 stars'Winterfair Gifts' grants us a glimpse of Vorkosigan House through the eyes of Roic, the newest member of the armsmen, infamous for his spectacular brief rescue of Dr. Borgas and his assistants in A Civil Campaign. Roic feels he failed Lord Miles then and second-guesses himself constantly. Galactic gifts and guests begin to arrive for Miles and Ekaterr [...]

    3. ms bookjunkie on said:

      Komarr: 18-19.5.2013 5 stars*happy sigh* A most excellent, emotionally satisfying read. I love Ekaterin. And I really love Ekaterin for Miles. So Vor, but so sensible; so wounded but so brave. I can't wait to move onto the courtship!A Civil Campaign: 19-20.5.2013 5 starsContains the most disastrous dinner party in the history of ever. And vomiting beetles. Not to mention, an awkward romance. What's not to love? (Also, Ivan shows signs of possibly maturing someday. o_O)Winterfair Gifts: 20.5.2013 [...]

    4. Šimon Podhajský on said:

      This omnibus - especially The Civil Campaign - highlights the main element that make the Vorkosigan Saga so great. The secret sauce? LMB's grasp on relationships, and the way they intersect with sexuality and culture and individual trauma. The rising action and the whodunnit are captivating, for sure, but it's Ekaterin and Cordelia and Mark that make me cry and feel things. If you want sci-fi without stilted caricatures instead of characters, and that takes the impacts of technology on society a [...]

    5. Alarra on said:

      I didn't really enjoy Komarr - the Miles/Ekaterin stuff weirdly reminded me of a Biblical story that's always left me a bit uncomfortable. But A Civil Campaign is so charming! I did like the change in pace and tone, the way it worked so nicely as a fan of Heyer and Austen and the frothy romances, shot through with the Vor political intrigues I've come to love. And the butter bugs, ahahahahahaI did like the butter bugs.

    6. Lindsay Stares on said:

      Yes, I have read both novels and the short story that make up this compilation before. It was worth reading again, back to back, especially with the illuminating afterword. This is one of those dangerously good books. I read from half-way through book one to the end of book two in one sitting. And then I went back to re-read my favorite scenes. I love this series, now I want to re-read them all.**Update** Re-read on my Kindle in 2011.

    7. Julie on said:

      Hands down best omnibus since Young Miles. I probably even like this one better, but you HAVE to read Young Miles to appreciate the title character enough for Miles in Love. Stayed up until the wee hours of the morning because I couldn't put it down! Miles Vorkosigan is a fictional character I would love to meet. I'm half in love with him as it is!

    8. Caprice Hokstad on said:

      There is nothing I didn't like about these three stories. I bought the omnibus specifically to read the short novella "Winterfair Gifts" because I had already read the other two stories separately. TOTALLY worth it. This is so far my favorite omnibus, although Young Miles is such a close second, it's nearly a tie. Without a doubt, I will be reading this again.

    9. Alison on said:

      While I really enjoyed Komarr and "Winterfair Gifts," the standout of this omnibus was A Civil Campaign. WOW, what a great book!! Sharp and witty, it had me literally crying with laughter about halfway through. Now I just have to backtrack and go through Miles Errant (omni #3) and Miles, Mutants and Microbes (omni #4).

    10. Carolyn on said:

      Wonderful collection of Komarr, A Civil Campaign and the novella "Winterfair Gifts".

    11. Alexandra on said:

      Tehani and I continue our voyage into Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles-land, in a conversational review utterly replete with spoilers. TEHANI: It seemed logical to do the whole omnibus at once this time. We had both raced ahead of ourselves, more interested in reading the books than reporting on them, and before we knew it, Komarr, A Civil Campaign and "Winterfair Gifts" were all done! These three works are very strongly tied though, with the arc of the love story between Miles and Ekaterin, so it m [...]

    12. Rachel on said:

      I AM SO CROSS! As Memory is not included in any of the new omnibuses, I skipped it entirely, meaning I have been totally spoiled for it by the events of Komarr and A Civil Campaign. It did puzzle me at the time, given that Bujold never reveals vital plot points in flashback. GRR, AGHH, DEATH TO ALL SPOILERS ETC.(view spoiler)[KomarrMan, Duv Galeni's romance must have occurred in Memory too. I figured it also contains the death of Admiral Naismith and a terrible accident befalling Simon Illyan. T [...]

    13. Anne Skelding on said:

      Full of warm fuzzy feelings. Exactly what I needed after reading Mirror Dance.

    14. Lisa (Harmonybites) on said:

      This is one of five omnibus volumes incorporating most of the novels and short stories in the "Vorkosigan Saga" by Bujold. It can loosely be described as Space Opera although the series often blends genres. Often (as signaled by Miles, Mystery & Mayhem) mystery, usually action adventure, and in this one definitely romance. Not that Miles hasn't had his love interests in previous books--but here romance is more the focus, although if you're looking for romance-aisle fare, you're in the wrong [...]

    15. Jon on said:

      This is an omnibus edition, containing the novels Komarr and A Civil Campaign, as well as the novella Winterfair Gifts. As I work my way through the Vorkosigan novels, it's the only omnibus available for Kindle that made sense for me to buy.If I had to rate them individually, I'd give Komarr 4 stars, A Civil Campaign 5 stars and Winterfair Gifts a weak 4 stars.Komarr, for me, was a slighly above-average entry into the Vorkosgian saga. What made it above-average was that it seemed to be headed in [...]

    16. Libby on said:

      Rating this omnibus, that comprises the novels "Komarr" and "A Civil Campaign" and the novella "Winterfair Gifts," gave me fits. On the one hand, "Komarr" amazed me in many ways, not least of which the fact that it surpasses its remarkable predecessor "Memory," which until now had been my favorite novel in the series. "Komarr" is a gripping mystery-romance-adventure featuring a spectacularly rendered female character, a fascinating bit of political sabotage, and a many-layered mystery to unravel [...]

    17. Evie Byrne on said:

      I've read all of the Miles Vorkosigan series, but will only be reviewing this book, because frankly, now that I've read them all in a flurry, it would take forever to go back and review each one. But A Civil Campaign, which is included in this omnibus edition, is my favorite. I love this series, because it's really a treat to be able to dig into a long series about one character, and watch the character (and writer) develop over time. It's said that any book in this series can be read as a stand [...]

    18. Jim on said:

      Product Description __Two complete novels and a short novel in one large volume: Komarr—Miles Vorkosigan is sent to Komarr, a planet that could be a garden with a thousand more years of terraforming; or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming project fails. The solar mirror vital to the project has been shatteredby a ship hurtling off course, and Miles Vorkossigan has been sent to find out if it was an accident, or sabotage. Miles uncovers a plot that could exile him from Barrayar fore [...]

    19. Jesus Flores on said:

      Miles in love3 books in 1 omnibusFirst Komarr, Miles as recently appointed Auditor goes to Komarr to investigate a possible accident or sabotage to the solar disc for the planet, there he finds that things might not be as easy, especially after they find the body of a missing terraform ex-worker on space by the crash. Several plots unfold, like the Barrayan administrator taking money away from one department, soon they find he was being fooled and the money scam was more than that, and the mirro [...]

    20. Lucy on said:

      This omnibus is a good match, being Miles's real romance. He's had romances before, with ladies who appreciate him, but they don't want the Barrayaran baggage that comes with him.In Komarr, Miles meets Ekaterin Vorsoisson, a woman who would be perfect, being of the Vor class and the right age, except she's married. He's on Komarr (part of the Barrayaran empire via conquest) with a fellow Lord Auditor to examine the accident that resulted in great damage to the solar array that's important to Kom [...]

    21. Rebecca on said:

      I really enjoyed these books. So, this is made of two books,Komarr andA Civil Campaign. Komarr is a lovely mystery that deals with the consequences of occupation and resistance. ACC is described as 'a comedy of manners and biology', and weaves together romance, family, and interesting science-fiction social situations. One thing I like about this duology is that we get a number of different views of female characters in romantic situations. We have Ekaterin, who is a widow recovering from an emo [...]

    22. Jon on said:

      Komarr took awhile to get going; the plot didn't pull me in as much as Memory (odd, since Memory was hardly a plot-heavy book.) This is more than offset by brilliant writing craft. Ekaterin's fantastic: a woman finding her strength of character in a situation that is also painfully well-described. The narrative switches point of view between her and Miles; some scenes come from both perspectives. On Miles' side, I enjoyed watching him grow into his new role. Both the position itself and his appr [...]

    23. Stephanie on said:

      This omnibus volume contains 2 novels and a novella: Komarr, A Civil Campaign,and Winterfair Gifts. Ever since I began reading the Vorkosigan series and learned of this omnibus I was excited to get to it because I'd heard that Lois McMaster Bujold used Georgette Heyer as an inspiration to write a regency era romance in space. For me that sounded about as awesome as it could get. As often happens forme with the Vorkosigan books, I was at first disappointed but find myself after just finishing the [...]

    24. Bethwyn (Butterfly Elephant Books) on said:

      Lord, I love this series. Miles ahead of so many others. ♡

    25. Heidi on said:

      "This is probably my favorite series of all time. I've read it many times, and just finished reading it again. The characters and the world Bujold creates are outstanding, but what is perhaps the most fascinating is the way she uses those characters and setting to tell so many kinds of stories: classic space opera, murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and even straight-up comedy of manners, a la Jane Austen. Her themes are universal and tend to at least touch on the theme of the search for [...]

    26. Sandra on said:

      This one is actually two books and a short story. The first book is Komarr, where Miles meets the woman who he falls finally in love with. It's his first case as an Imperial Auditor for the Emperor and he falls rapidly into a complicated case involving mad science, embezzlement, a scheme to close a wormhole - the only one that gives access to Miles' home planet Barrayar - and a very unhappy marriage.While not as good as the previous book, Memory, it is quite good. I'd give it 4 stars. It heads o [...]

    27. June on said:

      Komarr 4 and a half stars, really enjoy Ekaterin's character. See full review under KomarrCivil Campaign 5 stars (My favorite Vorkosigan book so far) Miles in love and butter bugs See full review under A Civil CampaignWinter Fair Gifts might be my least favorite Vorkosigan book - 3 stars Maybe because the main character is Roic? However, I enjoyed Ethan of Athos and Falling Free There just didn't seem to be as much of a story, though it was nice to fill in the pieces

    28. Carol on said:

      Reread, after I finished Memory again. Only read the novels, not the novella.What I liked best this time was the marvelous letter of apology that Miles wrote to Ekaterin. It might not have been in verse, but it was poetry in the purest sense.Komarr and A Civil Campaign: I had previously read the two novels that covered all aspects of Miles and Ekaterin's love story up to their decision to marry. (Oh, I hope that's not too big a spoiler.)For the omnibus collection a novella was added, called Wint [...]

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