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Emma Chase

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Non cercarmi mai più

Non cercarmi mai pi ma resta ancora un po con me TANGLED TRILOGYLa commedia sexy e divertente che sta conquistando i lettori di tutto il mondoIl bestseller pi sexy romantico ed esilarante dell anno Drew Evans bello e ar

  • Title: Non cercarmi mai più
  • Author: Emma Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ma resta ancora un po con me TANGLED TRILOGYLa commedia sexy e divertente che sta conquistando i lettori di tutto il mondoIl bestseller pi sexy, romantico ed esilarante dell anno Drew Evans bello e arrogante, fa affari multimilionari nella societ di famiglia e seduce le donne pi belle di New York con un semplice sorriso Allora perch stato per sette giorni con le ma resta ancora un po con me TANGLED TRILOGYLa commedia sexy e divertente che sta conquistando i lettori di tutto il mondoIl bestseller pi sexy, romantico ed esilarante dell anno Drew Evans bello e arrogante, fa affari multimilionari nella societ di famiglia e seduce le donne pi belle di New York con un semplice sorriso Allora perch stato per sette giorni con le imposte chiuse nel suo appartamento, triste e depresso Lui risponderebbe per via dell influenza Ma noi sappiamo per certo che non proprio la verit.Katherine Brooks brillante, bella e ambiziosa Quando Kate viene assunta come nuova associata presso l impresa di investimento bancario del padre di Drew, il focoso playboy entra in tilt La competizione professionale che si stabilisce tra i due mette in crisi Drew, l attrazione per lei fonte di distrazione e soprattutto portarsela a letto sembra una missione impossibile.Non cercarmi mai pi il racconto privato, scandaloso e spiritosissimo di un casanova impenitente Ma, mentre racconta la sua storia, Drew capisce finalmente che l unica cosa che non aveva mai voluto nella vita, l unica di cui adesso non pu pi fare a meno Bestseller USA Today e New York TimesDa mesi nella classifica dei libri pi venduti negli USAPu un libro romantico e sensuale far ridere in modo irrefrenabile quello che succede leggendo l esilarante e sexy esordio di Emma ChaseLe lettrici lo hanno scelto e hanno scritto Ho riso continuamente, mentre leggevo il libro Mi sono ritrovata a citare le frasi di Drew a chiunque mi stesse accanto Brava Emma, il tuo libro si merita davvero tutto il buzz online che ha scatenato Mio Dio Sono cos felice di aver letto questo libro per capire se tutto il can can in rete fosse giustificato L ho AMATO da pazzi Trovarsi nella testa di Drew la cosa pi divertente che mi sia capitata da anni Un assoluto must read Il 97% delle lettrici americane ha amato questo libroEmma ChaseNonostante sia l autrice di Non cercarmi mai pi , Emma Chase una moglie fedele e una madre premurosa Passa le notti in compagnia dei suoi personaggi, e ha una relazione di a odio con la caffeina un avida lettrice e prima del suo debutto letterario divorava un libro al giorno.

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      328 Emma Chase
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      Published :2019-02-06T12:24:28+00:00

    One thought on “Non cercarmi mai più

    1. Blacky *Romance Addict* on said:

      Amazing. A must-read. Every single sentence from that guy's brain/mouth is priceless. My mind is in awesome-coma, so I'm gonna try to show my feelings the best I can :))This book:To the author for writing it:What parts of the book are absolutely amazing:Drew's POV:The sex scenes from Drew's POV:The romance:This book is just:And I want:Best book ever to be written completely from the hero's POV!I don't remember the last time I had so much fun reading something!Seriously people, don't read too man [...]

    2. Navessa on said:

      I am Navessa's curiosity. When Navessa sees people spamming a book with five star reviews I make her investigate because I’m a nosy bastard. I am Navessa's hesitation. When Navessa sees that the reviews are nothing but pictures of people creaming themselves followed by lists of sexy/funny quotes I make her pause to consider how these things have gone in the past.I am Navessa's Id. When Navessa's worry is about to get the best of her I override that motha fucka and click the ‘Buy Now’ butto [...]

    3. Aestas Book Blog on said:

      Hilarious, romantic, all-out FUN!! Think Wallbanger meets Beautiful Bastard :)You smiling yet? I was hooked from the first line and smiling wide by the end of the first page. If you are a fan of enemies-to-lovers stories, you will LOVE Tangled!I swear half my book is highlighted. I laughed out loud, grinned till my cheeks ached and just generally loved it!The story is about Drew. In real life, Drew is a clean-shaven, well-groomed, expensive suit wearing professional. But, at the start of the sto [...]

    4. Baba on said:

      5 stars.*****Review completed May 24, 2013“Fuck, yeah. That’s good. Yeah, like that.“See that guy—black suit, devilishly handsome? Yeah, the guy getting the blow job from the luscious redhead in the bathroom stall? That’s me. The real me. MBF: Me Before Flu.So, like I said what you’re seeing right now isn’t the real me. I have the flu.Influenza.Have you ever noticed some of the worst sicknesses in history have a lyrical sound to them? Words like malaria, diarrhea, cholera. Do you t [...]

    5. "That's All" Ash on said:

      So after seeing this book completely TAKE OVER my newsfeed in what could only be described as “ Tangled-Gate of 2013”…I finally had to cave and read this book. And for the next two days… you wanna know what I was doing?A WHOOOOOOOLE LOTTA THIS:And might I just say…Snaughling?That’s some intense shit. ;) But seriously, you’re going to be doing that ugly-laughing thing where you know, you hug lower body and mascara’s running down your face and you’re rolling on the ground making [...]

    6. Debra on said:

      FUN STORYLINE + HILARIOUS DIALOGUE + HOT HERO & KICKASS HEROINE = 5 STAR WORTHY WINNING COMBINATION.And reading this story from the point of view of a guy like Drew? Pure fun and entertainment, I assure you! ;)Let's meet the man of the hour shall we"See that guy - black suit, devilishly handsome? The guy getting the blow job from the luscious redhead in the bathroom stall? That's me. The real me. MBF: Me Before Flu."Yep, we're talking about no one other than the real Drew Evans --He's the ki [...]

    7. Christy on said:

      5+++ Fantastic and Hilarious Stars!!!If you are like me and you adore the lovable assholes, the jerks, and the manwhores then Drew Evans is just the guy for you!!! This book had me hooked from the very first page and I couldn’t get enough! Being inside Drew Evan’s head was amazing! One of the funniest and most enjoyable stories I have read in a really long time! Meet Drew Evans. He is a successful business man, a handsome guy, he’s got great friends, a loving family, and as many women as h [...]

    8. Jill on said:

      4.5 starsWrong! It's Drew Evans.Drew is crude, crass, vulgar. He's immature and spoilt. He wants only one thing from a woman. He's a chauvinist pig. He's a man whore. He is disgusting.He is hilarious!Have you ever seen those romantic comedy movies where there's an undeniable attraction between the leads but they're also competitors in the office? This is the rom-com novel equivalent.For once this novel lives up to all the hype, squeeing and fangirling!If you love romantic comedies, that are a bi [...]

    9. Anne on said:

      Douchebags, FTW! <--reread 2017This one held up during a second reading, and I'd still recommend it to anyone who isn't looking for prince charming to actually bearming.Also.In the story, Drew is a brunette, but since the beauty of books is that I can imagine whatever the fuck I want Original review: 2014LOVED THIS! LOVED IT!I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and then I laughed some more. Sooooo good!I have to say that I understand why some people found this book (Drew's voice in particular [...]

    10. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      *1.5 stars*Okay, I know that everyone loves this book. But, honestly, I despised it.This book sort of reminded me of a Kristen Ashley book. There was this stereotype of what a "guy" is, and how a "guy" thinks. ButI've known a guy or two in my day. This book reads like what a GIRL thinks a guy is like. Tangled had so many loathsome tropes. We get a magical vagina turning a pigheaded guy into a devoted man. We get the adorable niece (which can be replaced by doting younger sister in some books), w [...]

    11. Katerina on said:

      “Women fall in love quicker than men. Easier and more often. But when guys fall? We go down harder. And when things go bad? When it's not us who ends it? We don't get to walk away.We crawl.”My hands have been itching to write a new review because, you know, it's more fun than highlighting the cases you have to know by heart. (I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry) So when God showed mercy and I could finally take a break and read a book before returning to the living hell known as Tor [...]

    12. Lucia on said:

      I don't remember when was the last time I enjoyed any book so much. I laughed, I was entertained, I swooned. Tangled, book with witty and sarcastic hero as narrator, is a MUST READ! This insight into man's head and thinking is fascinating and a lot of fun.My Drew and Kate:SPOILER-FREE REVIEW:Drew Evans used to be always on the top of things, getting everything he wanted and enjoying life of a single good-looking bachelor. Until he got flu which changed him into whinning man, lying down on his co [...]

    13. Mo on said:

      If I could give it more than 5 f*****g stars I would I must say this was one of the most enjoyable books I have read this year. And that is saying something because I read a LOT! Marked this TBR before it’s release date when I saw someone review it. I have been burned in the past by jumping on the bandwagon and “one-clicking” the books with all the rave reviews. So, I was a bit wary of downloading this on the first day, without reading some reviews from friends. I needn’t have worried. I [...]

    14. Pearl Angeli on said:

      5 Hilarious Stars!NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND ALERT: Drew frigging EvansWhy it took me so long to read this book is beyond me. If there's a guilty-pleasure New Adult book that is worth your attention, it's Tangled by Emma Chase. It's funny as hell and so addictive. Emma's writing was also so delicious you just can't get enough of it!The story centers around Drew Evans. It's told in his POV. Yes, guys. His and his POV alone. I don't normally encounter a romance book where the only one that speaks is the g [...]

    15. Lisa Jayne on said:

      5 TANGLED DREW & KATE STARSI just hopped off the Drew Evans express and Well what can I say? first things bloody first, WHAT.A.RIDE. I didn't want to get off I unabashedly fell for Drew and Kate. With that being said, Stop everything, drop everything and forget the following: food, housework, husbands, boyfriends, significant other, pets, social life, sleeping, etc. and READISOK get your comfy spot, your kindle and dive right in.I've got a total soft spot for a well put together book from t [...]

    16. BookHeroin on said:

      TWO STARSTangled ByEmma Chase Genres: Comedy/Erotica/Contemporary RomanceKindle Edition, 254 pagesPublished May 20th 2013 by Omnific Publishing~**~~**~**~~~**~~**~**~~*~**~~**~**~~*~**~~*Calm down you idiot! it is not about you!you should be happy that you are not involved in this disaster!! this book was so bad, i just want to break the damn tablet, but i like my tablet so i suck it up for its sake!EVERYONE is reading this book, so i said what the hell lets read it.The fact that almost everyone [...]

    17. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ on said:

      5+++++ HILARIOUS DEBUT STARS! Cheers for Emma Chase!This entire book, I was like laughing my ass off. Seriously, full on asthma attack here people! This book is detrimental to your health. It should come with a WARNING -if you've got respiratory issues, a weak heart, just had a baby, had recent surgery- it'll seriously rip you the hell open! The stuff Drew would say[image error]My Drew- Drew Evans, egotistical, hilariously funny man-whore comes across a smokin' hot brunette in a bar. Time to tur [...]

    18. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ on said:

      ★★★★★! Tangled, book 1. Debut by Emma Chase. A hilariously witty tale following a non-committal playboy man-whore in his descent into the oblivion after falling for a girl he can’t have.“My stomach flips with regret and disappointment. What I wouldn’t give for a time machine.”Books/BONUS chapters in the Tangled series should be read in (this) order:Book 1: TangledBook 1.1: Working Late/The Kiss – Best read after chapter 6 of book 1. PLUS Interview with Drew.Book 1.2: The Bitc [...]

    19. Vishous on said:

      I will keep this shortRESISTANCE IS FUTILEYou need to read this bookYou will love him and his mindis was Earth shattering. Off the Richter Scale.This was so refreshing to read! I literally loved every sentence in this book! EVERY! The characters were amazing! Even though Kate got on my nerves later but I can let that slip away because Drew makes up for everything!You would say for him that he's an assh@le but to me he is not!He is EPIC!I swear to God I found the best fiction male mind ever!!!!! [...]

    20. Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* on said:

      So what can I say about this book? You guys already posted great reviews! So I'll keep it sweet and short. I am going to embarrass myself confessing this: I have writing that stupid thing down like a thousand times as in Rosalinda + [insert a random name here] forever.Ok, embarrassment over, I must say I loved this book! It wasJUST WHAT I NEEDEDafter Me Before You.Drew helped me to recover from my miserable self. And well, he was feeling miserable too so I guess we both recovered together, how r [...]

    21. Alexis *Reality Bites* on said:

      This review may contain MINOR SPOILERS -mature content reader discretion is advised.5 STARS out of 5Genre: Contemporary Romance ComedySOLID 5 STARS!!!! Have you read this??? READ IT!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!This was a much needed fun read and I must say Drew managed to talk about his penis on just about every damn page. AMAZING RIGHT!LOL!Proving the male brain is constantly onHave you ever read a book and felt like the mc actually sat you down to fill you in on what’s happening in his o [...]

    22. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ on said:

      Alright ladies, see that amazingly sexy guy over there? Yep, that's the one, the hot one getting a blow job in the bathroom of a super trendy clubMeet Drew Evans, God's gift to women!Drew is a smooth talking, sexy, successful, man slut. Did I also happen to mention that he's a grade-A asshole? No? Well that's ok, because he's an honest one. He just calls it like he sees it.For those ladies out there who are listening, let me give you some free advice: If a guy who you just met at a club calls yo [...]

    23. Duchess Nicole on said:

      “Women fall in love quicker than men. Easier and more often. But when guys fall? We go down harder. And when things go bad? When it's not us who ends it? We don't get to walk away.We crawl.”Okay, so I think I was the very last person of my friends to read this bookybe the last in the world. I thought that I wasn't in the mood for funny. Boy was I wrong.I love an author who writes a story that I end up loving before I realize that I'm already halfway through the book. So if you're not in the [...]

    24. Miriam on said:

      Oh, I see why romance novels are so rarely written from the point of view of the male love interest: because men are revolting, objectifying, self-centered, manipulative, potty-mouthed assholes. Chase isn't a bad writer -- she's lively, anyway, and her narrator's voice is fairly consistent, except when she tries to insert the occasional sensitive or politically correct sentiment -- but I sincerely hope men aren't all as awful as she imagines them. If it were possible I'd add half a star for havi [...]

    25. Farah *Professor Dean's Beauty* on said:

      I LoVED Loved LOVED this book!! Where has this book been all my life?I swear I was sitting with a huge GOOFY grin the entire book!This is no ordinary book. Its from a males POV! How refreshing!!At times I wondered to myself, did a female really write this??Emma Chase hit the nail on the head! I swear!!Its like Drew is telling us a story and what's even more impressive is when we get thoughts in our heads, Drew answers the question!!! It was like physically being WITH him!!Absolutely fcuking bril [...]

    26. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ on said:

      ETA 7/7/13 ~ Bonus scene: thesubclubbooks/?p=14232 you won't want to miss itwhips, Star Wars, Batman, Justin Bieber and the Notebook! 4.5 ★'sStraight up, Drew is a playerbut he's a straight forward player. He lets his hookups know that he's only out for sex and usually for only one time. That is, until he meets Kate and his whole world is turned upside down. Come to find out not only is Kate engaged but she just started working for his company which is Drew's number one no-no.This book is writ [...]

    27. Carol [Goodreads Addict] on said:

      Five stars is NOT enough to give this book. Ten stars wouldn't be enough. I loved, loved, loved Tangled. It was exactly what I needed to read right now. I am actually worried I won't be able to write something here to give it justice. Drew Evans is handsome, and knows it. He has women falling at his feet. And he doesn't believe in relationships. He never spends more than one night with a woman but always makes that night the best she has ever had. Then, he meets Katherine Brooks, Kate, and every [...]

    28. .Lili. on said:

      How I would describe this book:My emotions during this book varied between:By the the end I was left with a permanent grin on my face ♥Drew is simplyKateThis book was refreshing in so many ways starting with the fact that it was COMPLETELY from a male POV. It was the perfect mix of humor and sexiness with sweet romance thrown in. Brilliant debut novel! 5++++ stars!!!!

    29. Bibi on said:

      Try this: read chapters 1-5, skip to 12, then read the last 2 chapters. Do you think you missed anything? Well, there you have it.

    30. * Meli Mel * on said:

      ***5 I CAN'T BREATHE, WIPING TEARS, STOMACH CRAMPING STARS***OMG! I am SO glad I decided to see what all the fuss was about with this book. I FREAKING LOVED IT! Being in Drew's head was absolutely FUN and HILARIOUS! IT IS A MUST READ!“I’ve never seduced a woman before.Shocking, I know.Let me clarify. I’ve never had to seduce a woman before, not in the typical sense. Usually it just takes a look, a wink, a smile. A friendly greeting, maybe a drink or two. After that, the only verbal exchang [...]

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