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Convergente A sociedade de fa es em que Tris Prior acreditava est destru da dilacerada por atos de viol ncia e lutas de poder e marcada para sempre pela perda e pela trai o Assim quando lhe oferecida a oportuni

  • Title: Convergente
  • Author: Veronica Roth Alcinda Marinho
  • ISBN: 9789720043832
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sociedade de fa es em que Tris Prior acreditava est destru da dilacerada por atos de viol ncia e lutas de poder, e marcada para sempre pela perda e pela trai o Assim, quando lhe oferecida a oportunidade de explorar o mundo para al m dos limites que conhece, Tris aceita o desafio Talvez ela e Tobias possam encontrar, do outro lado da barreira, uma vida mais simplA sociedade de fa es em que Tris Prior acreditava est destru da dilacerada por atos de viol ncia e lutas de poder, e marcada para sempre pela perda e pela trai o Assim, quando lhe oferecida a oportunidade de explorar o mundo para al m dos limites que conhece, Tris aceita o desafio Talvez ela e Tobias possam encontrar, do outro lado da barreira, uma vida mais simples, livre de mentiras complicadas, lealdades confusas e mem rias dolorosas Mas a nova realidade de Tris ainda mais assustadora do que a que deixou para tr s As descobertas recentes revelam se vazias de sentido, e a ang stia que geram altera as vontades daqueles que mais ama Uma vez mais, Tris tem de lutar para compreender as complexidades da natureza humana ao mesmo tempo que enfrenta escolhas imposs veis de coragem, lealdade, sacrif cio e amor Convergente encerra de forma poderosa a s rie que cativou milh es de leitores, revelando os segredos do universo Divergente.

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      468 Veronica Roth Alcinda Marinho
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    One thought on “Convergente

    1. Vivian on said:

      The book starts off with this epigraph from the Erudite faction manifesto:"Every question that can be answered must be answered or at least engaged. Illogical thought processes must be challenged when they arise."And then fantastically misses the mark. Allegiant was so chock full of plot holes, unrealistic situations, contrived character "development", laughable explanations, and a whole load of "wtf" moments. And that's not even including the disastrous ending of this book. How this book manage [...]

    2. Ain020596 on said:

      I may never be happy ever again.The fun and laughter is over. I have finally read Allegiant, and I feel empty inside. Empty but accepting, and understanding.This book makes Mockingjay feel like Dr Seuss. I had a few problems with it (mainly that it spelled out a bit too much for the reader, lacked finesse with the handling of themes, and was sometimes pretty predictable) but the character development was breathtaking, the plot was heart-pounding and since it's a young adult novel, I think Veroni [...]

    3. Kate on said:

      Ten Hours laterWhen I don’t like a series ending, I tell myself it’s partially my own fault - that the book suffered from my expectations. In the case of Allegiant, I think it went a little beyond that. Hours after finishing and sleeping on my crushing disappointment, I have to admit that very little of this book worked for me. So I’m turning to the device that I always turn to when I’m stressed or overwhelmed with something: lists. As always in a review of this nature, there will be MAS [...]

    4. Laurel on said:

      1.5 StarsBooks are a magical thing. They get you invested in people, worlds, scenarios that aren’t even real or plausible and they make you care about them. If done correctly, I should say. Allegiant was certainly the final book of a hype-copter of a series that left millions of readers invested. Like a few other books this past year, it has left a feeling of doubt, anger, and a lot of crying.But for me, I was left with a sort of empty feeling. Some of the emptiness was filled by frustration, [...]

    5. Nataliya on said:

      If in your story the word 'genetics' could have just as easily been replaced with the word 'magic' or 'voodoo' or 'pepperoni', your premise may seriously need some rethinking.¹¹ Why do I care? Well, education took me on the path from biology to medicine, and so I don't take f*cking with genetics lightly. Well, now against all odds (and against my self-preservation sense) I finished this series. And it was not very good. Really, it wasn't. It could have been somewhat salvageable - if only the a [...]

    6. Rimsha Salam on said:

      Click Here to see the full review :)After Reading:I just don't know how I feel right now!Before Reading:Edit#3: Here's another awesome cover by a fan <3 brilliant work !!!Edit#2:Ok this is so freaky 600 likes guys awesome!!! :*Edit#1:They are probably looking for a title other than those above that's why they haven't named it yet!who rated this? I mean seriously the second part isn't even out yet and people rated a book that is probably not even written yet!I think the cover of this book will [...]

    7. Kruti on said:

      Mid-book review cos I'm struggling to finish this. So far Katy Perry does a good job summing this book up:"You change your mindLike a girl changes clothes.Yeah, you, PMSLike a bitchI would knowAnd you over thinkAlways speakCriticallyI should knowThat you're no good for me[Chorus:]'Cause you're hot then you're coldYou're yes then you're noYou're in then you're outYou're up then you're downYou're wrong when it's rightIt's black and it's whiteWe fight, we break upWe kiss, we make up(you) You don't [...]

    8. Diane ϟ [ Lestrange ] on said:

      one of the coolest thing I saw at tumblr. haha______________________________Q: Anything else you want to add about the trilogy?VERONICA ROTH: The third book will be calledDetergent , and the tagline will be One Choice Can Disinfect You. Okay, that’s a lie.LOL

    9. Jesse (JesseTheReader) on said:

      I understand why people are so upset with this book, but I personally thought this book was raw, realistic, and heartbreaking.

    10. Danielle. on said:

      Veronica Roth:Well, I tried writing this review without there being any spoilers, but it’s rather impossible – for me, at least. So, readers beware.Veronica can do so much better than this, so so much. The second Tobias’ PoV was introduced I knew Tris was going to pull some heroic sacrificial bullshit and get her ass killed. I fucking knew it. Not a tear was shed from me… not a single fuck was given. Yes, dear readers, call me a Satanist slash sadist for all I care. I saw no point in thi [...]

    11. Mig on said:

      :(((((((((((My Fan-Made Cover: (Before the real title, Allegiant, was revealed.)

    12. Mitch on said:

      Obviously, I just don't get it.What a Divergent fan apparently sees:531 pages of awesome!And what I see:Faction crap. Faction crap. Faction crap. Tris and Four. Faction crap. Faction crap. Tris and Four. Some nonsense with genetics. Faction crap. Wtf moment. The end. ~Admittedly, I've always been a skeptic of Veronica Roth's books - Divergent was nonsense dressed up as a dystopian, Insurgent pretty much failed at everything except piling on the bullshit - but, as I predicted in my Insurgent revi [...]

    13. Emily May on said:

      On this highly productive Friday afternoon, you will be delighted to hear that I have made - wait for it a book-themed faction quiz!You answer the questions, keep a note of your answer number, tally up your score and find out which reader faction you belong to! It's revolutionary, really. No peeking ahead at the scores either; this is serious, people. SoWhat’s your favorite genre?1)Classics2)Mystery/Thriller3)Science-Fiction4)Romance5)Non-Fiction6)I read everythingDo you ever read more than on [...]

    14. Joey on said:

      I feel disappointed. And betrayed.Mockingjay. The Death Cure. Requiem. I can't say I didn't see it coming. But I was really hoping Roth would prove me wrong. I was really hopingI had my hopes set so high, and it justI just feel really crushed right now. This makes me question ever reading another dystopian trilogy. (view spoiler)[Let's start with the whole genetics thing. That was really stupid. Sorry to be candor but it was. I mean, seriously? All this time I thought being Divergent was incredi [...]

    15. ♥ Becky22 on said:

      UPDATE: Veronica Roth just announced that 'Allegiant' will be from Tris AND Four's perspective!!!!!There's this post on Veronica Roth's blog, where she says that she would have preferred it if Harry had died in the last HP book, because it would have been "by far the most powerful moment of the entire series. And beyond that, an incredible act of heroism."This scares me. A lot.Please, Veronica, don't kill Tris and DON'T KILL FOUR. Please. PLEASE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.Here's a link to her blog. [...]

    16. Jessica (Goldenfurpro) on said:

      AFTER READING (EDIT)Okay, I know I had another one of these earlier(as in a few months earlier), but I wrote that when I was really emotional so I'm back so that I can clarify some things!The ending was not the only reason why I was so upset about this book.Yes, I cried. And yes, it still makes me want to cry and while I believe I forgive Veronica Roth for the ending, I am still grieving. The reason as to way I am saying this is because I don't want to seem like someone who gets upset at a book [...]

    17. karen on said:

      do i understand why people are all angry at this book?oh, yes. i understand.but i loved it. i loved it for two reasons. reason number one:reason number two. there were things about divergent that were completely unrealistic but i accepted them so that i could enjoy the book. i always thought the factions were silly and reductive and were more like limitations and rules in a game a young child designed. they didn't really make sense, but when you are playing a game with a little kid, you play by [...]

    18. J.m. Darhower on said:

      Five motherfucking stars. If I could give this ten stars, I would.Veronica Roth, I want to high-five you for your courage to end it as you saw it ending and not cave to 'standards' or 'expectations'.It was HARD to read. I'm not going to sit here and lie and say it was all sunshine and roses. I sobbed more than once. I stared blankly in disbelief. I GRIEVED. And then I hugged my Divergent books, because wow. Just fucking wow. I can't even say anything else. Not at all what I expected (because it' [...]

    19. LolaReviewer on said:

      (Success! I actually managed to write this review without including any spoiler! WOW.)2.5 stars. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED? Oh boy. While I was (very straightforwardly) spoiled, a part of me did not want to believe what I had been told. I mean, come on…no way Veronica Roth could have done that. But, you know, before starting this intense read and just after finishing Insurgent, I did not believe that I could ever hate this because of how dear the characters became to me, especially Tris. Lucky me, [...]

    20. Emma on said:

      edit: i've had a few hours to process this book. all i can say without spoilers is that i wish i had never started this series. i enjoyed the new characters and it was definitely entertaining. but veronica roth is a cruel woman. the constant switch between POV's was a little annoying, but i do appreciate seeing things from tobias's perspective that we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. my review with spoilers below is pretty harsh.(view spoiler)[HUGE SPOILERS -- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDi am s [...]

    21. Ferdy on said:

      SpoilersFUCK THIS BOOK! I absolutely fucking HATED it, to say it was a huge disappointment would be an understatement. I actually quite enjoyed Divergent even though the world building was largely unimpressive, and I wasn't a fan of Insurgent, but I was really hoping that Allegiant would amaze me. It didn't. None of it worked for me — the story, the world building, the main characters, and especially not that bastard awful ending. I think a lot of readers will be divided on Allegiant — some [...]

    22. Kat O'Keeffe on said:

      I don't know how to rate this yet. I both loved and hated it. I need more time to process and organize my thoughts. Right now I am just emotionally drained!

    23. Sasha Alsberg on said:

      Veronica Roth took a risk I've never seen a YA author take and I applaud her for that. I'll miss this book series so much and the characters I've grown to love over the past 2 year <3

    24. Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤ on said:

      Usually I write a long-ass review on books I've read. In this case, I have no words. Completely not what I expected and I'll leave it at that.Zero Ninja-Bunnehs

    25. Shelley on said:

      Ms. Roth is indeed dauntless. I know it is her story and she can tell it the way she wanted; I wish she showed a bit of more of abnegation and provided a final book that did not make me want to regret reading the whole series. No movies for me.

    26. Jon on said:

      Check out Scott Reads It!Allegiant was one of my anticipated books of 2013, I really didn't know how Veronica Roth could wrap up the series successfully. Allegiant was panned by fans and many fans felt that this book ruined the entire series for them. Then there's me, one of the few "black sheeps" who actually enjoyed this book and felt that it was extremely necessary that it ended this way. Allegiant is nearly impossible to describe because there's just so many subplots going on at the same tim [...]

    27. Genocide criminal genius & master of all villainy Unknown on said:


    28. Julie on said:

      Spoiler free review (read before release date) Life damages us, every one. We can't escape that damage. But now I am also learning this: We can be mended. We mend each other.Brace yourselves initiates. I'm an absolute emotional wreck right now so this review could very well turn into a mess of incoherent babble. I'm still reeling from that climax. It burned with the finality of a dying match, an inevitable conclusion to a well-loved series, an end I didn't see coming despite all the theories I d [...]

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