The Riven Shield

Michelle West

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The Riven Shield

The Riven Shield In the fifth novel of the Sun Sword series acclaimed author Michelle West returns to a war torn world of noble houses divided and demon lords unleashed

  • Title: The Riven Shield
  • Author: Michelle West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the fifth novel of the Sun Sword series, acclaimed author Michelle West returns to a war torn world of noble houses divided and demon lords unleashed

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      218 Michelle West
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    One thought on “The Riven Shield

    1. Crystal on said:

      I devoured this series as whole, so my review of one book has to cover my review of all the books. This is one of my favorite series (and Michelle West is one of my favorite authors). When I finished the series the first time through I was compelled to go back and re-read just the parts that featured my favorite character (Jewel). I keep this series handy, because it's one I reach for time and again when I'm in the mood for a good book. Sometimes I re-read the whole series and other times I just [...]

    2. Düsty on said:

      Every book she has written in this series can easily be cut down to 1/3rd its size and you won't miss anything. The writing is poor, forcibly fancy and to make it worse, things are repeated again and again. The only thing this writer does well is write good characters and its only to know their fate that I keep reading this terrible series. I truly regret ever starting this. Without a doubt the worst fantasy series I have ever read. Too bad that I care about what happens to kallandras, illarphan [...]

    3. kvon on said:

      Mostly this one is concerned with getting everyone in the right spot for the finale, but there are some good bits with how long to carry a grudge in the face of honor, and Jewel continues to be fascinating as she continues her reluctant path to leadership, of a different sort than her followers are used to.

    4. Coolcurry on said:

      Trigger warning: rapeI have returned to Michelle West’s Sun Sword series! This epic fantasy series starts with The Broken Crown and contains plenty of well written female characters. It’s also got what I think of as an older fantasy book style, with fairly dense prose, tons of characters, and battles between good and evil. While I wasn’t thrilled with this installment, I’d still recommend the series. The Riven Shield is book five out of six, so plot spoilers for previous books may follow [...]

    5. Wise_owl on said:

      I started the Sun Sword Series over four years ago. It's been a process both of devoting my time to it and of tracking down all the books. This particular one was the most difficult and I can only hope others have an easier time of it than I(and if anybody at the respective publishing house, which is DAW I believe reads this, please publish a few thousand more of these) Things are beginning to come to a head in this book. In the previous work, the Sea of Sorrows, I covered how the different stra [...]

    6. Myridian on said:

      I always think it's a bad sign when an author intends to finish a series but can't stop writing and feels compelled to add another nearly 1000 page book to the pile. That's what West did with The Sun Sword books 5 and 6. Instead of one book that actually followed the characters in a reasonably efficient fashion that didn't leave me wanting to stop reading before the ending, she chose to write two extremely long-winded tales that cover so little ground for so many characters I felt like she shoul [...]

    7. Laurla2 on said:

      there are so many characters it gets confusing. especially when there SO many things are similarly named. dont get me wrong, i love the book. i just have a hard time keeping everyone and everything separatereo, marano, marelo, meralonne, marente, marakas, markess, markaso, mancorvoduarte, duvari, devon, devlin, devranamar, amara, amaraisannagar, anton, andaroalessandro, alesso, allasakaraveralaan, avander, averdakallandras, kalakar, kalliaris, kialli, kiriel"he knew, now, that he had accomplishe [...]

    8. Mei on said:

      I thought this was a little slow and while the author felt the need to split it into two novels, it could perhaps have been just one. This is the Brandon Sanderson method of why have one book when you can have three? I think of the books in the series this felt the longest because of all the scene setting for what you know must be a climactic end.

    9. Alyssa on said:

      This is just one of my favorite new (sort of) series, hands down. I love all the characters and I wish there was more than one book left! The themes are interesting and handled well, and the story is always exciting.

    10. Sherryl on said:

      The prologue was specially good, I would have love to read a stand alone book just focusing on Anya. Sadly, the focus on too many characters made this book a bit unsatisfying.

    11. Betty on said:

      I love this world.Michelle West is as good as Frank Herbert at building a complete world.

    12. Siraj Shaikh on said:

      It might not be too profound, but I got hooked immediately. And apparently I'm not the only one. All in all, this was one of the most entertaining books that I've read.

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