The Second Deadly Sin

Åsa Larsson

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The Second Deadly Sin

The Second Deadly Sin sa Larsson s first novel The Savage Altar was awarded the Swedish Crime Writers Association prize for best debut Its sequel The Blood Spilt was chosen as Best Swedish Crime Novel Among the current

  • Title: The Second Deadly Sin
  • Author: Åsa Larsson
  • ISBN: 9781623659547
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Audiobook
  • sa Larsson s first novel, The Savage Altar, was awarded the Swedish Crime Writers Association prize for best debut Its sequel, The Blood Spilt, was chosen as Best Swedish Crime Novel Among the current batch of Nordic writers, the new Larsson is one to be followed with the most minute attention, said the Independent In The Second Deadly Sin, dawn breaks in a forest sa Larsson s first novel, The Savage Altar, was awarded the Swedish Crime Writers Association prize for best debut Its sequel, The Blood Spilt, was chosen as Best Swedish Crime Novel Among the current batch of Nordic writers, the new Larsson is one to be followed with the most minute attention, said the Independent In The Second Deadly Sin, dawn breaks in a forest in northern Sweden Villagers gather to dispatch a rampaging bear When the beast is brought to ground they are horrified to find the remains of a human hand inside its stomach In nearby Kiruna, a woman is found murdered in her bed, her body a patchwork of vicious wounds, the word WHORE scrawled across the wall Her grandson Marcus, already an orphan, is nowhere to be seen Grasping for clues, Rebecka Martinsson begins to delve into the victim s tragic family history But with doubts over her mental health still lingering, she is ousted from the case by an arrogant and ambitious young prosecutor Before long a chance lead draws Martinsson back into the thick of the action and her legendary courage is put to the test once .

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      428 Åsa Larsson
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    One thought on “The Second Deadly Sin

    1. João Carlos on said:

      Kiruna (na actualidade)“Sacrifício a Moloc”“Aurora Boreal” (5*) (Planeta – 2010) o primeiro livro da série Rebecka Martinsson, da escritora sueca Asa Larsson (n. 1966) foi um autêntica surpresa. Asa Larsson constrói de uma forma brilhante, uma história envolta num mistério e num suspense espectacular, introduzindo na investigação criminal a advogada Rebecka Martinsson, a viver e a exercer advogacia em Estocolmo, agora num regresso à sua pequena aldeia natal de Kurravaara, nas [...]

    2. Rachel Hall on said:

      Opening in the remote arctic north of Sweden, close to Lapland, with a bewitching hunt for a wounded bear at large through the woodlands, the discovery that its stomach contains not only the fur of a recently consumed dog, but what are very clearly human remains spreads like wildfire. From this startling introduction, the pace turns decidedly more sedate and almost flounders as readers are introduced to District Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and her former childhood community of Kiruna. Languidl [...]

    3. Minty McBunny on said:

      Oh, this book. It was almost unutterably wonderful.To me, Rebecka Martinsson is the best Scandinavian crime fiction out there. I love Inspector Sejer, I love Kari Vaara, I like Department Q, VanVeeteren, Patrik Hedstrom & Erika Falk, etc but this series just beats them all. If Tana French's writing is the literary equivalent of haute cuisine, challenging, complex and unattainable to mere mortals, Larsson's writing is more like home cooking done by an acclaimed chef. It's comforting and famil [...]

    4. Dimitris Passas on said:

      Είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο της Asa Larsson που διαβάζω, η μόνη μου επαφή με την Σουηδή συγγραφέα μέχρι τώρα ήταν η κινηματογραφική μεταφορά του βιβλίου της με τίτλο ''Solstorm'' και πρωταγωνίστρια την -εκθαμβωτική- Izabella Scorupco. Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι το ''The Second Deadly Sin'' θα μου μείνει αξέχαστο, ωστόσ [...]

    5. Anna on said:

      The earlier books of the series were good; this is even better*. And it works perfectly also as a standalone book. More please!Åsa Larsson's forte is in creating brilliant, true-to-life characters in a setting that's both very exotic (Northern Sweden, part of Lapland and where so many people and things are Finnish). Characters that are brilliant (and yet you wish this would be left as a book - so much more juicy and fun to imagine these people and places instead of having them pre-imagined for [...]

    6. Paulo Pires on said:

      4.4 Muito, muito bom«Restos humanos são encontrados no interior de um urso! O que aparentemente foi um acontecimento aleatório de infortúnio pode ter mais de premeditado do que poderia supor-se Sacrifício a Moloch é o quinto livro da série Rebecka Martinsson da autora Åsa Larsson. O livro é apelativo em todas as frentes, uma capa apelativa, uma autora reconhecida e com largas provas dadas e uma história que prende o leitor desde o primeiro momento.Começo pela autora, Asa Larsson tem u [...]

    7. Richard on said:

      This is another wonderful novel from Asa Larsson, perhaps the best in the Rebecka Martinsson series. From the very beginning with the hunt for a wounded bear, the storytelling is all engaging. What I liked in this book is an older story is told in segments within the modern narrative. The writing is quite seamless and both accounts are easy to follow. The plot is terrific and cleverly expounded, always holding your attention and demanding your full consideration. Martinsson doesn't get everythin [...]

    8. Scott Parsons on said:

      This is the first book by Asa Larsson that I have read. Although it is a Scandinavian crime thriller I found it to be quite different from the work of Jo Nesbo and Jussi Adler-Olsen. My overall impression is that it is better constructed and written than the novels by these other two authors even though I have enjoyed the Harry Hole and Department Q series. Perhaps this impression is enhanced by the isolated northern Sweden setting compared with the usual settings inhabited by urban criminals.Se [...]

    9. Rosemary on said:

      With all the rage for "Nordic Noir" these days, I'd somehow missed the work of Asa Larssonems like Jo Nesbo and others have gotten most of the limelight recently. This is the fifth in Larsson's series about prosecutor Rebekah Martinsson, a former Stockholm lawyer who's returned to her family's hometown in Kiruna, in the north of Swedend you can bet I'm going to be tracking down the first four books to read as soon as possible.There's something about Larsson's plotting that reminds me of the myst [...]

    10. Gloria Feit on said:

      The newest entry in the Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson series begins with the discovery of the carcass of a massive bear, evidence indicating that he had mauled and feasted upon a human victim. Not long after, in distant Kurravaara, Martinsson is assigned the investigation into the brutal killing of a woman, Sol-Britt Uusitalo, the daughter of the man identified as that victim, murdered in her bed; her seven-year-old grandson, who lived with her, is nowhere to be found. As the investigation conti [...]

    11. Sue on said:

      I received this ARC of "The Second Deadly Sin" by Asa Larsson, from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I wish to also thank MacLehose Press for allowing me to read this novel.A Scandinavian Crime Thriller. This is book #5 in the series, but it still works as a standalone book. This mystery is scheduled to be released in e-book format in August 2014.This is my first Asa Larsson novel, and I'll be looking into readings others, especially the previous four in the series. I found District Pr [...]

    12. Sonia Cristina on said:

      Duas histórias intrigantes, uma que se passa na atualidade, com a investigação do assassinato de Sol-Britt e outra que se passa no início do século XX, protagonizada pela avó de Sol-Britt. Como é que estas 2 histórias se ligam, foi um mistério até ao fim.Achei que este livro teve menos personagens que os livros anteriores, pelo que praticamente só acompanhamos as deambulações de Anna-Maria Mella e Rebecka, além das de Eliana, no passado. Rebecka, com a sua tendência para se meter [...]

    13. Lili on said:

      Another enjoyable read, the characters are wonderfully real although they inhabit a world I know little about and I wonder at their ability to live and function in such an inhospitable environment. This author really does have the ability to hold the reader captivated in what I thought was an especially poignant story.

    14. Ken Fredette on said:

      This is the best book so far that Åsa Larsson has written. She's over her previous boyfriend, has a new and better love and has a small boy to visit very frequently. The mystery was incredibly hard to figure out but it makes sense.

    15. Dany on said:

      I really enjoyed it, but I need to know if there's going to be another book! I have questions!

    16. Jim Angstadt on said:

      The Second Deadly Sin (Rebecka Martinsson #5)Asa LarssonRebecka Martinsson is a talented District Prosecutor in a rural area of northern Sweden. She has a history of insight and analysis that has lead to convictions and justice. Yet, at the start of an investigation, she is taken off the case. Officially on leave, she continues her investigation, assisted by a police dog handler, a police inspector, a neighbor, a pathologist, and a few others.Along the way, there are plenty of others for one not [...]

    17. Rubi on said:

      Disfruto mucho la pluma de Larsson, me resultan muy evocadores y me hacen sentir el ambiente en que se desarrolla la trama. Disfruto de la sagacidad e intuición de Rebeka, así como de su amor por animales, a pesar de que yo soy de gato más que de perro.I really enjoy Larsson's pen, they are very evocative and make me feel the atmosphere in which the plot unfolds. I enjoy Rebeka's sagacity and intuition, as well as her love for animals, even though I'm a cat rather than a dog.

    18. Rosa Macpherson on said:

      Rebecca is starting to feel like a dangerous person to be around! However , I did enjoy the two strand stories and whilst as enjoyable as ever the books are starting to feel a wee bit formulaic regarding our protagonist. Lovely characters though as juicily nasty ones too.

    19. Ice Bear on said:

      We probably knew where this was heading, just needed to fill in some of the gaps. Our heroine, a label that she tries to avoid, works better from the outside than within the justice system.

    20. Jen on said:

      The Second Deadly Sin I really like this series featuring Rebecka Martinsson, and this latest addition does not disappoint.Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and Inspector Anna-Maria Mella are once again on a case when Sol-Britt Uusitalo is found murdered and her grandson missing. Rebecka's friend Krister Ericksson, a police dog handler, finds Marcus, but the boy is unable to provide information about what took place. Then Rebecka is side-lined by obnoxious fellow prosecutor, Car Von Post (the Pest). [...]

    21. Luli on said:

      Ha estado bien, pero me ha decepcionado un poco.Me he quedado con la sensación de que el drama ha solapado al misterio…ha sido siempre así o es que mis gustos han cambiado? Nunca he tenido esa sensación, y soy fiel seguidora de Rebecka desde sus inicios.Como siempre el misterio-suspense es exquisito, casi diría que perfecto, es fantástico como esta autora te pasea por su historia, durante toda la lectura eres un personaje más, esa habilidad no la tiene todo el mundo. Al final todo tiene [...]

    22. Cristina on said:

      Uno dei pochissimi gialli nordici che non mi abbia annoiato. Del resto è molto più sintetico degli immensi mallapponi che trovi in vendita di solito. Anzi, con le sue 400 paginette risalta per sinteticità. Interessanti le protagoniste Rebecka e Anna (soprattutto la seconda l'ho trovata molto simpatica nel suo essere un poco "casalinga disperata), un poco scontato l'epilogo sentimentale che comunque non è ancora definitivo e interessate il fatto che il protagonista sia gentile e paziente piut [...]

    23. Gisela Hafezparast on said:

      Really enjoyed this latest book. I have read the first book of the series and now the last one (monthly group read) and there has been clear and interesting developments in the characters and new interesting ones have been introduced. Have to try and fill in the in-between asap. Really like the way Larsson describes the nature, history and people of the most northern part of Sweden and Kiruna. Story, history and countryside seem always very well interwoven. Whilst I love dogs, I am not a huge an [...]

    24. Sharon on said:

      What a read! Wish they translated this author faster! Excellent and more than 5/5! Lapland, what a place, what a history of the mines WWI time in Kiruna and then the nature and climate. Found the old story of Elina and Lizzie good and the back and forth then and now well constructed with excellent story flow. Rebecca and her colleagues, neighbours and dogs well told. The power struggle within the police and basically bad cop, good cops. Community losers and good folk. There were some very hard s [...]

    25. verbava on said:

      упс. примудрилася перескочити через четверту книжку серії. і ще ж думала, що якось не дуже пам'ятаю події, до яких періодично відсилає розповідь, але списала то на довгу розлуку з ребекою мартінссон. справді, іноді й літературі не завадили б витяжки з "раніше в серіалі".але на [...]

    26. K on said:

      Good but not great addition to the Nordic noir genre. I thought the plot intriguing and it contained a good twist. However, the author's method of tying intergenerational threads, which are essential to the ultimate plot, was somewhat distracting and at times, added characters / names that were difficult to track. This could have been a four star book, but for this and a few other weak spots in character development. Still, I'm pleased to read Asa Larsson's contributions to one of my favorite ge [...]

    27. Vanessa on said:

      Who doesn't like a good mystery novel with serial killers? I had no clue who the killer was until the reveal started. There is even a murder in the back story. I was so impressed with this that I intend to go back and read the other books in the series. I'd like for there to be another one after this so that I can find out what happens to the characters. I became very emotionally attached to the characters. This was very well written.

    28. Kiesha on said:

      I scored this as an advanced reader copy at ALA this summer. It reminded me of something I might see on my friend Alicen's reading list so I decided to give it a shot before passing the copy along to her. I was pleasantly surprised. The translation at first seemed a bit jumpy and stilted, but as I moved through the text I decided that must be the original writing style. It worked well given the crime-mystery genre.

    29. Ellen Keim on said:

      Probably the best Rebecka Martinsson novel so far. The mystery was intriguing and the way the story kept going back and forth in time gave it depth. It did get a little confusing trying to keep track of the multigenerational threads, which is why I didn't give it four stars. But I would still recommend this book to anyone interested in Nordic noir.

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