The Vanishing Witch

Karen Maitland

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The Vanishing Witch

The Vanishing Witch Take one wealthy merchant Add one charming widow And one dying wife The reign of Richard II is troubled the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets It s a case o

  • Title: The Vanishing Witch
  • Author: Karen Maitland
  • ISBN: 9781472215000
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Take one wealthy merchant Add one charming widow And one dying wife.The reign of Richard II is troubled, the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets It s a case of every man for himself, whatever his status or wealth But in a world where nothing can be taken at face value, who can you trust The dour wool merchant His impulsive son Take one wealthy merchant Add one charming widow And one dying wife.The reign of Richard II is troubled, the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets It s a case of every man for himself, whatever his status or wealth But in a world where nothing can be taken at face value, who can you trust The dour wool merchant His impulsive son The stepdaughter with the hypnotic eyes Or the raven haired widow clutching her necklace of bloodstones And when people start dying unnatural deaths and the peasants decide it s time to fight back, it s all too easy to spy witchcraft at every turn.

    Janet Horne Janet Horne died was a woman from Scotland accused of witchcraft, and the last person to be executed legally for witchcraft in the British Isles. Horne and her daughter were arrested in Dornoch in Sutherland and imprisoned on the accusations of her neighbours Horne was showing signs of senility, and her daughter had a deformity of her hands and feet. The Worst Witch film The Worst Witch is a British musical fantasy television film based on the children s book of the same name by Jill Murphy.It was produced by Central Independent Television and HBO The Vanishing Hitchhiker ThoughtCo David Emery is an internet folklore expert, and debunker of urban legends, hoaxes, and popular misconceptions He currently writes for Snopes Ghost of young woman asks for ride in automobile, disappears from closed car without the driver s knowledge, Vanishing Cream Moisturizer by LUSH This shopping feature will continue to load items In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Rapunzel and the Vanishing Village A Tangled Novel Leila Rapunzel and the Vanishing Village A Tangled Novel Leila Howland on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Rapunzel craves adventure and longs for experiences outside the walls of her kingdom So when she embarks on an epic journey to save Corona with the people closest to her FAMOUS QUOTES ABOUT TATTOOS Vanishing Tattoo Tattoo Quotes has a large selection of famous quotes about tattoos from around the world from Jack London and Captain Cook to Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Aniston. Amityville No Escape The demonic forces in the haunted Long Island house escape through a mystical lamp which finds its way to a remote California mansion where the evil manipulates a little girl by Ninja dPFSRD When the wealthy and the powerful need an enemy eliminated quietly and without fail, they call upon the ninja When a general needs to sabotage the siege engines of his foes before they can reach the castle walls, he calls upon the ninja. Grease Lightning Tea Tree And Aloe Gel Lush Fresh Grease Lightning is a gentle spot treatment for acne prone skin that helps minimize redness and balance oily skin in a flash. Quest Rogue Deck List Guide Witchwood May Winrates provided by Metastats Quest Rogue Play Strategy Win by the quest, die by the quest The key question is how to complete the quest, and there are several answers to it, which makes Quest Rogue a complex deck to pilot.

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    One thought on “The Vanishing Witch

    1. Emily May on said:

      Like pain, you can use threats to make you stronger. If they hide a serpent in your bed, you must catch it and make it bite the hand of him who left it.I really should make a habit of reading more historical fiction. I always love the blend of fact and imagination that comes with taking a specific point in history and weaving a brand new tale into it. And yet, I almost always steer clear of it in favour of something with magic and teenagers.But there *is* something magic about this familiar but [...]

    2. Sally Howes on said:

      Paradoxically, this unusual, complex book can best be described in just three words: "Expect the unexpected." Its subject matter, narration, characters, and plot are all deliciously surprising, making THE VANISHING WITCH quite unlike anything else I have read. It is even difficult to assign it a genre - it contains magic but is not a fantasy novel, it contains ghosts but is not a ghost story, it contains intrigue and suspense but is not a thriller. The best I can say is that "historical fiction" [...]

    3. Blair on said:

      After the lacklustre The Falcons of Fire and Ice, Maitland is back on great form with The Vanishing Witch. If you've read anything by the author before, nothing in this fifth novel will come as a big surprise: it's set in the Middle Ages, has lots of characters, there's murder, witchcraft, and something that initially seems like a romance but is actually much more twisted. This time we're back in England, Lincoln to be precise, after Falcons' sojourn to Portugal and Iceland. It's 1381, and wealt [...]

    4. Bettie☯ on said:

      Description: Description: The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland, author of the hugely popular Company of Liars will thrill fans of CJ Sansom and Kate Mosse with its chilling recreation of the Peasants' Revolt.It offers an intelligent, beautifully researched glimpse of a more deadly, superstitious era'A compelling blend of historical grit and supernatural twists' Daily Mail on The Falcons of Fire and IceThe reign of Richard II is troubled, the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners [...]

    5. Nikki on said:

      I was pretty excited when I received a copy of this to review via Bookbridgr, because I've enjoyed all Maitland's work so far. And this is certainly very much like her other work in tone and style -- the historical setting, carefully drawn; female characters focused on, as least as much as the male ones; hints at supernatural aspects without anything being completely overt.Unfortunately, it also has the kind of plot and twist I expected from Karen Maitland's work, as well. It's very effective in [...]

    6. Sonja Arlow on said:

      I loved Company of Liars so when I got my hands on this one I could not wait to read it. Unfortunately the experience was not quite what I wanted…I really liked how each chapter opened with a medieval spell or charm to ward off evil or witches. Some chapters were narrated by an unknown, clearly dead person, which added much needed humor in an otherwise quite dark and malevolent tale. Very early on it’s clear that there is something not quite right with the widow Caitlin and her two children. [...]

    7. Susan on said:

      This novel takes us from September 1380 to September 1381 and takes place mainly around the city of Lincoln. The main plot revolves around respected wool merchant, Robert of Bassingham, married to Edith and with two sons, Jan and Adam. When Robert is approached by wealthy widow, Catlin, he is flattered and happy to help give her advice. Before long, Catlin has wormed her way into Robert’s affections and into his household, although Edith’s maid Beata is suspicious of her motives and Jan feel [...]

    8. Stephen on said:

      really enjoyed this the latest book by Karen Maitland located in Lincoln in the late 14th century around the time of the peasant's revolt by wat tyler and the start of the reign of the infamous boy king Richard II. the novel itself mixes historical fiction with supernatural and witches into a mix which keeps the reader interested and doesn't disappoint.

    9. Jane on said:

      Oh, what a recipe for a book to read on a dark winter night!A setting in Mediaeval England!The Peasants Revolt of 1381 as a backdrop!Witches – and a ghost!A touch of the Gothic!And a very strong thread of suspense!I have loved Karen Maitland’s novels in the past and, after being rather disappointed in the one before this one, I am so pleased to be able to say that this is a return to form.The setting is city of Lincoln, where the wool trade is in decline and rich and poor are feeling the con [...]

    10. Beadyjan on said:

      When I heard Karen Maitland had written a new book I jumped with joy when I found a copy available for review via Bookbridgr. I accepted my advance copy with gratitude and glee and despite a teetering pile of lovely books all crying out to be read couldn't resist the chance to dive straight into the dark and menacing middle ages.Karen Maitland truly is the Doyenne of medieval fiction and has excelled herself once more with an epic story brimming with amazing characters whom I either despised, lo [...]

    11. catzkc on said:

      This book is a real treat! I was hooked in from the very beginning. It takes place during the reign of Richard II, in the years 1380-1381. There are alternating narrators, but not too many, primarily the young attractive widow Mistress Catlin, river boatman Gunter, and a restless spirit who haunts the city streets with his dead pet ferret! When Mistress Catlin catches the attention of wealthy cloth merchant Robert of Bassingham, and bodies start piling up around him, everyone becomes suspect. Th [...]

    12. Nicole on said:

      2.5 stars. This book opened with such promise; the prologue captured me at once. Sadly that interest was quickly lost as the first half of the book read as rather plain and slow. For a medieval book, the first half lacked the grit and darkness that I think of with such a time period. While the second half did pick up a fair bit, both in pacing and in severity, the characters still read as one dimensional. I thought one of the big reveals near the end of the book was plainly obvious throughout th [...]

    13. Atharva Shah on said:

      *The Vanishing Witch* by Karen Maitland Its been a long time since I read a standalone book. I was never fascinated by standalone books but Karen Maitland’s The Vanishing Witch has left me amazed. I have planned on continuing to read more of the author’s books. (In fact, the complete bibliography). So, this is my first Maitland novel, and I already know that mostly all her novels are historical thrillers, or historical horror and that is a new genre I have begun to explore. This book is comp [...]

    14. Maya Panika on said:

      The Vanishing Witch, a tale of the mostly-mundane, with a touch of witchery and a few ghosts, is set in Lincoln and London around the time of the Peasant's Revolt. It has all the muck and stink, blood and gore, violence, injustice and cruelty you'd expect from such a setting, and at nearly 900 pages, it's a huge book, a big read indeed. There are many characters: rich and poor, good and thoroughly evil and all shades in between; some are living and some are dead - in fact one of the central char [...]

    15. Tanja Berg on said:

      Oh I give up! I've read a book in between, picked this up again and now at page 100. I have spent a lot of energy on avoiding reading, such as weeding and laundry. Yep, that's how much fun this was. May my next book interest me more!

    16. Mieneke on said:

      I’ve wanted to read Karen Maitland’s work for years, ever since I read reviews for Company of Liars, but as often happens in a reviewer’s life, I never got to it. This made me doubly excited when this ARC for The Vanishing Witch appeared in my mailbox, but it was a big book – 688 pages in my proof copy – and it languished on my To Be Read pile. Now with the paperback for The Vanishing Witch out tomorrow, not to mention Maitland’s latest The Raven’s Head, this seemed a good time [...]

    17. Alisha Tarran on said:

      I confess, I haven't read any of Maitlands previous books, what drew me to The Vanishing Witch was the synopsis, being the history nerd that I am! And who can resist anything implying witchcraft?!In the pages of The Vanishing Witch we dive headfirst in to the reign of Richard II, a true boy King, but unfortunately his reign is a tad bit troubled, with the poor facing some incredibly hard times when the poll tax takes the poor and makes them poorer. Not a fantastic time to live in, one could say. [...]

    18. Elizabeth Moffat on said:

      This review comes with many thanks to the lovely people at Book Bridgr and Headline Press for allowing me to read the latest novel by one of my favourite authors, Karen Maitland. As fans of the author will know, she is a wonder at combining the turbulent times of the Middle Ages with a little bit of the supernatural, a recipe that always results in a gritty historical mystery that never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat. This latest offering is set in the 14th century in the city of Lincol [...]

    19. Philippa on said:

      *I received a copy of this novel as a giveaway* I approached this having never read a novel by Karen Maitland before, whilst having heard many good things about her novels, particularly Company Of Liars . So, I was pretty excited to win this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely like to read more by her. The story takes place predominantly in Lincoln between September 1380 and September 1381. Although this period spans most of the peasant’s revolt and the synopsis refers to this, [...]

    20. Karen on said:

      I did not enjoy this one as much as The Owl Killers or The Company of Liars, but it wasn't a bad book. Recently found out that John of Gaunt was my 18th Great Grandfather (a fact that I probably share with thousands of other people) but he is a background villain in this book; he never shows his face. Speaking of villains, I can't rightly figure out who is a "good guy", except for Gunter and his family, Beata, and Tenney. You have bona fide bad guys: Catlin, Edward, Martin and his son, Fulk. And [...]

    21. Elizabeth Fremantle on said:

      ENCHANTMENT, social unrest and superstition are woven together to create a rich and believable 14th century world. The Vanishing Witch is a sinister medieval thriller that draws on dark supernatural themes to describe a world in which poverty, or the fear of it, defines society, superstition runs rife and things are never quite as they first seem. It is 1381 and the young King Richard II is at the helm of an unstable England where social unrest is burgeoning and the poor are forced into a strang [...]

    22. Jo Barton on said:

      In The Vanishing Witch, the authentic feel of medieval England comes alive in a tale which thrives on intrigue and superstition. Effortlessly weaving supernatural elements with historical fact, the interpretation of the peasant’s revolt from its ungainly beginning in 1380, runs alongside the story of Robert of Bassingham, a wealthy Lincolnshire wool merchant, whose unwise relationship with an inscrutable widow, will have far reaching consequences. And, as the rich get richer, the disenchanted [...]

    23. Angela Smith on said:

      The previous other book that I had read by Karen Maitland was "A Company of Liars." I remembered her ability to weave a gripping story and produce a page turner of a historical novel, which is not always easy to do.This book, like A Company of Liars has many strong and memorable characters. The book starts with the telling of the tale of a young maid called Aethelind set in a time 700 years before the timeline of the book. There is relevance to a later part of the book in it's telling. Moreover [...]

    24. Shaz Goodwin on said:

      jerasjamboree/2016/0I enjoy historical and paranormal novels so finding these genres in one story was always going to draw me in. The balance between the ordinary and the witchcraft was just right ensuring I was intrigued enough to keep turning those pages while becoming a part of the story myself.Robert of Bassingham, newly elected master to the Guild of Merchants, looks out of the Guildhall and sees a woman wearing clothes made from the finest cloth and so his fate is sealed. Mistress Caitlin [...]

    25. Michael Jecks on said:

      Published by Headline Review in paperback, trade paperback and hardback.Hardback ISBN: 9781472215000I am very glad to be able to say that Karen Maitland is a good friend. Still, this is not a log-rolling exercise.I have a very simple policy when it comes to books. I do not like to give positive reviews to books I personally did not enjoy. Equally, the fact that I dislike a book is not a reason to believe that others would not be delighted by it. Different strokes for different folks is particula [...]

    26. Liz Barnsley on said:

      This one I requested via Bookbridgr because all the people I trust in the reading world were raving about it - it is my first novel from Karen Maitland and certainly not my last - whilst it would not normally be within my "comfort" zone, historical fiction not being my first choice, the witchcraft aspect pulled me in and I really really enjoyed it.There is a beautiful mix of magic and mundane here as we follow Robert, who's wife Edith is very ill. Enter into the mix an attractive widow, throw in [...]

    27. Lacer on said:

      This book was ok but no where near up to the form of Maitland's earlier books. Set in the reign of Richard II, it tells the tale of a widow who bewitches a wealthy married merchant, it soon turns out that this widow has a bit of a past and the merchant and his family may be in danger. There is also a separate subplot about a boatman and his family, struggling to find work. The two plots are only very loosely tied together. The problem I found with this book was that I had so little sympathy for [...]

    28. Petra Beck on said:

      Wow, what a story. Well researched medieval mystery with a twist. Lots of interesting historical details and insights around the peasant's revolt in the 14th century in England. But do you believe in witches? Maybe you will when reading this story, but maybe not by the time you finished it. Loved it.

    29. Anna Elliott on said:

      The author has clearly researched her topic with thoroughness and has thus made this period of history accessible to a modern audience. She is an intelligent writer and it was a pleasure to read this book.Read my full review at: leftontheshelfbookblog.c

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