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William Bee

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Stanley the Farmer

Stanley the Farmer It s going to be a busy day down on Stanley s Farm From plowing the field to planting the seeds to harvesting the wheat Stanley has a lot to do Luckily his friends Shamus and Little Woo come to he

  • Title: Stanley the Farmer
  • Author: William Bee
  • ISBN: 9781561458035
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s going to be a busy day down on Stanley s Farm From plowing the field, to planting the seeds, to harvesting the wheat, Stanley has a lot to do Luckily, his friends Shamus and Little Woo come to help him.

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      362 William Bee
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    One thought on “Stanley the Farmer

    1. Vera Godley on said:

      Stanley has been seen here on Vera's reviews a couple of times already. Check him out . Stanley's Garage and Stanley the Builder.This sweet series of books will entertain and educate the young child. They are most likely suited for the little boy, but let's don't forget that girls love to learn about farms, garages, and building as well.Let's take a look at what Stanley is up to now. He also has a special helper, Shamus. Little Woo helps a bit, too.I like that Stanley's tools are all pictured in [...]

    2. Adrienne Furness on said:

      "Shamus helps Stanley spread manure. It's smelly work!"

    3. Carrie Charley Brown on said:

      Perfect for young readers in phrasing, simplicity, colors, and shapes. A relatable main character: a guinea pig farmer.a Great for teaching a bit about how a farmer works hard and engaging for kids addicted to vehicles and farm equipment (and even those who are not!)Features a tractor, trailer, hopper, combine, and a baler.

    4. Steph on said:

      I love these Stanley stories! So much fun for our community units. =)

    5. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      Stanley spends a busy day using various tools and equipment to accomplish tasks on his farm.Using a basic palette of primary and secondary colors, William Bee brings Stanley's farm to life with bold images against a cream-colored background. An eye-catching spread at the start of the book lays out an array of engaging tools that toddlers will love to label or have labeled by an adult reader. The simple actions performed by Stanley and the friends who help him are clearly explained through visual [...]

    6. Matthew Winner on said:

      The first book is William Bee's Stanley the Farmer. This is part of a series. The other books in the series include Stanley the Builder, Stanley's Diner, and Stanley's Garage. And Stanley is a guinea pig! And in this case, Stanley the Farmer, Stanley is taking care of his farm, including harvesting the crops and working with some friends to water the seeds and just do that normal farm maintenance. The illustrations here work really well for a young audience. The colors are bold. They pop. There' [...]

    7. American Mensa on said:

      Learning to FarmThis is a book about Stanley the hamster. He’s a farmer. He works all day. This story tells what it is like to work a farm and plant wheat. The first thing Stanley does is plow the field so he can plant the wheat. He has friends who help him. They are Shamus and little Woo. I really like animals, especially hamsters. But this book just wasn’t right for me. It is better for someone my brother’s age. He is three. I read it to him and he laughed so hard about the farmers using [...]

    8. Sandy Brehl on said:

      The large, bold-lined, primary-colored images of this Stanley book (one of a series) combine with the soft-padded cover, simple language, large font, and white backgrounds to make it an excellent choice or the very young or for an emerging reader. If the characters were portrayed as humans and the planting-harvesting sequence was more time-realistic I would classify it as nonfiction. As it is, the animal figures (with arbitrarily applied ethnic names) add appeal for little eyes, and the vehicles [...]

    9. Susan on said:

      I have mixed feelings about this book. It is definitely child friendly with brightly colored pictures and the adorable Stanley character. The interactions between Stanley and his friends provide great examples of kindness and appreciation. Accurate farm equipment and materials titles are used in the text which is good but without much if any explanation. The colorful illustrations do not extend all the text as some are so simplistic the young learner won't get an accurate image.Yet with its padd [...]

    10. Teresa Bateman on said:

      Stanley the hamster, and some of his small friends, are working on the farm, planting and harvesting crops. This is part of a great series that transitions toddlers just a step up from board books. The text is short and direct and sequential. The illustrations are bold and bright. The ending is always reassuring, and the two pages of tools at the beginning are a great way to practice vocabulary. Parents of toddlers will find this series valuable.

    11. Barbara on said:

      It's planting time for Stanley and his friends. While he plows the field, they help him in spreading manure and sowing the seeds. As time passes, other friends join in by watering the soil, and harvesting the wheat. The digital illustrations are filled with color, and I especially love the golden wheat stalks that are reaching toward the sun. Young readers will enjoy seeing all the tolls used to plant wheat too.

    12. Stephanie Shaw on said:

      Cute pictures and a nice introduction to farming. However, my husband pointed out that Stanley is somehow able to fertilize his fields, plant seeds, grow a whole field of wheat, harvest the grain, and bale the hay ALL in a single day. I would have preferred a book that teaches that hard, persistent, and diligent work pays off, not in the short term, but over time.

    13. Rachel on said:

      I discovered this book after browsing the children's section for more William Bee books. He's done a series of Stanley books and my son just loves this one. The illustrations are simple but really stand out. Stanley has a farm and has decided to plant some wheat. The book goes through all the steps needed to plant, take care of and harvest wheat. Recommended for ages 2-6, 3 stars.

    14. Samantha on said:

      Spend a day in the life of Stanley the Farmer as he tends a field of wheat crop. I liked all the terminology that was introduced for the different machinery Stanley uses and the straightforward explanations of each step in the process of growing wheat.Digital illustrations are vibrant and attractive in their simplicity. Recommended for PreK-2.

    15. Amy on said:

      Popularity/appeal rating: 4Quality rating: 3.5In a one-sentence nutshell:Cute illustrations with an abundance of farm vehicles will make this one a hit. The story makes it seem like Stanley planted, grew, and harvest the wheat all in one day, which left me scratching my head. But the hamster in a hat riding on a tractor makes everything OK.

    16. Marya on said:

      This book series is just so gosh darn cute. I mean, having Little Woo help with the farming might be a violation of child labor laws, but Seamus' and Stanley's faces while they are spreading manure is adorable!

    17. Lynn on said:

      Along with the other "Stanley" books, they would make a perfect gift for a little soon-to-be-reader, or individually for a child with a particular interest. They help build vocabulary (manure, hopper, combine) and sequencing.Solid colors and simple illustrations.

    18. wildct2003 on said:

      Cute story, but no sense of timeline from planting to harvesting; could have used color id more as with Stanley's Garage.

    19. Amanda on said:

      Solid and adorable (words that I wouldn't automatically put together), this book is part of the terrific Stanley series.

    20. Andréa on said:

      Note: I received an unbound galley of this book from the publisher.

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